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mon chapter 1 . 10/3/2004
nice fic about dealing with losses.
Waywren Truesong chapter 1 . 9/14/2003
This is an entirely inadequate review for the greatness of this story, but I should have been in bed two hours ago, so I'll just say it:

Silent as the Grave chapter 1 . 8/11/2003


that was awesome!
Bebop Valentine chapter 1 . 7/6/2003
I'll admit, I finished OOtP in various stages of tears. This story had megetting a lump in my thoat, again.

Wonderful, wonderful story!
Tarawyn chapter 1 . 7/3/2003
Excellent. You captured Remus' character and gave me a lot to chew on - much more satisfactory than the little we got in the books. It was angsty, but in a detached way that fit exactly what Remus was feeling. I'm looking forward to book 6 in that we'll hopefully see more of Remus (and everything else too, but you knew that already). I also liked your commentary on that last scene...
Innocent little child chapter 1 . 7/3/2003
I know I said I didn't read the rest of the story but after looking at the reviews I couldn't resist finish the story. I didn't cry when I read the actual book five (my manly pride wouldn't let me) and I don't cry very often but after reading this my eyes were watery. I was almost crying. I've not read a story quite like it. if this wasn't based on something she's already created, I'd say you are a better writer than JK herself. Absolutely amazing. I tried to recommend it on another HP site where they have monthly reccomendation but unfortunately I couldn't because my computer is stupid. Well done. Please write a version of the sixth book because I've now marked you as one of my favourite author and I hope it's as good as this.
Innocent little child chapter 1 . 7/3/2003
I didn't really finish reading your story. Not that it's bad or anything but it's only that it's not the kinda story I was looking for. The little bit that I read was well good though I must point out a few things which don't exactly tally with what's in the real book five. Firstly Nevile ran after Harry and was in the same room when Bellatrix attacked Harry. Second, Ron was still a bit bonkers when the events of the duel between Lord Voldemort and Professor Albus Dumbledore was taking place. oh and by the way, you are the only author so far to have managed to capture Luna in the same light as she's potrayed in the actual book. I think she's ace.
Moonrose1 chapter 1 . 7/2/2003
Well, what can I say? The beginning sections had the dreamy, not quite real feel, like anyone who is in shock/grief would. Either that, or my mind is sluggish because I'm reading this at one am. I read your stories early in the morning, have you noticed? Anyway, if that was the style and I'm not just half asleep, it worked very well. The thought process was very real and made me cry, actually. More than OOTP did... huh.

I love how you portrayed all the characters in this. It really felt like an extention of OOTP, which was really nice. I was desperate to see how the Phoenix members were reacting. I was sobbing hysterically when, in the book, Harry thought that it sounded like every word was causing Lupin pain. I was hoping to see how much of the pain, but since JK didn't elaborate, this is just perfect. The style of the ending was not awkward, I actually found it vaguely familiar and a very useful little technique.

The whole life expenctancy/Tonks/flashback sequence could have been hard to add to a fic like this, but you pulled it off with ease, and it really brought a lot of weight to the fic. I loved the part where you said Remus used to cling to Padfoot after a full moon. Any dog owner knows how true that is, and it really showed that, despite the fact that Sirius could be a jerk, he really knew how to treat his friends.

I loved how you pulled off the Remus and Snape/Remus and Molly scenes. Those really worked well. Snape wasn't his usual bastard self (sorry for the strong language), and it was really great to see how he could put aside differences for the good of... er, good. Ok, sure, so Remus was all right around him 'cause Snape wouldn't feel any pity for him, but that's OK! Personally, I think that is a good quality, to ignore crises and get to work, but I'm weird. The Molly and Remus scene was very touching. I was glad someone else picked up on the fact that Remus was always comforting Molly, and I thought it was a useful device to use, when you switched the positions.

Does any of this make sense? It's really late... ok, here's the conclusion. I really like this fic, it is right up there with your usual genius, and I hope to see more fics out there. You're a talented writer, probably my favourite, and I just squeal in delight when you get a new fic up or update. So... get a new fic up, or update!
Zetta chapter 1 . 7/1/2003
Excellent fic.

Very sad though- I teared up.

:o( Not entirely thrilled with the ending though, but I suppose you had to go along with OOtP, and i didn't like the ending in the beginning, so no fault ofo yours. (

Did like the bit with Hermione though- *sniff* very sweet.

And I was quite confused by the guy with his fingers- it took me a second reading of the end to figure out that he must have been flashing his digits or something.

But very nice overall- keep up the good work1
Viridian Magpie chapter 1 . 7/1/2003
A very good idea to write a fic about how Remus dealt with Sirius' death. Often, our favourite werewolf is portrayed as being either stoic or totally loony but the way you described his reaction is very believable and realistic. I enjoyed reading it greatly.

Thought you said you wouldn't get OOP in the next two weeks? I already wanted to send you and email to warn you since you were right: people can't be trusted to keep their mouths shut. While I have read OOP already it still irks me that some think everyone has, and thus state !in the TITLE! what happened to Padfoot, namely his demise.

*sarcastic* But I have to admit some of them are at least a bit decent.

Why? Because they warn you of spoilers in the summary (remember AFTER having spoiled OOP in the title - logic?). Sorry, I'm ranting.

Will you perhaps write the "letter" Remus considers sending? I'd like to see it. Please?

auroraziazan chapter 1 . 6/30/2003
Wait a second. I forgot, whose nose is broken? (that took 4 tries to spell right) You wrote it well, it just took a bit to identify. And didn't Remus tells Ginny she's not going anywhere on that ankle before they all walk off?

I like how someone finally got to deal with Mrs. Black. As makes sense, she was bothering me. And Tonks's entrance into the scene is carried off very well, and with pretty good timing.

Was it me that gave you this bizarre hot chocolate fix? Not that I'm sorry I did, it seems to fit with irrational thought far better than conventional beverages. And the idea of the Order taking up French to fill their spare time is amusing, to say the least.

"As it was on everyone’s mind it was quite possibly his civic duty to free up their discussion." That just so wonderfully Remus, as we all know and love him. And who/what is the alternative to Tonks liking Moony?

And you say it's not a Remie/Sirry, but it would have made a good one if you had wanted it to. You have them so seemingly comfortable with each other. Just the way it ought to be.

The talks about the future and the inheritance are rather interesting. Somehow I hadn't really thought about it. Makes sense, though.

‘I expect what you’re not aware of would fill several books, Dursley.’ Also a great line. Seems a tad familiar...

Though if you wanted to, this would lead into a fairly good Hermione/Remus. Actually, I noticed one or two things in the book that could develop into a fairly decent Ginny/Remus, but that's not the point.

Interesting ending, though I can't tell who you are imitating. I liked this, and you certainly got it out quickly.
Twinnie chapter 1 . 6/28/2003
Waw, you were certainly inspired when you wrote that... It's amazing. Very clever, well-written, an intersting construction, and totally in character... The way you wrote Lupin was close to perfect. The first part was heart-wrenching, and the whole thing is...

I have lost someone recently, and I can definitely imagine someone dealing with something like that the way you wrote. It's extremely realistic.

This is a fabulous piece of writing. Thank you for sharing it with us )
a tattered rose chapter 1 . 6/27/2003
*applauds* nicely done. i'm particularly impressed over how you chronicaled his emotions over time, with various interactions with others... all very believable and whatnot.

there are a few point where words were missing or i think you've got the wrong word, but it really wasn't bad enough to detract from the reading. cheers ~**~
Marie4 chapter 1 . 6/27/2003
This was wonderful. No really I loved it. I thin you've really hit on something. He is a difficult character to write, precisely because he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. Very well done!
deletye chapter 1 . 6/26/2003
eh, that was really good. Nice staying in character.

I actually cried at one point. Mind you, I've only gotten about 3 hours sleep, but still..

Keep writing!
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