Reviews for Maybe a Dance
Dazzlingsparkle chapter 13 . 4/13/2023
Even I hate jeans
Pa Trizia 88 chapter 29 . 4/12/2023
Wonderful chapter!
Bella thinks like I just have to find my Edward to appreciate that about me! ;)
Pa Trizia 88 chapter 27 . 4/10/2023
Edward sooo spoke my heart when addressing Alice's audacity to post private things to a broad public. So infuriating!
Alice is not a really cool person to like right now, but I suppose she'll get her chance at redemption in several areas of her life. Poor Jasp...
zopia chapter 1 . 4/9/2023
I’m here…. Again…. Do you know how hard it’s to find well written, mature, real, smutty snugglefics these days?
Pa Trizia 88 chapter 25 . 3/27/2023
Hahah! So that's why he was such a pain in the ass when they were kids! It's what boys do! Lol!
And they take turns being insecure and jumping to conclusions.
And...where is Jasper? Has he been mentioned before? Is he one of Ed's friends? Omg...let's see
Pa Trizia 88 chapter 23 . 3/26/2023
Very good chapter. Felt very realistic, authentic and necessary.
Love them
Pa Trizia 88 chapter 22 . 3/26/2023
...wonderful...Thank Youuui!
Pa Trizia 88 chapter 21 . 3/26/2023
Professor Cullen...I thought it was Dr. Swan too?
However - Prof C can have a filthy mouth and it's a real turn on!
So much foreplay - they should finally get relief from this ache! Lol...
hannahclan chapter 36 . 3/25/2023
Great writing. Thank you
Heidi Burroughs-Sledge chapter 36 . 3/21/2023
I absolutely love your writing, thank you so much!
Pa Trizia 88 chapter 8 . 3/18/2023
Gosh. My stomach is in knots after that story! No wonder he was depressed! Ugh.
And I love how she is so truly herself, glasses and sweatpants and all.
JR chapter 8 . 3/17/2023
I have a question to you, Sir. Are you writing about your own personal experience? Your story was intellectually written. I even came across a few vocabulary / words that seldom read.
Thank you for this different c kind of story. Sorry if my language didn’t describe you well. I am not very literate you.
lrhjan05 chapter 10 . 3/12/2023
He would’ve had to wake me up. I don’t see how she let him get away with that comment and was still standing. I would’ve left the shirt off the next night on purpose. Lmbo

Anyway, thanks for sharing your words. Anything for a favorite author! Until next time!
lrhjan05 chapter 7 . 3/12/2023
Yeah and she fell in love this chapter. Ain’t nothing like somebody like having somebody listen to understand, and then actually offer good advice. I’m just gonna start looking for men named Edward and see if it works. Lmbo
lrhjan05 chapter 6 . 3/12/2023
He fell in love with her during this chapter. Lol that leg lift and splits will do it every time.
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