Reviews for The Guide to Success: The 162nd Hunger Games
ladyqueerfoot chapter 8 . 4/15

i love fight club but also rule #1 is dont talk about fight club so erik idek why u did this whole intro should've control alt deleted that shuts mmh stintechws gat stitches get fucked! she is feisty and i enjoys that for her she can throw a punch she can fuck shit up she would fuck me up and she us just 14 no 15 years of age i just think she is neat..., iu cant call her pussy slay bc shes baby wait no dyl called portia serving cunt and she was 15 olay yes i just got a platter from tenna and it is full of vcunt that is right she is serving cunt...

speaking of cunt, ira is a fucking pussy nerd bitch

is out wrong that i love him? hes so stupid and gay andy what the fuck/? hi andy btw idk if u read reviews?/ LOL ira dont simp for a cop's son what the fuck ACAB! APAB i mean bc peacekepeprnsns im glad he regrets his decisions because they were dumb as fuck he said i am not a pussy (he is) look i am sending myself to die !1 lol his last name is good and hot idk this is sexy content eirkkkk

i think Jenna and ira should be silly goofy palls just d5 bitches broijnbg it out... or ira and iggy could be friends bc they're pathetic and gay

SPEAKING OF... oedwHUIEFILGUWRisueo8 IGYUYUUY NEXT CHAPTER! not in a weeks time tho erik u lied stupid dissertation moment ! i am so gladiggy is in the fic and not the snake births kid xalaisa whichgh sounds too close to talia who i hate i hope she pisses herself i think she has an uti i just have a hunch... anyway iggy supremacy u thots aint ready for xem

I CAUFGHGT UP! ur welcome im so sexy and hottt

serving cunt: CASSY! TENNA!
nice but ur dead: FRISKY!
not liana: LINEA!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 7 . 4/15
bonny is literally a stupid name i would also be named michaiah if i were here... she is a sneaky little ass assign and like... fun?/ idk not much to day. well actually theres a lot to say, she's pretty neat ig! gonna kill all the rebels u know what good for u she thinks shes the biggest top in the career pack and shes wrong virtue will peg her and widen her hole tbh... mica is cool tho she sis sick and neat idkk

fucknery really did say yolo swag im in dis bitch yeet if u know what i mean

what a nerd loser... he reminds me of my sun trex but less of a virgin whore and more of a pussy bitch

i like him tho! he just wants people to be nice to him hes kinda a simp but hes doing a great job i bet he will die because he is a afdafrefevil maybe if he wasnt one he'd live but alas... sucks to suck! idk i think sanity will be nice to him because saiknty is the best boy in the whole world and he is very nice to everyone

poggers chapter

serving cunt: CASSY
nice but ur dead: FRISKY!
not liana: LINEA!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 6 . 4/15
FRISK Rally dead said im 14 and this is deep or not 14 hes twelve

what a goody goober he is so goofy... i think he's gonna die tho bc hes 12 and virtue or sanity cant squish him like a stupid infantile big... bush! bUG! i love my kiddos imm heh nobody could ever... anyway frisky isa doing his best but its not good enough he is just hacking up a storm i guess it is neat? idk nobody is doing it like iggy

Linea reminds me of liana and because linea was boring literally just a little sad girl, i will talk ab0out liana taylor instead. liana cortana taylor won the 26 (thats like 162 tgts but different order) hunger hanes when she wass only 15 years and 2 weeks old and was the youngest victor ever till that snake whore finnick took her tiara... i love liana she is head gamemaker and is so cool

if linea was her she would be better tbh i said what i said

okay... chapter over ig

serving cunt: CASSY
pussy slay: RHODAROCKY!
nice but ur dead: FRISKY!
not liana: LINEA!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 5 . 4/15
HIIIII erik! 3333 u are next on my review train of madness and misery and death...

or not death nobody is dead.. wait yess rhodas's sister is dead asf thats awkward

i loved all her rock names,, were very much giving erik geology rock guy pussy slay... well family names like rocks or minerals or whater

anyway yeah! rhoda is cool! she is a career and she isa very cautious which is a good thing because people die around here yeah they die really good...n this family sure loves to bake hmm what if... no i cant spoil her weapon its a secret!

OKAY CASSY IS SO FUCKING COOL! i really did like him. i will admit, charon tricolette the love of my life is a way sexier killer clown and cassidy could never ever in a million years but like he is cool too not everyone can be my champion slurs yk slut?

he really said im not some brute i killed them

so true best9ie!

ummm... anyway i thinks aunt should win he is my precious baby boyyy i love him so miuchhhhhhh

this was a good time tho! a great time, even! i do love itc wait no wrong fic tgts u wrote it good

serving cunt: CASSY
pussy slay: RHODAROCKY!

Discord SYOT Verses chapter 1 . 12/26/2021
(The following review was written as part of the 2021 SYOT Verses Discord Server's Holiday Fic Exchange)

I can see that you have been making good progress with this story. The prologues were very good. In fact, I was surprised with the events of the first prologue. The interviewer got fired and then he gets to pick a successor. The behind the scenes segment with the gamemaking team caught my eye unlike any other. Those are one of the most under-loved aspects in SYOT from my observation. It was great to dip into your world and let your readers familiarize the setting before we go further forward in this story.

We get to meet one victor per district across two chapters. On the former chapter, Nikola's way of intimidation made him the most memorable to me in that chapter. The latter chapter had more memorable victors, but for some reason, I prefer the format of the former chapter even more. Perhaps it's the Hunger Games setting that made me like the former chapter. Going back to the latter chapter, Otto seems very interesting among this bunch. He got piercings, tattoos, smoking, and even testosterone, all because he doesn't want to be seen as a baby. Add the fact that he won at thirteen and it makes sense that he wants to move past that image. Another interesting victor here is Gilbert. He is a single father in his twenties, he adopted four children, he lost his left arm, and he founded an academy to feel less lonely in his neighborhood. District Twelve is usually one of the hardest districts to love in the SYOT community, but what you did with this victor is fantastic.

District One has quite the pair. We first meet Saint Ludwig von Essen, who is a drummer it seems. Later in the chapter, he intrudes a house and murders his rival, who happens to be the chosen volunteer. We then meet Virtue, who doesn't have a surname, which got me curious, and my first impression of her is impatience. At least she has cute little angel wings to make up for it. She's surprised that her expected district partner doesn't show up, and to her dismay, it was her ex replacing him, Saint Ludwig von Essen. Turns out, Saint was expelled from the academy, and now, he has Vernon's blood on his hands, so this is the Saint Ludwig von Essen chapter. It's all downhill for Virtue here.

District Two is THE career district, so it was predictable but fun to see someone with an academy scholarship since he was twelve. His rivals are rich, but he isn't, and not only that, but he is a thief, a good one too. His father has an off-putting vibe, yet he is Cassius's teacher in all this. The surname change for glory seems a bit silly to me, but, to each their own. Cassius is a good fighter and a good hider, so if he truly is the joker in the deck of cards, I believe it. As for Rhoda, there's a sense of perfectionism in her. It's a very career thing to do I guess. I've submitted somebody similar, but what makes Rhoda really stand out is her baking hobby. I don't think I've ever encountered a career who is into baking. It's even cooler that her preferred weapon is a baking sheet. How does that thing kill? Guess we'll find out later. We get some insight on her family situation too. Her older brother is incompetent, so of course the pressure is on her to do well for the family. Apart from that, she has a twelve-year-old sister to help her consume those cookies. I don't have anybody in the family interested in eating what I bake. :')

District Three starts off crazy. You're telling me... a twelve-year-old sold confidential information for 10k in cryptocurrency? This kid drives me nuts. I enjoyed the intellectual discussion he had with Chara at least, and we see a different side of Frisk here, as he's more tame and quiet this time. Tame and quiet is none of that though by the time he was reaped, and the nightmare with him getting rigged becoming a reality is such a hilarious moment for this story so far! He had to be cuffed and locked up, and he's... twelve? Dear god... Frisk is a smart kid, but he's not your ordinary smart District Three kid. There's more layers to him, like an onion. On the flipside, I do not understand Linea having an issue with her only friend not volunteering for her. It's a very immature thought, but I guess that is better than whatever scary shit Frisk is into. Linea has a very close-minded perspective, and that also puts me off. She seems like the silent type but a spoiled brat inside. Nikola doesn't have to train bad kids to volunteer, and then she proceeds to not like Nikola simply because he killed people, which makes him a bad person. What makes you a purely good person, sis? Overall, these two make me wanna drink bleach. .-.

District Four has a tribute with the name in quotation marks, and that is unusual enough to grab my attention. Turns out, Bonny is part of The Nameless Ones and goes by the alias Micaiah Dewborn. At first I thought she's a rebel, but she's actually a rebel hunter, which is very interesting. I have read other fics that involve rigging in a loyalist or a rebel in disguise to protect integrity or do spy work. This is different though. Micaiah is the chosen volunteer, and while she will hunt down rebels, she is after the money, not the country. 100K is big after all, bigger than the deal that twelve-year-old shithead from Three offered. As for Falkner, his character seems more tame compared to the rest. He doesn't have a big story, but he was advised against volunteering, as the higher-ups deemed him too unpredictable. In fact, he is not even the chosen academy volunteer. Oh I buy the trainers' words - being a rogue volunteer will indeed make him dangerously unpredictable. His motive is just as interesting as Micaiah's, but in a different way. He doesn't want to make his district proud. Rather, he would do this for the adrenaline rush, and if he comes back, he wants to train the kids in the academy. While his good friend Merlyn doesn't fully agree to what he plans to do, she is still supportive of his decisions.

District Five has a world building that piqued my interest immediately. I love it! The Cage is not exactly a career academy but more like a fighting ring run by the people for the people. Indeed, it is nothing like the Hunger Games at all, but having some physical fighting experience would come in handy when one is reaped for the Hunger Games, so it would indeed improve the district's chances of having a victor when someone from the Cage gets reaped. Tenna is dominating the competition despite being on the lower end of her age bracket. The Cage brought purpose to her life, and now she is a fighter and a dark horse. While the fighter trope gets done once in a while, I always enjoy rooting for these tributes to dilute the careers' over-predictable dominance. Ira, on the other hand, confuses me. He volunteered because he's cocky, but when talking to Lucilian in the Justice Building, he doesn't seem too sure with his very impulsive decision. I'm not sure if he has a vendetta against Tenna, because that's the only reason a fool like him would make such an impulsive decision.

At five intros and three prologues, this fic looks very promising to read and recommend to others. I am excited to see what tricks you have up your sleeve with a cast like this so far!
Nautics chapter 8 . 12/19/2021
Not me forgetting I didn't review District 5

Tenna: Ok so I'm guessing Tenna will be getting a contract with the ufc after the hunger games haha but seriously she is really cool and I like her character a lot. The idea of a fight pits in the non career districts I've seen explored in other syots and its honestly a really cool idea and she's gonna be a tough contender when it comes to the actual games.

Ira: Ok so a volunteer outlier? (the first we've had so far I believe) those are always fun .At first his reasons for volunteering were confusing to me but then I thought you know we've all been obsessed with someone before but the true reason for him volunteering was debated in this chapter which was really interesting. So to me it seems like a kind of (moment of madness) volunteer which I like but I could be wrong. All in all a really interesting character and I cant wait to read more.

Great chapter! Looking forward to district 6!
goldie031 chapter 8 . 12/12/2021
i was 0.2 seconds away from posting this on the prologue that would have been bad. anyway

OK this was a really fun pair to read their intros! I love it when kids aren’t necessarily connected but they end up being and you did a great job of making that happen. I am a huge fan of Tenna; in your verse especially, cage fighting is such a smart move given that the Games are moving towards exclusively trainees. I love Tenna’s spunk and personality and I feel like her being in the Games, whether she wins or loses, is going to have a huge impact on the relationship between the fighting rings and the Games. Rooting for her for sure.

And then Ira! I am honestly a little bit confused about what’s going on here. Did he volunteer for Livvy? Did he volunteer to prove himself to Livvy? Both? Neither? Poor Ira. I love how you started to break him down so early in the pre-Games because yeah it was dumb to volunteer. Big dumb. I hope he can find a way to get out of the giant mess he’s found himself in because he definitely needs anything he can get with eight Careers and Tenna in the Arena.

A great chapter as always and a very fun pair. I’m excited to see what happens next – I’m very :eyes: for the d6es! Great work!
goldie031 chapter 7 . 12/9/2021
So first of all, this is SUCH a neat pairing. In my verse, Four has also been fading as a Career district, so to see that paralleled here with two volunteers who aren't *really* the volunteers is really fun. Lots of possible implications for this that I'm excited to see you explore as the verse goes forwards!

Now, on to these two kids. Micaiah is FASCINATING TO ME. At first, when I noticed that her name was in quotes, I really thought that that that was a drag name or something. This is not that - it's almost better. I've seen the vigilante rapist hunter concept before but the fact that she grabbed the eye of the Capitol (I guess?) is very :eyes:. SUPER curious to learn more about her and how she ended up with the rebels and how the Captiol found her and just GAH i love me a good subplot!

Falkner is a very Para tribute. Like I think if you'd asked me which of the kids introed so far was Para's I would have said Falkner no question. Just an emo boy who is at the same time so determined to get this thing that he's fought for? Yeah, Para. It makes me sad that he doesn't think he deserves kindness like that's just such a sad thing to say. Also, with kids like these I usually get the sense that there's a Reason they weren't chosen as volunteer (I have a few of those here and there in my verse). So I'm curious to learn what that reason is with Falkner :eyes:

An awesome intro as always! Super excited to read d5 this weekend!
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 8 . 12/4/2021
MISS MAAM my beloved. You know why I love her so much but reading her intro really confirmed it. Shes powerful and Scrappy and spunky and I just ugh yes troublemaker girls unite. I really love her concept too, her backstory is super interesting. I'm very :eye: about this family situation, it seems very funky and unconventional. I wonder where her mom is tbh. I love how she's like "eh my dad is prolly part of the mafia or smth but he cooks well" lmao icon. The whole thing about how she sees the fighting pits as something honorable and that it does good to society is super fascinating too and adds a very funky layer to her. You'd think she doesn't have morals and yet she kind of does and yet she kind of doesn't. It's all very gray and you know I love gray. Wish she could kick Cat's ass before she got Reaped but alas ;-; at least she's strong in her own right, that'll be useful in the arena

Ira Bestie u are so dumb and gay and I respect and love that for u. Im very ;-; about the whole situation because he really thought he knew what he was doing and then? Livvy doesn't doesn't seem grateful and then the reality sinks in ;-; fuckin tragic . Man fuck Lucilian despite him giving me repressed gay vibes we hate him bc he did Bad Things to Livvy anyways. Livvy doesn't seem to be the only one in a clusterfuck of a family situation because Ira seems to be in one too!:D the cast is just Like That it seems. I wonder what happened to Ira's family and I wonder exactly what happened between him and Isaac. Did Ira run away from them for a more wild life? Were they neglectful? I wonder. I wonder if his parents are alive or not.

Very funky chapter erik! See u soon with d6
Paradigm of Writing chapter 7 . 11/30/2021
Not me being later than late to getting a review out to your brilliant writing. For how busy I am and with how many stories I am in (don't ask, it's an addiction, it's awful), I probably will pop in and out if I ever really find the time to do it. I love the chapter titles you use, as I've mentioned before, and your talent is just so darn good that I am jealous and envious of your brilliance, cause it is well, brilliant!

This chapter title is great as well, and I even named a title once in a little horror anthology series I wrote when I was much, much younger called Plastic Beach that was like, really messed up, so this brought me back.

Micaiah: She's a bucketload of fun, truth be told, and the pun is semi-intentional. Her entire persona and this idea of running a legitimate pirate crew (I made a pirate tribute named Chas who is like Micaiah-lite lol) with contracts and being shipped mail about volunteering, and then her offering herself up, which would be believed to be viewed as something selfless is really just a damn chef's kiss of brilliance, so kudos to you Sakura, and to you Erik, for putting it together so nicely. The pirate crew being dubbed the "Nameless Ones" is a bit funny to me, given that they clearly all have names and can refer to each other as something, but that's neither here or there, truthfully. I swear I started a Bonny/Bonnie trend with Slaughterverse (ask for the details and I'll give them), but it's just kinda funny to me. Knowing that Micaiah however hasn't officially, officially trained certainly is interesting, which makes me wonder just how comparable she is to 1 and 2, as well as Falkner who is, well, semi-official. And damn, Micaiah is being offered 100k per each kill she makes in the Games? My eyes bugged out of my head, as nothing would be stopping her from simply going to town in the Games to the horror and chagrin of the other competitors. This offer was incredible, the conversation was excellent... you could feel the power happening in front of you, and I am very proud of you, Erik, for how that came across. Nicely done, I am very intrigued by what Micaiah will be led to do!

Falkner: And then my dear boy. I loved him when I first subbed him so long ago, and I mean, it'll be two years in January and he's finally been properly introduced... I could cry, dammit. You touch so many aspects of his character so succinctly, so perfectly, it really does actually make me shed tears. He's all alone, and this is without even having the knowledge with Merlyn of how, well, he ended up being all alone, since his moniker as the Extremist will usually have people think one thing rather than the other, and it is sort of fun to see people have their minds change on others. I'd never be able to do the exciting things Falkner could do, but to actually have a perspective of him being calm when everything else I expect will just be him wilding out like nobody's business, I dunno, the serene nature is lovely to have, truthfully. There is so much desolation in the crevices and cracks in Falkner's life that it makes me want to give the guy a hug, it's just SO SAD I AM AWFUL FOR DOING THIS TO MYSELF. Okay, now that I've calmed myself, the juxtaposition is ethereal, truthfully. And man, for as much as he doesn't know about Merlyn, his world would be flipped upside down the moment he actually does find something out. Well, knowing what I know about what I put on his form, what Falkner is going to do will certainly distract people enough to get him on that stage, haha. He made me so sad when dwelling on the fact that no one alive, if he were to die, would know who he was... this actually has me crying tears of pain at 1:16AM in my college's library, ugh, I hate it here. And then Merlyn offered to look after his grandmother and I lost it. Wailed. Wailed, I tell you. Erik, that was so exquisite.

I honestly believe, adding total bias in here, this was one of the best sets so far, and I think Falkner and Micaiah can give One a run for their money (gunning for you Linds, sorry not so sorry), and I just think you have a real talent. Excited for 5, and I am now so excited to see how you handle Miles, who I initially viewed as boring town USA. Keep up the great work!

~ Paradigm
Nautics chapter 7 . 11/28/2021
Ok time for District 4! I loved these two! And the fact that there's still 2 more careers to meet is... just anyway.

Miciah: Ok what a pirate assassin! That is different to say the least and props to the author for coming up with this. Also The Nameless Ones is a really badass name, in fact this puts me in mind of Assasins creed Black Flag now I think about it lol. The wb in this pov is perfect and so immersive and Miciah joins the name change gang wooo. So far her main motivations seems to be money but yeah we'll see.

Falkner: I absolutely love Falker! He is exactly the sort of character I like that just does things for the thrills. In fact from what I've seen so far there are quite a lot of similarities between him and Cassius except maybe he's slightly less evil than Cassius maybe but I think they could be a great duo and have a kind of frenemy relationship anyway we'll see! Also from what I've seen his backstory sounds sad what with his grandma.

Great chapter Erik!
Nautics chapter 6 . 11/28/2021
ok oops I fell behind on reviews time to catch up.

Frisk: Frisk is a really unique and great concept. I've never seen anything like him on a syot to be honest. So he's like a hacker and knows way too much about this years hunger games than he should and also he has some kind of vendetta in his backstory against the capitol. Theres also a few ties to like modern day stuff in his pov but you know that works honestly for D3. It made for a good read! His personality came through a lot on Lineas pov and yeah he isn't that pleasant that's for sure.

Linea: I like how the differences are highlighted between her and Frisk in her pov. She seems relatively normal compared to everyone else we've met so far which is good lol however that might change as the story goes along. Also shes got Nikola and Frisk to deal with. Poor girl.
Platrium chapter 6 . 11/27/2021
Frisk my baby! :D

Okay yeah so I'm only here to read about Frisk because I wanna give feedback on my kid as soon as possible as a responsible submitter. Yay, I finally remembered to do it! XD Eventually, I'll come back and binge the heck out of this fic. I'm in some kind of hiatus because I haven't really been reading, but at the same time I'm Discord active so idk if I'm really on a hiatus, haha!

The interaction with Hexadecimal was interesting and unexpected! I put it on the form just to cross-reference a character I may or may not submit someday. I didn't expect the character to actually be present as a major character for Frisk's intro. I had to cross-check the form I submitted and realized I didn't put too much detail on them, so even though Hexadecimal is different from what I really imagined, it's fair game. Now I'm curious to see how you'll write out this version of Hexadecimal! Most likely, I imagine them so much differently from how you imagine them.

Frisk himself is very smart! One moment, we see him interacting in the dark web when his guardian is asleep. The next moment, he does well in his programming seatwork, so he talks to his friend Chara in some form of cryptography about outer space. Wow! I was into cryptic stuff when I was 12, but not really the comsci stuff yet, haha. I can imagine getting into it even at a young age though. One thing I know I wouldn't do was get into the dark web at 12. You do have a point: Why can't he just play Fortnite like other 12-year-old boys? XD

I'm intrigued with this subplot you have about him knowing the arena. It'll come in handy later, but to whom will he share this info to? Will he even!? Makes me curious who he'll interact with first. What's funny in this chapter is how he dreamt about getting reaped, and then his nightmare turns to reality so he literally did that on the reaping itself! XD Moreover, it cascades to Linea's POV, hahaha! He had to be handcuffed and muzzled, and he's just 12! omg what a p!ssbaby... UwU

Speaking of Linea, I read her intro as well, because I'm already here haha. I can't get so much from her, but she seems to want to distance herself from people like Nikola and Frisk. Distancing from Frisk makes more sense because the p!ssbaby first impression he has given to Linea is enough. Nikola had to kill to survive though. I guess that should be excusable, and if she doesn't wanna associate with that, idk how she will win. It's not unheard of to have victors with 0 kills, but that doesn't happen every time. Linea zoning out tells me she likes to be on her own more, and not just being surrounded by good people even though she likes that too. She seems to be a simple valid girl, which... I think is necessary for balance based on what little I've heard about the other tributes in this story. XD

Overall, great job with Frisk! :D I'm so excited to see what you'll do with him and who he'll interact with. I wonder if we'll meet his uncle and or Hexadecimal later on. If you wanna know my version of Hexadecimal, I can tell you more in DMs, but this doesn't have to be the same version you're writing, since I failed to include it in the form. UwU

That's about it! I'll be back someday. OwO
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 7 . 11/27/2021
Mic - okay I really love her concept, it's very interesting and overall very hot. Though of course it does scare me as she will probably be prone to attacking Xali for reasons You Know All Too Well :/ she also doesn't seem to be the nicest, she's pretty snappy and impatient but she's hot and gay so all is forgiven, especially since she seems to care a lot about her Crew and she isn't emotionless at all. She seems to be a respectable human being even though she kills people for coin idk get the cash bestie I don't blame . All in all though I wonder who exactly this woman is and how she ties in with the subplot. She seems to work for the President or at least be in favor of him retaining his good reputation... interesting. I wonder how she'll fit in with this cracked career pack.

Falkner! I adore him, and I'm pretty sure u know how In The Deels I was after reading his intro so good job to u. First off he's hot so yay. Secondly, he does seem to be quite impredictable, with him low-key rogue-volunteering for the thrills, so that may not be a good thing. He doesn't seem to be against dying and he low-key seems sad deep inside (the thing about his grandma has me ;-;) Overall this boy makes me very sad and I really really like him.
Formerly Chuck's chapter 6 . 11/23/2021
Frisk: He's great. Rebellious teenage hackerman prodigy is a trope we don't see often enough - especially considering how both the D3Ms in canon were straight Gs - and I'm looking forward to what he can do armed with his foreknowledge of the arena. Wonder if Hexadecimal will show up further down the line; can't imagine the rebels are doing too hot in this verse seeing how the Capitol has lasted more than twice as long as in canon.

Linea: I appreciate how prissy and judgemental you wrote her. Spot on characterization. Love how Frisk is driving her up the wall already. The way things are progressing it looks like District 3 might just kill each other before the other tributes even get a chance...
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