Reviews for Demon in Fodlan
Guest chapter 115 . 6/3
A single Servant. Sounds easy right?
Goetia: It will be Hercules.
... Well nice knowing you Black Eagles. It was over before it even begun.
But the segment with Bernie and the finch was cute.
Taken Kings chapter 115 . 6/3
Prepare to die for your imprudence, Black Eagles
Kamui Raiu chapter 115 . 6/3
It's like Goetia wants to turn them into puddles of blood. Awesome!
Shadow56556 chapter 115 . 6/3
Heracles, huh? Another curbstomp incoming.
For'Sleep 3rd chapter 115 . 6/3
Pardon? Heracles?
raymond49090rc chapter 115 . 6/3
RIP Black Eagles. Goetia must be really annoyed with them.
Dhestrya chapter 115 . 6/3
RotcehM chapter 115 . 6/3
...realy goetia, fuckin hherackles?
Rialga chapter 114 . 5/25
Considering the lineup you mentioned in your Spacebattles update, any one of those Shadow Servants is absolute overkill. Even with FE characters being superhuman in their own right, at this point in time, they're hopelessly outclassed... doesn't make them getting theirs asses kicked any less amusing though, ha ha.
Chances are, they'll be giving Goetia's offhanded comments/stories about his 'homeland' considerably more thought now that they've experienced for themselves how capable heroes of old can be. Especially if Goetia decides to regale them with brief tales of the original Servants' feats.
They'll also probably start wondering why he hasn't bothered making a new security force entirely of Shadow Servants to guard the monostary, heh.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 114 . 5/24
Looking at the List of the servants confirmed by the author, yeah as nerfed as they are, this is overkill for a bunch of students to fight against. Only two were needed to defeat them fast and he even brought out a Ruler class servant!
G chapter 114 . 5/24
... I'm guessing Arash and Siegfried.
Stardust chapter 114 . 5/24
A one sided battle isn't really training, Goetia. But imagine if you train Byleth by facing those Shadow Servants.
Soulbow109 chapter 114 . 5/24
I think Goetia may have overestimated the Eagles again. Or underestimated the shadows. That last bit does not look like things are going well for them. Ouch
Reader chapter 114 . 5/24
... You think this will give Byleth another training idea for the Blue Lions except have then fight Shadow Setvants?
Guest chapter 114 . 5/23
From Golem training to Shafow Servants. That is a huge escalation.
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