Reviews for Phantasm
AlexFalTon chapter 6 . 5/5/2022
Joaquim - a true spirit of adventure cries for this feller, and dammed if it isn't sweet. There's his own relationship with his family, and all things considered, I think it was written well with more focus on his true cousin family and less with his parents. It helps that everyone came to the airport - *getting my Brooklyn accent ready* - Look, it's cousin Rio from Argentina!

Ava - Well, she's pretty much a stereotypical instagramer. Or what I imagine one to be. She's obsessed with fame, and obviously dislikes it when people don't treat her with attention. She shows that she can be kind with the stewardess. But only because she got the attention. She was written as a complex character, one that I love to dislike about. Glad to she's here. Besides her personality, I don't think she's going to win at all. Also. I just plain don't like instagram.

Kai - Overall, he's a pretty sports guy. Not completely sure what to make of him. I also noticed that his name is Jameson and he got a uncle named Jonah - so yeah. I'm loving that there's a Spider-man reference there.

Nina - Theres the fact that she's clearly searching for fame - and by the looks of it, is ready to embrace darker aspects of it. Maybe she doesn't have the best personality, but her interests are at least relatable as all hell. I mean, who here isn't a fan of the Hunger Games. Gosh darn it. I notice here that she could have a lot to bring for the future of the story, so it's implied so with her bumping to one of the other contestants. So yeah, kinda loving Nina as a character.

Love: Daniel Morales, Nina Ferrera
Like: Maeve Voland, Carolina Lennix, Joaquim Franco-Lucero
Neutral: Arcadio Diaz, Jameson 'Kai' Keating
Dislike: Ava Dallarosa
geologyisms chapter 6 . 5/4/2022
COREYYYYYYY the way i was like omfg when i saw this email... hope ur doing good bud ! we miss u! this chapter slapped i loved these bitches... especially kai he's so cool and i love his connection to jonah. benefits of joe having an insp in here i guess! also NINAAAA i forgot she was in this intro but i screamed you wrote her SO WELL i loved it from her dad and her being fruity and all her luggage and her cringe middle school phase coming back i cannot WAIT for the next chapter okay . this is short bc im tired but it slapped okay king can't wait for the next one and ur epic return xoxo - erik
twistedservice chapter 6 . 5/4/2022
im at work u piece of shit
Axe Smelling God chapter 5 . 3/15/2022
Maeve- well I can see that she is a very clever person. That she is looking for something more and to get into something. I like her a lot and I can see that she will definitely have the potential to win, with her quick wit.

Arcadio- I love his relationship with Miguel and Carmen. They look like the kind of people I would party with when I was in London on spring break. Also I adore Miguel so much and I demand more Miguel content. Hahaha.. anyway I like difference that Maeve is applying for tuition while Arcadio is doing it just for fun.

Daniel- I enjoyed him as well and I’m excited to see how he fair when the games start. I hope we get to see him in a good alliance which I think he would fair extremely well in.

Carolina- I know that she is excited for this opportunity but maybe she wants to rethink that. It could be awful if she doesn’t win because she seems like she deserves the world.
ShadowsOnTheFloor chapter 5 . 3/2/2022
So great to finally meet some of these players! I really like that we're in the modern world it's fun to see the players have cell phones and just like normal everyday things that we're used to rather than being in the realm of The Hunger Games.

I really liked Maeve! I like someone that is so intent on projecting this image of herself as this astute really intelligent woman with the money to provide herself the life that she lives. I was not expecting her to be a cheater and I think the implication is that she's cheated to get where she is which is very interesting given the title on the blog is Valedictorian. She exudes power and I like how confident she is in her skills and persona even though the world is crashing around her, and the motivation for applying really fits well with her whole vibe. She's fun to read!

I was a little confused with Arcadio, just because it read as though he was this celebrity with people being drawn to him and begging him to stay and buy him drinks and touch him but he said he's from this small town in Colombia so I'm lost a little bit. I liked his relationship with his best friend, it was such a nice vehicle to see how he interacts with other people and to get his human side behind all of the charm and stuff. Loved the little bit with his brother, that was a cute moment as was him with Carmen and what he did to his friend. I'm a little confused with his whole backstory but his personality is nice!

I totally see why Dani was titled the Himbo on the blog, he radiates that energy. You captured that essence perfectly, totally read like a blonde surfer boy that has no idea what he's doing with his life and is just going where the wind takes him. He's too ditzy and sort of shallow for my taste though I appreciate his obvious love for his job and environment, it feels very authentic to what the blog described. I caught that he has a boyfriend AND a girlfriend, would love to know more about that cause that's fascinating. Can't wait to see more sides to his personality!

Carolina is one that most resembles an actual Hunger Games character. The tragic backstory of the alcoholic parents ruining her childhood and having to flee for a better life sort of thing, as a quasi orphan. I feel bad for her brother being stuck there but I understand her point of view as well on why she cannot have him with her because of the memories she associates with him. I get that she's hard working and that she's desperate and can fake it until she makes it very well, but beyond that I can't grasp much more of her. I don't really find myself invested in her backstory since it's rather akin to so many ones we've heard before in the regular Hunger Games sphere so I hope she changes my mind later on!

Can't wait for more!
AlexFalTon chapter 5 . 3/1/2022
Maeve - She didn't have the most likable start of her character, and she is very much a self-serving character. That said, Maeve is surprisingly relatable when scholarships are concerned and its not as if she hurt people harshly - she only tattled about schoolwork. It's not the end of the world, just a bad time certainly - but I can't find myself being sympathetic to those Maeve tattled on as they're also cheaters. All honesty, a period scheme on cheating school work is just funny to me.

Arcadio - He's a popular soccer player, a fun party guy, who at least takes school seriously - which definitely goes against a stereotype, so kudos to the submitter. Other than that, Arcadio seems to be a normal decent guy.

Daniel - It's a bit tough not to like this guy. He's a pretty dude, and definitely genuine... I'm not expecting him to win as much as I'm expecting him to have men question their sexuality due to his face. Plus, his current relationship. Always a interest to see a person with a polynomous relationship.

Carolina - On one hand, I learned that Carolina hates anime. Therefore, I want her to be the main villain. But damn you, you wrote her backstory so dang well. She wants to the money to save herself and her brother from their low-income lives. It's the perfect underdog story and its difficult not to chear for her. Her diligence in her job and forced smiles really sell it too.

Love: Daniel Morales
Like: Maeve Voland, Carolina Lennix
Neutral: Arcadio Diaz
vincent zevallos chapter 4 . 2/23/2022
hiii corey babe

cute of u to let me into this lil contest of urs. it's been literal AGES since i went to america, so i'm thrilled for this opportunity. you know, i never read the divergent trilogy, i just remember the part where hazel grace dies at the end, but thankfully this is all a game and i won't be dying. real sweet of u to provide some info on my fellow vr bitchez; i'll let u know what i think xx

daniel: oh sweetie... it's okay to admit you're a bottom. we make the world go round. i do love a good beach babe tho xx i see your tan is real nice. gonna have to work on how you dress tho : /

lindsay: omg girl; you are looking so slay today. just a tip for the future though, color-blocked leather jackets are not your vibe. don't take it person hun, i'm just trying to help. will be hitting u up for the nova beauty tho... their sex-proof mascara is bomb af

aimery: ya know, some people really should stay in the closet. what's with the down face babes, you forget the enema? i am totally obsessed with the fact that you love tea though! i just know you'll be coming in clutch with all the dirty secrets about everyone else.

hunnie: miss girl, just because you don't like your first name, doesn't mean you need to go by "hunnie" as a nickname. it's giving honey boo boo, and nobody wants to be fat and ugly. just a tip, i'd go by vya if i were you.

hadrian: hate to admit it babes, but i don't recognize you one bit. do appreciate that you want to stay fit though, we can't be letting fast food mess with our guts now can we? kind of disrespectful to dislike your parents, they're the ones who slayed you into existence after all

maeve: oh girl, you are not going to be famous. the world has a million bitches like you, and spoiler alert: they all peak in high school. if you don't like spilling tea, you're probably boring asf too, and boring people never become famous.

joaquim: trust me, mr. non-sexual, we don't want you anyway. the jean jacket is a moment, but yellow really is not your color. i'm with you on the slow walkers though, a bitch has places to be.

shaina: it's giving... not quite butch, but nearly there. i do love an avril reference, so that's some points for you in my book ms girlie, and again going to the beach is a slay! gonna have to disagree with the diet soda tho hun, you need it to be skinny

darion: oh well hello there dedicated sportsman. i see that you're into quarterback, and while i usually prefer bareback, i'd be willing to try it with you. the fact that you're a vegan is real cute, you better save those animals babes! i'll see you soon, redcock

mika: girl, i think i'll still invent something else. it's not personal, except that it is. your roots are showing, so you really should get those touched up. children are actually demons though, but the fact you don't like rom coms is a bit boring of you. but you like the beach, so maybe we can hang xx

robin: oh country roads, puh-LEASE take me home! what conditioner do you use? it really is working, and well... i can't cook a burger well, but i sure do have meat, if you know what i mean. i don't like reading much myself, but the arts are fun! give them a try country boy, please

sheera: oh you are giving greek goddess slay the house down! skin care routine now? i would so love to go out partying with you, i love ur ig stories and your fits always slay the roof down hunty. you really are sweet like a peach miss thang

noah: oh he's funny! i get the joke, okay comedy king you better werk! i don't know shit about the warriors, but i'd learn for u girlie. i do love a man who already knows he loves nuts, but we're gonna have to work on the reality tv aversion mmkay

nina: girl u are absolutely slaying my life right now. love the curls, and i totally agree. who needs a college education when you can be hot instead? i love me a good gin and tonnie, and ofc gossip girl is a classic. jake gyllenhaal can suck it; i mean that literally and metaphorically xx

frankie gallagher: well well, looks like we've got a little fruit on our hands! it's giving indie boy... so you best not be a pretentious little shit. musicals are always fun, i so agree, and baseball is the only valid sport. have you seen the bubble butts those guys have? so just... yes.

ava: omg the literal queen is here? i so loved your video on why jeffree star's racism is okay. agree to disagree, but you made so good points miss girl. with you on the ciggies, shit is nasty asf. you're so going to need to do my makeup at some point girlie pop. it's a must

julian: normally i love a bad boy who i can fix, but even you're a bit of a stretch. i've never heard of reddit, sorry i'm just too pretty. we simply love feminism here, mmkay? we gotta support our girlies so that they support us.

carolina: well you're a bit confident aren't you? hmm... can't say it's warranted. before you even think about finding love sweetie, i'd work on your poses. you look 16 and 30 at the same time, and nobody wants to catch a case hun.

kai: you so could wander my great outdoors, if you know what i mean girlie. i know you dislike fanciful things, but i promise i could change ur mind xx i love a guitar boy, sing me to sleep please xx kind of cute that you're into that whole jesus fandom, i hear he was a top.

tatum: girl, the only reason you dislike popular people is because you aren't one, trust me. you're never going to escape if you don't even love a crowd hun x so true tho, europe is a big yes. we should totally go together, i've been dying to go back to rome.

arcadio: well you certainly wore your whitening strips for too long, now didn't you girl? i'm really just... not digging your whole vibe with the scarf and the suit. pick an aesthetic babes, but not one of those so help me god. real cool that you'll try anything once tho xx i was the same way once, but then i went three rounds with a boxer and couldn't walk for a week. just some advice kiss kiss

vivienne: i don't think anybody is interested in you either, just telling the truth so sorry. i don't know what the fuck a ragweed is, but if it's what you call your hair, i dislike it too. so true with the iced americano and cheesecake. i'm on an all carb diet and need the fucking fuel xx

me: oh corey these pics that you chose of me are just so yass! i really ate that shit, didn't i? hope that everyone who sees my profile thinks just as highly of myself as i do mwah

fallon: hmm chain-smoking is bad for your health sweetie, that's not really a cute look. down with fast fashion though! we're only buying designer this season. really can't wait to slay district 12 with you babes, it's going to be epic

that was so fun, and again thank u corey for the hot invite xx can't wait to meet all you sexy bitches soon
ladyqueerfoot chapter 4 . 2/23/2022
i thought this was 2012 im confused... prologue was okay; would've been better if mallory and zuri kissed. ur homophobic its okay tho.

blog review...

blog looks sexy we been knew tho

daniel: honestly rude that im going to be attached to a third z kid this year. he's so stupid tho me too

lindsay: best name of all time. personally i dont like ariana grande but i support miss material gurl

aimery: lol he has a stick up his ass im already entertained. it's giving neoliberal... but also maybe not bc i trust dyl to create a leftist hottie

hunnie: by her name is fucking sending me. but why doesnt she like reality tv thats boring :peace_sign:

hadrian: he reminds me of everyone annoying in LA but in a good way, as in i will enjoy him. i also hate when heroes win but cmon eat mcdonalds bestie

maeve: oh no not the valedictorian... she would've annoyed the fuck out of me in high school i bet she is pissed shes here and not at yale or some shit

joaquim: he should do drugs its more fun that way. what is he dreaming of if he's not dreaming about sex?

shaina: fucking serve. unsurprised. i dont like being cold either. i hate the beach tho. a fat vibe overall

darion: the first kid who doesnt seem like a bitch or a nerd loser. he is a nice man he deserves better than everyone here.

mika: god she is somehow both a bitch and a nerd loser i home she fucks a robot

robin: country boy? why doesnt he like his sister... god whenever i see that fc i hate the kid so im gonna cut to the chase and say i hate him.

sheera: her last name is too close to ed sheeran so for that reason sharks, im out. i feel bad for her because shes from orange county but she must be mentally ill if she doesnt like sleeping

noah: HES SO CUTE AND HIS BIO IWS SO GOOD! i like lactose... hope bestie doesnt shit himself. he seems like such a good little lad nice work ali i knew u wouldn't let me down

nina: she's me and she's dumb as fuck. cant wait for phantasm (nina's version)

frankie: its giving stereotypical gay boy but im lowkey also a stereotypical gay boy in a lesbian's body. he's either gonna annoy the living shit out of me, or be violently average.

ava: #RoadTo1M she is such a legend even if she supports jeffree star. she looks like a sexier version than the already sexy cara delevine

julian: what the fuck

carolina: the yassification of a faceclaim of a thembo liar kid goldie sent me disturbs me. i wonder what she is writing. i bet she would kill a weeb

kai: oh he's also cute! wtf... i hope him and darion are bros. why does this seem like joe's glorified self insert. like joe wishes he was kai almost? he is cute even if he is straight

tatum: cool that journey wrote dont stop believing about her. i wonder if she's watched glee. she doesnt like dogs tho so she should die first

arcadio: his fc is legit scaring me how does he try everything once but hate drinking his teeth are making me uncomfortable and sad bye

viv: she is the moment she is a cultural reset she is so iconic and legendary and does not deserve all of the bullshit that she will be put thru. she is so iconic i forgive her for disliking mint choccy chip

vinnny: get him off my screen

fallon: i love the two rich people being in d12 but ooh theres a twist shes a weeb maybe i will own her because i do love meat

what a cast. they sure do exist.
dyloccupy chapter 4 . 2/23/2022
you’re insane….that’s why i adore you
darthnell chapter 3 . 2/13/2022
Hi its me these prologues absolutely SLAP and im so hype for this :D:D:D:D These guys are highkey so very sus and I kind of don't believe that nobody will be dying in this story but I guess we'll see... :eyes:
mangesboy01 chapter 3 . 2/8/2022
it’s Austin.

This is such an interesting concept and I’m cackling at the team. I think Dom is my fav. But Roald really intrigues me.

I definitely don’t think the tribs are coming back safe, healthy and happy. So if you die within the game, you die in real life. This gives me jumanji feels ready player 1 hg

sad I missed the deadline, but like always, Corey your mind. I’m envious of it.
goldie031 chapter 3 . 2/6/2022
Hiya corey! Just wanted to drop a quick review to say how much I’m enjoying phantasm so far! It’s been so neat to see your interpretations of us as you bring these inspireds to life! I gotta say, your Grace has been pretty spot on. I love how she’s just so willing to help out and do things for the twins. I also love just how sus you’ve made everyone. I looked at myself and was like “there’s no way grace can be sus!” but you’ve made her sus! So kudos to you. I’m very excited to see how our ten friends here deal with the fact that there is an imposter among them… and I wonder if it could be two… all in all fabulous prologues, an awesome setup, and I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves next!
Axe Smelling God chapter 3 . 2/1/2022
Grace- when we get further into boomgate, the more I wish Esme was in control and not part owner. Clarence seems to be the big issue here and definitely giving President Snow vibes. Also it sucks that Grace is in the middle and has to keep this from Esme.
Roald- I think that him being away might be the saving grace of this whole situation. He’s not too involved in the ends and outs. Just in case something does happens he’s far away from the situation so that it doesn’t bother him too much.
Dominic- alcohol is the best cure for keeping secrets, at least in my opinion. I like him a lot and I definitely hope we see more of him soon.
Axe Smelling God chapter 2 . 2/1/2022
Avery- she seems like she has nose in everything that’s going on. She seems like the kind of person to go out of her way to do what’s right but gets shut down. I know that she will be a driving force in the accident that happened and might go against the siblings if need be.

Levi- this is a great way for us to see the very change that we’re all needing for this office. We have Avery who wants to do what’s right and now Levi who knows all the gossip. If these two teamed up it would be a nice dynamic that might be a nice balance to see after all. I’m excited to see where this will take us and how they will stir the pot.

Jonah- I’m so intrigued by Jonah and how he seems to be one step ahead of everything. Even though we don’t known fully about the situation I know that he has his eyes and ears on everything .
Axe Smelling God chapter 1 . 2/1/2022
Hey, so excited to be back and to see another story from you. This is an exciting premise and I love how nonchalant everyone is about virtual reality in this story. I would kill to experience something like this. Also the relationship between Esme and Clarence show a classic dynamic of power between two siblings. It was a nice way to show this relationship and I’m excited to see where you take them as the story continues.
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