Reviews for Whelmingly Chalant
SH chapter 203 . 6/29
Great action parts and amazing dialogue! Love Zee helping Dick on the field. Can't wait to read more of the arc!
SH chapter 202 . 6/20
Love the action scenes! Great interaction between Dick, Zee and Yin too! Amazing Chalant as always. Very curious to see where this goes!
SH chapter 201 . 6/20
Yay for more fluff! Love their dialogue, meaningful and fun at the same time, and great stories! Great work!
Ediflol chapter 200 . 6/18
i would love love to see more of constantaine n state fire, keep up the good work!
the Mandalorian terminator chapter 199 . 6/14
Love how you wrote the gala and the interactions with Clark, Lois, Nightwing and Zatanna. All written very well
the Mandalorian terminator chapter 200 . 6/14
Congratulations on 200 chapters. What a milestone! I loved reading Nightwing and Zatanna moving in together.
SunkissAngel chapter 200 . 6/13
congratulations on 200 chapters
SH chapter 198 . 6/13
Love the patrolling together! Zee will have a lot of regular fighting experience when she gets her magic back, will be fun to see! Great work!
SH chapter 199 . 6/13
Amazing chapter! Great description of the gala, perfect dialogues with everyone, love especially their interaction with Clark and Lois, and wonderful finish!
SunkissAngel chapter 199 . 6/13
yay! they’re finally moving in together and anissa and raquel together is adorable.
SH chapter 199 . 6/2
Great mission description! And nice way of showing Zee trying to fight and understanding how it goes. Great work! Very curious as to how she will get her magic back! And I feel that there is something very nice coming after this hehe!
SH chapter 198 . 6/2
Very interesting chapter! Love everyone conversation here, especially Dick and Bruce.
reign00evil chapter 197 . 5/14
I'm very sorry for Zatanna. He has lost his powers, but I hope he can find a way to get them back. Although I don't know what method he will want to do. Dick is always there for her, and I hope he will stand by her and stop her from doing some nonsense.
Nice chapter anyway, I really like it I can't wait to wait and read the next chapter.
Hello and see you next time!
SH chapter 197 . 5/14
Poor Zee! Great chapter, can't wait to see how she's going to get her powers back. Great work!
SunkissAngel chapter 196 . 4/26
great job!
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