Reviews for Pokémon: Sinnoh no Isekai
Guest chapter 289 . 3/1
Alaskan bull worm anyone?
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 289 . 3/1
Wonder if the parents might try to lay some blame on dawn and her friends, complaining that their kids would've been safe if they were on her ship. You definitely seem to have a theme where they heap blame on others and not themselves when their wrongdoings are what's causing these tragedies. While Geeta is the easier scapegoat, irrationality might try to point some of the blame Dawn's way.
Irina Akashira chapter 289 . 3/1
ty for the update
Legomasterlord chapter 289 . 3/1
...outside of Rimu being a Team Scorn admin, if I didn't know it, I'd say he's being sus as shit.
Irina Akashira chapter 288 . 2/23
ty for the update
Legomasterlord chapter 288 . 2/23
Iono would be a fun character to see return since she's something akin to a VTuber, and they are to a degree somewhat popular. That, and she's definitely a unique character.

Still, time for war.
Irina Akashira chapter 287 . 2/16
Ty for the update

Warning. In the fight you wrote Espartha instead Espathra

And as more I reading this arc and some points before, I see more references to HP

I bet ANY serios investigation, police would have psychic pokemon to interrogate suspicious people
Legomasterlord chapter 287 . 2/16
...nah, I'm with Team Scorn on this one.

Let's watch Paldea BURN.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 287 . 2/16
... wonder if there might be some defecrions if team star members of team scorn knew what Dawn and the others are doing and have found. They can finally get their story heard.
Legomasterlord chapter 286 . 2/9
But the real question is which Paradox Donphan will become the Titan in the desert... we shall find out next time... maybe... sometime.

Irina Akashira chapter 286 . 2/9
Ty for the update

Imagining Argent be jealous of Nava, if she turns a new mount lol

To "God of Wind 200"

You say characters should have used their "future knowledge of events yet to come", but they JUST know a game and an anime of a fantastic world

Neither of them have detailed information of world building
Also expect to remember EXACTLY where it took place the incidents? When did finish diamond/pearl anime? 16 years after characters reincarnated. I don't remember any specific name of towns of a cartoon seen that time

And seeing several references to HP and BNHA in some chapters
Anyone would be afraid to risk to expose some superpower or magic
Many isekai stories, the reincarnated is thought to be possessed and worser, so "purified" (coof, burned alive)

I can see no credible benefit that compense the risk
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 286 . 2/9
X( this might sour relations with the school. The original story had them victims of bullying that decided to take the fight to them, but scared their bullies off. This one, from what i heard at the beginning of this arc: one of the bullies instead snitched instead of approach the fight, turning the consequences on the victims as bullies instead of the true perpetrators.

(Still not likeing Rimu's goal here. Just because one area was soured doesn't mean you'd have to salt the earth of Paldea for EVERYONE. There's still beauty to it that your life experience is just clouding out.)
God of Wind 200 chapter 285 . 2/2
Sad thing is Nemona is right to want to dig plus its kinda hypocritical for Dawn and her group to get on Nemona for wanting to dig deeper into someone past when their doing the same thing in fact you could even say that Dawn’s group are the worst because in the past they had future knowledge of events yet to come but instead of stopping them early they decided to go on a Pokémon journey and complete in the league at the same time Ash was meaning that yet again they had future knowledge of what Pokemon was going to be used
Irina Akashira chapter 285 . 2/2
Ty for the update

Sadly I thought the MC would get a Ceruledge and seeing your current tendence with names, name him Souei
Legomasterlord chapter 285 . 2/2
...ya know, I can see Arven being a reoccuring member of the squad. He'd probably make a good addition.
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