Reviews for Antsy
Gemstar24 chapter 1 . 9/24/2021
Aw I think you did such a good job with this! Baby Taylor always gets my emotions stirred up! She’s so sweet and innocent and you did a nice job of giving us the Taylor we all know and love!

It’s the best when she is annoying Mr J! Lol! I love how his annoyance is building up and while if it were anyone else he would “take care” of the issue his typical way, but because Taylor makes him a bug softie his solution is to bring her to a play place! I never thought I’d read about J at a McDonald’s play place! It was perfect!

I have to say the entire second half I was hoping Taylor didn’t forget her new dolly so thank you for letting her bring that home lol. I just know that this is going to be a day she remembers for a long time.

You did a great job showing how J is struggling with why he has these feelings with Taylor. He seems like he’s so confused, but intrigued over why she stirs these emotions in him. When he picked up the teddy bear while she was sleeping? Ugh!

Thank you for writing such a nice piece! You really did Haley’s story justice with this one! You’re a really great writer!
LeBatman chapter 1 . 9/21/2021
I don’t even know where to start, sorry but this review is gonna be all over the place. First of all, it’s such a delight to come back to the “clockwork” era when Taylor was a little girl. Everything was spot-on, it definitely felt like being back in that story. The little detail you put in of Taylor making her teddy nod along with her in response to J’s question really got me. I don’t know, I remember I used to do that, and I’ve seen my little nephews do that too. You really captured how children behave, how they love being seen. Taylor’s inherent sweetness is captured here beautifully. Those little touches at the end where J is being soft with her, without him realizing he’s doing it at the time was great. Nice way to show she’s getting under his skin. You’ve really captured their relationship.
The way J is written here is perfect as well, his intense reaction to Taylor getting pushed had me going oooooooooo you in it now bitch
That little snippet at the very end with the boy was so neat. He was traumatized with just one sentence, really shows how terrifying J is even without the makeup. “Black eyes”, love it.
I absolutely loved this, you’re an amazing writer!
DarkObsessions chapter 1 . 9/20/2021
Omg, this is so sweet! I grinned through almost the entirety of reading this. I got a real kick out of J's contemplating actually tying her up just to keep her still. That's such a funny and in-character thought for him to have haha. And omg, all the silly questions she was asking him were awesome too, particularly the one about coloured snow-that's so cute and totally something I could picture Taylor saying/wondering about. Especially since she follows it up with that adorable little, "Wouldn't that be pretty, Mr. J?". I loved the bit about Taylor plopping back down in the chair all wide eyed, hands in her lap and trying real hard to look innocent, too. That's so darn cute and funny! And the fact that J finds it amusing too despite his annoyance, only makes it that much better.

Awhh! My heart broke a little reading how reverently and carefully she removes the dolly from the bag and thanks J for it. And gosh, the way J knows right away why she's so awed, thinks about her 'worthless mommy' and how she could never be bothered with such things. That's good stuff!

The way Taylor thinks about how she's never been to a playground before and explains that her mother always claimed they were too far away. This is so sad on its own, but then it gets even sadder when she tries to give her mother the benefit of the doubt by thinking "Mommy probably didn't know either..." and mentioning how she'll have to tell her later!? Imo, this is so perfectly in line with Taylor's character and the way she thinks. This making excuses for others neglect/mistreatment of her is something she started doing very young, and continues to do even in the present day. Great job!

Ugh, the way our baby Taylor is SO excited about being able to play in that playground. And omg, I absolutely loved how you described the sunlight on the other side of the tunnel. How it felt warm against her skin and how the sun made the coloured plastic look like it was glowing. That's such an awesome and atmospheric visual! Not to mention the fact that it gave me some serious nostalgia, I remember exactly the sort of scene you're describing from playing in those tunnels as a kid myself. Kudos!

And oof, that line about Taylor thinking she'd choose Mr. J over Ronald McDonald any day even though he's scarier. What a gut punch. This poor deluded baby!

It was also just so cute and sweet seeing her tear around in there all elated and over the moon, asking Mr. J if he saw how fast she went. And omg, the way he indulges her with that "Sure did, sweet pea. Like lightning." line. That was so on point. And OMG, this: "...this warmth that comes with having someone you care about tell you yes, I see you. Being seen by Mr. J is her favorite thing, she decides as she walks back to the steps." AH! If that doesn't sum up Taylor and the way she's always felt about J, I don't know what does. It's even better because, even in the present day, this is still the way she feels. She craves his attention and acknowledgement/approval constantly. And man, it's also just such a great little reference to Burn's infamous Ch5, "I wanted you to see me/I always see you." line!

Hoo boy! I love that when that little red headed kid knocks Taylor down, J immediately sees red. That's so interesting, the fact that he's instantly incised by this. It ties so nicely into how we know that's how he operates in the present day too. He's fine with being the one to hurt her himself, he even likes that, but God help anyone else who tries to lay a hand on her. So this is like, the beginning buds of that, some of the first stirrings of those possessive/obsessive/protective feelings he has for her.

And ugh, damn, I just love how he thinks about this later in the car, wonders why the hell it bothered him at all. I really like the idea that this is such a foreign and confusing feeling for him, that he can't even actually identify it for what it is. And omg, I had to laugh at "Even more pressing, why did he just tuck her stupid bear back where it was..." That's so friggin' funny and cute! The idea that he just instinctively put it back in her arms without thinking, and then is just like "wtf?" I love those little moments when a peep of who he was before slips through the cracks into the light. And you tie this up so nice by having him decide all these questions are trivial and not worth his time-because he does weird inexplicable things all the time, after all. That's absolutely a thought process I could see him having, and totally an excuse/justification he'd use to brush it all off. You nailed it!

Anyways, just wanted to leave this review so you know what an awesome little tribute fic this is! It was a really fun little read, and you did a great job! I hope you keep writing, because I'd love to see a few more of these :)
HoistTheColours chapter 1 . 9/20/2021
I cannot say it enough: I absolutely adore this fic. The first time I read it, I had to put my phone down because I was smiling so much, and then I had to take a moment to myself so that I could squeal with utter excitement. This is more than I ever could have hoped for.

The premise is perfect: a spontaneous trip to McDonald's in order for Mr. J to kill two birds with one stone; he and Taylor get their hunger sated, but Taylor also gets to wear herself out by playing and climbing all over the McDonald's PlayPlace. To be honest... are these even still around? It's been years since I've seen one, but I can still remember playing in one as a little kid, can still remember how excited I was to crawl through the tunnels, slide down the slides, jump around in the ball pit. Ah, the childhood memories. This fic definitely touched on my nostalgia, what with the PlayPlace and the little Happy Meal toy. The Joker's observation of her utter fascination and delicacy as she peels open her new toy - when he notes that she probably isn't ever gifted toys - was such a wonderful moment to include. I like seeing him ruminating over these sorts of observations, like she's this brand new creature he's trying to study and figure out. I also enjoyed the moment where he notes her facial expression as he's carrying her towards the PlayPlace, the way her whole face lights up, her body reacting with excitement, how he can even feeling her tensing in his arms. And then when he "almost considers messing with her" by telling her she can't play there. Ugh. I loved that.

There's something so comical about imagining the Joker planning mass destruction against Gotham/Batman while in a McDonald's. Not to mention the fact that he's doing all of that while there's a happy little child running around, tearing through this plastic jungle and occasionally asking for his attention.

Speaking of, I think my favorite moment is when Taylor is at the top of the slide and is asking him to look at her so he can see how high is. And then, when she slides down, so eager for his reaction, he tells her she was fast as "lightning". Ugh, that does tug on my heart strings. It's so easy to remember being a child and wanting so badly to be seen - even if it was while you were doing mundane things like playing with a new toy. That constant hunger for validation, for someone to tell you, "Yes, that's good. Keep going" - that's so indicative of being a little kid, I think, and for that I must compliment you for your characterization of Taylor at this young age.

This leads me to another utterly fantastic moment, which is when Taylor muses that there's nothing better than the "warmth that comes with having someone you care about tell you, /yes, I see you/" - this was a beautiful moment, for several reasons, but chief among them is the brilliant "callback" to Chapter Five of Burn, the scene at the school dance, when the Joker tells her, "I do see you. I always see you." I'm actually not sure if this callback was intentional on your part, but its inclusion here felt so right. And what a delight it is to be seen, especially for little Taylor, who is probably so used to having to beg for every single small morsel of affection her mother deigns to give her.

I like seeing this confusion the Joker has over reacting so strongly to Taylor being knocked to the ground by that other child. First, the way you note the way he looks up at her, "instinctively aware of Taylor and anyone who's near her." That in and of itself is pretty telling of his growing fascination with her. But I also love that, at this stage in their relationship, he's still utterly confused as to why he cares so much, why it bothers him to see someone else hurting her, even if unintentionally. Getting to see these small glimpses of the Joker's protectiveness is really quite thrilling, especially because he's still pretty oblivious as to why he's even feeling this way; he constantly teeters between extreme annoyance with her and remarking on the fact that she's "adorable", like in the scene where she flops back down in the chair and tries to act innocent, as if she hadn't just been disobeying him after he'd told her to stop jumping in the chair. That scene was too cute.

I love Taylor thinking that she'd choose Mr. J over Ronald McDonald, even though Mr. J's makeup is "way scarier." That's too funny. I can imagine Taylor pointing out the fact that there are /two/ clowns she really likes, but Mr. J is clearly the better one.

The final scene was a nice reminder of just how terrifying the Joker is, especially to little children. It really serves to drive home the fact that Taylor's acceptance of him as her caretaker is really quite significant. She really trusts him, which is pretty noteworthy when you consider that most children her age would run away screaming by just looking at him.

To conclude, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this beautiful and touching tribute fic. It's so incredible knowing that my work inspired you to want to create this, and I thank you so much for writing it. I love seeing baby Taylor so happy and carefree. Her innocence paired with the Joker's degeneracy is something I never get tired of, and getting a peek into these "softer" moments between the two of them feels really special.

Thank you once again for this touching tribute. It means so, so much to me, and I'd welcome any future contributions you may have to this little timeline that I've created. Thank you again! This was so wonderful, and I know I'll be reading it many times over!

Most Sincerely,