Reviews for Two Bullets of Destiny: Silver & Grey
Can'tComeUpWithName chapter 1 . 7/28/2022
Regarding the CoXAi Ship, I am fully supporting that one and I'm a HUGE fan of it, BUT I have to let Conan do his own decisions, since canonically he is bound to choose his childhood friend Ran Mori, so this will be one HELL of a challenge to find a way fix it, so the viewers won't hate on him for not choosing her at the End. I have planned to make one True Ending, in which he chooses Ran, which fits to him much more as a character (if you consider the actual plot of the Original Series) to be honest and makes him to someone he truly is, not some made up shitty version of him, and one Ai Haibara ending in which he rejects Ran and of course ends up with choosing Ai instead. It's that simple.

That doesn't make any sense at all.

Only reason that Conan in canon goes for Ran is because Gosho has a hard-on for childhood friends.

However, his character, and personality doesn't fit AT ALL with her. Not even a little bit. They have nothing in common besides being childhood friends.

If you're truly letting "Conan do his own decisions" then he'd go for someone like Ai not Ran... in Original Series he is forced with Ran because of the writer not his own decisions or that because it makes sense.

Ai is what fit him a character, not Ran. Ran and Conan will end up just like Ran's parents because they don't actually fit together. Hell, they fit even worse.

So all of this seems like nonsense.

Why the hell are you writing a fic, tagging it as Ai/Conan then say "Well, actually it won't end up like that"?

That just a giant waste of time. If one wanted to read the inferior ship with the better one not happening then canon is there for everyone to read.

Canon is canon and fanfics are fanfics. Why should you do something cuz canon does it is beyond me, but then again the site is filled with people who just write canon for each fandom while changing the pairing and pretend that they wrote a story.

You also shouldn't be tagging this as CoAi or saying that in the summary if they won't end up together. That's just baiting and lying.

Sorry if I'm rude but things like this piss me off. Don advertise a fic as X then go and do Z instead and following canon for no other reason than "it's canon" show that the story is not worth reading at all.
Nonetta chapter 10 . 6/22/2022
Hi, when are you going to update the English version, because although I can read the German ones with translator it's feel different. Please, update soon.
Pixie Duck chapter 1 . 5/4/2022

It's a a CoxAi story but the TRUE ENDING is Conan/Ran?

How does that make any sense? This is disappointing.

Also, only reason he is into Ran in canon because Gosho forces him too. He has no chemistry, shared interest or any real reason to be so in love with her. Especially not after he started maturing and met other women and girls. But Gosho is married to his "Childhood Friend turns lover" trope.
Nonetta chapter 7 . 2/12/2022
I like this story so so much! Keep going author!