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Dark Light 000 chapter 1 . 1/15
I can't believe there is a new story! I'M CRYING! :'D (BTW I'm Kira0503 with a new nickname) :p
Ben chapter 8 . 1/13
Are you planning on continuing this story to UAF or atleast make a sequel that take place in UAF? Because i think it would be nice to explore their relationship more as a teenager or something
SzymonS chapter 8 . 1/8
I finally reached it. I was trying to take my time as much as possible, like with good wine (wait, I hate wine. Ok, like with good whisky), but everything has to end eventually. Don't worry about those two remaining chapters. Surely such a perfect story takes time, and it's understandable that if you have more on your plate now, you have to sort it out first in order to focus.

Regarding this chapter, I appreciate all the little things. Now, I'm curious about Jim's plan to recruit these kids. Surely some of them, resembling Ben and Gwen, who want to be heroes and save the planet, would jump for it. But what about their parents? From what I can see, all the children on his list were children / relatives of Max's team. Alan was the exception, because it was basically the only chance to save his life, with all DNAliens around, but I can't really see parents ready to send their 12 or so years old children to war. I mean, I totally see this asshole killing their parents and telling the kids they died for the planet and give them a chance to avenge them, but seriously? Would he kill Bwen's patents too if they stood on the way and imitated an alien attack? Max would see through this, so he would have to die too. Did Merlin really planned to murder his own man if they had not given up their children?

Ben's panic was portrayed very realistically. It was beautiful how Gwen tried to be his anchor. It's realistic that she hasn't been able to completely ease his fears, but I'm sure without her he would do something Benish and made things worst. Now thanks to her, he can mostly keep it together.

And speaking of holding it together, I know who isn't. Poor Michelle is even more confused by all of this then Alan. Not only aliens tried to kill her, but also her friends turned out to be completely different people. When the shock is over and she will be mad, I will totally cheer for her. Gwen may argue that she was hiding it all to protect her, but she should trust her friend. After Michelle helped her with Ben, although most people would call her disgusting, she was being with her after Vilgax fiasco, I think Michelle deserved a little credit of trust. Not like I don't understand where Gwen was coming from, but I'm biased because Michelle is probably my favorite (after Merlin, but later about him). But still, the secret is released, and they still confuse the poor girl. Refusing to tell her the truth.

I'm hoping to see some more interactions between Ben and Michelle. I like their relationship. As they were never particularly close friends, it makes sense for him to try to calm her nerves. Without this emotional drama that will inherently accompany her and Gwen. After the boy see his family is safe, of course.

Now it's time for a little recap after 44 chapters. What I love most about this story is that you don't stick to any traditional form. Unlike other authors, you are not limiting yourself by anything. Not by the length of the chapters, the literary genre, the taboo or readers satisfaction. If the story needs a cut, if it needs to take time to develop some arc, so be it. Despite the background with magic, aliens and war, the whole thing seemed to be romantic drama. But in the meantime, the dangers build up, building up the tension, and when they finally do come to Bellwood it's amazing.

The entire plumbers' activities seemed so distant. Putting Vilgax aside, the whole thing seemed so... normal. The Tennyson family's drama, school bullies, exclusion at school, problems with raising children, even Natalie's tragedy. It all seems so down to earth, and thanks to the lengthy and realistic depiction of emotions of literally each of the characters, I can easily imagine that the whole thing is happening right here, at my next door neighbors. You've devoted a POV chapter to probably every side character. (Maybe not Cash, but who cares about Cash) All Bwens parents got one, Marcy got one, everyones inside thoughts and experiences are completely understandable. Despite of the fact it took so long, no plot seems not necessary.

And then, suddenly Max begins looking for Highbreeds agents in the crowd. This is INCREDIBLE feeling when a terrible threat that seemed so distant, as if it was a different story arrives. Humanity seemed like nothing with these forces, and now they rush into our normal, next door neighbors world. The same thing when you took so much time to show the point of view of this nurse from Great Britain. We got to know her thoughts, memories and down-to-earth problems from our ordinary world, and then Kevin rushes in and fckn murders everyone. AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. EXCELLENT. PERFECT. So realistically, I can easily imagine how all this is happening in our world, despite the abstract monsters. Even mentioning Ben's grumpy old neighbor when chased by aliens intensifies the effect.

The second best thing about this story is Jim's character. I hate him. When he does something, when others think about him, when they talk or interact with him in any way, I hate him, his actions and the fact an asshole like him managed to live damn 100 or so years (seriously though, is he piping up some extraterrestrial technology like Vilgax? Already during the first contact, he was the leader of the Plumbers, and such a position is unlikely to be given to someone young). But I also love him. Whenever he appear on the screen (well it's not a movie, but we're still reading it on the screen, so...), like on this omake few chapters ago, I'm getting hype comparable only to Neo from RWBY. When Merlin does something, I hate him, but at the same time I can't help to cheer for him. After all, being a weak, pathetic human, this man protected the planet for decades with his cleverness, cunning and ruthlessness. Again, his POV helped very much. And thanks to all we know about the man from this story, and Erico's ones, I can't wait to see what he can achieve with Vilgax's and Animo's resources. I can totally see where he's coming from and I'm sure if we suddenly stuck in that world, many would agree with him.

All in all, this story didn't seem to have any disadvantages. Some people may be discouraged by the slow development of the action, but for me it is one of its biggest advantages. Current events would not hit that hard otherwise.

Respect, SzymonS
Hinate chapter 8 . 1/7
Bwen forever...
been reading it from start n so on from little moments again n again but it still feels n gets better n better...
can't wait for the new elements... just finished reading again...
hoping you're doing good .. take care... stay safe
Anonymoose chapter 8 . 1/5
Ben without the watch is giving my anxiety. Go get that watch Ben!
SzymonS chapter 7 . 1/4
Ok, I don't get one thing. How is calling help when an alien has fallen from the sky snitching? The Colonel would complain to Bwens parents that they had irresponsibly run into the forest after the alien? It's not like Michelle necessarily had to mention that part.

You're welcome Michelle. No mud cousins for you, but you can have your happily ever after with fire monster. Kidding. But that's cool how they saved each other.

I was worried that Ben might still have a problem with fighting because of the trauma with killing Vilgax, but basic instincts took over and he seems fine. In the heart, he's always a hero.

I hadn't even thought of how terrifying it would be for him to see the Omnitrix sign on Alan's arm.

Army girl got one! Amazing! It was great to read the chapter from her perspective. She's gonna be so messed up once the adrenaline is off.

Just one more chapter. I don't want them to end
Animebro1229 chapter 8 . 1/4
SzymonS chapter 6 . 1/3
Alright, this was my favorite chapter of Breaking Point so far. It has everything I like: Love dilemmas of our beloved couple, their relationship with Michelle, army girl's own thoughts, even a cliffhanger. But first things first.

Love between Ben and Gwen is so evident and beautiful. I guess no one can blame Michelle for being jealous, looking at them. Check, seeing what they have, even I'm jealous and they're fictional characters!

After all the wrestling, teasing and games with touching, grabbing a knee makes them both freeze. And all through magical awareness of: BENISABOY! GWENISAGIRL! Funny how easy and quickly things can change. They're hormonal teens, so you can expect them to want to try things other than kissing. It would be different with a normal couple, but someone who knows and trust each other as much as them, in a place of uncertainty and fear, there is excitement. Though it's cute how Ben got scared he might have done something wrong.

Gwen and her plans for the future. She's already thinking about the babies Ben and Michelle would never let her forget it if they knew.

It was so funny to watch Gwen freaking out so much. And line about Waybig made me take a minute of a break for laughing.

Michelle is needed, and she will be needed even more by looking at what comes next. I just hope she doesn't get too mad about the two's lies about aliens and magic. But who am I kidding - considering situation with her father, she so will be.

I would love to see them confront their parents, but considering what is just happening, it's probably not the priority anymore. Shame.

Here's Alan. That's when we left in the OG Breaking Point, right? I'm so excited.

Ah, also, I hope to see some Ben and Michelle one on one interactions.

Very late happy New Year!
SzymonS chapter 5 . 12/29/2021
Stranger danger! Who would react differently if they saw Max with that beard?

I will not write again about how much I love Michelle, but... Well, I can't help myself. After the explosion at Ben nearly costed her friendship with Gwen, she still did the same with Max, because she loves red-had so much. Their friendship is beautiful.

You know, as the time passes, Ben and Gwen are less and less subtle with their relationship. I hope Frank and Natalie will figure it out too, just to see their reactions.

The way Ben roasted her in the court... Love it, like the all times.

Max is by far the most tragic character in this story. At 62, he is forced to repeat the same mistakes with his grandchildren as he did with his sons, just to protect them. I know Max would never break his oath, but if the aliens attack Bellwood and the secret is revealed, Ben and Gwen might put some light on the Plumber stuff. Not that Carl and Frank had taken too much of the fact that Max had put their children in danger. Complicated situation.

God, I screamed all the way through the last scene: This guy behind you! Not like I can blame Max for getting distracted. The fact that DNAliens don't give a cookie about children is dark and brutal and disturbing and I love everything about it. From the good news, Highbreeds in this story seem much more civilize then in AF, so if the minions didn't get orders to kill witnesses, this little girl should make it. But they probably did, so...

Well, it was sad to see Ben lose faith in his grandfather. Sad but inevitable. But well, nothing holds the Tennysons together like taking out some aliens, so let's get to it!
rowhith1998 chapter 1 . 12/28/2021
Just so you know I pretty much reread the whole story every other 3-4 months or when a chapter comes out. This level of intricacy of details in the story and consistency with plot points is insane to see in fanfiction. Wonderful job!
Hinate chapter 8 . 12/27/2021
Bwen forever...
rereading it all to finally get to this is so worth it...
this is just so much more... so much more depth... more feelings and much more... but that really was a cliffhanger geez... still would kill for more love it so much
take care and stay safe!
SzymonS chapter 4 . 12/27/2021
Hi there, hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Where do I start? I like that we come back to the dilemmas from the beginning of this story. Like Ben and Gwen glorify each other, considering themselves unworthy ones, despite all daily banter. It was wonderful when they said what they love about each other. I wonder if we will also come back to the matter of being Max's favorite.

Gwen, you're so smart, but still didn't figure out Ben got a boner Curious if it's a first time considering their numerous games.

The dance scene, Gwen's dilemmas, her tearing out because of picture - My favorite parts. So sweet and in character. Plus extra points for nostalgia for the wedding: Gwen did deserve that dance and I'm so happy she got it now.

I also like Ben's relaxed approach to the problem. I mean, they did beat the most dangerous Warlord in the galaxy, Ben possess the most powerful thing in the universe and Gwen is like most powerful witch of the generation. The idea that parents can stop them from being together sounds pretty ridiculous when you think about it.

Michelle, how could canon move on without her? It couldn't, that's how it is.

True king returned, yay... Ok, good for him.

I am, most likely, the only reader that actually likes Jim. If someone were to protect my planet in the world where things from Ben 10 are real, I would like it to be him.

So, we see Helen and Manny. Did they rebel against Plumbers? So why was Jim so happy about them? I guess we'll see soon enough, Alan should shed some light on Animo's project.

Good job, hope you'll finish the arc before I catch up!
SzymonS chapter 3 . 12/22/2021
Wooowie, an interesting chapter from parents' perspective. Little Moments explored Natalie"s side of family, now it's time for Sandra.

Is it really that common to fall in love in the member of family, like characters in this story? I mean, first Michelle's mom, now Sandra I guess we'll never know.

Carl and Sandra had their unconventional way of parenting and now good to see they realized it was wrong. Seriously, that whole call me Sandra was pissing me off. But they definitely are much better parents then give themselves credit to.

Let's see where it goes.
SzymonS chapter 2 . 12/22/2021
Another awesome chapter, but it's not like I could expect something else from you.

Let's start with the end. Carl and Sandra found out. I remembered that would happen. Basically just this and that DNAliens plus Alan will be revealed to Michelle. And something like Halloween date? Then I can go blind. Anyway, I am very curious how Carl and Sandra will handle it in this version. Bwen should consider themselves lucky, that those two were the only ones who noticed considering that... They aren't as discreet as they like to think. Thanks Paradox!

I just said in the previous review how much I love Ben's POV, so this chapter was just honey for my eyes (if we ignore the harmful radiation of my phone's screen, that is) His internal lines about Sandra, the line about standing on the parking with NOC's, I just loved it all. You can also notice that the boy is trying hard to mask all manifestations of maturity, even in his thoughts. Was he afraid of becoming Ben 10k? Who knows.

Poor Carl. It was certainly a funny situation for us, but not to him. First, he had to awkwardly explain to his son what was Gwen's problem, then he had received confirmation of what he had feared for months. All the time, he referred to Gwen like 10 times, but never used her name. It was still: You cousin this, your cousin that. I wonder if he was trying to remind Ben that Gwen was his cousin, or if Carl was trying to convince himself.

It's a shame the dream was short, hoping to see more in the next chapters I am very intrigued by this part. And confused. The Charmcaster referred to Hex as if he was alive in the presence. Did she kill him or not? It's not like plumbers found a body, but Erico mentioned in his story that after fountain of youth fiasco wizard was never seen again. Nevermind, screw him. I'm excited to see Kevin the most of all villains.

For a moment I thought the zombie Charmcaster had encountered was George, but nah. We'll see.

Oh, Gwen's trick with hands! I thought when Natalie was referring to Gwen reading psychology books, the girl was doing it to better figure out her feelings towards the cousin. But she was doing it to help Ben with trauma. It was so sweet of her. As the part: Sorry for telling you to go away, please don't go away. Everything about those two, perfection.

Keep doing good job!
SomethingAncient chapter 1 . 12/13/2021
Well, I finally got to reading this story, and it was a great start. The initial dialogue between Ben, Gwen, and Michelle threw me just a tiny bit (wasn't sure who said what on a couple of lines), but if that's the worst thing I can say, there's no doubt this is going to be an entertaining and well done story.

Thanks to you and Erico for the time and effort you put into this. Now it's time for me to sleep.
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