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JamesDoc chapter 39 . 9/20
I’ve been reading your story and finally, at 1 am, I’m through. Holy shit, I know it’s pretty late, 14 years after you finished this, but I wanted you to know that this is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. I mean, I couldn’t stop crying when Harry died and the reactionsz. I just cried and cried and cried and had trouble to keep reading, my nose is stuffend and I’m going to look at your profile later that day to read the sequel you mentioned and maybe other stories of yours? We’ll see. I have to admit that it was pretty obvious how this story would end - that Harry will live. But the how was pretty good. I liked the reasoning and I was surprised, that Vernon showed up and was arrested by the police after he’s been immune so long. I like the logic in this story and that you didn’t write it like everything’s unexplainable, except that it’s magic. I liked the magic force and the life force in one’s body and your own fantasy and explaining about this. So yeah, I truly like your story! It’s amazing and I’ve never been crying so vigorously. Oh and I like, taht you brought a muggle family in the magical world. It’s really rare and I truly like it because it’s rather unheard of. I really like how much thought and work you put in this story. I’m really happy and mostly babbling right now but I don’t care xD
I hope you’ll be reading this!

milkysupernova chapter 26 . 9/7
some story has italics. please, have it without italics
ttoolbox chapter 39 . 8/23
Well that’s was an emotional Rollercoaster!
Brilliant story, you had me really believing in the last couple of chapters- I wasn’t taking it very well! (-cure tears)

Really great story, thank you for writing it and sharing it.
Darth Moonbeam chapter 30 . 8/18
I gotta say this is excellent! I'm usually a Cho lover but I agree this Cho deserves what she gets! And it really got me hating this particular version of her.
Erimenthe chapter 39 . 8/16
I absolutely loved this story and I really do hope you made a sequel. I loved all the little things in it that made me laugh (thank you for the Cho episodes, especially Ginny and the truth lmao) and even all the ones that made me cry. The reactions of all the different people, when they first found out and everyone after the confrontation with Voldemort and Harry's death were outstanding, as was Snape throughout the story. I do like how you slowly had Harry and what he was going through etc., worm it's way into Snape's subconscious and change his ideas of Harry over time rather than a sudden change because it was more in sync with how he would be to me.
Erimenthe chapter 17 . 8/15
DAMN! This chapter had me in tears. Well done getting Ron's feelings across.
Kendell The Supreme Overlord Of The Multi-Verse chapter 39 . 8/5
Hey! I read this story in a night. I absolutely love it and the way it’s been written. I will be reading every single one of your works now weather it is connected to this story or not. You have a fantastic writing skill and a wonderful sense of humor. I promise to review at the end of each of your works I read. Even if I’m 15 years late.

With Love a fellow Fan,
CharlotteN chapter 39 . 7/29
I think this is the most fantastic fan fiction I've ever read. THANK YOU for writing it!
Flinch chapter 39 . 7/24
I really enjoyed this, although it was definitely an emotional roller coaster! I did sometimes feel like your portrayal of some characters was a little off, but different views on the fictional world is why we read fanfic, after all! Shape's potion was a little Deus Ex Machina, but frankly by that point I was a watery, wobbly mess anyway, and was just glad to have Harry back! Thanks for taking the time to write such an epic, especially one that's pretty Gen rather than all about the romance (as much as I enjoy those, there is such a thing as an overdose)!
TheUnholySmirk chapter 17 . 7/20
fuck ur story. giving me the inexplicable urge to chop onions
jeroen1758 chapter 31 . 7/13
chapter correction for prior review
jeroen1758 chapter 1 . 7/13
it was amusing to read the A/N to see your speculations of PoA. Of course then I recalled that this ff was published while the movie was in production so it made sense...

Ah... 13 years later, how did HP survive to see 2018 even without terminal cancer!?
Khushi chapter 39 . 7/10
Amazinggggggggggggggg️️... just loved it and i have to say that you make an awesome author and also that one writer that i had love to read anytime .also i just love harry
kkiscray5011 chapter 35 . 7/6
ok I'm not a crier but I'm freaking crying rivers at 2am ab my brother thinks I'm nuts. This is so well writen I love it so much.
Sunnydg chapter 39 . 6/23
This is just beautiful. This has to be one of the best fanfictions I have ever read and it's completed! You wrapped this up great and your planning to make a sequel, which is really awesome. I loved the way you portrayed the characters, especially Snape. Everyone was well written and had some real development. Ron was a big surprise for me and how he handled the situation, Hermoine too! Neville and Eloise were also a great touch to the story, showing how Harry interacts with others. You kept humour in here, giving me some good laughs, but you also kept that somber feel to your story, which I really admire. This is getting a 'little' bit too long, so I just wanted to let you know that I'm excited to see the sequel and how everyone turned out after experiencing the loss of a friend, finding out about said friends abuse, and if you will have Harry get those crazy cool powers back (which speaking of, was a great thing too add!)
And one last thing: You made me cry for 3 whole chapters and I'm pretty sure I just lost a few pounds staging up all day and night. So I'm going to go get some water, maybe some cereal...
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