Reviews for Whelmingly Chalant
SunkissAngel chapter 210 . 7/30
I like that it’s all together but maybe in the future when you have less books to juggle, you could make the Eras books.
SH chapter 209 . 7/21
Great chapter! Love Zee comforting Dick, very well written and so touching. Amazing conversation between them. Great work!
SH chapter 208 . 7/13
Great chapter! Poor Bruce dealing with all of this. Amazing action scenes! Great work!
SH chapter 207 . 7/12
Oh very interesting chapter! Great action scenes!
Guest chapter 206 . 7/8
I would focus on the future and once you finish this fanfic you can go back and rewrite
SH chapter 206 . 7/8
Great chapter! Love the ending to the arc, nice Chalant scene! Can't wait to see what comes next. Great work!
SH chapter 205 . 7/8
Ouch poor Zee! That was terrible, can't wait for Dick to get him. Great work!
SunkissAngel chapter 206 . 7/7
themont0011 chapter 204 . 6/29
Dam, this arc is really nice. Black mask causing chaos along with blockbuster creating problems. That’s a very interesting storyline. The world building is also great with how the detective stuff is being written.
SH chapter 204 . 6/29
Poor Dick! Glad he is okay, and what a great idea on how Yin found out, excellent! Ugh go away Blockbuster, leave then alone, can't wait for Dick to deal with him. Great work!
SH chapter 203 . 6/29
Great action parts and amazing dialogue! Love Zee helping Dick on the field. Can't wait to read more of the arc!
SH chapter 202 . 6/20
Love the action scenes! Great interaction between Dick, Zee and Yin too! Amazing Chalant as always. Very curious to see where this goes!
SH chapter 201 . 6/20
Yay for more fluff! Love their dialogue, meaningful and fun at the same time, and great stories! Great work!
Ediflol chapter 200 . 6/18
i would love love to see more of constantaine n state fire, keep up the good work!
the Mandalorian terminator chapter 199 . 6/14
Love how you wrote the gala and the interactions with Clark, Lois, Nightwing and Zatanna. All written very well
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