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FoxyTrouble chapter 23 . 5/26/2005
Aren't ya gonna write more with this one?

angyxoxo chapter 23 . 5/11/2004
hi fleur )
okay, i'm just going to review as i go along... hope you don't mind. i figure this way i could catch some grammar mistakes for you, plus put in my two cents ) I'm going to do it in list form if you don't mind me. I figure it would be easier for me this way )
1) "the rec room, dens, and living room [were] still alive until 3 or 4..."
2) Louis in bed... *drool* Damn, i love that boy. and boy is he like his father. Not liking early danger room sessions. But when he doesn't have to get up, he does anyway. and i would gladly join him in the kitchen any time... on the kitchen table... the chair... *slaps dirty thoughts out of head*
3) "But here, at 8, it was a mdan great place to be to be alone." - only one 'to be' I'm sure )
4) i don't like this Emily chick. she's getting flirty... enough said.
5) He's going home! Ohh... i wonder how the other will take it. and if Lydia is still liking him.. i hate lydia... and i'm sure you know why. i don't like to share... lol
6) LoL. Love the Franck comment about Didier being a lizard!
7) Hmm... wondering if perhaps, Louis will switch side. My hunch runs on the "fighting on both sides" comment. Interesting...
8) okay... leash eh? Kinky! LoL... kidding... but wondering where this is leading to... could it be a build-up for the sequel?
9) and all is well again... i think...i hope! i personally think Louis can take a detour in his flight to good ol' Vancouver. he'll like it here and I'll show him a good yes, fleur, i know he's not real but Remy LeBeau ain't real and we drool all over him right? God, i love Louis.
So great story! i'm so sorry that all my reviews got wiped out! I wrote so many for this story too! I HATE ! damn bastards. But thank you for being so sweet to me ) I appreciated it lots. I loved this story... and I LOVE LOUIS! If he was real, i'd married him. SO CUTE~! Anywho, Great job! i can't wait for the secret if it'll ever be written... get cracking!
Much love always,
ishandahalf chapter 23 . 5/11/2004
ooh, an update! i had to blink a few times, and make sure i was really seeing this... and it's the END? woah, that just caused even MORE blinking in disbelief! or maybe it was just a piece of dust in my eye... either way, yay for the update!
so. as usual, good stuff. aww, i like how louis got all settled into the guilds, how cute! it sounds like a fun place to be, all the happening stuff and all. what FUN! ooh, i REALLY like the part with the mythology, i'm SUCH a sucker for that sort of stuff! i'm all into that supernatural stuff, conspiracy theories, you name it! fenris, huh? i LIKE it! sexy and mysterious, that is. yum!
but! you just ended it there? figures, once more taunting me, so i don't know what that troublesome feeling he's having is, and i'll be all twitchy... ARGH!
so. i hope you get writing more soon... especially your other fics too! and by the way, that was SUCH a subtle comment about me writing... gee, how could i EVER catch that? well, somehow i managed... don't worry, i'll get on it! i've got an idea floating around in my head that i'm dying to write, but sadly it'll have to wait until my exams are over, and i plan the whole thing out... but don't you worry! it'll get here eventually! end of june, early july maybe? ooh, i'm REALLY exicted about this one... bwa ha ha! but yeah. i'll write, you write, let's ALL write! so bring it on. HUZZAH! oh yeah, and congrats on finishing this. lovely, lovely stuff! amazing accomplishment, feel special and loved! YAY.
Coldnessheart chapter 23 . 5/11/2004
This is amazing story! I hope you update soon.
Star-of-Chaos chapter 23 . 5/10/2004
Oh my god, you're back! I've followed this, but I haven't reviewed before. My apologies. Like "Through Time", this was a wonderful story, and I look forward to reading the crossover. :-)
nessie6 chapter 23 . 5/10/2004
Ah, so it's finally over. That's too bad, I enjoyed this. But anyhoo, I loved it through the whole thing, it's a nice story. Thanks a bunch for writing this!
foofighta chapter 23 . 5/10/2004
Thought you had forgot me, : p but no, just mocked me name, and me narcolypsy. . . errgh, spelled very long, bah! i'm sleepy, I don't have to spell write.
_great_ chapter, and yes, *SIGH* sweet Isa. Anyone could have helped him with the name! Blushing Emily or sweet, dear, could have!
((shamless: DIDIER IS MINE!))
but either way, she was still sweet, and i even, sort of liked her. . .
nah : D
Alright, you're screaming about something on my IM window, so I'm going to get back to yeh, but GREAT chapter and GREAT ending to a lovely, lovely, fabulously wonderful story that i loved dearly-LOVE dearly, and tortued you about for weeks when you didnt update : p
yes folks, i really did!
JesterGod chapter 22 . 4/12/2004
This story is a good one so far. It seems though I've read the ending of this chapter before, but not sure where, so it was probably a deja vu. i can't wait to read more of it and keep up the good work!
laur987 chapter 1 . 4/6/2004
hey, omg u have to update soon, i really really really love ur story, its so good, u've done a great job on it, i wanna know what happens next! please update soon and awsome job!:o)
Jenna chapter 22 . 3/30/2004
Really like it so far! Cant wait to see what happens next! PLLEEAASE continue.. would like to see Luis fall in love with Emily... and would be cool if he became a thief but went back to NY with emily.. something like that.
RealityDreamer chapter 22 . 3/30/2004
Gosh,my addiction to fan fiction *is* getting unhealthy...since it started what? 6yrs ago?
It's thanks to great authors like you :P lol
But not to worry..I'm as healthy as I can possibly and definitely happy,now that you updated.
Great work. Do keep it up.
And the collaboration sounds interesting :)
kitsuK8 chapter 22 . 3/29/2004
haha fo sho! i love updates! louis aint going to become a theif, eh! well its different! i like the idea! and i hope that everyting is okay back up north but hey the more conterversey the better the story i say! haha its late so i must end the review! *yawn* dang it is really late! anywho loved the chappy! cant wait till the next one!
nightbug chapter 1 . 3/29/2004
that is so cool! i wish i could write like that! you really have somthing good going there! keep writing!
ishandahalf chapter 22 . 3/29/2004
yay! fun times! as always. i'd love to give you a nice, rambling review like i usually do, but sadly, i have no time! so i'll try to make this quick - i liked this chapter, i think the thieves guild is SO cool... yeah, i'd like to be there too. lazy? oh yeah, that's me! but ooh, a dream - dun dun duh! cue the dramatic music! well, at least it might get him to go back... but to bad, horrible, awful things that will go wrong and sadness and angst will ensue? i wonder. well, you'll just have to keep it coming, won't you? huzzah!
foofighta chapter 22 . 3/29/2004
. (you were right about this damn dot thing)
So a late review is better than no review at all, eh? (look how Canadian I am!) And a crazy half-asleep-talking-to-you-while-i-write-review is better than a half-asleep-short-because-i'm-sneaking-morning-email. lol
Didn't I say I was going to write a review?
Ahh, distracted by you and -jacinthe_belair: aw, i haven't got any review *hint hint*- working on it! Distracted by you and our EVILNESS! It amazes me to read TT and 16yrs, they're so nice and calm and placid Fleur, before you went evil (or, i made you evil) O' Fleur, when did our hearts turn to coal? When did fluff and sweetness die? Young and carefree love and no angst disappear forever?
Don't know. . . but i'm sure glad they did!
Hehehe, however, this chapter of 16yrs was not evil in the least. I met Isabelle again. She had one line, and I am in the works of creating a giant internet ork-wielding catapault to destroy her with. Franck, oh so cute, and not madly obsessed with Izzy, but stil believable. Didier *shiver* DIDIER! FOO LOVE DIDIER!
I apologize. . . don't know what came over me . . .
And Guy! Guy too! Guy is so great, all, how did we put it? Cajun-Cylcops. . . hehehe, he's stil cute, and gets cuter, considering how sweet he is to pretty female cousin. We are SO BAD with these damn lines. We belong in the bayou, living with the 'gators, i swear, the stuff we pull!
OKAY! Back to the chapter. Once again, great chapter, kindof short, but great nontheless. Emily is super-cute, and I can almost honestly say that I never hated her *wink*, but i love her now, so all is well. Did I mention how cute Franck was? And how *cough* FUSKIN' HOT Didier is?
Ladies and Gents... there are many Didier's a surfacing, but I can HONESTLY SAY, that Foo is responsible for those yum yum a kimbo eyes.
THough . . .
They're not the SAME yum yum a kimbo eyes!
Still just as cute, though
Hey-zeus-Kris-toe This is a long ass review.
My favorite part of the chapter was, *of course* the DREAM! You are a bad bad girl : p, and yer lucky you got away with that one, missy! Hehehe. And as everyone knows, my favorite line is always "Papa?" It was one of Aimee's first-ever lines, and the first thing she ever said to her father knowing it was him. I also gots a BIG ASS sketch I made about an hour before I decided that I was writing La Fille of Remy with 17yr old Aimee crying in his arms. And naturally, the small caption above it says "Papa. . ."
Ahh, I love that line!
I better finish this chapter up!
I know the story ((and YES I GOT MY DAMN HINTS! WORK ON THE SCENE! GOT IT! Now I just have to get off my lazy ass and DO IT)) already, but I'm still curious about what's going to happen to Louis. How he's going to leave, etc.
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