Reviews for Second Chances
littlen00bgyn chapter 3 . 7/27
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, my HEART! I love their dynamic. Also really enjoying the insight into Rebecca's homeland. It makes me want to live among her people. I also love the normalization of how she's been watching over him his entire life, and he doesn't mind at all or denigrate her for 'stalking' or whatever. It's so refreshing!

Oooh, William's vulnerability is positively making me *melt*! You write him as so dreamy, I love it. I'm looking forward to what comes next!
littlen00bgyn chapter 2 . 7/26
Haha, Becca's father ...might be right, but he comes across as a jerk so I'm going to disagree with him.

"Everything... has a price" reminds me of "All magic comes with a price, dearie!"

"Unwavering in devotion" YES YES YES YES YES, I AM HERE FOR THIS 100%!

So, small note, but when you're switching POV, you might want to go into Doc Manager and "add horizontal line"; I've made that mistake myself and it makes for slightly confusing reading. Otherwise, you're doing great and I'm really enjoying this so far!

I'm also looking forward to knowing what she means by "can't go back", like, are they in another realm or...? Because that's really intriguing!

oh my HEARTTTTTT ;A; He's conscionable about his actions and he is so sweet and aaaaaaaa
littlen00bgyn chapter 1 . 7/26
Your characterization is brilliant! I love how you get into Col. Tavington's sexy, sexy head. I also really like how you introduce your OC. It's good that she specifies she can only hear his surface-level thoughts & is just using her ability for the purposes of communication; not all mind-readers are that ethical. I'm already rooting for them!