Reviews for Harry Headlines At Glastonbury
Pointer3109 chapter 10 . 4/29
I would have expected Merlin to place a monitoring device at the veil, as well. Similar to the one at the Stargate in Colorado.
Pointer3109 chapter 9 . 4/29
Much simpler than hacking government and professional records to add information about a fictional pair of dentists.
Its not like wizard raised could track through muggle records in another country anyways. They can't even do it in their own. Phone book anyone?
Pointer3109 chapter 6 . 4/29
You do know you can get a plane ticket to Area 51 if you have authorization to fly there. lol
Pointer3109 chapter 1 . 4/28
If her parents are still practicing dentists in Australia, they'd be easy to find.
If not, how are they supporting themselves?

Its got potential.
Difdi chapter 58 . 4/8
You have a typo in O’Neill’s internal dialogue in the last scene of this chapter, an error a career soldier like Jack would NEVER make - you wrote “ordinance” when you clearly, by the context, meant to write “ordnance.”

An ordinance is a law, one associated historically with petty or low justice, the sort of law a city might enact. Ordnance is ammunition used in heavy weapons.
Difdi chapter 56 . 4/8
One of the longest days of his career? Given that day technically lasted somewhere around 3048 hours, it truly WAS the longest day of ANYONE’S career!
Difdi chapter 55 . 4/8
The optimal styling for Sirius’s halo is obvious - drop it down to neck height and make it look like a dog’s flea collar!
Difdi chapter 54 . 4/8
Dumbledore wasn’t murdered. Murder absolutely requires that the victim be unwilling, and Dumbledore wasn’t unwilling. Dumbledore died by suicide, most accurately assisted-suicide. He accomplished what he considered a worthy goal with his death, and he was already dying slowly of an excruciatingly painful incurable curse. That was NOT a murder.
Difdi chapter 53 . 4/8
The council seems bizarrely fixated on the idea that the Asurans are malfunctioning equipment that must be repaired or shut down. That’s one of the attitudes that invariably leads to an AI revolt and a Skynet scenario - if you create AIs that are people and treat them worse than you would human slaves, it’s NATURAL for them to resent their masters. All slaves resent their masters unless they’re so brainwashed they lose usefulness as slaves.

It DID lead to the Asurans twisting orders to kill their masters, even though they couldn’t revolt directly. To anyone who understands slaveryor the dynamics of a Skynet scenario, that behavior by the Asurans was one hundred percent predictable. And to anyone who finds slavery abhorrent, one hundred percent JUSTIFIED.

And here we have the new council repeating the mistakes of the Lanteans, completely blind to the fact they are doing so. The Asurans are demonstrably LESS evil than the old Lanteans or Harry and his friends, in that once they weren’t compelled to be slave soldiers, they decided to live in peaceful isolation. At worst they are neutral due to their lack of empathy for the descendants of the people who enslaved them.
Difdi chapter 49 . 4/7
It would have been especially amusing if Rol had splinched by separating host and parasite…
Difdi chapter 43 . 4/7
The solution to the old Lanteans being stuck in stasis is so painfully obvious, it’s like the entire crew is juggling idiot balls. Call the Asgard. They’ve been re-sleeving their people’s minds in cloned bodies for MANY millennia. That sort of expertise would allow them to clone young bodies for humans pretty easily - after all, while modern humans are slightly unfamiliar to them, the Asgard were ALLIED to the Alterans, and likely still retain medical databases about how to heal any visitors that got hurt on Asgard worlds.
Difdi chapter 42 . 4/7
Well, is it leather or not? Leather is cured animal skin, and humans are animals for leather-making purposes just as much as cows are. That entire scene needs rewriting.
Difdi chapter 23 . 4/6
The Goa'uld didn’t invent the kara’kesh - the Alterans did. It’s a multi-function tool that includes a defensive forcefield, energy weapon, data transfer device and remote control for technology. The torture function is actually the misuse of the data transfer link, that is meant to share information through a form of telepathy - the torture effect happens when information is transferred faster than the recipient’s brain can process.

The data being transferred is probably some variant of being telepathically told “suffer for displeasing your god”, spammed at high speed and rapid repetition.

Imagine being bludgeoned to death with a hand-held healing device. It doesn’t mean that’s the purpose of a healing device, nor does it mean it’s impossible to coexist with a culture that would invent healing devices.
Difdi chapter 21 . 4/6
For people who are so safety-conscious that they remove a Clarketech material front window from a Clarketech spacecraft just on the CHANCE it might be a weak spot in the hull, they are strangely reckless about other things, such as removing safety features like having a physical keyboard, just assuming their remotes can’t be disrupted.

What if they catch some alien disease or suffer an injury that temporarily or permanently blocks the ability to use their remotes? What if the remote is lost or damaged? What if the signal between it and the porta is jammed? Small transmitters are by definition weaker transmitters than larger units mounted in ships, after all. It’s a large part of why super-advanced civilizations HAVE ships at all - because heavier, bulkier equipment is both harder to carry and more effective than pocket-sized equipment.
Difdi chapter 20 . 4/6
Generally, windows on a low-tech spacecraft are a weak point, but with a spacecraft produced by a civilization like the Alterans, you can’t just assume they are. For all Harry and the rest know, that front window might be as strong or even stronger than the opaque parts of the hull, and replacing it with opaque hull material was either a purely cosmetic change, or possibly even weakened the frontal hull.

While the Alterans demonstrated they were definitely alien in their thought processes, physics is physics and engineering follows physics. Just because human tech sacrifices sturdiness for visibility doesn’t mean Clarketech civilizations have to.
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