Reviews for When the Roses Bloom Again
Espied7 chapter 109 . 11/28
Absolutely gorgeous story. Thanks for sharing!
rookie802 chapter 108 . 11/27
Just read this a 2nd time through. Unbelievable ️
animemannatsu chapter 109 . 11/27
ok, this was amazing. u have made one of the best war fics that I have ever read. thanks for the amazing read and can't wait for more
Sebine chapter 1 . 11/26
this fic starts out amazingly funny and with boobies!
Druto chapter 109 . 11/25
What a journey my friend, thank you so much for your time and work in putting together this great work. I am immensely happy to be part of it now. I have enjoyed this very very much. Thank you.
JCielle chapter 74 . 11/23
f.hazel90210 chapter 15 . 11/20
nooooo why do i feel bad for poor tommy boy i habe read too mamy fics where his sad childhood years were covered and harry telling people to stay away and not help him as a kid just makes my heart sink if this turns out a closed loop time travel i will be really sad already there is some stuff that could maybe lead to it being a loop but if it turns out as one and harry was part of why tommy suffered a sad summer in war orphanhood imma be so sad
Hitsugana chapter 109 . 11/18
This story is truly a landmark of all fanfiction and in my opinion your best work and characterization of the characters. It is so easy to read about World War 2 and learn of the events but I believe this story shows a glimpse of what living through it must have been like. The rising tension, politicians doing nothing, and the disbelief that it could even happen to begin with. It is easy to look at the maps and see that the Nazis in our life made it all the way to France and then were beaten back but what was that like to live through? Your story shows us a bit just how terrifing it must have been.

The characters were also a high point of the story. Out of your stories I've read I believe this is your best iteration of Harry Potter. He shows remarkable, but believable, growth throughout and doesn't come off as cold or dispassionate as in some of your other stories. I appreciated the domestic scenes although i wish there were more. The side characters were also rich and few were inconsequential and there impact to the story was noteworthy.

I thank you greatly for what you have wrote and I hope that you look on it fondly. The ending was certainly melancholic but I feel it ended with closure. For anyone interested in reading this story I encourage you to do so. The length may be daunting but there isn't any chapter written needlessly. It is worth it.
Ben Jenkins1 chapter 109 . 11/17
Amazing work
Meganthompson chapter 109 . 11/15
Bravo TBR, Bravo.
Druto chapter 38 . 11/14
What a great ending to that chapter
Druto chapter 33 . 11/13
The best part of this chapter.
"If what you say is coming indeed does then you must understand that," Nicholas said firmly. "These choices are not easy ones, but so long as you know that you made the right one, then you must not allow them to weigh you down. If you feel that there are things to atone for, then do so in whatever way helps, but do not dwell on things too long, Harry. A heavy conscience will be to your own detriment when it causes you to hesitate when you must be certain."
Guest chapter 109 . 11/9
I’m laughing I’m crying I don’t have words, it was amazing!
Druto chapter 6 . 11/10
I have seen it may times , but it was unexpected in here , what a great end to this chapter, HARRY EVANS !
Druto chapter 1 . 11/9
Really great start
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