Reviews for Legendarily Popular
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 248 . 15h
Was not expecting an Amy Rose expy to pop up as well. Or the Rarity from My Little Pony reference with Clemonts device. Which seems to actually be working properly this time.
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 247 . 15h
A ten continues his odd protective streak of his trainer and his friends. Good pal.
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 246 . 15h
Weirdly wholesome to see Clembot so friendly regarding this creator, as well as his honorary ‘brother’. Him joining in in calling Ash an honorary natural disaster gave me a laugh.

Goodra seems to be learning ALL the dragon type moves there are, Tepig’s use of Sketch is as confusing as ever, and Giratiny displays the absurd capabilities access to the Reverse World gives him.
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 243 . 21h
And we get Serena’s first showcase, where she did rather well. Good for her.
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 242 . 22h
Nice that Ramos is able to take Ash’s eccentricities in stride. Good man.
So to recap, Servine’s connection to the moon has expanded to encompass Sailor Mars abilities, Clefairy can apparently be understood by anyone who speaks Kalosian, and Hawlucha take the Mighty Glacier approach in his tiger mask. Neat.
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 240 . 1/28
The sheer dedication so many members of Ash’s team have towards becoming more ninja is impressive. As is how confusing even their training methods are.

And hey, Serena finally has that chat with her mum. Good for her.
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 236 . 1/27
So, Hawluch pa can change his overset by shifting to a different mask? Awesome.
TheSoundDefense chapter 328 . 1/27
I just met Sandy but I already love them.
Ozymandias42 chapter 328 . 1/27
I don't think I've said it before but I absolutely love how you've expanded on Rowlet's character.
He got so much more personally with the puns than in canon.

You prove yourself the better creator of the pokemon world and characters, time and time again.

Thank you for all the years you've been gifting us these gems of stories.
ChaoticInscriber chapter 327 . 1/26
Nightshadegirl chapter 327 . 1/25
thought dia and zeroura would be more stunned with ash and his pokemon.
Nightshadegirl chapter 326 . 1/25
i wonder how much longer kukui can keep that secret?
KakeruPB chapter 327 . 1/25
Cool! When was the last time we read a decent fight where Ash actually had to try?
SpiritBlackPaw chapter 327 . 1/25
This series brings me so much joy for the singleness of the insanity it brings to the table.
It's literally just-
Ash: This is my reality
People: Your reality is wrong.
Ash: :)
People: :
Ash: :)
People: Wait wtf-
WolkaiserDrake chapter 327 . 1/25
wibbly wobbly
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