Reviews for Little Moment: In the Face of Extinction
Welkin chapter 1 . 1/18/2022
This story was kinda foreshadowed by Warlord Ascending, my experience has been quite cohesive. Man, you really give out a deep sense of care that readers like me can get into, I never thought I'll be liking myself some inter-galactic interactions. It may possibly because of how simple and straight-forward you lead it on. I can certainly find where Merlin's coming from. I'm glad that things have ended peacefully, hopefully nothing is gonna happen.
SzymonS chapter 1 . 8/29/2021
Damn, that was good. I was waiting to know this moment of history through all these references. I can honestly say, you didn't disappoint.

But how old is Merlin? Since he was the leader of the Plumbers so early and still running in Little Moments... Talk about working till death, even Popes don't last that long.

Everyone hates Merlin, but does he actually make the wrong decision? He managed to protect the earth for so long, they defeated Vilgax with that nuclear weapon the alliance wanted so badly to forbid them. In the meantime, how good relying on Galactic Enforcers turned for Vilgaxia? Right...

This whole thing about using Ben and Gwen afterwards... Well, it is morally ambiguous, but it's not like he was planning to force them, because he knew they would agree if he asked. They have been running towards danger since they were 10 years old. From "Kiss me goodbye" we know how he is going to end (I'm still mad at you for such a big spoiler) but I'm still with Merlin. Selling to highbreeds two kids sounds rough, but nothing less is expected of someone in his position. The Omnitrix was putting the entire planet at risk, and if giving this and two kids were to protect billions of people, that's exactly what I would expect from main defender of the Earth. Let's not ddeceive ourselves, more innocent people die in a single drone attack on the Islamic State. This is the world.

Either way, I've read all of your stories, and I'm only now starting to review all of them. I'm so lazy. Don't be like me and keep doing great job! ;)

PS. Not English native, that's why I may sound like an illiterate child.
AirenLag chapter 1 . 8/16/2021
The more I hear about "Jim" the less I like him.
Is this a different timeline? One where aliens are not secret?
I always wondered about who Nimue was when she was mentioned in Gwen's diary.
From what I understand now, the plumbers are what was left of the guard from Atlantis. Right?
Great work creating this new lore, I'm totally invested in this universe now! Abd I live it!
delmartian chapter 1 . 8/16/2021
I always thought Huxby was more than a miserable SOB. When you survive the hell that is war, and see what a real weapon of mass destruction can do, I think it changes you. When you know and deal with existential threats that the society you’ve sworn to protect doesn’t even know about, through benign and not so well intentioned deceptions, that can change you, too. Especially when you have your own existential weapons at your disposal. One possible change is hard edged pragmatism along with distrust, both creeping up to the edge of totally unacceptable behavior. That’s where Merlin is. Glad to see there was some shred of hopeful risk taking left in him. Pendragon’s story must be amazing.

A great story, as usual!