Reviews for Whelmingly Chalant
4shur4 chapter 189 . 4/5
Poor Z, she doesn’t want to suffer again. Good bonding time with Megan. I think I’d be cool to see a chapter of Zatanna freaking out about Dick being human…like knowing he’s the most capable human superhero but stressed out about losing him. It’s usually Dick who’s stressed out about anything happening to her but let’s see the other side of the coin.
4shur4 chapter 188 . 4/5
Always knew that Chalant were freaks, they can’t keep their pants when they are together and I love it. Also love their little cute moments like Z snuggling up to Dick to feel safe.
4shur4 chapter 187 . 4/5
That was amazing. And truly in order for these 2 to by attach by the hip for sometime…they have a lot of thing to make up for the lose time. I love bonding time with Bruce and him mentioning the wedding of Dick and Z.
SH chapter 189 . 4/5
Love this! Always wanted to see more of Dick and Conner's friendship on the show, and you manage to show that very well!
SH chapter 188 . 4/5
Great chapter! What a nice idea to make the original team on this trip. The moments remembering Wally were great!
SH chapter 187 . 4/5
Lovely conversation between Bruce and Dick! I love how you write their relationship, so very father and son. Also absolutely love the Chalant scene!
the Mandalorian terminator chapter 187 . 4/5
Great chapter. Loved Nightwing and Zatanna together and Bruce's conversation with his son. I have a suggestion for a idea of having a chapter where Nightwing and Zatanna going on a double date with Superboy and Miss Martian
SH chapter 186 . 3/31
Amazing chapter! How I missed these two together and happy!
StarlightFudo01 chapter 186 . 3/30
I love to see Dick with Lian
SunkissAngel chapter 186 . 3/30
Amazing job! i loved the redemption arc.
4shur4 chapter 186 . 3/30
I’m beyond whelmed. Finally they are together again. Amazing chapter, waiting for more chalant. Let’s read more dates, road trips, flirting, everything with these two together.
SH chapter 185 . 3/29
Huzzah they are finally back together! What a great reunion that was. Nice to see Dick doing well, he so deserves it! Can't wait for lots of Chalant moments now. Great work on this mini arc!
SH chapter 184 . 3/29
Lovely convo between them! Yay he is going home at last. Great chapter!
SH chapter 183 . 3/29
Ha take that Constantine lol! Glad Zee send him away. Great interaction between Dick and Kory! I think I know where this is going, great work!
SunkissAngel chapter 182 . 3/26
Great job!
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