Reviews for I do NOT have Anger Issues, I swear!
Tydeet chapter 17 . 2/14/2022
Fix please all instances of trough to through, thank you.
AnimeA55Kicker chapter 17 . 2/14/2022
Coil is totally going to lose.
Guest chapter 16 . 2/10/2022
I hope veda has clips of that audio...

Tay was swing back and forth hard this chapter, I am honestly surprised she didn't let her temper slip even slightly at the 'betrayal'.

This is a comment about chapter 14... why not tie a cable to the sword and then yank it through a portal at high speed?
VirusZyX chapter 16 . 2/12/2022
Thanks for the chapter.
Spelloyal chapter 16 . 2/11/2022
Well, it would have been better to hide the identity. It would be more convenient, but I'm not against her revealing her identity except that now she really can't leave the house safely without armor as her body isn't bulletproof.
adam110902 chapter 16 . 2/11/2022
amazing, i hope next time will come soon
Guest chapter 16 . 2/7/2022
Gizmo Gear chapter 16 . 2/9/2022
Taylir ain't takin anyone's shit.

Glad to see more of this! :D
Riniko22 chapter 14 . 2/8/2022
Taylor you should have packed the Titan's ears/mouth/nose full of explosives before pulling out the sword, or better yet blowing it and then recovering the sword.
snow in the darkness chapter 16 . 2/7/2022
you holding her back... ahh what a disappointment. At least your version is better than deku doom slayer. That one is suck ball
george17 chapter 16 . 2/7/2022
From stone cold bitch to complete pussy and back again in one chapter. Your believability might need a little work.
Reclai chapter 16 . 2/7/2022
Yay violence
Greyff chapter 16 . 2/7/2022
Ah, too bad. i wanted to see how much of his blades and hooks would melt under plasma cannon fire. And an audio recording (Vega if nothing else) of Hookwolf stating he would be breaking those Rules would certainly help in her defense.
frankieu chapter 16 . 2/7/2022
nice chapter thx for writing it
ah nazi of demon same thing
still me thinks vega should release a recording of all the combat taylor dealt with should give her a nice rep
JanessaVR chapter 16 . 2/7/2022
Fuck the E88 and fuck the PRT, too. Declare war and exterminate the E88.
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