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Guest chapter 87 . 9/2
Love it
Random Fact chapter 15 . 8/22
Random factoid: Most army and police forces are trained to shoot center mass first, head far forth or fifth. This is due to difficulty of shooting said target. Torso's are bigger and much more difficult to move out of the way.
mr1980rivera chapter 87 . 8/15
this is a great story thank you for all your hard work on it and it may whatever God you believe in bless you
DOOOOOOM Lord of Waffles chapter 87 . 8/15
First and for most lemme day that this is amazing. First I have to rave about Femshep/Tali. That’s such an under used pairing. There’s like less than 20 stories or so I’ve found of it. Probably less. The way you’ve made humanity strong. But then made it that the Alliance with all its ships and peoples is still killable. I love it. It’s very realistic. I hope you continue this amazing story. Oh and I love all the little nods to and places you’ve put the squad mates. Especially all the dialogue nods to Legion. Hoping end game is to still have the Geth go full autonomous ai.
Anon chapter 31 . 8/11
Only major gripes here are
1: The severe lack of a ‘scene break’ literally anywhere.
2: the constant, almost deliberate mixing up of dextro-/Levo- proteins. Turians/Humans/Quarians have DEXTRO proteins, if I’ve been reading this right, and everyone else is Levo, but you keep frequently referring to each proteins group as belonging to the other.
Rough examples, because I don’t feel like copypasting the exact convos.
Human doctor to Liselle (I think Chakwas)
“We can fab some Levo protein food for you if you need it. Unfortunately we can’t give you what we already have because humans are Dextro-protein, like Quarians and Turians.”
Also a Human to the Vakarians
“Feel free to eat the food we have available, we humans are LEVO protein based, just like Quarians and you Turians.”
Thyrann chapter 87 . 8/9
Great story. I enjoyed it immensely. Especially I love the background of Eezo not being end all be all magic element, but affecting only part of the in universe tech tree.

Few nitpicks:
Sometimes people are a little too out of character, especially for the military. Jumping ranks is fine, admirals and generals taking orders from a commander? not really. There is this pesky thing called chain of command.
Im sure it was repeated ad nasueam, but adding something as a scene break would be appreciated.

Otherwise keep up the great work. Throw my nitpicking out of an airlock. I am looking foward for next chapters anyway. :-)
Chloe chapter 87 . 7/31
Nice chapter
neccowaferlover chapter 78 . 7/26
I like this story. Though i doubt humanity would ever be that open and giving to anyone, let alone alien races. My only complaint is that i feel like I am reading about a bunch of cry babies. Everyone cries at a drop of a hat. It can be annoying, but not enough to stop reading.
Chloe chapter 86 . 7/17
Nice chapter, I hope you have Janes friend's and family tease her about fainting
DingusMacGoo chapter 7 . 7/17
And Invictus, I replied to you directly but meant it to show up here, I'm never gonna learn this site's interface:

The only comments I've deleted on this fic here and elsewhere are spam. Made it clear in the beginning that I expected it to be torn apart. Also made it clear that it was going to be sappy feel-good s***. Honestly I made a lot about this story very clear in the beginning.

I'm truly and deeply sorry though that my story has triggered your rage response. Perhaps one of the myriad other stories available on this and other platforms are more to your liking?
DingusMacGoo chapter 3 . 7/17
That was by design. I figured instead of making humans dextro-amino I'd make the Turians and Quarians levo along with us and change everyone else to dextro. I also am omitting biotics entirely from the story, I'm taking lots of liberties here.
Thanks for the review!
obligated chapter 3 . 7/17
to tell you you got it backwards. Turians and quarians are dextro. Most races are levo. And it's not as big a problem as Mass Effect's writers make it out to be, either.
Chloe chapter 85 . 7/13
Good chapter
Invictus602 chapter 6 . 7/8
So you basically cleaned out the reviews so people can read this trash of a fic again without any criticism. Since i cant find my last review of this story but i still remember reading this feel good, human has no evil story. For those of you looking for a good story look elsewhere this is a brain dead fic where humans evolved to be idiots and and generally a paragon of good and everyone else is in shock and awe
Chloe chapter 84 . 7/7
Good new chapters
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