Reviews for For whom the bell tolls
Aragorn II Elessar chapter 7 . 9/16/2021
Good ending.

I think you did well enough with what you had.

Nice goodbye scene between Prue and the other sisters, and you did her justice.

Agreed on Phoebe/Cole too.

Yes, the Angel/Cordelia and Buffy/Spike scenes were well done.

Poor Spike though, hope he can find a way to grow old normally, maybe Mohra blood for him?

Nice to have Whitelighter Leo and Castiel with his wings back.

And Angel fulfilling the Shanshu is always awesome.

Good job on this.
Aragorn II Elessar chapter 6 . 9/16/2021
Nice chapter and nice climax.

Yes, group fight scenes can suck but you did well for sure.

I get you on Phoebe's powers.

Nice reference to Charlie too, HA!

Yes Buffy, Faith and Leo ending Rennek was great.

Neena got hers too.

And Dawn is back, YAY!

Off to read the epilogue.
Aragorn II Elessar chapter 5 . 9/16/2021
Nice chapter.

I think the reunions were well done for sure.

Thanks for the shoutout and you're welcome.

Nice to see Faith as well.

Poor Dawn, hope they get her back.

Looking forward to more.
Aragorn II Elessar chapter 4 . 9/14/2021
Fucking awesome chapter.

Nice message to that guy too.

Loved the reunion with Willow/Tara and Buffy, and also Prue meeting Paige as well.

And Angel and Spike are here too, hell yeah!

So yes, one big family reunion.

Cordelia/Kyra here is awesome too, love it. You can use my explanation if you want.

Neena sure is twisted, yeesh!

Can't wait for more buddy.
Aragorn II Elessar chapter 3 . 9/13/2021
Great chapter.

Sucks for Cole his plan didn't work.

Great fight scenes though.

Neena is such a sicko.

Yes, I know who the woman is, and nice to see Prue back.

Looking forward to next chapter.
Aragorn II Elessar chapter 2 . 9/13/2021
Nice chapter again.

Oooh, and Cole is back.

Let's see how it goes with him and Piper here.

Good explanation with magic too, makes sense to me.

And I look forward to more soon.
claudeagassi92 chapter 1 . 9/13/2021
Ok so interesting that ur story goes here but hating on the buffy angel twilight affair is like hating on the episode leo and piper became Shiva and shakti . Its essentially the same thing they became gods who can create a universe through sex. Also it seem weird involving the seed of wonder and saying magic return still because the seed acts as a source like the all but it also connects earth dimension to the multiverse so it should be more powerful and important. Infact shouldn't the seen be the heart and soul of the all.
And since ur writing season 8 buffy ur going to have to acknowledge that willow power level is equal to the power of 3 even with pure added. Willow is just as powerful as all of them together . Hell willow has perform spells on the same level by herself that requires all 3 of the charmed ones. Hell she has multiple active powers her first being telekinesis. She doesnt have to case spells her levitation is not a spell but actually a power she does by force of will. She divination powers telepathy . Pyrokinesis she doesnt require spells these are her active powers and including teleporting. I can see ur a charmed fan. Who would say she is not a born witch. But willow has surpassed lineage witches even giles and his aunt who are 100yrs old knows this. Willow is more like rowena born from supernatural born naturally adept at magic but stared as a student. U could also explain that willow is a result of a mystical mutation to a natural born witch being born on the hell mouth. Same can be said for amy. She is also able to shape shift and is a necromancer who can fly and teleport and is telekinetic but interesting story cant wait to see where it goes.
Aragorn II Elessar chapter 1 . 9/13/2021
Nice start buddy.

Agreed on Cole too.

Yes, I can definitely guess who brought Tara back, and I'm happy to see her back as well.

Interesting bit with the Source too.

Yes, good riddance on Ethan.

No kidding on Kyle or the Elders.

Looking forward to more and the team-up of the 3 verses.