Reviews for Panem et Sanguine: No Apologies
dude-vid chapter 12 . 1/19
dude im back dude

dude the ten things ten things ten things is a good af summary dude. it's so simple and dope dude. dude i don't have to dig all the deets dude. just finna yeet some words here and there dude and it's sick like crack dude. i dig this shit dude like it's so woke to me my dude.

dude i rlly like elissa's social game dude. it's mad awesome dude, like dude there's no bitch like her dude. dude the way u simp lified eulogies are wicked dude! they're so short and so good my dude that they stand tf out in so lil words dude. i can't really keep track of who ded and who ain't dude but dude ik this ain't the plog of the story dude. the marked bags twist was pretty lit dude. dude i love me a good twist and that twist was rad af i can slap it and it would bounce like a dope bouncy ball dude.

ah well fuck
dude that plot twist was epic dude! my gods. it was deadass legendary u had me reeling dude. dude i can't believe my fkin eyes dude. wtf was that dude. dude why dude. dude this is unpoggers of u but at the same time it is making me simp dude. dude how can you do that dude. dude im gonna die like these innocent children dude. tf was this dude? my dude that was so broke and woke dude i can't imagine wtf just happened dude. dude it was elissa!? dude! dude. dude i was just praising her like ten milliseconds ago dude. u can't do this to me dude. dude that was sick in the head but that was bad ass dude. dude why dude. dude that light orb needs to be yeeted off the arena dude. like dude wtf dude. that ending was unfkinsatisfying dude but dude like at the same time it is dude like wtf was that dude. my gods better have mercy on u for this dude. dude this is not ok dude but this is ok dude. dude that was not cool dude but dude that was absolutely poggers dude. dude wtf dude. dude i can't dude. dude that shit reeks dude. dude that was awesome but dude wtf dude pls never do that again dude like dude why dude...

aight dude imma head tf out. dude you better pay for this dude or i'll yeet u with a rocket ship dude like it's held by a rad democratic council dude. dude like wtf dude.

ur biggest wimp,
goldie031 chapter 12 . 1/1
Well this was not the ending i expected, not at all. i knew this was a thing you were considering for another fic - we talked about it a little - but this is just way out of left field. I wonder if the Gamemakers knew what they were doing when they put the orb of light in the Arena. I wonder if they thought it would do... this. I'm sad that this is how Beren's story ends, but I think that's what you were trying to do. and it makes sense why you chose this style too because we weren't supposed to learn much about these kids. I just... wow.

As always, really great writing david! congrats on another finished fic and I'm stoked to see what you do next!
goldie031 chapter 11 . 12/26/2021
David! I can’t believe we’ve already hit the bloodbath! This story is moving so fast and it’s honestly kind of refreshing to see you write a story not caring about the word count or anything. I adore the voice of your narrator and the way you’re able to show so much in so little words, as well as the way you put the focus on the events that really need focus even if more things are happening around them. It’s such a great style for the story, I really adore it! I can’t say most of the bb deaths surprised me – it was a few kids we didn’t hear much from, the 10s probably weren’t gonna make it too far, and I’m not surprised that Rian went down because I think it’ll give Shiloh a lot to work with in whatever arc you give her. And the super suits and the bonus weapons are great for these Games, because it makes a simple Arena so interesting, and is just enough of a twist for the simplicity of the story. All in all, this was a banger bloodbath and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us for the rest of the story. Great work!
Discord SYOT Verses chapter 1 . 12/26/2021
(The following review was written as part of the 2021 SYOT Verses Discord Server's Holiday Fic Exchange)

DUUUUUDE! im back dude!

dude i love ur chaptrer titles dude. they all start with the the dude and then u make it look so good dude bc the chapter titles all fit with the theme of the chapter dude. dude, ad melius cras is such a dope theme dude. it means a better tomorrow and what is a better tomorrow than ad melius cras dude. dude taliyah is lit af dude. she has a brain a heart and a dweam dude. where can u find all tree dude? dude i have a dream and a brain dude, but where is my heart? dude i need a heart dude. i dont have one and its killing me dude. taliyah is epic to have all three intact dude. she was also the monster she so feared dude. dude. dude! the writing is so good my dude. arent we all monmsters inside us dude? arent there? dude. dude i love this dude. talitah's inner demons are so whack dude. it is a monster lurkingh in the shadows to tear everything apart, and dude my dude, that is dope writing werite there! dude i truly believe dude that taliyah's monster will tear the entire fucking world apart my dude.

the street rat! duuuuude! i simp for street rats bc they are survivors my dude. look at this dude. tracee shay is a fuckign beast dude. trying to survive the world is no easy feat, but this dope af dude is a survivor dude. dude her mentality is sick dude. from what i can get dude, she is the typical street rat with the atypical mentality my dude. dude she has an awesome view point in life dude. the twist got her stuck dude, and my gods, this random boi just volunteered dude. did u see that!? he just straight up volunteered for the fuck of it dude. that is bravery right there dude, so now levi ezra is a heroic dude to the district my dude.

just when i couldnt imagine what else is better than a street rat, u helped show me what a dope af survivor truly is. the swindler! dude, dude ur brain is so huge my gods dude. dude im gonna simp the swindler dude too my dude. elissa can lie steal and cheat, and dude. my gods dude. she is a wicked bad ass dude!

dude this bitch is a bad bitch dude. i like that dude. not everybody can be good dude. sometimes we need a bad bitch like this bad bitch my dude. here in the trains we get a recap, and dude it turns out that this baby boi is the one everybody loved dude, so he yeeted his bully with him, and there goes sadie dude. she is a bad bitch but a bad bitch nonetheless dude. dude she may not be a survivor dude, but she is a bad bitch, and i also simp for bad bitches dude.

duuuuude! just when i thought this cast couldnt get any better dude, you bring out the prodigy dude. dude she might be my favorite dude. dude i like the name prodigy dude. she is a soccer gorl, and those are hot dude! soccer is a dope sport dude. it is spicy to see that this quell is fucked up my dude. prestige hasnt been in the academy since she was 8 dude, and all because of a wacky twist, prestige has no escape and is now in the hunger games dude.

dude. this might be my favorite chapter yet dude. its literally empty dude. nah dude im kidding dude. its shorter than my short shorts dudde. its a quick and efficient summary of the parades dude. that is such a clever and creative way to write parades my dude. im proud of ya dude.

dude this orphan and protector talk has me head banging dude. i cant believe my eyes that three is joining the pack now dude. dude thats super duper wacky dude! i cant believe three is a career now dude. thats pog, rlly very pog af my dude.

oh my gods dude they werent kidding at all dude. dude district three joined the career pack dude. i dunno who allowed this crime dude, but it is an epic crime my dude. ill take it dude. district 1 is talented af dude. thats rad dude. what makes prestige awesome is her lack of career training dude. instead dude she is super duper athletic dude, like a superstar dude. next dude i lost my shit when i read that rian and haskell both share the same surname dude. i thought they were married so fucking young dude but apparently theyre siblings dude. dude it was a woke moment my dude. i cant believe my gods dude. dude but elissa is the real woke bitch right here dude. she is social, charismatic, intellectual, and has a respectable set of survival skills dude. dude now thats my bitch!

dude i love how you yeet the deets dude. ur interviews are lightning speed my dude. they are one lines only and yet u get to tell us what they did in their interviews. thats sick dude! ok but dude the other thing i can squeeze is levi wnats to help the underdog bc he wants to do one good thing before dying. dude my liar radar is wee-woo-wee-woo-ing dude. he's just a simp dude. he aint authentic dude. or maybe we'll see dude.

dude this story is so pog dude. my gods is it short and easy to read, and dude, that was epic dude! ur awesome and dont let anybody else tell u otherwise dude. the fact that ur able to fit everything this dope in nine chapters is sick af dude. pogs dude. keep up the good work dude.

aight dude imma head out

ur biggest simp,
goldie031 chapter 6 . 11/12/2021
This was a great choice for this chapter, both to develop the voice of the narrator and to avoid writing something you didn't want to. Definitely approve, 10/10.
goldie031 chapter 5 . 11/12/2021
It's so clear from this chapter just how much Prestige means to you and just how comfortable you are with her; her voice comes so clearly and naturally to you, and you're able to communicate her intentions so well. I haven't actually read much of Hailey, really, apart from what I knew in TLOU, so this was a great way to meet her as well! I'm excited to really get to know these two finally!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 6 . 11/2/2021
so true bestie parades suck and exist to show panem sucks xx panem sucks but i swallow
goldie031 chapter 4 . 10/18/2021
oh my god sadie :sob: she's so cute honestly. it's so clear to me that youve been working with kids because her voice is so authentic for a kid her age! like I could see my campers at camp (who admittedly were a bit younger than she is i think) saying or doing everything that's in here. and it's such a common trope - the kid who just gets the bad rap and can't shake their reputation. i think im rooting for her but also i wanna see Luca's pov if he has one.

great job so far! excited for more :3
goldie031 chapter 3 . 10/18/2021
Elissa is fascinating! I love how you kind of have two different sides to her, one side in public and one side with Avery. That bit was so soft it made me so sad :sob: But the part at the beginning did a wonderful job of showing the angle, so to speak, she'll be taking on throughout the Games. I'm really intrigued by her and want to see more!
goldie031 chapter 2 . 10/18/2021
David! Let's nyoom through some reviews shall I?

I really like Tracee! She's a fun kid for sure. We rarely see kids this young so independent and also so mature? in her own way so i really like the way you built her. She's gonna be fun in the Games for sure. I just want to see more of her!
Butter-bluetack chapter 4 . 10/12/2021
Poor Sadie!
SakuraDreamerz chapter 2 . 10/5/2021
Tracee T.T I love her want for adventure! And Levi! O.O I wonder why he decided to volunteer for himself...

I cant wait to see more of these lovely tributes! X3
optimisms chapter 1 . 10/5/2021
okay but that first section? i'm not even past the first section but omggggg chills. i could quote parts of it as "awesome" but legit every single sentence :chefskiss: perfection. okay but i will quote anyway bc im a slut for david writing.
"A spectacle, a punishment, a mirror, a blight." no thoughts just vibes. fantastic. you've read my writing so u may know i love dramatic lists, this is wonderful.
"guilty of nothing so severe as to earn their fate." just a fantastic way to phrase this. much more oomph than just "innocent" or "young"
"Yet twenty-three is a small number when speaking in terms of nations. For every teen that bled to death in an arena, hundreds, thousands more children went to sleep hungry and never awoke. Even stacked up over the centuries, the numbers never became so large as to be all that notable. So what is it that makes The Hunger Games the central crime, the cardinal sin of a nation beholden to so many travesties, genocides, and butcheries?" ahhhhhhh yes exactly this is the paradox isn't it? why is this the worst thing in a country full of terrible things, arguably worse things? i think most would agree in a visceral way but it's hard to explain at first beyond a gut reaction. also that first sentence is just amazing, u know so well how to say a lot with just a few words. also love the little lore drop of centuries ;)
and then it just? gets better? the entire fucking paragraph about the loudness, the volume was just like omgggg perfection. "This is your world. This is your reality. Watch this happen." and then the dagger to the heart "Watch us do this, and so dress this horror up that we begin to trick ourselves, and perhaps even you too, that this is what the name so boldly suggests: a game."
"perhaps even you too" like damn yeah that's so meta too cause like as i write and read, i strive to remember that it is not just a game, but also we in the fandom frequently end up in the mentality! even on a surface level, like just comparing stats or whatever. its so crazy to think about how normalized it could become in a real society bc it can be normalized in fiction so i believe it could eventually be normalized in reality, at least to a certain degree. ughhhhhhhh ur making me think so many thoughts i love it.

"The Hunger Games become so very simple. It does not need a history book or essay or paragraph or even a string of adjectives to describe.
It is blood.
The Hunger Games were our offering when the circuses no longer satisfied our desires, and we became a nation of Panem et Sanguine." chills literal chills i am simply basking in ur glory this is amazing. ur making me wanna write APR no joke and that's great but also i have *school* i can't do this rn.

okay guess i'll read the rest now.

ahhh i'm already back at it again "The city was all glamour and glitz, excess and ecstasy. But Taliyah Aurelius didn't see strength in the size and the beauty, she saw fragility. How hard would one need to blow to knock one of those towering buildings over? Her city was an array of dominos, made of papier-mâché." this is amazing thank u i love it. the imagery? the metaphors? yes please.
the little monologue about being on their tiptoes and surviving through miracles and good luck was so good! that is exactly late Panem's problem is they have such a shaky foundation but don't realize it and keep building upwards and outwards without patching up the cracks and re-establishing the foundation on which everything else is built.
"all tools are weapons, all weapons are tools" damn straight. anything can become a weapon in the right hands. and most things eventually do become weapons, even if just metaphorical ones. we are great at turning good things against ourselves.

AHHHHHHH this last section ah so beautiful. "she never one realized that she was the monster she so feared." honestly one of my worst fears, like that quote "the path to hell is paved with good intentions" like damn what if one day i just look at my life and realize i am the villain? real existential stuff but that can be so scary when you want to gain some kind of power to change things for the better because it is such a slippery slope to end up making things worse. the arrogance and audacity (and i use those adjectives in a semi-positive connotation) one needs to think that they can find the solutions that have eluded so many great thinkers and leaders before them...that can so easily turn to evil and harm and corruption. it reminds me of a great quote from the west wing, where one of the characters is explaining why he thinks a candidate is not presidential material:
"Men in that job shouldn't have to be presented with anything! It's for someone who grabs it, and holds onto it. For someone who thinks the gods have conspired to bring him to this place, that destiny *demands* of him this service. You don't have that kind of drive, that hubris – how in the hell are you gonna make the kind of decisions that stump every other person in this country? How in the hell are you gonna hold that kind of power in your hands?"
power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely; but power is also necessary to change the world. where is the line? i certainly do not know, but i wish i did. (also may i just say along this line of thinking, i think i see some [redacted] inspiration in this wb and i am here for it)
anyway, i just ughh i love the themes you've presented in this first chapter and the plans you're setting up for this world! i have to do homework but i will try to read ch2 later today! ilysm this was awesome, stellar work as always.
ladyqueerfoot chapter 1 . 9/25/2021
hello my king im here again to be obsessed with u and ur tiny syot series bread and sanguine ! and also we're speaking in 3rd person, what the fuck is up kyle?

anyways how cute of u to write this, we are building up with a cute lil quell and things are about to get epic methinks? i love that this sounds so authoritative and professional and then u did such a sexy syot what am i even saying im gay