Reviews for Caught Somewhere in Time
Mr.Swags chapter 32 . 4/19
I was screaming crying theowing up the entire time
Mr.Swags chapter 18 . 4/18
I literally love this so much it keeps getting better thank u so much for writing this. And they can def mend things but i feel like he needs to get back to his timeline or stay w lucy
OpheliaMagicka13 chapter 32 . 1/1/2023
Phew, finally finished this bloody amazing emotion coaster of a story! Apologies that it took me so long, but I needed to make sure that you knew I hadn’t forgotten about this exceptional creation. Been away and the wi-fi was too disagreeable to even bother with, lol.
My gods and goddesses, though, I don’t even know what to say! This whole story was indescribably and heart-rendingly beautiful.
Ugh, we love you, Sweeney, but you can be frustrating af! Sometimes you just want to smack the man on the back of the head. At least, after the I haven’t the slightest what number time of him destroying her and then desperately trying to fix his horrible mistakes, he’s finally learned something!
I don’t know if I was supposed to laugh or feel sympathy at Lucy getting down on the floor to lick up the arsenic, but I laughed anyway. Yes, she’s hurting because Sweeney chose Nellie and she’s slowly mentally deteriorating but by the end, she had become so infuriating. Even Sweeney didn’t know how to deal with the fact that he wasn’t the only one who had changed for the worse. She was honestly starting to remind me of my cousin. I love her, but frankly, she is an incredibly spoiled brat. When she doesn’t get her way, she childishly acts like everyone hates her and says everything to make people pity her.
Anyway, enough rambling. That truly was an amazing read and I can’t wait to return to Time and Place.
OpheliaMagicka13 chapter 21 . 12/3/2022
Oh my gods and goddesses, Nellie, no! A mother who allows her daughter to be raped so that her husband won’t beat or leave her. Not just her biological father not wanting anything to do with her, but of course, a step-father that thinks that bloody raping her is some form of “love”! It’s deplorable how some people trying to justify rape and any form of abuse. A bad day, a mixture of alcoholism and frustration, no bloody excuse! As the phrase goes, every child deserves parents, but maybe not all parents deserve children. Whenever I read/hear stories like this (real or fictional) it makes me both indignant and grateful that I have a loving and brave mum that saved both herself and me and a supportive and warm dad (technically stepdad) who’s taught me that anyone that’s male can be called a father but dad is an earned title.
Enough of my personal venting, though. I absolutely love Sweeney’s inner strife between trying to ignore Nellie in order to remain devoted to Lucy while also coming to his epiphany that he can’t completely disregard his growing sympathy and longing for our favorite tormented baker. It’s like an augmenting game of “Let’s torture Sweeney!” that keeps getting worse for him. The poor man. Deal with it Sweeney and Nellie, you’re both addicted, and the other person is your drug (even if not by choice). They both need some hugs and a hell of a lot of psych help.
OpheliaMagicka13 chapter 14 . 11/30/2022
That, was, bloody, great! The psychology loving part of me always wants to completely invade Sweeeny’s brain and just play around with all the wtf thoughts and feelings within. Either I’d come out completely damaged or it would be just too entertaining, playing around with how that man’s mind is wired.. Yes, I am a .
Really looking forward to Turpin and Collins coming into the story. Having Turpin come into the story now really would be a good way of killing two birds with one stone, since getting rid of Turpin early would mean that Lucy would not be raped and driven mad, and no need for Sweeney to have to live through Australia AGAIN! I really like where that is headed. Now Sweeney just has to keep his mind out of the gutter -like that’s going to happen with intensely Naughty Nellie around- and on the plan! Absolutely love to see them teaming up again!
Can’t wait to see the explosion that takes place once Lucy comes back home. Also very interesting to see this insanely jealous side of Lucy come out. It really makes Sweeney see a different side of her that he’s not to pleased with. It forces him to see her as someone that’s human instead of the flawless and utterly angelic person he always thought her to be. I just love how you write all of the characters and give so much thought as to how they behave and react to these dramatic situations. You do a brilliant job of bringing the reader into the story and keeping everything so unpredictability entertaining. Amazing as always.
OpheliaMagicka13 chapter 8 . 11/25/2022
Nellie is so bad and I bloody love it! No one can tell her that she doesn’t know how to get what she wants out of people. Self-assured, bold, charismatic, sharp, she certainly has all of it and knows how to use it whether it’s with Albert or the demon himself. Sweeney’s annoyance over Lucy’s naïveté and short temper with her just further proves to show him that she would have never been able to handle Sweeney in all of his demonic fury. And most of that frustration is because Sweeney Todd doesn’t know how to control himself and keep it in his pants!
Honestly, in the back of my mind, I was thinking that when Arthur got the chance to get the money, he’d run off.
So glad to see a Nellie who knows how to deal with a disgusting pig version of Albert. I always have an inner debate over what I feel his relationship was with Nellie. I’ve honestly never really imagined them having a romantic marriage myself. I’ve either imagined them as having either a more platonic and mutualistic relationship where marriage simply benefited each. Or an abusive and parasitic one where Albert was brutish to the point where Nellie wouldn’t take hisanymore, and hence, how she got her lucrative business plan.
Anyway, enough monologuing, another brilliant few chapters. Really taking my time with this wonderful story, just covering a few at a time so that I can shout all of my praises to you bit by bit.
OpheliaMagicka13 chapter 4 . 11/20/2022
The way that Sweeney thinks of Nellie in the beginning of the chapter, love it. I bet that he doesn’t even realise that he’s all but singing her praises as to how tough she is. Nellie Lovett, can’t live with her, can’t live without her, and it confounds Sweeney to no end. He misses her, he hates her, poor depressed effed up in the head, Sweeney, so deeply lost and unsure of himself.
Yeah, Lucy, I don’t think that you’ll be able to handle the new “Benjamin”, his new behavior is going to scare her off, she’s not tough enough. Hmm, looks like Nellie isn’t quite Nellie Lovett yet, can’t wait to see where this ends up.
I’m getting so much joy out of reading Sweeney pretend to be Benjamin. Trying to play the innocent and naive Ben, while at this point, there’s really more of the carnal demon that he’s become. Lucy’s afraid of horny Sweeney. Now that Nellie has entered the story, Sweeney’s turmoil between her and Lucy is going to become far more difficult, am I am in! This is amazing, I can never quite figure out what’s coming next, wonderful.
OpheliaMagicka13 chapter 2 . 11/17/2022
My gods and goddesses, this is brilliant! I could never think of anything so original as this, I pale in comparing to this work of inspiring creativity. The storyline is so well thought out, Sweeney and Nellie are fittingly in character, even the details are perfect. You were absolutely correct to say how Sweeney is in a constant state of inner turmoil over his thoughts and feelings towards Nellie. Knowing that he does care to some degree but being so furious over her duplicity that he despises both himself and her for his confused feelings. Even the fact that she’s carrying his child disturbs him, but the briefest thought of her being attacked disgusts him even more so.
What I’ve read thus far is marvelous and I have no doubt that it will only get even better.
My own next chap may take some time since my computer has decided to become inconvenient and is getting worked on and using my phone to work on it in the meantime is rather annoying me. Then I’ll have to work on improving it so that it might be even half as good as the chapters that you come out with, lol. Anyway, I’ll just put some more focus on reading and reviewing your brilliant work until I can return to my own as well.
Satineselenite chapter 8 . 4/2/2022
When are you updating? I cannot wait to see who was it that saw them? Mr. Lovett? Lucy? Her mom? This is so good. I love your Nellie very much and I know Sweeney will love her soon! Take care author
lailavelmon17 chapter 3 . 9/29/2021
so when will update. is lady lovet with the judge?