Reviews for When the Roses Bloom Again
kaya chapter 101 . 2/2
amazing ! this chapter is very nicely written
Guest chapter 101 . 2/2
Yeah the idea that Harry didn’t just murder riddle 99 chapters ago is author fiat. A real war veteran only cares about saving lives, not some BS morals thought up by a little 18 year old fanfic writer in a communications class at a liberal arts college. They would just murder riddle unlike your soft sensibilities. No reason for this plot but for you forcing it.
fallendemon248 chapter 101 . 4h
Really hope we see more interactions with lily and harry, smug bella is awesome although I do kinda wonder if she has a crush on harry
Guest chapter 57 . 2/2
The idea that a fire prevention ward can’t stop artilllery is just some author fiat jacking off to the sub-human muggles
Guest chapter 101 . 2/2
Another great chapter...
Guest chapter 101 . 2/2
these last chapters are so gooood
cg037 chapter 101 . 10h
A great update, keep up the good work.
FireyAngelIcyDevil chapter 37 . 12h
I died laughing about Yaxleys comment to the French, I had a history teacher that always called them "a bunch of cowardly cheese eating surrender monkeys"
beahliezl.marasigan chapter 101 . 22h
Still excited for this. ️ Thank you for making my day.
god eater chapter 83 . 2/2
this is so fucking wholesome this right here is a proper fic
martinora chapter 101 . 2/3
I look forward to an update every week. I have loved the story thus far and you could have ended it with Harry having a family. But you went beyond that and got to this point where Harry can confront Voldemort as an adult. I am already awaiting the next chapter! I cannot wait! Thanks so much for sharing your creation!
Dominika Kowalska1 chapter 101 . 2/3
I love this book
Mark Sinfield chapter 101 . 2/3
Mojito Mussolini chapter 101 . 2/3
One of the best stories I have ever read. Period.
DarkRavie chapter 101 . 2/3
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
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