Reviews for Legendarily Popular
Pokefanatic95 chapter 240 . 11/29
Someone should "Foil the Double frubble toil and trouble using oil and then set it to broil"
Ajnin500 chapter 341 . 11/28
This is honestly my favourite fanfic I’ve ever read thank you for making this
kitsuneswiftpaw chapter 341 . 11/21
I have binged this story yet again… and I shall do my best to patiently await more. Your fics are amazing!
felix-925 chapter 6 . 11/17
I feel trike that giant flock of butterfree(in the episode that flock was fuxking massive) are going to be mentioned later on, and i'm probably going to let out a cackle
adam110902 chapter 341 . 11/7
really good story
obliviated fan chapter 329 . 11/5
Lay 'em on us, you're an expert at it.
obliviated fan chapter 323 . 11/5
Feel free to ignore the annoying people!
Aotrs Commander chapter 285 . 11/1
So apparently, Fanfic turned off email alerts at some point and I never knew it had; and I've been so horribly busy that I totally missed I had stopped getting updates so frack knows how long ago it was... Might be this time last YEAR, even I have to hazard. And it was only completely randomly I thought "wait, what happened the Saphonteth's stories..." And came to check.

Very belatedly, I have to catch back up from here at least to the current end point (and that's several months ago...) over the next while (and annoyingly, without the chapter updates, I got to try and remember too...)
obliviated fan chapter 196 . 11/1
Pretty sure the tides work because the moon revolves around the earth while the earth rotates, so the moon wouldn't have tides because it's locked facing the earth. Any gravitational difference is only when the moon is closer or further.
Mr.no6ody chapter 4 . 10/31
He thinks they are high on something
Mr.no6ody chapter 3 . 10/31
The fact no one notices him playing with legendary pokemon is amazing wow just wow
Mr.no6ody chapter 1 . 10/31
People are going to freak when they see them and question reality itself when talking to him
obliviated fan chapter 166 . 10/30
"I'm still not apologizing"

You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. :D
solitare chapter 124 . 9/24
I guess Pikachu is either the Let's Go Pikachu partner or Gigantamax Pikachu. Neither of those can evolve.
solitare chapter 106 . 9/24
I suppose Aipom's Technician ability makes them an actual technician.
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