Reviews for Close Quarters
Kayozm chapter 44 . 9/24
Oh gosh, you have a lot going on, snd isn so sorry about your mother-in-law, that is really hard.
I can’t believe you find any time for writing, but I hope I gives you some moments of pleasure in amongst all the other stuff.
Guest chapter 44 . 9/24
Wow, this has been terribly exciting. Now three weddings to go! I love what you did with Anne finding her gumotion.
Jansfamily4 chapter 44 . 9/22
Jane has news. Will they have a double wedding?
Anne is getting married tomorrow. That's good news.
Thank you for the update.
Jansfamily4 chapter 43 . 9/21
Poor Georgie. Getting her to talk is like pulling teeth. But, Elizabeth got her to relax.
blue-eyed Em chapter 44 . 9/19
I'm so excited for the wedding. Great story!
liysyl chapter 44 . 9/18
Awesome chapter I liked your fatherly Mr Gardinr. Thanks for sharing your story.
MK543 chapter 44 . 9/18
Delightful. Life is hard and when you work as hard as you do having a sick family member is too much at times. I hope you have support around you.
Lisa chapter 44 . 9/17
I’m so sorry about your mother in law. My daughter had congestive heart failure when she was a baby because she was born with a hole between her ventricles, so I remember all her medications and how weak and sick she became before they patched the hole with open heart surgery. I’m so lucky to have her.
dpennell007 chapter 44 . 9/17
Poor Mr. Gardiner had to put his foot down. Sometimes the expression of young love can not be denied! Sorry to hear about your rough summer. I have faith your evaluation went well.
ChrisM0519 chapter 44 . 9/17
I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Gardiner would have said, "You know the middle ages use to make women wear chastity belts; sometimes, I wish it were the good old days."

My condolences for the workload and about your mother-in-law. My daughter-in-law is also a teacher so I hear often about her long hours and little pay.
ChrisM0519 chapter 43 . 9/17
Georgiana's world has now grown to include, not only her brother and cousins, but sisters and an aunt and uncle.
fairytalebliss182 chapter 44 . 9/17
Great sisterly bonding in this chapter! Poor Mr. Gardinerwhat an awkward moment for all of them haha thankfully they’ll be married soon. Thanks for sharing another chapter with us despite all that’s going on in your life. Remember to take care of yourself too during this difficult time
LoveInTheBattleField chapter 44 . 9/17
I can't wait for Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy to get married.

Sorry about your mom, I hope she gets better!
EmlynMara chapter 44 . 9/17
Delightful, delicious chapter. Uncle Gardiner was a necessary splash of cold water. Fun interactions between the young ladies as they learned more about each other and about being sisters.
I hope your load eases somewhat. Health issues are always difficult, even when they are not your own.
Levenez chapter 44 . 9/17
Thank you very much for the new chapter. Well done with sharing it despite all that’s happening in your life. I guess Mr Gardiner is getting a quick preview of what awaits him once his children will be grown!
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