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Guest chapter 9 . 8/26
I got stabbed with a pencil once, I was 6 and getting a rough time on my street, a girl saw me drawing and though it would be funny, but then when the thing went right through my arm, she started begging me not to tell, crying and everything. So I made a deal, she got her sister to shut up about my brother and if she let me throw her new bike into the canal that I was beside then I would keep my mouth zipped. She agreed so there I was, pencil still halfway in my arm, throwing an expensive bike into a fast flowing canal

I still told on her and her family had to pay mine in an assault settlement

I was a fucked up 6vyear old
PenelopeDuchess chapter 39 . 8/23
I have snickered, laughed, cried and clutched myself while reading this. And when I got all the way to the end you asked to leave a review no matter how long ago you had written it. And I thought that given how much I enjoyed the story it would just be rude to not leave a review. So more than 10 years after you finished the story, you get another person telling you, that this thing is brilliant.
I can also add that I did in fact read all of your Author's Notes. Not the review responses though. And everytime you "did a happy little dance", because of the number of reviews you got, I looked up at the 4000 there are now, and smiled even more.
And when I say that I laughed and cried I don't just say it for emphasis. I actually laughed till my sister asked me what was funny (Ginny was) and had trouble holding back tears. I loved the Stensons especially Kota and loathed Cho (she is very OOC as you warned, but it works fine with the story). I also love how you gave such a minor character as Eloise Midgens such a fantastic and loveable personality. She was also the cause of many snickers. Your way of writing Snape was also just right. Usually I skip every story with Snape in focus, because I hate the way he has just always been good anyways and really has a good heart. He may actually have been one of the good guys, but he still did a whole lot wrong at the same time. And you made him realize just that, without getting out of character! It actually reminded me a bit of his death scene when he finally accepts Harry. Draco was also good. Not a favorite (he was hardly in the story), but still believeable and likeable. But the best was without question the trios relationship. How they just all looked after and cared for each other. It felt so real (clue: they were the reason I was crying).
I don't even know if you are still active on the net, but if you see this review you'll know that I enjoyed this story immensely, and will definitely go back and reread sometime. Your work is still very appreciated.
RandomCat chapter 39 . 8/23
Wow. I've read this fic more than once, and it is so good. I love the in depth plot, the way everyone acts, and I'm sorry I never left a review sooner (I never read the A/Ns). Just know that you are a really great writer, especially with the whole mentioning things and not forgetting about them later. I hate when people do that. Anyway, I'm off to read the sequel!
Sopbak24 chapter 39 . 8/19
My all-time favorite fanfiction story. It was great how you managed to make "irelevant" parts of the story bigger later on (like how Harry wrote his initials and Ron found it later). Greatly planned. I honestly think you could be a writer.
(You're creative, too.) :)))
BiggestJohnnyFanStayGold chapter 39 . 8/10
That was an awesome story. It was real emotional which made it more exciting. You made me cry during some parts, which is rare. Keep up the good work.
British Lass chapter 3 . 7/31
Hey, this is probably pointless now, but I noticed that in Dakota's letter, she said that cancer treatment was expensive. I'm just letting you know that we don't pay for cancer treatment here in Britain - the NHS covers it.

If you're interested, here are a few things I also noticed that we don't do:

-We say 'Mum', not 'Mom'
-I don't think anyone here ' ' anyone's house, no matter what they've done, hahaha. If it's bad, we're more likely to chuck a brick through their window, or steal their recycling bins (I know a few people who've done that!). Or even graffiti, perhaps.
-Child Protective services are just called Social Services, but you got it right in detailing their utter incompetence.

If I spot any more, I'll let you know

Hope this helps!
MangoFromMars chapter 39 . 7/30
Great story. I love it all.
My day was entirely made up of sitting here reading your stories.
Completely worth it.
9632mp chapter 39 . 7/22
Thank you! Your story is one of the most interesting and well-written story I've ever read! It makes me laugh, it makes me crie, I really enjoyed reading it, so much that I read it in a few hours strait!
I had some difficulties with some words or expressions, because I'm french, but it was a real pleasure, and I think i'll read it more than once!
Charlotte chapter 39 . 7/11
What an amazing story! Recnac is one of those stories that really had me captivated the entire I was reading. You have an amazing talent in literature and I commend on your fantastic writing skills. They way you were able to make me cry, laugh, smile, get angry was brilliant. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel and I am surprised that I am able to spare time to review because I am so excited! Well done!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/7
Really good!
HassleCastle chapter 39 . 7/2
This story was based on a very creative idea. Which is why I read it till the end. But the writing and development had tons of issues which detracted from it. Snape sounded like a teenager using slang language such as "you guys". The plot went off on tangents at times- such as Ginny and the horror movie which was too detailed for a minor event, or even generally giving thorough details of events which did not offer plot development such as harry and his friend's initial arrival at the school in the thunderstorm. Over detailing of irrelevant events made the story incoherent at times. And lastly the idea of a black and white good vs evil. Where everyone is either perfectly good or horribly evil. The dursleys have no redeeming qualities just as the Weaslies have no flaws. Everyone is perfectly happy for all the couples one after another with absolutely no point of conflict. It is not only extremely unrealistic but also defeats the point of narrative.

These are not flames. I realize this story was written years ago and u have probably grown as a writer since then. But I hoped this critique would do u some good regardless. It was a very original idea and I loved the muggles and normality incorporated into it. I hope u grow to be an outstanding writer someday. In the mean while I can leave critiques here. :-)
The Amber Author chapter 39 . 6/23
HIIIII CELEBONY! I'm sorry, this is horribly random, and I know you probably don't even know me, but for all it's worth, I was surprised to see how underappreciated Recnan and Flawed Perfection are. So, if you're still reading this, sometime ahead, I'd just like to say that I created a Goodreads web page for Recanc if you don't mind...*twiddles thumbs* IS THAT OK WITH YOU?


Jessiikaa15 chapter 39 . 6/22
Wow. This was absolutely amazing. I broke my rule of reading Harry/Ginny and I am so glad I did! I don't cry, ever. My friends are convinced I don't even have tear ducts but I was crying my eyes out. You captured to emotions so well. Congratulations on an excellent fic, and I'm off to read the sequel!
TimeyWimeyBadWolf chapter 39 . 6/18
WOW. That was totally epic and awesome and great and cool. I have never read a fanfic quite like this one. I really loved the way you had so many cliffhangers and suspenseful moments. The writing was fantastic and the story was heartwrenching. I loved it. Thanks for spending so much time to write it!
Yara chapter 39 . 6/17
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