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maxperseus130 chapter 4 . 1/4
Awesome work! Keep it up!

Now, I'm trying to come up with a line of succession based on what you've said so far in the story;

First of all Naruto has got to be part alien, otherwise everyone would be comparing him to this hero or that tyrant from history. So, here it goes:

Naruto's power, in varying degrees of strength first appeared in Kryptonians in ancient history, but his bloodline was always especially strong.

First was Zod, who led Krypton's armies in conquest.

After Krypton died, Zod's descendant, H'el, was tasked with finding a planet suitable to be the new capital of Kryptonian territory. He finds Viltrum, but also finds out that some of the survivors he is leading are clones made to repopulate, and the question of whether he himself is a clone drives him mad, and his wife takes their kid and leaves him.

H'el's descendant, Ikaris, instigated and led the massacre of the weak because he thought it was in his people's best interest.

Ikaris' descendant, Thragg, would lead the armies of the new Viltrumite Empire in conquest.

Thragg's descendant is sent to infiltrate Korugar (Sinestro's planet), and has a half-Korugarian son - Gladiator. Gladiator, who grows up on Korugar, gathers a team of heroes and fights against Viltrumite occupation. He is powerful enough to cripple the Empire's forces in Korugar's sector, but a bounty is put on his head, so he sends his wife and child to a yet undiscovered planet, inhabited by another species that looks just like humans.

Some centuries later, the Korugarian blood in Gladiator's descendant is completely diluted by the blood of the new species, but his Kryptonian/Viltrumite blood awakens - this is Homelander, an especially powerful Viltrumite, but whose lack of training and utter laziness ensured his complete destruction when the Viltrumite forces reached his planet. Homelander's son is inducted into the armies once his own powers awaken and takes a Viltrumite wife.

Some centuries later, Homelander's descendant, Alexandria, born with complete invincibility and a prodigious tactical mind leads a rebellion against Viltrumite leaderhsip and fractures the Empire beyond repair. She becomes a superhero on her home planet afterwards.

Alexandria's descendant, Superwoman, becomes an intergalactic criminal mastermind and eventually is forced to flee to a new galaxy where her descendants eventually find and settle down on Earth, although none of them inherit her powers until Naruto.

Now, considering that Alexandria and Superwoman share skin tone, hair color, and eye color I could even call them mother and daughter while Naruto might very well be Superwoman's grandson considering that the only known quantity separating them is Naruto's mother who is stated to be normal. This very close relation might also be the reason why Superwoman is capable of manifesting herself in the real world. It would also mean that the relationship between Naruto, Superwoman and Alexandria is threeway incest, but it was that already regardless of how many generations separate them. Makes one wonder if Kushina is going to join in.

On a different note, why do you insist of putting an 'I' at the end of 'UA'? Also Ikarus' name is Ikaris unless you are referring to the DC character Armen Ikarus which really wouldn't fit in.
liongeartech chapter 4 . 1/4
okay so you nerfed your character, completely wrecked your in universe powerscaling, put an unnecessary task that made no sense and made made homelander stronger than planet busters, I'm going to see where this goes but this was your weakest chapter so far
nitewolf423 chapter 2 . 1/4
aizawa got in through the sports festival and general ed
Demonic Rebel chapter 4 . 1/4
This is definitely the weakest chapter. It makes absolutely no sense for UA to question Naruto of all people and only him. I would understand a psych eval. for everyone but to single him out when Bakugo exists is just stupid. On top of that you are nerfing him. Mirio in no way would beat a kryptonian. It just isn't possible. I can understand mirio putting up a fight with a growing naruto who hasn't reached full potential but with his trump card mirio would be dust.
niideadequenombremecoloco chapter 4 . 1/4
great chapter and nice to see you updating this story again
JJJficcion9 chapter 4 . 1/4
I will say that the plot at the beginning of the story was fine. You emphasized that Naruto is inheriting the powers of the supermen of the multiverse, his relationship with Momo, etc. but it seems that you decided to nerf him in the new chapters as well as about empowering the bnha characters to be more accurate to the heroes and at the end of the new chapter they go and trick him for a kind of test to see what kind of person he was and what secrets it has something that should fit naruto.
Why are they only testing him? Look at how many people are in the exam, the multiple personalities and why they want to be heroes, ranging from people who just want to fight to people who just want money and go for Naruto, the guy who has a real reason. to be a hero.

if i'm honest if you wanted to nerf naruto from the beginning you shouldn't have put that kind of power into him it's honestly disappointing and insulting to fans of supermen like dc comics to invincible you should have put a different explanation for his power or done an oc

Let's put this from a power list.
-naruto powers list

Zoc the Kryptonian from DC: Capable of moving a planet Taking black holes in his hands Surviving supernovae Laser beams from eyes Able to cut mountains etc.

Nolan Grayson from Invincible: An Alien Race Capable of getting stronger every second, every moment, even sleeping, they become stronger, faster, more durable, intelligent, etc. with a virtually eternal lifespan with natural abilities to fly and survive in the vacuum of space.

Those are just two of the ghosts that he says he has in his mind, of which they all share the power of a super strength capable of destroying continents, an invulnerability to survive at all, a speed capable of surpassing light among other powers.

-bnha hero powers list

endervore hero n.2 : hellfire quirk creative use from moving quickly like a rocket or at the speed of an airplane to a more controlled use to create whips or rays of concentrated fire resistance to fire and in good shape for heroic work.

mirko the rabbit hero: rabbit quirk stronger legs than an average human fit sharp reflexes running speed higher than that of cars but not planes or other means of flying transportation normal durability for a trained body

With this you already get an idea of why it seems absurd to me how everything ended in the last 3 chapters without mentioning that in the first chapter Mirko lost against Muscular and Naruto defeated him without even trying. Another thing that you emphasize is that Naruto faces daily fights with the ghosts in order to better understand their power so the lack of experience would have nothing to do with their loss

I honestly like your other stories like the one about kim possible to the one about fate that you are doing but this one was ruined for me for various reasons the sudden nerfing of naruto the unscrupulous empowerment of the bnha heroes naruto's complacency to deception among others In the end the plot was good but these discrepancies ruined it for me as I know good luck in your other stories.
biob1 chapter 4 . 1/4
Nice work
Issexwithyourcloneincest chapter 4 . 1/4
What's the point of having unchecked power if you can't abuse it? It might sound bad, but I kind of want to see Naruto slowly becoming more like Homelander than the others. Less of a manchild, yes, but with the instability.
6UnTalentedArtist9 chapter 4 . 1/4
All Might and All for One at their best could do nothing against a Kryptonian, Homelander maybe… but if he went full on H'el or Zod or even Gladiator… people who can casually keep a black hole in their hands and match like 70-80% speedsters in speed… yeah no… just no…
Kyuzikiri chapter 4 . 1/4
WhateverPlus chapter 4 . 1/4
I liked this chapter
King0fP0wers chapter 1 . 1/4
Moral of the story? Even supervillains, tyrants or worse despise Homelander. Lol.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/4
Okay kinda impressive that Mirio didn’t immediately die when he got one for all

But given what we know about that Quirk he shouldn’t be able to use any of the past users quirks
Demon king of tyranny chapter 4 . 1/3
I've would have liked to see naruto go to America instead to have something different from the regular Naruto goes to UA and with all the power naruto has from the beings inside him no one in mha could go against him unless naruto is nerfed or all of MHA get amped. You should have him at least visit America to meet stars and stripe. Other than that I would like to see more updates on this story and see what type of relationship is built with bakugos mom.
Rodo22 chapter 4 . 1/3
The fight was interesting but I do have a concern. The scene where Naruto says that Mirio would have beaten him if he had full control of his strength. Is that true?
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