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Alicedreamer93 chapter 24 . 8/12
I hope this isn’t to much, I know it’s not my my typical review. I think just all these raging hormones, but I cried when rilla described her relationship with Anne. Maybe I just can fathom treating any child that way as a mother. After all the planning, waiting, name choosing( which is harder then ever this time for us as we used our choice of girl names!) And of course no parent is perfect which makes it harder, but my heart broke for Rilla.
But now onto abit more a and daughters it’s everything perfect or fraught. Especially for Anne and Rilla I find. I am curious why Anne didn’t want to protect Rilla more if she didn’t have magic? I mean a defenceless fairy? I feel like I would want to protect it more? Or is she ashamed on having a powerless fairy? I know that Anne wasn’t alway nice or mince her words in the book about the lack of Rilla’s accomplishments early on. But this Anne just seems so cruel granted this is Rilla’s point of view. But even in the other modern story on here. There are direct reasons for the disconnect, and you do see Anne trying to right her wrongs, and Rilla trying as well when she feels compelled to, even if it usually turns out awful. But they do try. Yet In this, Anne doesn’t even seem to care or try, and Gilbert... Why do I get the sense that he works more then he’s home? Or are they that sort of couple who stay married but just lead separate lives, because it works for them? Which is fine if it works for them, but we haven’t even seen them together either, so it’s hard to judge that relationship. They just never seem to be in the same room at the same time. It’s like they aren’t much of a unit. Honestly if Rilla’s childhood was that lonely and was mostly raised by Susan, I am Kinda side eyeing Anne (and Gilbert,) housekeepers or Nannies are fine don’t get me wrong, they can be amazing for a family, but you make it feel like Anne gave up bonding when Rilla showed no magic, and Gilbert just let it happen? Maybe he was happy to have a daughter he could relate to more? But I don’t know it just feels like a whole bunch of dysfunction and bad relationships?

Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Rilla had felt more pushed off to the side when Hannah was born by her mother because her niece had magic when she didn’t. Which is why she left to be one her own. Anyway as I said I’m hormonal, I could just be over reacting and over reading into thing.
Alinyaalethia chapter 24 . 8/11
It’s lovely to see the return of supportive Carl. He took a backseat for a while and that made sense but I enjoy their banter and it is good seeing them back together. That is partly because Rilla can vent about meddling magicians in a way she understandably doesn’t feel she can with Ken. But also, Carl didn’t just turn into a rat one day, I think? That was a while involved process and control is something I’m sure he sympathises with.

Ken has lots of control himself, so that’s another reason he might not be the ideal venting candidate here. Rilla confesses she finds it frustrating dealing with fellow fairies. However much she trusts Ken, his ease with magic would get bothersome fast is my sense.

Anne and Rilla continue to be an interesting dynamic to watch. It keeps with the canon sense that Anne and Rilla aren’t close to start with, but in turn makes me wonder if there won’t be that thing that makes Anne realise how much Rilla has grown and become important to her. And while I know we don’t get to see Susan, I would love to at least hear about how she deals with out of control magic. That round delight me.

Hannah and her Newt are also delightful. I wondered if Hannah wouldn’t have magical insight and it seems she does. Though I can see his on the surface bring told to just relax might not feel helpful. I’m also sort of dice eying the magic tutorials that didn’t start with this, is that terrible? I think because Rilla’s emotions seem so tied to magic that relaxing should really be strip one. By which I don’t mean it is easy but if I wanted to not have biblical floods in my living room, that is where I would want to start.

But as Hannah says, these are people who have done magic so long they have probably forgotten that is even a step. What she describes is almost a sixth sense. You aren’t manipulating a thing, you just *do* the thing. So that might explain why no one really does relaxing into magic justice except the novice. And who knows, maybe Anne might have explained it if their relationship was better.

All yo say, I love Hannah giving advice and how receptive Rilla is to it. This is the first time we’ve seen magic really settle into something’s she can handle, and I like that Hannah and Carl are part of that process. I like it muchly.
Andrea1984 chapter 24 . 8/9
Hannah hat so recht: Rilla soll die Magie einfach akzeptieren, nicht mit Gewalt versuchen zu trainieren.
Hannah hat mehr Durchblick als die Erwachsenen.

Rilla misstraut ihren Eltern, das finde ich schade.

Dabei hat Rilla mehr Grund Carl zu misstrauen.
Er wirkt harmlos, hat es jedoch faustdick hinter den Ohren.

Liebe Grüße
Alicedreamer93 chapter 23 . 8/7
Joy is a lovely older sister, isn’t she? A good mix of protective, curious, and no-nonsense in a way it seems. Though with so many siblings I’m sure she was stuck watching them and break up squabbles here and there and fairy fights. The burst of fairy magic barely seems to faze her, I feel like I would be having a fit about water damage to counters and floors. (Though it also it feels as if uncontrollable fairy magic is as bad as curious toddlers, if not slightly more dangerous with boiling water and untameable fire!) While Joy is clearly distrustful of witches, I wonder if Owen Ford made enough of an impression on her that she would remember the name.

Controlling magic seems a mental battle in itself. It feels like the moment Rilla doesn’t think about controlling it and get caught up in other emotions too starts to creep out of her and wreak havoc on her surrounding. It brings me to one of the marvel movie characters that my husband likes watching. Essentially, they once ask Mark Banning(the hulk) if it might be a good idea to get angry and become the hulk and his response was ‘that’s the trick I’m always angry’ .or something along those lines before becoming the hulk. Not thinking about it doesn't make it stop, but also thinking about or trying to reign in it also won't help her straight away either. In the end, Joy is helpful hopefully with teaching Rilla to figure out her magic. As much as she is teasing her about Ken, who seems to find it amusing. I am sad to see him leave as I catch up on my reading. I am sure there will be plenty more questions burning in her mind and what will happen from here on, and how the other Blythe will react will be something else I think. If Rilla tells the truth I feel like there will be a war between witches and fairies, but if she doesn’t it doesn’t seem fair as they kept her from her magic. So something must come from this?
Alinyaalethia chapter 23 . 8/4
Joy is an extremely tolerant human. Thank god for Joy. I'm not sure I'd be quite this unflummoxed by a sibling coming in and wreaking minor-grade chaos on my home. Scrap that, I am demonstrably *not* this unflummoxed when the brother-object is home in a less-than-helpful mode of existence. So huzzah Joy. Genuinely. We need more people like her. I dream of emulating her. This is exactly what Rilla needs.

There's a charming, sorcerer's apprentice feel to this whole chapter. Not quite as dramatic because Rilla does find a way to stop the metaphorical army of brooms from going completely berserk, but it definitely has that feel to it. The teasing with Joy contributes. Also, I enjoy how cheerfully they talk around Ken for the first however long and he just sits there and lets them. It amuses me greatly. I also approve of it as a technique by Ken. Anyone else would be sputtering and tripping over themselves to clarify that hand to God they really truly most definitely are not sleeping together please let me tell you about the time Rilla insisted on sleeping on the sofa even though also hand to God I tried to give her the bed. This is definitely different and much more like Ken. No wonder Joy likes him. And I don't see her as all that easily charmed, so it's more impressive for that.

Is the plant thing sticking around? Because I enjoy it. I wouldn't mind Rilla with a plant familiar. And I am definitely looking forward to Joy trying to tutor a probably-fifth fairy. It's doomed to go disastrously wrong several more times but I think she's probably up to handling that.
DogMonday chapter 23 . 8/2
Sorry to be late - I’m just taking advantage of your hiatus. This time of the Year always full of family, friends and lots of logistics. Could really do with some magic in my small summer kitchen ;-)!

This chapter starts in the most surprising way. It feels so light after the really scary end of the previous chapter. But gradually you take us back into that scary moment and we finally get to understand that Rilla herself is really overwhelmed by all this magic, rightfully returned to her, but for which she completely lacks the ability to consciously control. I’m so glad she fully understands the responsibility that follows with the Magic. It is also very special to realise the confidence Ken puts into her ability to succeed in the endeavour to get into control of her magic in spite of the fact that he, his father and the two other senior witches really were at great when Rilla’s powers were released. Rilla even seems relieved that Ermintrude could get back inte her spiteful comments!

So she comes to Joy. I can’t recall - or find for that matter - that you have dwelled upon the age differences among the Blythe children in this story, but you have previously spaced the children somewhat, mainly for Anne’s sake. I get a feeling this Joy is more than eight years older than Rilla. In an earlier chapter I felt Joy was a bit ”von oben” but here she acts in an amazingly calm way and actually quite maturely, in spite of the fact that Rilla affected her home in the most impractical manner. I almost get the impression Joy has waited for this moment and is thrilled by it, although she does not admit it to Rilla. Will she succeed in helping Rilla and can she do that without spilling the secret to her mother and sisters? And can Joy handle that Rilla has a kind of magic she does not have herself, once that is revealed?

The interaction between Rilla and the plant is beautiful! Is that common for fairies or is this part of Rilla’s special powers (although I do understand the Fifth power in all is far stronger than that).

I think it will be good for Rilla to develop and learn to control her new magic in the abscence if Ken, although I expect they will stay in touch over the Atlantic. You are a master in showing their deepening relationship in subtle details!

One final question. Didn’t you promise us a chapter with lots of Gilbert? Ii’m still curious as to how he has been able to handle all these female fairies. And will he change because of Rilla’s change?
Parnokianlipstic chapter 23 . 7/31
There was an interesting world creation here, how the fairies' elemental powers behave more broadly.
I can't wait to see how it goes from here!

You always write Joy so interestingly, in all your works, and Rilla and Ken's talks, and Ken's request that she not lose her own self - her personality, warm-heartedness et al, was touching, or at least that's how I interpreted that sentence, I could be wrong of course.
Feux follet chapter 8 . 7/31

Sorry I'm a bit late for my review, I hope you are alright.

I can't start reviewing your chapter before thanking you for the message you wrote at its end. It feels strange to read it now, knowing that it was posted months ago, and knowing that it is still happening today, everyday. I think you were absolutely right to do write this message, and your words were well chosen, as they were very powerful. I too stand with Ukraine with all my heart, and I can only hope that they can be safe, and that this war will stop soon, with Ukraine prevailing.

A small note. I don't know if it was intended, but the first words of this chapter are deeply echoing with your message, and it was quite troubling, but also very strong.

I was relieved to see Rilla and Persis saved by Leslie. There is something reassuring with her. How she tries and remains calm even in the middle of this attack. Calm, but also so strong. I really enjoy the way you describe her, and her relationship with both Persis and Rilla. The scene between her and Persis, while Rilla is still attached to the tree, is very powerful in my mind, but I was also deeply touched by the "sorry" and how she untied Rilla. I don't know, perhaps I am too naive, or too tired, but it really feels like she is seeing Rilla like a kind of daughter, by the way she protects her, and help her, and defend her, not only against this invisible force but also when the subject of her first meeting with Ken is put on the table. The end scene between them all touched me a lot too!
I'm just a bit uncomfortable with the fact that she put something that made Persis and Rilla sleep without telling them. I'm sorry, I'm not being objective here, and you can totally ignore what is following, but it reminds me a lot about what we are currently seeing in France, not with sleeping pills but still, having seen someone close to me being victim of this and ending up in the hospital in a very poorly condition last year, even though the intention is not the same, it rise the red flags all around, but I'm sure Leslie didn't meant this bad, and was only trying to help them recover from this, which is why this is totally subjective and you really can ignore this!

Rilla and Persis scenes were also brilliant, and I feel like they're in for a strong friendship! I loved how they supported each other, and how Rilla told her that it was not her fault, before Persis amazingly returned her the comment. Behind this scene, I could sense the guilt we often feels after being harassed or assaulted, while it's not our fault and we shouldn't be blaming ourselves, but the ones who did it to us. I don't know if it was intended either, but that is what I truly enjoy in your stories, and that I find particularly powerful in this one, it is that there are a lot of things implied, going beyond the world you create, things which are talking to us, no matter when nor where it is, and it is often this kind of message. I just want to thank you for this!

I enjoyed reading Ken and Rilla's talk here, but something intrigued me. It was not Rilla coming to terms with the idea of calling Ken by his name, though coming from her it was a huge step. It was about the presence that attacked her and Persis. Rilla said she couldn't feel it. But she can feel magic, at least she can say who are the people in front of her - witches, dwarves, etc. It felt strange, and it reminded me of a scene which at the beginning hadn't struck me, but which is hitting now. Rilla didn't felt the ghost in her flat, when Miranda said there was one. And ghosts are the ones you can't see, especially here, where you have to be a demon to see them. I thought it could be one, but then I thought back about you said about them not being able to hurt the living. So I guess it's not that, but I'm digging and trying to discover who it can be, it's really intriguing and the worst is that none of the characters seems to know either!

On another note, I was glad to hear from Carl, though I think there will be a time when Rilla won't have the choice but to call her family, and I think it will be sooner than she wants it (it will always be sooner, looking to her feelings towards them), which is making me feel both apprehensive and looking forward to it!

I can't wait to know more about this! Thank you for your chapter, as always it is an amazing one! I'm just sorry for my late and kind-of-messy-and-too-long review, sorry for everything!
Tinalouise88 chapter 23 . 7/30
Joy seems to take the news rather calmly doesn't she? I suppose in a way there is no other way to really take it when your baby sister is making a mess of your house with each passing moment. I mean for me I enjoyed the awkward hug between Ken and Rilla and the ribbing from Joy probably the most but that is just me. though I did enjoy the leaf/vine as well as exploring tea and whatnot, probably because I also adore Groot from Marvel so I think it's a given that I would enjoy with some animated leaf creature. Otherwise, the last few chapters have been eventful and fun to read.
Feux follet chapter 7 . 7/29

I loved this chapter and how you introduced both Persis and Agnes!

Agnes first, because otherwise she won't forgive me. I like the way you describe her, between humor and seriousness, and how she definitely takes the queen's place here. I also like the fact that when a cat appears in one of your stories, he or she always allows the characters, and especially Rilla, to talk about the situation. Maybe Rilla have always been a witch, in the end, accompanied by various cats from stories to stories ;) But it is wonderful to see how you turn them into listeners - if there is food at the end of the conversation - and how it allows us to learn more about the situations. Carl filling for her at the bar, and Ken being away. But like I said, there is always a large place for humor here, and I admit I laughed when Rilla talked about Miranda, and thought for a second that Agnes had talked, though. In a magical world, the doubt is allowed! But it was a great introduction for Persis!

I was wondering when she would appear, but I wasn't expecting her so soon, and it was a great surprise! And like Leslie, it was interesting to see her described in a completely different way than in By a simple twist. She isn't afraid to speak, that's for sure, for like Rilla I would have been taken quite by surprise if I had had to answer the same questions she did! But it's not in a bad way, because Persis seems to be very sweet, and kind, just plugged on an electric battery! (sorry for the translation of a French expression, I wasn't sure there was one in English). I enjoyed her energy, that's for sure, and I loved how she and Rilla talked. I liked the glimpses we learnt about Carl and her, and how much they traveled around the world, too, though it is making me even more curious about their past! I was wondering, when did they leave Canada? Some months, or years? I'd say the second but I have doubts

The end took me by surprise, for I naively thought Rilla was safe in this place, but whatever is this thing, it did find her! I hope she'll be able to hold on a few seconds more, with Leslie running towards them ... I'm sorry I can't run to the next chapter and see what will happen next, but I hope I'll be able to read it either this evening or during the week-end, because I can't wait to know what will happen! You said mystery imposed itself, but you sure master it in your writing! Thank you for this chapter, and for sharing this story with us, I am really enjoying it!
OriginalMcFishie chapter 23 . 7/27
I liked this chapter. we have whole Rilla , somehow even though she's still not in control, somehow she's more authentic. I loved how Ken stepped back and ignored Joy's prejudice. I adored the plant and the way she interacted with Rilla. lots for Rilla to learn and it's going to be important as I think we will need our 5th fairy to resolve the mystery
Andrea1984 chapter 23 . 7/26
Ein interessantes Kapitel.
Joy misstraut Ken, wundert sich über Rilla und Rilla hat magische Kräfte, die sie jedoch nicht kontrollieren kann.

Was wohl Anne, Gilbert, Nan, Di und die anderen über Rillas magische Fähigkeiten sagen?
Früher oder später wird sie das nicht mehr verbergen können.

Soviele wunderschöne Details in einem Kapitel.
Doch von dir hätte ich nichts anderes erwartet.

Gutes Arbeiten, bleib gesund.
Toi toi toi.

Liebe Grüße
Feux follet chapter 6 . 7/25
Hello :)

I loved this chapter, and I enjoy how things are progressing now! A fun fact though, I realized that for some things, I haven't left your previous story, so when you described the place where Ken was taking Rilla, I wasn't surprised like Rilla, I simply jumped back to Balmoral, before creating the right place in my mind.

I don't know if it was Edinburgh's atmosphere which was a bit stifling or something else, but when the chapter started with Ken and Rilla crossing the country to go to his mother's place, there was something a bit lighter, perhaps helped by the fact that Rilla ended up sticking her tongue towards Ken and he smiled at it, and that their conversation was less threatening. There was still this feeling of emergency, the need to go away, but it was less tensed than in the previous chapters, though it could have risen again with the talk about witch trials. I liked the way you presented them, by opposing Rilla and Ken on it, each of them with a version of the story. It was great to see each side, and learn more about them. I was particularly interested by the fact that here, witches can't control the elements, while fairies can. I can see how the different versions brought prejudices between all of them, but like Ken, I think men are the most responsible for this (and I insist on the word men, regarding what happened through our history).

Leslie seems amazing! After By a simple twist of fate which showed her insecurities, you are showing her as a confident woman who knows her way here, and I really enjoyed this dimension. I also admit it was funny to imagine Ken being told by his mother to prepare breakfast, show her way to Rilla and bring her the potion, I could totally imagine his grimaces. I think Rilla and her will get along without too much problems. Also, is it me or the magical aspect is ruled by matriarchy here? I mean, we have Anne who is a fairy and transmitted this to her daughters, and Leslie who is a witch and who's ruling this place. I'm totally for this, but I just want a confirmation, is it general or is it simply for these two families? (Which makes me wonder about the Merediths, too). On another subject, I smiled when we learnt about Rilla's bedroom in the tower, for she definitely doesn't seem the kind of girl who will wait here until she is saved.

I'm curious about all those disappearances, if the pattern is the same, and more importantly, who on earth is doing this. I'm really taken by how you present the mystery, and I can't wait to learn more about it! Once again, thank you for this chapter, I truly enjoyed it!
Feux follet chapter 5 . 7/24

Sorry, I'm late for everything! I also apologize, because I was totally wrong in mu previous review, I thought that because there wasn't a "the" before, it was someone else, and I went quite far in my theories while it was truly Ken, so sorry for my bad guessing! But it is interesting to see how her resentment shows in her words, with the fact that she doesn't use his name, nor any pronouns before "witch". There is also something a bit instinctive here, like an old fear.

I wonder who that presence might be ... Or even what it is, because even Ken doesn't seem to have a clue about what he was fighting - though he have enough confidence in himself to say that he probably is an inch away from being the best witch in the world apparently.

But I'm on Rilla's side here! I hate it when someone answer in my name, so here I totally understand her resentment! The thing is, I think she must have suffered from this all her life in her family, and it probably pushed her to leave / flee. I can imagine from here the "Rilla dear, don't do that, don't go there, we can handle this for you, Rilla, we will handle this for you, let us do it, of course you're capable but it will be quicker, safer, whatever, if we do it, etc". So to have her best friend answering in her name, trying to take decisions in her place, decisions she don't even agree with, which are not safe for her, no wonder she is angry at him! Seriously, Carl is willing to let her go with an almost stranger who made a fool of Rilla when he first met her and then made her feel uncomfortable every time he was near her? Who do this? Ken saved her alright, but a serial killer can save the victim of another serial killer before killing them so it doesn't mean anything (sorry for the very bad example, I don't think Ken is totally on the bad side, he just needs to understand some things, like that fact that he doesn't possess the universe for himself for a start).

To go back on Rilla and Carl, like Rilla I'm surprised by how Carl reacted her. Of course, he must have been scare for her, and it can explains it, but still, it doesn't seem like him to impose his views on Rilla's life, and make decisions for her, especially like this one. Really, the way he talked with Jessy, it made me feel uncomfortable. It's usually the person against the protagonist who shut the person and reply to another that they're not feeling well, that they're going to rest, and that they'll be in touch - the last one being for me the weirdest one I think.

I was also intrigued by the fact that Rilla said they could flee again, go elsewhere like they always do. Firstly, it seems to mean that they fled from Canada, away from Rilla's family, right? But they were discovered, because it is not the first time they fled ... Or something similar to what is happening here already happened to them before? Also Una seems to know where to find them every time, because she sends parcels to her brother, if I remember correctly the first chapter, but Rilla's family seems to ignore this, so Una is either a magical being, or in the confidence? Or I'm completely off the mark, which is totally possible. Sorry for all the questions and theories, I hope it's not too much of a bother, but it is making me really curious about Rilla's past and her family! What I like the most in your writing is that you always offer us complex relationships between your characters, and I can't wait to learn more about them here!

Like Rilla, I'm not very comfortable with the idea of her going with Ken's mother, but I laughed when she said to him that kidnapping and else were out of the questions because she didn't want her family to be involved. I also can't wait to know what is going to happen to them all, including Miranda!

Sorry, I hope this review is not too much of a mess. Thank you for this chapter, it was amazing!
OriginalMcFishie chapter 22 . 7/21
Powerful chapter. Am excellent essay in how we can be so wrong when we think our way if thinking is always right. I'm sure in inheritance circles Ermingtrude woukd be seen as a reasonable person, just nit this one it also shows the importance if coming into your power (whatever that ppwerr is) in a natural way because if you get it all at once it creates a storm ypu can't control
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