Reviews for Legendarily Popular
CMDR Kai chapter 149 . 6h
Damn, I almost feel bad for poor Cyrus. Traveling to the Moon just to find out that there’s no escaping the madhouse.
Guest chapter 149 . 9h
Another one of Ash's companions becoming a Gym Leader with a corresponding Pokemon form. A trend to start?

And I wonder if Team Rocket still uses robots as an extra challenge in Whitney's gym.
Snowbite1 chapter 149 . 10h
Now I have to again, trying to imagine that whole conversation between Dawn and Flint, which is quite interesting... hm
Guest chapter 149 . 11h
Galactic got to the moon a lot faster than I thought they would. An apartment complex with a built in water park sounds pretty rad. Especially since mirage mew probably won't charge rent.

Dawn being a junior gym leader is actually a great idea, I hope she takes Flint and Volkner up on it
Frost Gear chapter 149 . 12h
Do you really ame Dawn for staying plusel for a while?
I wonder if when Dawn and Salvia trade spots if she would be a minum to complete the plus minus pair.
maximusrexmundi chapter 149 . 12h
Loving the conclusion to the team galactic stuff lol!
Mernom chapter 149 . 14h
Of course she was.
Naruto30 chapter 146 . 14h
If he goes to Unova, Kalos and the other regions after completing Sinnoh, I pity the teams Plasma, Flare etc. Or they might pack up everything when they hear Ash has arrived.
Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig chapter 149 . 15h
Wait what? I thought dawn was in her human form not a Pokemon! The junior gym leader is a great idea! 'eye twitch'..
Guest chapter 149 . 16h
You know, I'm always impressed at how much you write, and yet still I'm always wanting more.

Also, I was a little confused at Mirage Mew appearing out of nowhere, and then wheezed when I realized that Team Galactic ACTUALLY WENT TO THE MOON.
Dragonkeeper10 chapter 149 . 18h
Volkner learns Ash can respark any desire for battle out of the bullshit he can do. And Cyrus can't escape Ash Ketcum that easily, even if they have never met before.
Cyan Quartz chapter 114 . 19h
Woah, I never thought of Turtwig using it's twig to right itself! It's like one of those Battle Bots with the arm on top you see on tv sometimes. They know it's a death sentence getting flipped so the owners try to give it an edge. They uh, don't win using it offensively very often but it's cool when they actually get it to work and flip their opponent. Not the worst ones anyhow. Somehow it's the ones with flamethrowers that seem to suck the most. Just not hot enough.

But yeah, it's really creative!
airistal chapter 149 . 19h
Wow they got to the moon real quick.
Tomorrow's Hero chapter 149 . 20h
Dawn as a Gym Leader is certainly a unique twist! I'm excited to see what she gets up to if she takes it.
shukkets chapter 149 . 20h
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