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Vampire Revan chapter 23 . 4/7/2013
So funny... I can picture Lu Meng talking to the horses.

It was great.
metalmonkey chapter 23 . 6/18/2008
Wow, this story hasn't had a review in two years. Still yet, I believe it needs to be recognized.

It was probably one of the best fan fics I have ever read. It was very well written, and the characters were perfected. This story played with my emotions, as well. I laughed. I got angry. I got frustrated. I felt the pain the characters felt and much more. It takes a wonderful story to do this, and I will not forget it.

You did a fantastic job. It's such a shame that you are no longer on this site. I will read the other fics you have posted here, and I hope that you did not give up writing. Maybe you just don't like the site, but you are an amazing writer. Thank you the wonderful read.
EverKitsune chapter 23 . 6/16/2006
This has got to be the greatest yaoi love story on dwff. seriously. Its so awesome! actually, best love story PERIOD on dwff. its
telynaayuri chapter 23 . 1/3/2006
You should write a sequel to this it was interesting from begining to end and you stuck to how the characters act in the game. That was very impressive.
solsere chapter 23 . 7/6/2005
I liked it. Need I say more? XD
chinzty chapter 23 . 5/25/2005
this is a really fanstatic fan fiction i luv zhou yu and sun ce together!
Gan-Nings-Girl chapter 1 . 4/13/2005
OMG I Loved This Story It Is By Far One Of My Favs I Did not Want It To End (CRIES) hehehe more Gan ning/Lu Xun
HarborRat chapter 1 . 2/12/2005
I was holding off on reading your fics until I had a chance to properly review them. So it will take me a bit to get through it, but you deserve a good review and some support for your excellent writing!

I'm stealing Nat's cliff note format, it just works so damned well. I 'll have to pay her back with some naked Wei Yan fics.

"While we DO use some mythology correctly, we are putting our own spin on things."

Sort of like KOEI did with Nu Wa and Fu Xi. It's very in line with the spirit of the game. Myths usually get ignored in these fanfics, glad you opted to stir them up!

"Sun Ce whined, "But I don't have to patient; that's YOUR job!" " Isn't that true. Poor Zhou Yu, Sun Ce is such hard to get focused.

"This was one of those moments where the three opposing kingdoms had decided to call off any and all political affairs, to celebrate the coming of the new year" Excellent point. New Year is so important it established a good basis for the 'time off' in your fic. Good foundation for the story.

"Camping!" Boys will be boys. Good activity for two best buds to do for some relaxation time. Only way to get away from their squeaky wives and the drone of their jobs. Smart.

"He relished each and every moment he could spend alone with the man who was not only his sworn brother, but also the object of some of his deepest affections." Rational thinking as far as yaoi goes. Very easy to see this pairing and how the firendship could tourture Zhou Yu

"Not that Sun Ce knew any of this. If he did, he had certainly shown no inkling of it"

Theres a surpirse. He's dense, but at least he makes up for it in bed.

"He looked up to see his lord, bathed with silver moonlight and accentuated by the golden tone of their fire. It made his eyes and hair shine beautifully, and he could not help but stare, his breath taken away for a few moments." DAmn! Loose the shirt, put that little red ribbon in his teeth and that would be a heart stopper. Yum.

"Sun Ce, so dimwitted that it only made him more appealing" Opposites attract...makes the pair more realistic. Poor stressed out Zhou Yu would want a playful man to recreate with. I like how you bring in the reason for his affections here and there, as if Zhou yu is just being reminded of all these little aspects he adores.

""Oh, you wouldn't want to make your lord get down on his hands and knees and beg, now would you?""

Naughty Chibi. ;-)

"sworn brother getting some ambition and actually trying to overcome me!"" Oh Ce...his ambition is burning and he wants to come over you, overcome you...put the peices together. Who else makes those statements...yes that crazy sexaholic Cao Cao. He needs some release or his eyes might start smoldering with evil. Help him out. Slap my hand...I'm not making good comments.

"Zhou Yu blinked, but played along, "Sun Ce..."" Yeah, you've said that more tahn a few times...with a gruff moan while you...DAMMIT! Back to the review.

"or the thoughts running through his mind, so he only nodded, "Yes, Sun Ce, I am listening with rapt attention. I am catching every word..."" Poor guy. He's really caught in a bad spot. Can't admit his feelings because the man is his lord and friend. And Ce would never see it coming. Feel his anguish.

"Sun Ce grabbed it with his bare hands, the fool, and dropped it to the ground, stomping the ever living hell out of it. " Ha. I could picture that so vividly

"Sun Ce scowled, "You should have been able to hold a conversation and STILL watch a fish..."" True. Zhuge Liang would have been able to cook a fish and debate...while mailing a dress to Siam Yi. Better practice Zhou Yu! You're losing your touch.

" just brought to my chambers to do nothing but clean until your hands fall off, that's all!"" Clean what? ;-)

" Now it was all out war; two friends rolled over one another, each one trying to gain the easy advantage over the other. If anyone would watch, they'd probably laugh and leave them be and not say a single word. Friends were friends, though, unknowingly, they sought for something a tad bit deeper." Nothing like two men rolling around in the grass...

""Don't tell me you covered it with mud... NOW what do we do for food, sir?"" Slick there Zhou Yu. Blame him and end it in a respectful tone. A true pro.

"There was another gush of wind, but this time, Zhou Yu caught a small glimpse of its source, grabbing his sword in a heart beat. "We're not alone here..."" Simple transition, but it really does a fantastic job for the mood. Good choice.

"Sun Ce grabbed the closest thing next to him and hurled it at the beast, catching it right in the face with a rock." I always pictured him being a fantastic pitcher. He'd have one hell of a fastball.

""I'm going to take care of you, Zhou Yu," Sun Ce promised, beginning to bandage the arm. " Poor baby, he's all worried. He's got that panicky reassurance thing going. I like that. Not too much detail, he's not the heavy thinker.

"Sun Ce's voice was fierce, "DON'T LIE TO ME!"" Yup. SImple panicked reaction. Yell at him. Nice

""Oh, what a lovely scene this is! I knew I'd live to see the day, where Sun Ce and Zhou Yu finally... hey..." Gan Ning's " Sweet. Gan Ning gets to speak his ming...god help us all

"Nodding, Lu Xun then asked, "Describe the creature again... perhaps it will give away it's identity..."

Sun Ce sighed, "I told you all I remember except that... well, I'm pretty sure it only had one eye..."" Foreshadowing...ruh oh.

"That made Lu Xun stop, and the kid sneered, "Not here... I have business to tend to, as do you..."" need to loosen up! he barely wears clothes, of course he wants to rub your soft flesh on him!

Well I hope FF preserved my formating, if not this review is going to suck to read. I think the introduction had the right mixture of suspense, originality and a touch of horror to hook anyone looking for a good read. Good example of fanfiction, taking a unique element like mythology and ensarning the charcters with it. Everyone's personality is right on...good job.
Stalli Anna chapter 23 . 12/25/2003
I really enjoyed this story. You inspired me to write my own fic. I'll try to put it up on this site someday when it's done. BTW, do you have any more fics? I would love to read more of your work.
Syous chapter 1 . 12/22/2003
I enjoyed reading this fic immensely. Great job depicting almost all of the main generals squished up in one big conflict.
Although I do have one complain... Xiahou Dun may not be my favourite character, but he is, by far, one of the most loyal, most honourable general in all of Chinese history. Him being placed into such a one-sided antagonist role seems a little too cruel, perhaps?
I find your story really in-depth, and most of the characters wonderfully portrayed, except for Xiahou Dun. He may look evil and badass in the game, but he has sworn his life to Cao Cao upon the arrow that took away his eye. That arrow...that eye, was too little a representation, of a true warrior Xiahou Dun is, was, and has been.
Just wanted to leave a note for all those who would be reading this fic, that in reality, this one-eyed general is by far, one of the greatest heroes of the Han Empire. [Well..after the Han's fall, that is.]
Saturngold cant log in chapter 1 . 11/11/2003
Good idea...more gan ning/lu xun m I wish there were more sry I love the couple so ...ya...I luv dis story
thegreatblsama chapter 23 . 11/9/2003
WOW! Omg that was so great! Everyone is happy! Yay! Happiness! _ but, i am was a great fic, BUT IT ENDED! ;_;

well, anywayz, awesome, and that part was very said with Xu Huang, but sadgood. And it was also very funny! Just so you know, this fic also got me really interested in yaoi, so I THANK YOU! _

Oh, and i more thing, i am in love with Lu Xun/Gan Ning fics, but i read everyone of em that's on this site, and i can't find anymore. So, since you did really good with them, can you write a fic totally based on Lu Xun/Gan Ning? Please? *puppy eyes*

Thanks! Once again, great ficcy! _
KiritoJun chapter 23 . 11/6/2003
NO IT CAN'T BE OVER!...I love this story so you ended well, it was a very good got what they gan ning and lu xun are together...ohh what are they gona do in the room hm... me Xu Huang must be I love this story so congrats to write more of your excellent storys
SharonToggle chapter 23 . 11/3/2003
Wah, sad! *sniffle* I like this ending, though. (heh heh, "Let's all have sex!") Great fanfic! You rock! XD
Darkstatic chapter 23 . 11/3/2003
To think that the fanfiction I am going to write next would be as shattering as this one...

Great job! I almost wanted to sob for Xu Huang's part. It have been an excellent and exciting ride with this fiction, and only to see it end made me frown, but no stories can go forever. Magnificent work, I am looking forward to your future stories.
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