Reviews for Finding The Light
MadMooey18 chapter 65 . 3/18
Knit Bit chapter 66 . 2/24
I loved this story. What a fantastic, suspenseful read. Thank you, for sharing.

shannaro-sakura chapter 66 . 2/11
Such a perfect and fitting ending for a perfect story. The way you managed to pull this all off - and have all the characters be so incredibly in character - while establishing a world without anything supernatural is just awesome. I am so very grateful for this story and this experience. It was a wild ride and it touched me deeply. This story was my ray of sunshine when I desperately needed some light.

Thank you for sharing your light with the world.
shannaro-sakura chapter 65 . 2/11
Only one chapter left, I can’t believe it!

Your Alec reminds me a bit of „Simon“ from „Knight and Day“. Also, Agent Biers‘ first name shocked me! I never knew (or forgot) Riley‘s name was Biers! If I had known, I‘d have realised how much depth you gave this thought. Clearly, us readers would have suspected him immediately of being a bad guy!

I loved the Bella and Charlie reunion. It was beautiful. Thank you.
shannaro-sakura chapter 64 . 2/11
Ohhhh this is really very satisfying! It all seems to turn out so well. Such an amazing story, so balanced, so beautiful, but also there’s so much action! I am a bit scared to read the last chapters.
But hey… I cant always reread this story, right? ;)
shannaro-sakura chapter 63 . 2/11
WOAH! THE FUCK BELLA! Throwing herself in front of Edward… that‘s so… HER.
So absolutely Bella. I know she won‘t die, but I‘m still terribly afraid for her. She must have felt so, so terrified.

I hope Charlie will forgive Edward because he‘ll surely hear about that and doubt that he should ever have trusted him… ohhhh boy.
shannaro-sakura chapter 62 . 2/11
Ahhhhhhhh Bella is so smart under pressure!
I‘m sorry, I need to keep this comment short. I must know what‘s happening in the next chapter!
shannaro-sakura chapter 61 . 2/11
That is so damn creepy! Poor Bella, omg! I hope she calls Edward before opening that door! And I hope Carlisl is well! BITING MY NAILS AGAIN!
shannaro-sakura chapter 60 . 2/10
That explains so much… Poor Charlie, on his quest to help and protect and bringing justice to the world… What a mess he‘s gotten into!
Now I‘m even more afraid for everyone‘s safety. But your little head‘s up (thank you so, so much for your message!) eased some of my „anxiety“.

I enjoy this story so much. It‘s so difficult to pace myself. Whenever I find the energy to read on, I want to devour it in one sitting, but I‘m so happy with each chapter I read that I‘m trying to spread the happiness. I‘m so proud of me that I didn’t finish it tonight! You can’t believe how much I want to know how it‘s going on. I‘m truly biting my nails here sometimes!
Thank you for yet another great chapter and that I can now start to see the bigger picture!
shannaro-sakura chapter 59 . 2/10
So many questions are FINALLY answered! But I‘m so incredibly on edge. I‘m afraid you‘ll kill Charlie in the end . Ahhhh I don’t want anyone to die. Should have checked the tags, shouldn’t I? But I‘m too far in now and I want this all to end well!
Thank you for slowly showing us all the pieces and parts to this mystery of a story!
shannaro-sakura chapter 58 . 2/10
Omg i was so happy it was Charlie!
That was an awesome reveal!
shannaro-sakura chapter 57 . 2/10
They are both dead?! But how will Edward and Emmett find out where Charlie is now? Gaaaaahhhhhh poor Charlie!
shannaro-sakura chapter 56 . 2/10
All of their friendships are so beautiful!
Also, I‘m veeeeeery interested in what that key is for!
Thank you for the chapter :3
shannaro-sakura chapter 55 . 2/10
I‘m back, sorry, life is challenging. Thank you for another chapter. I love that Emmett didn’t even ask and just dropped anything to come when Edward needed him. They have a beautiful friendship.
Also, we finally know who the big bad boss is! So Aro really is a mafia don?! Omg I don’t see how they‘ll get out of this alive!
shannaro-sakura chapter 54 . 2/2
That‘s a smart decision on Edward‘s part. Though I feel like he is lying to Bella. First he tells her he‘ll never keep anything from her and then he reveals that he is doing a lot of research he didn’t tell her about…
Let‘s see where this is going…
Thank you for the chapter :)
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