Reviews for The Legend of the Son of Poseidon
Hungry chapter 50 . 5/24
I must say I just finished reading this and it was awesome. Very interesting new prophecy. I always wondered why there was no arc in between BoL and TLO but here's fanfiction, solving the problem. I love the fights and I love the way things evolve slowly.
Also, this is the loveliest, most realistic take on a Pertemis relationship I have seen in my entire life.
Keep up the good work.
Didaskalos chapter 5 . 5/23
I tried to give this a chance but I had to give up here. Firstly, the writing is mediocre at bad - the grammar, spelling, and syntax are poor, and the dialogue is weak. None of the characters speak like actual people, and every time Percy tries to be funny he just sounds lame.

Secondly, the actual story itself is unimaginative and lazy, with a grossly overpowered Mary Sue who negates any real conflict or 'story'. I also can't see any real justification for this OC existing, other than for the sake of being OP. Maybe this is something that gets addressed later on, but it just seems pretty empty and pointless at the moment.

Even the name of your OC is pretty lazy and indicates a lack of care and forethought - 'Alexander' is actually Latin, not Greek, so in reality he should be called 'Alexandros'. After all, the description seems pretty explicit that he's a Greek God, not a Roman one, since Alexander talks about 'Kronos', 'Nyx', and 'Poseidon', not 'Saturn', 'Nox', and 'Neptune'.

In terms of improving, I would suggest that you try to read more (and no, not just fanfiction - actual well-written literature), and pay better attention to how authors write and try to learn from that.
matrix63 chapter 49 . 5/22
i like the prophecy btw. discord,fear,rage (let me guess hinting at dieties with those domains)
Also do you plan on removing the mummy's curse from hades like canon?
matrix63 chapter 50 . 5/22
I like the team-up of the heroes.
Thalia, Percy, Grover, Clarrisse, Annabeth, Nico, and Bianca
Just like the seven heroes of Olympus.
matrix63 chapter 50 . 5/22
i like the team up of the heroes.
Thalia,Percy,Grover,Clarrisse,Annabeth,Nico,and Bianca
just like the seven heroes of Olympus
EnigmaticWanderer77 chapter 50 . 5/20
Nicely done. I'll be quite honest here, "Why can't Percy be this awesome in canon!?" I swear, you made Percy more powerful than the entirety of the Seven plus Reyna and Nico in canon combined. And while having Percy be this powerful is a tad unrealistic for canon, I still feel like this power level befits him more.
The Oizys chapter 17 . 5/18
Blue chapter 50 . 5/16
Following previous review Thalia before she got the axe was very different and sounds more accurate to me.
Blue chapter 50 . 5/16
When you said how powerful Jason will be (som) this was after Percy beat Hercules and when he was fighting big guns(taking a definite weight off Athena)
Cryzy chapter 1 . 5/14
Awesome , thanks for the new chapter
Death Fury chapter 50 . 5/10
Excellent chapter
Nai Darkor chapter 50 . 5/10
Yeah, a really subtle hint.
Spectre of Chaos chapter 50 . 5/10
Thank you for the chapter
Hxartlxss chapter 50 . 5/10
thanks for the chapter~~
HellRaiderS chapter 50 . 5/10
Loved it perfect chapter keep the updates coming
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