Reviews for No Rest For The Dead
ladyqueerfoot chapter 3 . 4/14
i accidentally pressed post on the last one too early but yeah daria is so fucking cute i love her so much she is so sweet

ANYWAY! CEL... my genderfuck

i sorta hate Celestino they are such a little bitch but they're MY little bitch ykwim? anyway this was some fun shit... ofc they joined the yassifiication army as they should thats my emotional support lusty serpent...

right and then... we get to them and RIA... AND RIA IS SO CUTE SHES LIKE I HAVE A BOYFRIEND UWU and its talquin my beloved baby boy because ofc its him and hes so good and cute and then BOOM THREESOME! okay they didnt fuck but like THEY SHOUDLVE cmon dawn plssssss pls penis porn

god and cel is just living this double life, like hannah montana of the vulture rebellion and daria is like lol wtf this birdie tattoo doesnt mean shit and cel U DUMB BITCH... is like yeah sure i get it

when tal and ria were like heyyy we have an announcement i was like omg who is pregnant with baby seasbussy but it was NOBODY! nobody is pregnant! they are rebels... and cel is like well this is awkward i am the main castrator of the castration club but then a MOLE! thats right cel is a brown mark on flesh... no not that kind of mole A LIKE REBEL MOLE

right... so then cel is being a whore as usual and the vivisector scares her shitless but surprise shes a teenage girl WHERE IS VISCOUNTS CHAPTER!

deadass vis is so on her fuck shit i love them

tbh... i am fine with her killing cel. tal and ria are cuter

OHG MY GOD SHE WAS SO NICE TO RHODOS AND ALTHEA IM? cel is supposed to be a bitch smh u forgot the plot shawty

i love cel actually... yeah i said it

right so then... CEL LORE! althea's sister. i mean cousin

and her groomer i mean girlfriend kani LOL she is so gay like calm ur tits

i refuse to believe rhodos isnt gay

thats right joe, ur son loves cock

me too... well not actually. just talquoin's massive peen

I LOVE TALQUIN! i hope his chapter is next...

this fic is so poggers dawn u are doing such a good job i love u so much u are my best friend ever ur so nice and cool and funny and good at writing ur so good i l0ove u sm

okay bye
ladyqueerfoot chapter 2 . 4/14
HIIIIII - i am not entirley drunk yet but like i am starting now on this review and we will see where it takes me

so ria... my beloved!

we're sitting here.. and she is being interrogated. rude tbh ria deadasss didnt do anything wrong im so?

she also has a crush on valdis, god who doesn't she have a crush on? u know what tal has that valdis doesnt? a 9 inch cock... anyway

SADIE IS A WHORE DEADAS? like why is she doing this to my girl daria smh? she has done nothing wrong ur honor

tbh now that snake is gone i can say it I NEVER LIKED SADIE! I NEVER DID PERIOD! can somebody pls pull the stick out of her ass? good lord...

the vivisector is sus as fuck But NOW I KNOW ITS RIA WAIt no its VIS! yes my beloved! daria deadass wants to help everyone. i support her but mr vonsettos mom is a whore but like good job i guess?

darquitino is my fave cocktail and my fave polyship tbh niobody is doing it like them
ladyqueerfoot chapter 1 . 7/19/2021
Hehe I figured if Haiden gets a fun little intro for his reviews, you do too.

Anyways, wow. As per usual, you have left me completely and totally awe stuck my friend. This is a commonality, but still Dawn, I’m speechless. I finished reading this like an hour ago, and my body is shaking and my mind is racing still, and I guess that really goes to show how powerful you are. You already know how excited I was to read this, as I expressed said excitement hundreds of times, and now that No Rest For The Dead is finally here, I’m just at a loss for words that could describe how enthralled I was by this introductory chapter. You watched me read it and you heard the way I scream, and that’s honestly a very accurate representation of how I felt about this chapter, but I’ll try to put together some more cohesive thoughts for you, since it’s what you deserve.

This chapter featured Maddie, poor Madison Saros growing up, dying, and then growing up again. With the reveal at the end of TTATTS, that Maddie is alive somehow, it only made sense that we would get some more insight into this revival sooner rather than later, and it was a strong and effective choice to start No Rest with her. You already know I adore the format of one character per chapter, but it bears repeating here, because again, what a great way to showcase this war and the terrors it’ll surely bring. Right away, the theme of different birds that’ll probably encompass No Rest is made clear when you show Maddie’s little moment with the nightingale. It’s bittersweet, since we all know such simplicity is never the case with Madison Saros, but it is a great initial setup. I think it’s interesting that Maddie’s known as the nightingale and not the phoenix, but the more I think of it, the more sense it makes. Maddie never wanted to be reborn, she wanted to be at bliss, the same way she was when she was a child playing with the nightingale. She wanted to be in heaven, free as a singsong bird. She wanted to be with heaven, free and with Maeve. Maddie never wanted to be a phoenix. She never wanted to be born again as a pyre of rebellion, yet that happened anyways. So I think it’s neat that her bird here is a nightingale, because that’s who Maddie really is.

Yet, despite this chapter being referred to as the nightingale, the main focus was Madison’s rebirth, the way in which she is a phoenix, and as you would expect me to say, I found it quite harrowing. Her angst and dismay at the situation was portrayed perfectly, and I was able to firmly grasp the immense sadness that she felt throughout this process. Because honestly, through suicide, Maddie was finally able to soar after being trapped in a cage for basically her entire life. It was her one moment of freedom, and now it’s been stolen from her, only for her to be placed in another cage and shown off as a rebel, as a prize from the arena and a trophy that shows the power the Vultures have. She’s rebuilt by them the same way Levine built her, and the more I think, the more I realize it isn’t quite different. They’re both turning her into a soldier, somebody who she is not, and she’s ended up worse off because of it.

Seeing Maddie cope with all this loss was without a doubt a devastating read. The way the trauma slowly built up inside of her head, like a repetitive loop that worsened with each cycle, it was poignant for sure, especially as she continued to get more and more hurt. Her obsession with watching Maeve’s death over and over and her frustration at watching her own made lots of sense too, because in life, in death, and in rebirth, Madison Saros is so unhealthily smitten with Maeve Alcraiz, and seeing the aftermath of this infatuation consume her was beautifully crafted. Surely, she wishes that Maeve had lived in her place, but at the same time, the loss Maddie feels in this chapter goes beyond just bargaining in a way. It reminds me of the line in Taylor Swift’s Last Kiss: “I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep,” because now, not only is Maeve dead, but Maddie is supposed to fight for her memory when she only knows a fragment of who Maeve really is. She only knows Maeve’s goods (just like how Kiernan’s more familiar with her bads), but despite the fact their relationship was so personal, it doesn’t matter. It’s just been propagandized, a more corrupt version of Katniss and Peeta, honestly. Maeve isn’t real anymore, she’s just a picture for Maddie to stare at until her vision blurs and she falls asleep, because despite the fact Maeve lives on in her heart, Maddie still has to be a ghost, haunted by her memory.

Her reunion with Jordyn was as lovely as I would have assumed it to be, and I’m really looking forwards to seeing how the two of them continue to grow as friends. Because they’ve both sort of been used the most by the Vultures, but they can’t even express their anger about their exploitation because it’s pointless. They’re stuck in a war they’d rather die than fight in, yet at the same time, they have to fight it because otherwise they’d feel like they were betraying their friends, and for Maddie, betraying the one source of freedom and light she knew. It’s such a sticky situation, especially when Cyanne’s so clearly using her and the other survivors as means of propaganda. Like sending Kiernan into combat when he’s so young, too young to fight, just to prove a point, that the war affects everybody young and old. She uses a child as a vessel for her rhetoric, and even if she’s right, the Games are bad, her means aren’t the best. She romanticized Maddie’s suicide, the death of a child. That’s honestly cruel, and even if I don’t think Snow actually cares about her wellbeing, he was just trying to push Cyanne’s buttons. The tactic of taking a loved one from the survivors was smart, and it was sad to see Kiernan so torn up over losing his mother, even when she doesn’t deserve him. Speaking of Kiernan, the relationship and spite he has for Maddie is going to be very interesting to continue watching. They’re the two halves of Maeve’s memory, the good and the bad, and I really do think they’ll begin to see eye to eye eventually, but for now they’re going to fight and that makes sense. The two of them both need to heal.

And I guess that’s how it begins then. The beginning of the end, so to speak. And again, I’m in complete and utter awe of you and your brilliance. The little couplet at the ending was lovely, I’m excited to see if you do the same for the other chapters. Also curious if there’s actually a Variable #2 but I suppose only time will tell.

Dawn, I’m as per usual, amazed with and incredibly proud of you. Your prose was stunning as usual, and I am once again blessed by the fact I know such a talented individual as a friend, and a very good one at that. I know I bitch and complain about all the pain you cause, but it is always out of love. DISR is and always will be my home, and I’m glad to be back where I belong.

Thank you for writing,