Reviews for Let It Burn
goldie031 chapter 1 . 11/14/2021
Corey fic corey fic! I can’t express how excited I am to actually have a good kiddo in one of your stories. After the whole Ambrosia mess, I hope my daughter redeems me this time lmao. And what a fun structure! I love how you have the two stories running parallel; it’s honestly got me thinking of some ideas for the future :think:

Anyway, let’s talk about these kiddos! I was two chapters behind on Tides of Faith and I’m very glad I decided to read them first after all because I think I would have totally misinterpreted Ariah otherwise. The way she pushes against what’s expected of her is really relatable for someone of her age honestly. And the trauma she’s gone through? Yikes, poor girl. I like her relationship with Leandre and also with Eden… who I see has also been submitted. Thank you z and momo for inevitable pain. Anyway, not the kind of girl I’d be friends with, but a character I can for sure get behind.

Hello Silas! Wow this is a wild backstory. I can definitely see where Silas is coming from when he kills his mother because she just. Is not nice to him at all. 0%. It makes me sad. I like how, like in Ariah’s section, Silas kind of takes religion into his own hands, though not necessarily in the… healthiest is the wrong word… most pacifist way. I’m interested to see how his life has been after he’s escaped his mother’s clutches. But all in all I like him – nell did a great job!

And then Gideon. Oh, there is so much still to learn about Gideon. Mega kudos to Bradi for creating a kid where you could have this mystery of him. I can’t imagine being a singer and losing your voice – that’s just… so sad ;-; I really wonder if there will ever be a way to figure out what happened to him – we know from SFU that the Capitol can manipulate memories a little bit so maybe there’s hope? All in all a fascinating kid that I’m very excited to see more of.

Really a great set of intros! I can’t wait to learn more about all these kids, and to see who you bring out next!
Remus98 chapter 1 . 11/6/2021
Corey! It’s been so long since I’ve read anything from you, I didn’t realize just how much I’ve missed your words until delving into this chapter. But now you’re back, and the void has been filled, so let’s delve into some intros!

Ariah: ah! I have a very brief recollection of her from the snippets we got in TOF, so it was nice getting a refresher of the events mentioned then by her own narration. Can’t say it was a very happy ride, though. At least not at first. Things seem to have gotten a lot better since Alexei died (I’m presuming Ariah killed him?), but idk yet if Leandre can be trusted. Their life of indulgence is perfectly fine, and Ariah seems to have been able to carve some happiness out of the lustful haze they share, but something isn’t sitting quite right with me. Maybe it’s because there’s so much mystery surrounding him, maybe it’s because Orisini men are trash - I guess we’ll see eventually if my worries are warranted.

Also, nice to see Eden so soon! I didn’t know these two had a connection, so that was fun to learn. I would have thought maybe he was a part of Ariah’s sex cult, but the way he diverted his ga(y)ze makes me doubt it. Never know tho.

Silas: the hot priest has arrived. I had lowkey forgotten that a cult was mentioned in his snippet on the blog, so when I saw him assembling his brotherhood I thought to myself “here we go again.” His version of a holy companionship is very different from Ariah’s though (which makes me think they might not get along super well). Silas doesn’t seem super open-minded, so I wonder if he will get along with anyone? Part of me wants to dislike him because of that, but then his tortured, handsome face pops up into my head and I find myself reevaluating. I think scrolling past him on the blog should be a thing going forward. Anyway, loved that the first and last sections started in the same way. Sexy.

Oh right, he killed someone. You can thank Nell for reminding me; I was too busy swimming around in those dark eyes to notice. Who cares anyway - bitch deserved it. Note to all parents: be nice to your kids and they won’t kill you.

Gideon: another cult? No? Seems like only two of the careers districts have adopted the idea of gathering in zealous clubhouses. Anyway, this little songbird lost his voice and nobody seems to know why (himself included). From the limited knowledge I have, blood doesn’t tend to be “dark and inky,” so something is definitely going on. Supernatural interference, perhaps? I don’t have a lot of other guesses, but I’m excited for it to be revealed in due time! Very intriguing.

And Gideon actually had a nice parent! I was starting to think they didn’t exist (irl or in Panem, ooop).

Lovely first chapter, with three lovely people… for the most part. I’m excited to meet the rest of the cast :)

Until then!
darthnell chapter 1 . 11/5/2021
Okay this is probably going to be a short review bc my brain is small rn but. Holy shit? All of this? I'm realizing I've never read your writing before and this is a Crime.. a Sin if you will jhfdhjfd. Anyways this is gorgeously written and I am a huge fan ;-;

Ariah is babey, I don't care if she killed her dad he absolutely deserved it. Even if she didn't and I'm misreading that, I'm glad that fucker's out of her life, seriously that man deserves zero rights. Also for some reason I assumed Leandre was a girl for the first couple of seconds and I was like hell yeah lesbians but rip ;-; Ariah trying to escape her pain via drugs and sex is oof but whatever she did to get rid of her shitty dad, it worked ;-;

Silasss... the man the myth the Legenddd.. baby Silas makes me want to Cry, you did such a good job with him like. Hello? The line about that being the first time his mother hit him.. and it wasnt the last like Oof ;_; His growth in the middle part.. he is no longer baby he wants Power and Boy does he get it ! Woo, man. Like we know his mother's shitty but Damn, the way he just Crushed the last shred of empathy he had for her.. :V big Yeet... he's so fucked in the brain I love it. Also Ignatius is a sexy name for his right hand man I dig it so much :D Man, this was such a fantastic intro for him, thank you ffor writing this Lad ;-;

Okay Gideon is the babiest here ;-; Little singing boy with a mother who loves him ? Love that. Baby crush on this Heidi chick? Aww.. Okay then things start gettin real confusing with this blood/water scene.. Why do I feel like Heidi is dead now.. did he kill her :v that would... fit with this theme.. Ohh that last part with his mother trying to get him to talk oh man.. that hurts my heart ;-; and he doesn't remember ohh no..

Okay yeah these are very good ;-; Excellent job with these three you absolutely killed it.. and so did they /fingerguns/
ladyqueerfoot chapter 1 . 11/5/2021
blessed be, is that an update i see?

yes, the answer is yes. hello hello mr. corey, a pleasure to see you on this lovely friday evening/afternoon! i'm reviewing now because i know otherwise i will fall behind, and all the thots on these kids are fresh in my head xx! i'm so fucking excited for this story to take off though dude, i cannot even emphasize how hyped i was when i saw your message, and wow did you pop off on this fine day. not that i was expecting otherwise, but damn son.

ariah: okay she made me sad, like so so sad. i mean, all three of these kids made me sad but she was such a somber way to start off what i assume will be a very somber and sad story. there's so much lore and depth to her, i truly think that ari is a fascinating character. the scene with her mother made me so upset, and how that gory imagery was the last time she ever saw her? genuinely that shit was heartbreaking! but i'm glad that she found love, even though i feel like there's way more to this cult of phagia that we've yet to learn about. seeing her escape her sad life made me personally very happy, and just this wanderlust and head full of fantasies instantly makes ari somebody i can relate to, so props to you for that my friend! i also see that queen audette is involved, and upon checking praise limos i now know that she's related to ari, so that makes me even more curious to here more about her. maybe i'll read audette's TOF chapter this weekend. hmm and then we also have an eden cameo, and honestly i love their friendship already. i love the playful friendly side of ari, even if she's so sad normally. all in all, a solid character and i love her and her story already.

silas: when you told me that you'd somehow make my bastard son be somewhat sympathetic and that i'd actually be upset over him, i was skeptical, yet somehow you successfully made me feel bad for the demonic mastermind that is silas santisi. and limos fuck corey, did you do a stellar job with him. the beginning where he was questioning shit about his father made me actually so sad because he is just so clueless about where his own life will bring him, and then the baptism where he fucked up? that was really cute but it was less cute when his mom hit him afterwards. i knew u were changing some things with her, and i had a feeling she would be abusive but it just made me so sad because lil silas was truly doing his best, and for what? i won't say that it justifies what he does later on, but it really does wonders to help us understand who he is and why he does the things that he later did. his mom used limos to evoke punishment, and now that she's faltered, silas has been given no choice but to do the same. it's a devastating cycle, and i loved the way you portrayed it. he just wants answers as to why his own world has spiraled into horror and why limos somewhat cursed him, but that made him susceptible to be radicalized and become a hot priest. i liked that bit about him wanting to get away, and how it was later reverted into him staying now that he has power, and now that he has people who support him where his mother never could. the ending was heartbreaking even though i knew it would happen. he just has so much pain and grief from his mother, even now, and he used religion to justify killing her the same way she did when he fucked up at the baptism. it was truly beautifully written, and i cannot stress enough how much i adored this introduction. thank you so much corey!

gideon: ah, and now we get to our resident smol. i must say, he is so fucking sad. i really relate to his performance anxiety because i was the same when i had to do choir things in elementary school, but my lord he is so trapped inside his own mind, i genuinely felt awful for him, and then his mom not fully supporting him in the end hit a bit too close to home, but we shan't do childhood trauma on main lmao. what i really want to talk about is the storm thing and how it made him mute because what the actual fuck? i'm so... :eyes: about what this was and genuinely i'm a bit afraid. he has a bit of a memory gap too, which is expected, and there's just so many questions about this, and the fact he's now basically an enigma. i'm so curious where this is going to lead for him, expecially in a cast that probably will veer more towards the villainy side. i just want somebody to protect him, i guess? he's a good boy. i really loved your imagery during the middle section, that was fucking phenomenal i was legit as afraid as poor giddy was :((

alright, and that's our first dose of intros all done and dusted! i knew i would enjoy them, but i underestimated how much so. you're truly brilliant, my friend and i am just so blessed to be in your story. thank you so much for surprising us with this update, and i can't wait for the next one!