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Feux follet chapter 18 . 11/19/2023
Hello !

I sincerely apologize for taking so much time to come back. I hope you are alright!

The first part left me a strong impression (in a good way!), because I was terribly happy to see some other members of the family, but still the atmosphere was quite heavy, despite Jem's jokes, and beneath it all I could imagine Rilla biting her tongue. But I liked to start again here, and come back to a family scene. Learning about how everyone is doing, and seeing Jem, Faith and Freddy! I laughed when you described Freddy's name's story. I can imagine Faith's expression when Jem told her how he wanted to name their child - but I thank him for allowing me to discover who was M. Bernhard. It's something that I always love in your writing. We get to know about people we would have never thought about if you didn't bring our attention on them. And here, we get it wrapped up in your and Jem's humor, which is great :)
I also liked the way you described Rilla's interaction with Freddy, too. How you showed her uneasiness with him on her laps, how he's not very reassured himself. They don't know each other, and in a way, if we look at a larger picture, I think that with all those years away, it also represents the fact that neither Rilla nor her family seems to know each other well either. They're like a puzzle, which used to get along, but now you can't put the piece which was missing and was just found back in place. It needs adjustments. And for humans, it needs time. But perhaps that's just me A small note for Pat, I feel for him, for it mustn't have been easy with Jem firing questions and jokes at the same time.

The scene between Rilla and Di was amazing, and beautifully written. I love the way you build this moment between both sisters. Also, learning about Di's experience when she was pregnant then as Hannah's mother was interesting, and quite a strong and empowering moment! Then Anne's pregnancy. I have so much questions about it! The first one being why Anne didn't tell Rilla this part of her story. When Rilla asked her about the Fifth, she was evasive, and now we learn that during her pregnancy they all thought she would me the most powerful ... Why wouldn't she say this, what was Anne afraid would happen if she said that to Rilla? In a way, I can understand Rilla's defiance with her mother here. Poor Di doesn't have the best place either, trying to help her sister find the truth, trying not to give her false hopes ... It must be hard for her too, for if someone should have tell this, it should have been Anne, or Gilbert (I'll talk about him in the third part) but perhaps not her, for not only she was too young to remember clearly all of it, but also it's quite heavy for her ...

Which brings me to Gilbert. I was really glad to see him, and I loved the way you pictured him, though the note that he looked tired and she wasn't sure if the late hour was the only reason rose a bit of an alarm in my head. I hope it really is the fact that he's tired because of the late hours - which is already something important - and not something more serious - that's just me, but I immediately thought "I hope it's not cancer". Apart from that part, Gilbert had something so warm and reassuring in the way you depict him. The fact that it's late, he's tired, but still sit and listen and reply as much as he can to Rilla's questions touched me a lot. But just to be clear, can we officially say that Anne knew about the Fifths and even thought Rilla could be one and didn't say it to Rilla? I can understand Rilla's distress and anger.

I wonder what she will say to Ken, and what he'll say back .. And I can't wait to discover it!

Again, I sincerely apologize for not coming back earlier!
Guest chapter 40 . 3/28/2023
I think I've commented before (now doing as a guest, to avoid having to enter into my account), but I wanted you to know that I enjoyed a lot this journey! It felt very different from twist (and it was a nice change), and while I'm not sure I knew this Rilla and this Ken as well, I came to love them. This story is more plot heavy and I think you've done a great job at the pacing. The magic system is (IMO) quite robust and original, while still being very simple and easy to grasp.
The part of me that has always wanted to fly can't help but disagree with your ending! Still, it's a great resolution, and one that makes a lot of sense for Rilla. It also rings true with a questioning method I've been using recently (just took a Philosophy of Law class): how do I feel about a ruling party I approve of having a power vs how do I feel about an opposing party having said power. It's easy to say you don't want the opposition to have a power, but I've come to realize that sometimes that means you don't even want it for yourself! (so great resolution, but I would grieve the lost power)

All in all, fantastic job, will keep checking and updating your profile to follow you wherever you take us! Thanks for sharing!
TinaLouise88 chapter 40 . 3/18/2023
I had a inkling it would be like this, and while I'm not sure where exactly I stand on Rilla giving up her magic. Parts of me understand it, but at the same time, the other part of me wishes she kept them. She grew and learned much about herself and her abilities, and she became a new person because of i and it feels like it's a small shame for her to not keep them and claim her new self and live in that sort of glory. Can you really just turn yourself again after all that learning? But I see the flip side of realizing that nothing was ever wrong with her and all the jazz, accepting herself beyond magic.. Which also was in the previous chapters. I did like Hannah, and yes we Canadian apologize for things when they are not our fault. I glazed over the parent stuff honestly, I rather not chance any of that today when I already cried twice today.

I do like the ending with Ken finally asking her out. though how is there no ice parlour in Glen? there is an ice cream parlour/shack/ or a random convenience store in every small town or village! We Canadian love our ice cream year-round. But the Mary Poppins joke is cute either way...
TinaLouise88 chapter 37 . 3/18/2023
Choices and the realization that one cannot play god in their choices often go hand in hand with Karma in my head. Karma what goes out, comes back. But that doesn't necessarily change people sadly. I'm not sure if I would trust Owen, but who knows really? It seems rather a big promise to try and keep and sometimes even family isn't enough to keep you from stumbling or breaking promises which is something I know from experience. But for the sake of Leslie and Persis, I hope it trues to a degree that keeps in him the side of good or the very least neutral.

but I do agree with Rilla, being in the place in that aftermath would be awkward and not easy to stay in. With all these talks about choices being choices and what happens when choices are made for you, I feel like Rilla is about to make her own after this whole fiasco of an episode in her life.
TinaLouise88 chapter 35 . 3/18/2023
I enjoy how time travel works for Rilla, it's a good version of it truly. probably an easier one to remember and considering the effects from other various kinds I have enjoyed it. not everything has to be messy, or fun with time travel. It can just be, simply more explainable.

Rilla and Ken in this is a lovely little chat, and I do like how normal it is for them these days. Ken working even though he's keeping an eye on her at the same time. Really it boils down to the age-old question of what would we do in moments like this. If we had a chance to see a loved one who is gone, what would we do? It's a tough choice, I think in the grand scheme of things we would all choose to see them again, closure, answer, or even just say goodbye. So I can only assume that Leslie and Persis will be up for it as well.
TinaLouise88 chapter 33 . 3/18/2023
It's always the unexpected one, though Owen Ford being the villain isn't quite all the unexpected but it oddly makes a lot of sense after finding out he and his friends blocked Rilla's magic and was on some sort of magical council.

I grieve for Ken, in the teetering state of wanting to cry over, but also wanting to yell and scream at the person who is gone. It's never fair in situations like this, it never fair in situations when it's someone you love who betrayed you in such a way. The only thing almost worse is their being alive and knowing that line has been drawn in metaphorical sand. Knowing that you can't be around them, or trust them knowing what you know.

Still they hold guilt over the situation in similar ways thinking it is their fault. Rilla in her part with magic and blocking, and her thrusting herself into that situation from the original plan that Anne and Joy came up with. ( which I did enjoy the previous chapter. I like Rilla calling them out for still not entirely trusting her and her magic.)

Obviously the hug is bittersweet, but really Rilla don't go there, changing the past never works in the way you would think it does.
Tina chapter 30 . 3/5/2023
Agnes is lovely as ever, and I concur that the castle is probably a much safer and more comfortable place compared to Kens to recuperate magical energy in.

Anne and Joy showing up is a bit of a surprise, but it makes sense. I do like Leslies subtle sort of protection over Rilla in regard to Anne. You know how I feel about that so I won't get into that, but I will say that that stuff sticks with you, and even if Rilla thinks it's better or getting better. It does haunt you no matter how big or small the memory or situation was and is. But it is nice to see them again, even if they are all on edge being a witch's house and whatnot. but that makes it interesting as well. Though I do love Joy I always enjoyed Joy, and I do like her teasing and hair ruffling, clearly she sees that her little sister has a bit of a crush happening!

At the end of it all they find out more things and find like Jims( which I feel like I missed something there, but I'll figure it out as I go I suppose lol) Though Rilla being able to manipulate his magic is interesting, and I can understand that could be very much perceived as something very wrong to do to someone in many ways. and of course, Jims likes the teleporting, what child wouldn't like that sort of thing!
Tina chapter 28 . 3/5/2023
Well, it's a good thing Ken didn't have any sort of company or a lady friend over! that would be very hard to explain that is for sure! Why is there another lady in you're apartment? why didn't she knock lol?

Of course, Ken takes it all in stride and is happy to see her, despite the sudden surprise visit and I do like Ken in this chapter. he's a gentleman and nothing is more fun, sexy, and cliche as giving someone your jacket, and if it's leather even better in my mind as always but I've always loved a good cliche.

Either way they work well together, every time they are together they grow another centimetre or something closer, even if they don't see it themselves and that is nice.

I did laugh telling Mr. Pryor that Ken was her boyfriend to his response of who was Carl. Brother indeed. Oh and the throuple thought, to each their own but one man is enough in a relationship why would anyone want two! But I am glad that Miranda is willing to talk to them, and that Miranda is at least safe and sound at home for the time being, and I hope it stays that way.
Tina chapter 27 . 3/5/2023
I’m not entirely sure where I left off but I think this is a safe spot for me to try and work into this. Even if I missed something or another. I like Gilbert, but Dad Gilbert is always an easy character to write,
He’s always gives off this kindness, even if sometimes strict. It is nice to see his side of thing and how he feel s about magic and fairies.

She’s always just been Rilla, and magic doesn’t change that for him. Which is nice, very nice of course. Though clearly she has boys texting her these days, as Ken pops up again. I’m still rooting for them.

Though now it seems that Miranda finally turned up! I wasn’t expecting so soon, but if any crime show taught me anything sooner better then later.
McFishie 7759380 chapter 40 . 1/4/2023
what a journey a Rilla has been on. I was surprised she gave up her magic, but am glad she found her sense of purpose and meaning within herself without it. It feels like there is room for a sequel here,should you choose to write it. Not that it's needed,this stands alone well, just that it's there should you choose to write it. excited for your new story too, after a well deserved break
Alicedreamer93 chapter 40 . 1/1/2023
I have a few minutes until someone wakes ups.. so I just wanted to say good work. I like that magic doesn't define her in the end. Though part of me wishes she kept her magic because she worked so hard on learning it, and it made an impact on her life that changed her. She grew, learned new things about herself, and most time in life when you grow, change and learn things you can't just hit rewind on things to go back to who you were before. It's a tough decision to make either way to make, and she made the one that she thought was best for her.
Massive HTTYD Fan chapter 40 . 12/31/2022
I love this ending so much! It feels so right for Rilla- it's been coming on, really, because absolutely everything about it seems to build on from the journey she's been on. She understands why she was so different from her sisters growing up, and her relationship with her parents has become that much less complicated (though really, those relationships never are uncomplicated!), and she's made a choice to give up something that she really didn't need to be herself! It's the exact definition of quitting while you're ahead, in my opinion, and it's so nice to see Rilla make that decision. Travelling with Elizabeth makes so much sense, too, because Rilla IS a wanderer in this story and this time, she gets to do what she's already made a start on- helping magical communities work together.
I love Walter for being able to tell the family about his witchcraft and the way Rilla set that up but didn't push him into the revelation was very sweet! Hannah is such a sweetheart- I wasn't certain if I'd love her as much as Jake and Izzie, but really, she's just what Rilla needed and I absolutely adore her (and Sir Isaac, of course! My sister and I had a good laugh about that naming choice!)
MwithanE chapter 40 . 12/30/2022
Sorry that this story ends, can’t wait to see what is next! It was interesting to see the very different family dynamics, the slow growing trust between Rilla and Ken without being focused on their love story, the friendship with Carl…
I liked it! Thanks for your time and hard work.
Parnokianlipstic chapter 40 . 12/29/2022
All in all, a wonderful conclusion to a charming story. What a wonderful journey, Rilla's self-reflection has come to an end. Now, while enjoying this chapter, I noticed the pun in the title.
Working with all the different groups and being Elizabeth's assistant is exactly what I was hoping Rilla would do, and the fact that Walter was one of the three witches who performed the ritual of binding the magical powers is extremely fitting. And Anne's acceptance, and support for all her children was heartwarming to see, as was the presence of Mrs Jennings, the news was such that boredom was indeed far from over.

Ken and Rilla's conversations and non-verbal, and verbal support and Mary Poppings reference at the end was absolutely sweet, and that joyful, free laughter says, it all.

I have been extremely taken with your version of Elizabeth Grayson, and the way you have developed and utilized fantasy elements, faires, dwarfs, demons, shapeshifters, it has been a pleasure to develop theories over a cup of tea and watch how this narrative unfolds. There have been big themes in this story, identity, family relationships, friendships and chosen family of two, finding your own path, and you have handled them all with a humane, gentle touch that has been a real pleasure to read. I've loved this story as well, and I'm eagerly and patiently waiting for what comes next.
Alinya Alethia chapter 40 . 12/29/2022
It’s a weird thing to pull out here at the end, but top marks on the title. I love how it starts as something that does what it says on the tin, then becomes a bit ironic, then becomes the slogan for Rilla’s new and better life. Sometimes to be ordinary is the best option there is. And the way Rilla has struggled with magic, I feel like that’s true here. It often seemed more like a sentient pet more than an extension of her. You could feel the fine line between fifths and madness. Even Elizabeth’s grandmother never touched time. You get the sense, that if she had the option, she might have given the power up too. And you kind of wonder if that’s not what made her do bitter in this universe. Stifling yourself is painful, see further an earlier Rilla.

But this is very different. Not just the people who do it, though I feel like that plays a part, but also because Rilla chooses it. Choices say a heck of a lot about your characters, so they’re the most powerful thing you can hand them. And Rilla choosing mundanity shows us so much about who she has become. It’s a nice moment for Walter too, getting to reveal his witchcraft without flare or showiness.

The ending is sweet. This Ken and Rilla have been a long time coming, and the playful flirtation we leave them with us sweet. Also delightful is the whimsical reclamation of a teleporting umbrella less the Mary Poppins racism right before setting out to try and improve inter-magical relations. Not before time! The only ending you could have written, I think, and the perfect place to leave these people.
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