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Terracotta Tortilla chapter 107 . 3/13
Quick, bust out the "thous" and "thees", the mildly illiterate people are having trouble reading.
Changeling501 chapter 107 . 3/13
Oh yeah almost at the halfway point of the academy period.
Awarboah chapter 107 . 3/13

And he's joining the black Eagles?
His student would be confused
RavenousKing chapter 107 . 3/13
God I love this fic so much, can't wait for the next chapter. It is nice that Goetia will spend more time with the Black Eagles, after all I love seeing Goetia interact with more characters.

I hope the war will be averted, because I don't enjoy watching these guys kill each other. I do wish this fic gives a peaceful resolution to Fodlan's problems.
Dhestrya chapter 107 . 3/13
Laxard chapter 102 . 3/11
Why so much "they" instead he/she for several last chapters? This is just confusing and uncomfortable to read. If it is an attempt to make dialogues look more archaic then it's not worth it, especially so far in the story.
Guest chapter 106 . 3/10
Coming from AOT, will the nanomachines give Maurice the ability to shift back and forth from human to Demonic Beast? Seems like that's what Lemegeton was aiming for.
Lily chapter 106 . 3/9
Since Goetia is going with the secret Golden Deer route, I wouldn't be surprised if Alymra gets more focus because of Maurice's rampage. I wish we had more focus on Alymra in Three Hopes.
Speaking if Three Hopes, I would not be surprise if Claude's half brother would use this as an excuse to go to war with Fodlan.
SilverRei chapter 106 . 3/10
I kinda find it funny that Lemegeton in some way or another imitates Goetia.

Goetia fights Ritsuka hand-to-hand*
Lemegeton: "I usually detest such actions but if it was good enough for my King..." beats the absolute snot outta Seteth, Alois and Jeralt.

Goetia "adopts" Lysithea, teaches her magecraft.
Lemegeton: "So, I need to find a white-haired short girl with an additional crest and short lifespan... Edelgard, come here please."

Goetia takes an animal as a familiar.
Lemegeton: "Maurice..."
Maurice: "Ok, just spare my life".
Zetven chapter 106 . 3/9
What a good chapter, it was entertaining.
It was interesting to see Lemegeton helping and saving people even if it was not out of the goodness of his heart, also that "fight", if you can call it that, was entertaining, seeing how Lemegeton destroyed Maurice even with the blood of Sothis alone It shows how superior he is on the power scale, defeating him will really be difficult for the protagonists.

And the inclusion of Maurice among the villains is interesting, after all the only force greater that the moles have is Lemegeton himself, even more so when they are still so arrogant to not consider individuals like Goetia a threat, I seriously wish that the The moment their world breaks when they truly see how small they are compared to others, the way Kronya breaks from fear was incredible, all that remains is to wait for Solom and Thales' turn.
It also gives rise to the development of Marianne as Goetia student and how the chaos that Maurice caused was in Almyria may give rise to the conflict between Claude and his brother that was seen in "three hopes", and speaking of three hopes I still wonder if shez and arval will be included in the stor. It would be very fun to have another Byleth and Sothis bothering Goetia and this one having to be the one who mediates between the two groups, also their help would be very good against Lemegeton's plans, considering that they have to do with the body of a machine god or titan or whatever Sothis it is.

Thanks for the chapter, it was very good, waiting for the next chapter, take care and see you.
Guest chapter 106 . 3/8
Interesting development and wondering if this incident will be important. Fodlan and Alymra aren't in good terms and having a Demonic Beast crossing the borders might have bigger consequences following the destruction of a village. And possible for Claude to get involve considering who he really is and his desire to improve Fodlan's relation to foreign countries, this incident would make that harder.
And considering Lemegeton was indirectly responsible for Maurice's rampage across the border because of a complex plan to prevent Goetia on learning about Nanomachines, things are not going to go well when this gets out.
LegendaryMob chapter 62 . 3/4
i like Goetia is self aware how he somewhat act and ended up like "The AnswerThe SolutionDeus Ex MachinaPlot Armor". now if only he could find away to stop being those and just be himself.
LegendaryMob chapter 57 . 3/4
Ngl, the demon pillar speak way too much like goetia. the way the speak and the way they deliver is uncanny.
Reader chapter 106 . 3/4
... I just thought of something. Because he ingested the nanomachines, was Maurice being drawn to the location where Sothis's machine body is, which may be in Alymra? It would explain why he decided to cross the borders after wandering Fodlan for so long that a change of pattern happened.
Guest chapter 106 . 3/4
Interesting chapter, Goetia better act quickly now that someone found the Beast they were searching for, and it's Maurice of all things.
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