Reviews for Demon in Fodlan
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 113 . 5/13
Hm! I gotta say that this chapter was not what I was expecting, but it was likely one of the most interesting and most riveting reads made from Lysithea’s POV. It somehow makes it all the more realistic and true to the theme of this chapter if you listen to Star Wars soundtracks, tributes, and/or AMVs! Which I did and enjoyed every minute of it all!
Elyrrhia chapter 113 . 5/13
Shippers gon' see two people talking and then goes, "I ship them."

I am not a shipper but yeah, I ship them alright. You know who's who with who.
Reader chapter 113 . 5/13
Love the interactions between the characters.
raymond49090rc chapter 113 . 5/13
I probably said it before, but I really love how your characters interact with each other. I don’t really know much about Fire Emblem, but I still feel like I have a decent understanding of everyone from reading this fic.
HerrLepan chapter 113 . 5/13
Thx for the chapter
Guest chapter 113 . 5/13
I honestly thought we were starting off with Byleth's perspective from the last chapter, but jealous Lysithea works too.

Goetia is indeed becoming a dense harem protagonist if several girls are feeling jealous around him, and rumors spread due to the envy of others.
Stardust chapter 113 . 5/13
It's actually adorable for Lysithea to be worried whether or not she's a good student for Goetia and sweet for Dimitri to give her some advice.

We all know he's talking about facing Edelgard in the mock battle and seeing Dimitri being insightful and helpful to others highlights the tragedy when he becomes consume with revenge and going mad from Edelgard's betrayal that he truly becomes the Boar until he snaps out of it because of certain events.
Lily chapter 113 . 5/13
That rumor mill is starting to turn. Now they just need rumors about him and the Archbishop and him and Byleth too!

Also got to remember that for all her skills and intelligence, Lysithea will still have insecurities of her own.
Dhestrya chapter 113 . 5/13
Lily chapter 113 . 5/13
Seems like Goetia's little student is getting a little jealous. But a nice interaction between Byleth and Goetia's prized students and a good insight to give to Lysithea.
Rodenmar chapter 113 . 5/13
I love moments like this.
marcusns.mills chapter 112 . 5/13
This is an ‘Oh no, he’s hot’ moment isn’t it.
MasterDarkElf chapter 113 . 5/13
Nothing better than a father-daughter bonding moment!
marcusns.mills chapter 113 . 5/13
Awww family bonding!
Trinity chapter 112 . 5/4
Goetia must have some good abs if it can get the emotionless Byleth distracted. In fact, isn't he the first person that she has shown some physically attraction to?

And she is real dense when it comes to Sylvain flirting with her.

Jeralt might be drinking more if he found out that Byleth admired a man's physique for the first time, and that man was Goetia.
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