Reviews for Beyond the Glitter
That'sMzPeachesTYVM chapter 9 . 10/19
I hope she winds up lighting into him, and calling
him out on lying to her, instead of treating her as
if she is an intelligent person, able to separate the
job from the man.
slpmom chapter 9 . 10/14
Can’t wait for the date!
VryUnique chapter 4 . 10/13
Buster gave some good advice and I’m disappointed that Edward didn’t take it. Right now he could say he wanted to make sure she would date him for him and hope she forgives him.
VryUnique chapter 3 . 10/13
Edward is just digging himself deeper since Bella has a disgust for deceitful men. When she tosses his famous rich ass to the curb he will be sorry.
Those poor kids...
VryUnique chapter 2 . 10/13
I could see Edward being vague or unclear with his details but he is going overboard. I’m not rich or famous and I don’t live in a run down place with chipped paint. The cheap cologne is also going way overboard. I won’t blame Bella if she doesn’t forgive him when things come out.
BridieM chapter 9 . 10/8
Very enjoyable. Thank you for writing
spechell chapter 8 . 10/8
ho ho i wasn't expecting her to find out so soon. i hope she'll confront him instead of going along with thé lies. kiss from Paris
spechell chapter 9 . 10/7
gotta love Buster
Mistydeb chapter 9 . 10/7
Wow, her brother has some serious abandonment issues going on and poor Bella and everyone else is getting both barrel’s. Poor kid. I hope he tells her soon, she deserves not to be lied to. Debbie
Mistydeb chapter 8 . 10/7
Lol, poor Edward won’t know what hit him when he sees her all dressed up and when she tells him she knows who he is. Debbie
Mistydeb chapter 7 . 10/7
Oh he’s definitely walking a dangerous line not telling her. Then again she could completely freak out and dump him before they get started. Debbie
desini chapter 9 . 10/7
I can't wait for their date and I hope he tells her the truth.
desini chapter 6 . 10/7
I love it but I have a feeling when the truth comes out Bella won't be happy.
Nannyjojo chapter 9 . 10/6
So they are both keeping secrets.
Which one will spill first.
Not sure yet.
But Tom/Buster is so right.
debslmac chapter 9 . 10/6
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