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Xirleb70 being to lazy to log in chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
LMAO! DOWN WITH CHO! WHOOT WHOOT! WHE! oh shite dad's coming ttyl
Doctor Wolfie chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
How do you write a story? I like your story, that's why I'm asking you. What does it mean by submit updated document? Thanks. Your story is great. I can't wait to find out what will happen. My email is . Thanks again.
Terence chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
That was a fantastic chapter! I HATE CHO! and you made her out to be this big mean bitch! I love it! Props for you! Props for Harry! Props for this chapter! Props for you! Props for the next update! Oh yeah, and props for you! This story just never stops being brilliant! Uh, I've had a terrible day, until I came home and found it updated! ah. COOL!I love stocking random people! Classy and sophisticated I must say! Im great, just sent you half of my next chapter. Hope you like!

baudburner chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
o awesome chapter i wanna see harry just explode with magic on cho infront of everyone and just hex her to bits!
lilynjamesAAF chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
nicety nice nice chapter, it was something different. Cho is evil and im glad u portrayed her as you did... and i think a h/hr fic would be just WONDERFUL *HINT HINT HINT* oh and yay im glad I ROCK, but so do you, cuz u write this awesome story that i always check to see if its updated :)
EriEka127 chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
love it! that was certaiinly interesting! cho really is a b*, isnt she? anyway, update soon!
SpecialParanoia chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
Wow- Cho really IS a bitch, isn't she? If she pulls another stunt like that in your story, can I help you write her punishment? *grins* Trust me, I can be very imaginative... Though I liked what the twins did. That was great! Fred and George rule, I must say. But anywho, I gotta' ask this- the twins are gonna find out about the cancer, aren't they? That'll be yet another emotionl moment in an already depressing fic... But, it's a well written depressing fic, so I don't mind in the least! Lol- ok, this is a really long review. I'm sorry. if you don't like long ones, just say so. I ramble... But anyways, this was another great chapter! Can't wait for the next!
Temporary Insanity chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
School is so annoying... Well, I've got time to do a review right now... Oddly enough I'm supposed to be working right now :-P

Chapter 24 - Neville's Slip

Ron says prophetic words, I suppose :-P

So, they've liked each other since third year? Care to state your proof? Then again, since it wasn't obvious until fourth year, I suppose that covers it.

And the reasoning is much too convoluted... Yes, immature guys do tend to pretend not to like a girl because there's this weird thing we have where liking a girl makes you less masculine or something... But I don't remember Ron really noticing Hermione at all until that point in book 4.

And then we have the combo! (been playing too much magic recently) So that's how Harry plans to take out Voldemort? How does the Daewarro curse work? Should Harry wait until he's hit to use the spell that worsens the cancer? Would he have enough time to use it? Or would he try to cast it on himself the instant Voldie says the words? In magic you can respond to spells with an instant or an instant ability... :-P But I don't think it really applies here.

Neville's a baka. But we like him like that :) Heh. But it brings about very touching scenes.

So altogether this chapter seems to seal Harry's fate. He's gonna die.

Chapter 25: Scars and Schemes

First of all, the Duke is too stupid to be Draco. On the other hand... maybe not :) But yeah, that movie seems to fit quite well. Only the roles are slightly reversed.

So now they are finally together. How nice.

And more secrets come out. I suppose these chapters are all about the secrets. :) Just one more left to go... But Harry's not going to let that one slip out.

The argument was very nice and flowed well. Didn't seem stilted or scripted at all :)

The cork analogy was absolutely wonderful :) But I would have looked at it more like pouring poison from a bowl into a sponge. The cancer bonds right into the magical energy which is part of the life energy of the wizard.

Snape is very very good at planning stuff :)

Speaking of which, where's Draco? Or maybe I should just reread a whole bunch of stuff and check to see if he got expelled at some earlier point...

And that Snape laughing part was very very amusing! :) Also very smart of him to warn Harry about not telling his friends.

Chapter 26: We all hate Cho!

I never liked Cho all that much. And she wasn't too nice in OOtP. So Cho-bashing is fun. But sometimes she's also nice too. Kinda like with Draco. We all love him, and we all love to hate him.

And... we hate Cho here. Lots. Poor poor Harry :)

Good of Fred and George to save him and avenge him. So they finally got their shop! Yay! Maybe they can turn some Death Eaters into weird strange creatures. Transmogrifying liquid!

And Cho reveals herself to be a very very... stereotypical girl. Hm. Just because she's being the bashed character of the day doesn't necessarily mean she has to be *that* type of person. Beautiful hair? I can envision that as a normal response. But silky skin is a bit too much. Much simpler would have been "My hair! My skin!", and then reveal something insightful about her character. Perhaps a childhood trauma or something. Although the sneer was somewhat insightful :)

And Harry says some rather fun things about Cho. Burst that ego! :)

And Ginny is very happy. I wonder why? :-P

Sorry for not reviewing, but I was busy recently and I tend not to review all that much...
BratPrincess-187 chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
Hey buddy

How I love Cho-bashing and you my friend are a master at that. Well as always great job and I hope the next chapter is out soon. Is it getting to the end... I kind of hope not because if you kill Harry then your going to have me bawling like a baby.

Much Love

Thundering Lights chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
I do suppose it's good being the author. The one with the critical acclaim and whatnot. Just too bad you won't be recognized by people and have them run up to you for the autograph. Maybe you could sign it on a sheet (as Celebony) then scan it onto a computer. E-mail it out and whatnot.

Loved the chapter. Bwahaha. Cho bashing *dances* I'm not upset though, that Hermy won't know. I don't know. It's just that most authors don't really get the right reaction of the character. Though, your Ron reaction was a dead shot in my opinion. (is dead shot an actual phrase? hrm) change that to right on the money since i can't think of any other cliches at the moment.

The scene between the twins and Harry was ..ergh. bergh at you. they WILL find out eventually. i mean, if he dies, at least. If theydo, I wish I could see their faces. Fred n George serious... scared me in OOtP and it'll scare me in this one..

Good to know my not reviewing affected you that much I'll be sure to do it again, if just to get you to update faster (this is not a threat..or me expressing that you update slowly... hell, if i were writing womething, it'd take me a month to get a chapter out, if I were lucky)

NExt chapter, encore, bravo, etc etc.
SiriuslyObsessed chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
wow great job! cho finally got what she deserved. she's such a bitch. I loved the Weasley's prank, that was great!

thanks for writing and keep up the good work!
PussyKat chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
Yayyayyayyay 'nother chapter! OO Cho is SUCH a bitch! How did she know about the scar on his stomach? Will it be revealed? I LOVE the randomness of this story. I hate the way some fanfics are so predictable. Anyway, i'd better go, cos I can barely type from too many caffeine pixies. Loved the chapter. Update soon!

Blessed Be,

Mimmi85 chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
Really, poor Cho! How could u, now she has to think of something else to win Harry for herself! And here I was hoping they would finally get together, but no!

just kiddin, u better get Harry and Ginny together, or Ill really come and let those kids tickle u!

update, please?

Englishgirl chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
that was a really good chapter! Go Harry - down with slutty CHO!
theauthorthatwrites chapter 26 . 10/9/2003
Let me be frank: Can I kill Cho? Maybe just tear off her head? I would ask if I could rip out her heart, but she doesn't have one. It's Harry/Ginny forever, but your the author. (sniffles) I love Harry and Ginny. Okay, enough sentimental B.S.! I'm a guy, and I love romance. IS SOMETHING WRONG HERE? Okay, cool down...Right, just chillin'. (exhales breath) okay, sorry, needed to do that.

It's nice to hear that you have a life. Just keep updating regularly, and it won't be a problem. Otherwise, the Supreme-Order-of-Darkness will have to revoke said life, and then you will be confined to fanfiction forever! BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

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