Reviews for Demon in Fodlan
Proud Parent chapter 116 . 6/13
The return of the omakes at last.
So when the hot hate filled gay sex between Gotie and Fujimaru will happen?
Dhestrya chapter 116 . 6/13
Guest chapter 115 . 6/4
Goetia: I could send only two Servants at you.

*Black Eagles sigh in relief*

Goetia: Alternatively, I could send only one.

Black Eagles: We'll take that!

... He totally baited them.
Lily chapter 115 . 6/3
Flooros now has to sit on Goetia's head. That must happen everything from now on.
njgronlund chapter 115 . 6/3
TheDemonLordsAccountant chapter 115 . 6/3
Students succesfully pulls a prank on Goetia.

Goetia: Your request to fight Heracles has been granted.
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 115 . 6/3
Oh snap! Goetia you led them right into your trap! Lol! A Shadow Servant Hercules will be quite the opponent; not as powerful as the real deal, but still no pushover.
Abyss Emperor chapter 115 . 6/3
I thought sir Floopy lived in his hair this whole time, but I suppose when your missing an arm the space is just asking to be used..

…Also using Shadow Herc is just Cruel Goetia, simply cruel. (But funny)
Reaper Gamer chapter 115 . 6/3
Oh boy Heracles gonna beat some a** here real soon
Tyndaridae chapter 115 . 6/3
They are so screwed. Even more if God Hand is active.
Reader chapter 115 . 6/3
Pettiness aside, in hindsight, they are right to use Herakles as a stand-in for Dimitri considering how Dimitri becomes feral in the time skip, he will act like a Berserker. Wonder if this will be used against him during the war.

But still, not sure if Goetia is really training them or petty enough to have them killed before the big match.
Stardust chapter 115 . 6/3
Somehow a single servant that is Shadow Berserker Hercules is just as bad as eight Shadow Servants.

And all this all over the denial of tomato soup.
Voskaeon chapter 115 . 6/3
First off, more Bernie Bear development. Awesome
Second, they are so screwed
Rodenmar chapter 115 . 6/3
Everyone: You can't order tomato soup.

Goetia: And I took that personally.
Guest chapter 115 . 6/3
Goetia, that’s mean.
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