Reviews for Son of the Dragon
please don't1 chapter 9 . 1h
i fucking love this story, holy hell im glad to see a update and one so good! cant wait for more and romance in fics are often harems without reason but it feels like it would actually fit here, so go far a mass romance and who says the ladys cant be intimate with each other?(those that are in the poly relationship that is)
demissedwaifu chapter 9 . 10h
Ohhh, that situation certainty sucks
TheKillerOrca chapter 9 . 11h
damn are you a veteran or something?

the way you described the battle and people talking is just fucking perfect man. though i do have a favour, can you make a list explaining the military rankings for us and where they stand. that would be perfect.

thanks for the update, hopefully the next one won’t be when GTA 6 comes out
R-king 93 chapter 9 . 12h
Awesome chapter
wellingtonlucas282 chapter 9 . 20h
Obrigado pelo capítulo incrível, Autor-San!
Guest chapter 9 . 12/5
Are Mulan and Kida joining the harem?
Why did the water benders wear new outfits?
marioluciosemedo chapter 8 . 21h
When did this dream of being a couple emerge?
Now that the Avatar made his debut will the focus of the story be on them or will it stay on Naruto and Azula?
Will we see what Zuko and Iroh have been till now? Are they even aware of Naruto's actions in the army?
Witch Doctor Silas chapter 9 . 22h
like a junkie I want more
Witch Doctor Silas chapter 9 . 22h
thank you for the update I want more
The ultimite deity chapter 9 . 22h
You know it's interesting that Naruto isn't really Naruto and yet I still read it, if it was an oc I would've never touched this story despite the fact it's been really good, I'm excited to see what comes next.
WalkerFRD chapter 9 . 12/6
Fico feliz em ver que a fic tá sendo atualizada, mas ao mesmo tempo fico um pouco desanimado ao ver o capítulo, por quanto tempo mais o conteúdo do capítulo vai se repetir? Sempre é sobre Naruto sendo enviado de um lado para o outro feito um cachorro, isso fica um pouco cansativo, parece não ter desenvolvimento.
WhateverPlus chapter 9 . 12/5
I liked this chapter.
777torn777 chapter 9 . 12/5
Solod chapter
Quetzalcoatl chapter 9 . 12/5
This was amazing I can't wait for more chapters
Guest chapter 9 . 12/5
wonder if and when naruto will encounter the avatar
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