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FallenAngelItachi chapter 51 . 4/19/2018
Hey there and wow! I read this fic in two days max, it was quite engaging. Going into this I had no expectations on whom she'd end up with, but I believe half way through the "calmer" chapters, I was wholeheartedly rooting for Aoshi. You developed them better together, you had him do more things with and for her. Not that I didn't feel a slight inclination of yours near the end to have Sano steal her away but I believe this was far better. I loved it. Growth and change are integral and important in a person's life. I also enjoyed your writing style and the subtlety.
You wrote them very well, but I do feel Sano was a bit sidelined, one more reason it was better she chose Aoshi.
I am a huge Saitou fan btw and I just died when he was mentioned, I appreciated that more than you can imagine. Other than that, it was a most entertaining read and I wish you all the best in your original ideas.
Love, FAI.
Guest chapter 51 . 4/17/2018
I finally finished reading it! :) It was a fun ride. I like both pairings, but I’m glad it ended the way it did. Thx.
Zyllah chapter 51 . 6/23/2017
This is such a lively piece of work. I have always been a fan of Megumi she is actually my favorite character in RK. I've always been intrigued by the complicated relationship between her and Aoshi. I'm glad how you portrayed Megumi as a strong woman able to decide for herself. I love that there are both SanoMeg and AoMeg interactions to satisfy both fans.

I wish you could have written more stories for AOMeg. I am such a fan of them and this story of yours is truly a gem.
jhian casey chapter 51 . 1/5/2016
i've read this fic like, early last year but, i dont know why i wasn't able to leave a comment! argh!

this is such a beautiful, intriguing and very well-written fic..
the plot is just full of surprises and the characters' development is good and in character..

there are very few who writes fics about aomeg so, im really thankful to you, author-san for sharing with us this wonderful fic..
i know its been years since you finished this but i hope you still manage to stumble on your account here and see that many people are still reading your fic at this point and time..
it just goes to show at how good you are in writing and story-telling..
you're awesome and thank you!
hope you make more fics in the future! (another aomeg, maybe?:))
Guest chapter 51 . 12/12/2015
This is seriously one of the best Kenshin fics I've read. The plot was so engaging, and all of the characters were well-developed. There was so much tension in the love triangle, and better yet, the romance was believable even in the Kenshin universe. Well done. Hope you're still writing, whether it's fanfics or original fiction.
Kina chapter 51 . 4/9/2013
Loved reading this. Ahh screw Watsuki, why'd he hav e to make Aoshi marry Misao at the end of the manga? The darn picnic messed up all my fangirl expectations of Aoshi and Megumi getting together (and Sano getting all jealous). Misao just had to arrive a married woman didn't she? And Sano gallivanting across the globe! Anyway, great story, wish this is how RK ended.
Honeyee chapter 51 . 10/1/2011
This has got to be my most favorite AoshiMegumi story!

This is a gem. Thanks for writing!
QuartzFox chapter 51 . 9/12/2010
This one is humbled.

I found your fic by searching for all those over 100,000 words in RuroKen; yours was the first I found in a language I understood that was not totally AU... And I rapidly found myself hooked.

Your grasp of the characters is delicious; I myself am a huge Megumi fan (although I haven't yet decided with whom she should end up; I've married her off in various fics to Sano, Kensan, and Aoshi; I've set her up with Cho, and I'm also playing with one wherein she and Hiko are up for consideration. Next I plan to tackle Enishi and/or Soujiro, just for "laughs". But reading this... I am ashamed.

The sheer amount of thought and dedication that this work reflects astounds me. I love how you handled the triangle, and kept a balance of action/plot as well as shoujo moments. Seven years after you began to post it, it still shines.
kurokinshiro chapter 51 . 10/5/2008
I’d never bought into the Aoshi/Misao pairing in Rurouni Kenshin. I found this a little weird, since I had no problems with Kenshin/Kaoru, and the parallel age gaps of the two pairs couldn’t have been that different. I chalked it up to the idea that I saw Kaoru as a woman (and Kenshin treats her as such), while I couldn’t say the same for Misao (and I don’t think Aoshi ever treated her as anything more than a girl).

After having read your fic, I realized that the above had been merely part of the reason I didn’t ship Aoshi/Misao; I remembered being intrigued by the invisible dynamic between Aoshi and Megumi when I first watched the Kanryuu arc. Your story only firmly cemented my support for this pairing through good portrayal of characters and intriguing plot.

My favorite part would have to be the farce wedding, but there are lots of aspects/bits that are worthies as well:

original characters. Madame Kata was a lovely blend of silk-wrapped incisiveness. Little Megumi was adorable.

in-character RK cast. Okina was hilarious, but not stooping to become only comic relief—he was multifaceted, concocting devious plots, suppressing human wishes, lending deadly skills at need and at will. Saito was all sharp eyes and amber gleam. Kenshin was honed steel beneath gentle words.

scenes. The consulate ball. The Oniwaban, ushering in a new era. Aoshi, ill from poison, trying to make Megumi understand. Megumi, robed in red, talking to Aoshi of love.

All in all, excellent story, the best Aoshi/Megumi fic I’ve come across. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Sacha Nava chapter 51 . 9/26/2006
First of all, I apologize about my english. I speak spanish but i can understend english languaje pretty well. I just wanna say that i like your history a lot, cause Aoshi and Megumi are my favorite couple, they just match so fine!

I have to read this tipe of histories in english because I couldn't find one in my languaje.

So, i want to ask you a favor. Can I translate your history to my natural languaje (spanish)?

Because I like to people read about this exellent couple. I will respect your name as an author of this fic, I will only be the translator.

Ill mail you for your answer.
kunthea chapter 51 . 9/14/2006
This is a really nice story, though i feel you stretch it a little in the middle part. It’s well written. Your writing is greatly improved in this story. I mean, the first few chapters are simple and ok, but your writing became more intricate, more elegant and sophisticated in later chapters. I guess more like your other story, memory’s touch, which I’m half way through, by the way. Anyway, good.
Lucifer-the-great-undead chapter 51 . 8/29/2006
well i finally got myself to read this story before school starts. well first of all i am an aoshi/megumi shipper. you know when i was reading your author notes in the beginning to the middle of the story or so, you seemed unsure who megumi would end up with. you know as a reader, it seemed that you definitely leaned to aoshi pretty early. maybe u didn't realized this but i think it was clear who the guy would be. anyway great writing and plot. hm i wish there was a spin-off on misao and sojiro. the journey with them and cho would have been very amusing. great job and update memory's touch one of these days.
asga chapter 51 . 5/3/2006
BRAVO! I love this story ill put at my fave
asga chapter 50 . 5/3/2006
I read this story and made my eyes tired but who cares cose I hook with it adorable ficcie :D 1 chapter to go
Thief Rikku chapter 51 . 2/12/2005
Hohoho... T_T BEAUTIFUL!

I've never read such a well-written fic such as this! It feels like I'm reading a novel! Really... *squints eyes* I suppose I should give it a try and read some more Jane Austin... I'm just absolutely astonished at the professional and advanced writing you have! *squeals* I'm so happy that this ended in the most lovely way! Y'know, I was quite concerned that this would turn out to be a Meg/Sano ficcy because of the struggles you've expressed in your author's note and stating how you'll probably make the decision based on the most number of supporters of one couple. And you know how many Meg/Sano fans are out there... _ Phewf *wipes forehead* KYAH! *prances around* Sorry I'm so hyper. But it took me a couple of days to finish reading this fanfic but it was all worth the burning redness of the eyes and all! *cries* I'm quite sad though that this is finished. Lucky for me, there's the epilogue hehe, so I'm excited. Man, I wish I came across Meg/Aoshi pairing earlier so I could comment on each chapter. But if I did it know, then I know that you would be very annoyed at me. So many things to say but I know I must have forgotten more than half of it already now! _ I really love your whole plot/storyline and how you organized and added in the cool twists. You're a very logical person! You do seem like a Aoshi type of person, being able to think things thoroughly with a lot of precise thought. You have a brilliant mind, that's all I can say. Honestly, it was kind of frustrating seeing Megumi tangled in the love triangle lol. I was kinda on the edge of my seat literally pulling on my hair, wondering when she's going to make her decision and choose! I'm very pleased that she chose Aoshi hehehe, but I do love Sano. I think that Meg and Sano have a cool friendship and they could work it out in a relationship but I'm all for Aoshi/Megumi. *slumps onto the floor in a deep, overly-exaggerated bow* haha, Sano's a pretty lucky guy hitting on Megumi before she went off to Aoshi. Poor Aoshi, really! I was really afraid that if Sagara kept on coming onto her, she would give in eventually but! Sano's a good guy for being considerate and letting Aoshi have the chance. After all, Aoshi is such a generous and kind gentleman! I was on the verge of tears when he told Sano to take Megumi and leave Kyoto in chapter 50.. T_T I was like, baka Aoshi! You being so sweet and magnanimous, you deserve a lot! *huggles Aoshi* Okay, I'll be quiet now lol. I think I'm annoying my author buddy! ~(_)~ *eyes go twinkly* A very beautiful moment he and Megumi shared! I really liked the way you described his feelings for her when they kissed! That description was PERFECT! FINALLY! hehehe, they kissed! XDXD So all my reading did pay off eh? I liked it when you stated that Megumi was the one who chose Aoshi and not the puppet master heh heh. All's good. *thumbs up*

I enjoyed reading this wonderful and superb fanfic! *applauds, clapping madly* Yayy! Magnificent job, one of the best fanfics I've ever read! *showers you with pocky and confetti* Now I must take my leave for now, but I'll make sure to read the epilogue and comment on that one and hopefully for you, I won't make a long letter out of it *sweat drops*

*hugs the fanfic* Love this so much!
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