Reviews for Waterdeep Dragon Heist
Lumen del Mari chapter 60 . 9/25
Your production...I'm so, so, so jealous.

Anyhow, commenting as I go!

It was well into evening, the companions having spent hours walking in ever widening circles from Gralhund Villa

Ooof that sounds exhausting, but such is detective work-which I doubt Sky was on point for ;P

“We met a flumph under Gracklstugh, remember?” the tabaxi said. “It helped us and when it was happy it’s skin glowed pink and this is the Pink Flumph theater. So, good omen. It’s like that little flumph from the Underdark is sending us positive thoughts all the way up here in Waterdeep.”
The doors of this theater held a slight variation of the theme - a carved flumph holding a laughing pink mask with its tentacles and another holding a sad mask painted blue.

Such an adorable callback!

“Unless you also want to buy tickets for a play that started over an hour ago,”


“Don’t think I’m really supposed to know that,” the ticket seller said, conspiratorially. “Just happened to see it once or twice slipping through a window and going to Arn’s dressing room.”

He sounds all too eager to give away these details...

“He won’t be available until after the play,” the ticket seller said. “But he usually makes a brief appearance here in the lobby to bask in the praise of those who linger after the show. So, you can wait out here or, if you want or buy tickets and quietly take some seats at the back, watch while you wait.

Bold words to supposed members of the watch...

“Full price?” Aleina protested. “But we’ve missed a third of it!”
The young man gave an apologetic shrug in response as if it were all outside his control.

I can't even be mad for that guy! He doesn't control the prices. Corporate bullshit at its finest...

But I wasn’t going to tell the scary looking burned brute


“Wishes is passionate about the performances. It's really the only thing she takes seriously. So, if she thinks your entry was noisy enough that it distracted the attention away from the play, she’ll pay you back. And you don’t want to deal with a barrage of her pranks, trust me.

Poltergiest? Also, minor but your missing the end quotes to the paragraph.

“He stage dies beautifully,” Aleina sighed.
“Pretty sure he does everything beautifully,” the half-drow said.
“Pretty sure you are right,” the aasimar agreed.
Neither of them had known the name of Arn Xalrondar, the male lead who played the banished prince, before the performance, but Jhelnae guessed neither of them would forget it for some time.

LOL the dramatics

“The nimblewright is still here,” Kuhl said, using Nim’s detector to make sure. “Not far. Probably backstage?”

Kuhl-thankfully, back to the task at hand!

Indigo tattoos ran along her hair line, the beginnings of skull markings mostly hidden beneath raven locks gathered under a jade barrette. Jhelnae’s blood ran cold.

Double, quadruple oof.

Getting to later descriptions, I don't like this group at all.

Burnt brute

LOL I love that you refer to him a burnt brute! XD

Rather than force her way through the crowd, the tabaxi slipped through the gaps between leaving theater patrons, seemingly effortlessly. Jhelnae followed less gracefully, jostling plenty of shoulders and elbows and she heard a constant stream of whispered apologies from Aleina behind her as the aasimar squeezed and bumped her way past the exodus coming up the aisle.

LOL what was Kuhl doing in this moment? Bumping and apologizing also? Barreling people over entirely? ;P

“This must be where Nat, Squiddly, and Jenks borrowed their props from when they did their street performance,” Aleina whispered. “When we see them again, we’ll have to tell them.”

I was really curious of where this chapter was going based off the title, but it seems you've tied it all back to *this*. Excellent foreshadowing.

“I’m a drow,” the half-drow shrugged. “We have long memories when it comes to slights.”

Half-drow :P

“Will they see the door open?” Jhelnae asked, already moving her hand to the moonstone orb at her belt and readying a spell.

Am I forgetting something important in my latenight reading. I thought Aleina had the moonstone orb... (I recall Aleina, Kuhl, and Jhelnae all having connections to various goddess' of the moon though, so maybe I'm just forgetting something.)

“Jolene is it?” the cultured voice said.

Definitely remember that name. The foreshadowing you've done...well done, my friend! It's been a long road to get here, but get here we have!

It was a little, cat-sized dragon with violet scales and wings, which while reptilian in nature, were shaped like those of a butterfly.

Omg. The callbacks just keep happening...I think I might remember this pair too!

“Then take it to her! Tell her Wishes sent you. I’ll try and cover your escape with illusions.”

Okay...maybe I don't know who this character is. But I thought that I recalled a little dragon lost in the JB Nevercott sequence that *might* be connected to this. Could be wrong. Either way, this went in a complete twist from where I was expecting it!

Does it all hang together and work? I don't know. Too close to it. You tell me. Thanks for reading!

Not knowing the module, it totally worked for me. I see so many things you've worked in from previous chapters and all I can say is, well done. Now, a critic of Waterdeep might have more constructive criticism. But for me, I've been thoroughly entertained!
Lumen del Mari chapter 58 . 9/25
First of all, so sorry that it has taken me this long to get to these chapters. We've had something going on almost every weekend since mid-August, and that'll continue until the end of October. We're headed to another renfair this weekend, and this time, I brought my laptop to type up comments during the drive. We'll see how it goes :P (Excuse any weird typos, I have it balanced on my lap lol)

The half-elf’s whole world tilted and flipped as the griffon under him somersaulted and twisted through the air.

My immediate thought was "huh, sort of like flying a dragon" :D

but a certain tabaxi insisted they tell the Open Lord to requisition four, which meant that same tabaxi was now on a separate mount and free to beg to be shown some mock aerial combat.

Of course she did.

Kuhl sighed, he had noticed the two young men looked rather impressive in their golden plate and also noticed their easy confident smiles as they introduced the aasimar and half-drow to the griffons.

Poor Kuhl, always friend zoned...

The half-elf hoped that, if this particular walking statue was ever needed, the Blackstaff would first evacuate the buildings atop it and its ax.

Ah yes, that might cause a problem!

There are rainy days. Snowy days. Hot days. Being up here then is not so pleasant.

I can speak from experience, having ridden a rollercoaster in the rain, that even a misting feels like getting jabbed with needles.

“Imagine it, my next bearer descended from a noble line of griffon riders...”

Oh Dawnbringer... :P

“Hopefully their griffon rider,” the woman said, her raised tone light. “Would try and save them. Maybe grab hold before activating their ring.”


“If a Waterdhavian Calvary member,” the griffon rider said, pulling the half-elf from his thoughts. “Who kindly flew you around the city, was to show up at your tavern, would you buy her a drink?”

Way to go, Kuhl, scoring a daaaate!

“Would your drink generosity extend a little further?” Savra asked. “To my companion? The one flying your tabaxi friend? A lady should bring along her betrothed, I suppose.”

Awh man! Not cool!

“Misjudging her intentions?” Dawnbringer mentally scoffed. “She went from a coy ‘would you buy me a drink’ to ‘by the way I’m betrothed and would you buy him one too?’ She intentionally misled you.”

Oooo, Dawnbringer's on the defensive now.

You should ask if she has a griffon riding sister or female cousin,” the sentient sword said in Kuhl’s mind, not giving up on her fantasy of her next bearer yet. “One preferably not betrothed. Much younger is fine as you’re a half-elf, longer lived than humans, so you can wait and let her grow up a bit.”

LOL that sword just won't quit!

Ahead, in a small stand of trees, stood a giant stone head of a helmeted woman.

My first thought was, "Look Mr. Frodo, the king has a crown again," :D
I'm enjoying the flight through the city and all the different descriptions! I bet that took quite a bit of research on your part.

Up and up they ascended, the half-elf clinging to the saddle pommel with a death grip until they attained a great height.

This whole time I've been wondering, how is he holding the devise *and* the pommel. Is he doing this one handed?

“People tend to notice a squadron of griffons circling overhead,” Savra explained. “Covert we vacate the area. Let you handle it. Don’t draw attention. Overt we circle, show aerial support, it serve as an awing presence ready to act.”

Overt would be pretty intimidating...

But the systematic search of a city? It just didn't work for me. Also... its a GRIFFON. Its like the fantasy equivalent of, "Here are the keys to the F-35, please bring it back in one piece..."

I agree with your choice. It's kind of like riding a horse that's been trained to take guests on trails vs. a warhorse.

I absolutely loved the Dawnbringer/Kuhl dynamic this chapter. But once again, poor guy can't catch a break!
Lumen del Mari chapter 57 . 9/25
Somehow, after a late evening visit with the Open Lord last night, the half-drow found herself awake and standing in front of the House of Inspired Hands at this early hour rather than snug in bed.

The first time I read this, this sentence gave me the impression that they came here directly following the Open Lord's meeting, and I thought to myself 'wow, that's a really long day!' ;)

very helpful if you lost a staring contest against a medusa


“Says the cat who usually naps all throughout the day,” Jhelnae said, rolling her eyes.

The sass is coming real strong from Jhelnae this morning ;)

“Watch out!” Aleina yelled. “Fireball bead!”
But it wasn’t.

Phew. I thought this chapter was going to get really intense, really fast lol.

Kuhl stepped forward and it struck him with a thunk then clattered to the cobblestones of Shark Street.

Well that was kind of him!

Apparently seeing a fist shaking dark-elf screaming skyward convinced them it was better to be elsewhere, because they quickly looked away and hurried on.


“Your friend was a quaggoth?” she asked. “The bestial creatures of the Underdark? And a shirt wearing one?”
“Well when we knew him he was a quaggoth,” Aleina explained. “But he was really an elf prince.”
“Playwright,” the half-drow corrected. “Who thought he was a prince.”
“Yes, playwright,” the aasimar amended.

The spiral of information is amusing. I bet Juhl wanted to slap a hand to his forehead.

“You’re with the Watch?” the dragonborn asked, opening the door again. “Why didn’t you say that first instead of telling me about shirts and quaggoths?”


“That isn’t the lock that was there before,” the dragonborn said, voiced confused.

Uh oh. Maybe not so much of a powerful geas spell after all.

"How dare you use your barking box on me!”


"Nim, you’ve lost tool and material privileges.”

I know this is a serious situation, but I'm losing myself over her scolding this machine like an unruly toddler.

Faster too. Much faster. And more fun.

Why do I have a feeling Sky's going to somehow rope them into using the griffons? lol

I felt like I was just wading through a morass trying to write it in such a way as to make you poor readers feel like you weren't wading through an info dump morass. But then on the other side maybe I'm pushing the plot along too fast? Its a conundrum.

First, don't say that! lol, and second, the plot is progressing along just fine. You have a smooth flow of information.

she is reading the Way of Kings

DM/husband, Krom, and Arlathan's player are also reading that series! We talked about that when we visited them lol.
Lumen del Mari chapter 56 . 9/25
First of all, I'm very jealous of your output. When you last posted, I said I was close to being finished and yet I'm *still* working on chapter 37 of TGW... :/ I'm going to blame DM/husband because on his first proofread he told me I needed to rework/expand a lot of things and now it's turning into a behemoth, lol.

Okay, so the first part of this chapter confused me a bit. What level is the party now? I thought Aleina could already cast Fireball, so is this Firestorm? Or is she just having trouble casting the Fireball spell because of the trauma she experienced from seeing all the dead bodies following the explosion last chapter?

“It was nine,” Laeral confirmed with a smile. “Which is the third try in the third set of three tries. So, extra charmed.”

Lol, she can math :P

A light night breeze rustled leaves and carried the scent of flowers and herbs - roses, lilacs, jasmine, mint, and thyme.

Nice detail.

“Not really one for skepticism,” the tabaxi said with a dismissive wave. “I prefer to follow the most outlandish possibility first and see where it might lead.”

LOL a true statement for Sky has never been said!

“Not really,” Jhelnae said. “The soul is not returned to the body with the spell, only an animating spirit. An echo. That animating spirit usually knows only a little and can be cryptic in its answers.”

Were you thinking of the DnD movie during this dialogue :D

“Oh, there is always a romantic subplot or two in the stories,” the aasimar said.

Lol, of course, there is. Though, I can't say I don't appreciate a good romantic sub-plot either...

“By all that dances!” the half-drow said. “Now I feel stupid. In the children’s play the masked people were looking for a gnome with a stone.”

To be fair, I never made the connection either! So well done dropping hints in chapters you posted eons ago!

But then again she’d watched the performances of the children over a month prior and a lot had happened in between.

LOL that's such an IRL statement, so I love the connection.

[...] a take over of the city’s government. They’re the most dangerous. Given the burned man is a Zhent he likely will or has taken the stone to the conspirator in the black mask, who may be Manshoon or one his clones, not that the latter makes him any less dangerous either way.


“In trade for a favor,” Jhelnae agreed. “But the Sea Maiden’s Faire left port more than a month ago. I suppose Jarlaxle could have left a nimblewright behind, but a fireball dropped in the middle of a bunch of innocent people does not sound like him.”

So many questions of intrigue!
Maybe the nimblewright did it on accident?

When I was very young, but still older than you all are, I founded a kingdom, the Kingdom of Stornanter. Much of it was vanity, I styled myself as its Witch-Queen. It was centered around the town of Port Llast, to the north of Neverwinter, and no trace of it remains. It did not long survive after I abdicated and ceased to be involved.

Interesting little lore drop there!

“Didn’t rescue us,” the tabaxi said with a roll of her golden eyes and a dismissive swish of her tail. “Already were escaping when we met you.”


So I was like, " got to do a lot of lifting for me here as a quest giver...also going to use you to explain why Aleina now knows fireball since she leveled up."

Ah! My earlier question sort of answered!

But it actually bothered me a bit thinking about it when I was older.

You know, I tend to agree! I cringe to admit this but I *adored* the Twilight series when it came out. Of course, back then I was much younger and in high I thought nothing of a 100-year-old vampire falling in love with a sixteen-year-old. Now, I'm like GROSS-if that was my daughter I would be appalled! So, I think it's a fair point.

As a side note, I might have to check those Ed Greenwood videos out. They sound really interesting!

Recently I had a discussion with Lumen del Mari about Avatar the Last Airbender.

Awe! I love that you used that exchange to bring some character development to Aleina. I didn't make the connection until I saw the endnote, but it does make sense!

Thanks for sharing!
Lumen del Mari chapter 55 . 9/25
“Pleased?” the woman said. “Pleased? I took the advice of the other ladies of my social club to hire investigative services based on my suspicions. But what am I supposed to tell them the next time I see them? That my husband has not been sneaking off for extramarital liaisons but instead to play some stupid game of imagination?”

LOL this woman sounds like such a Karen, I love it.

“Don’t really know,” Sky said, speaking at last, though still engrossed in her game with the cups and cotton ball. “It’s a world without magic or monsters or even tabaxi. I fell asleep. Kuhl kept having to wake me up when it was my turn to roll the weirdly shaped dice, which was the only fun part.”

Of course, she did.

I complimented her on it, then asked where she got it, and she just gave me a condescending look and brushed right past me without a word!”

Yup, the Karen of the DND world LOL.

“About the way you are dressed,” Fargas said, voice amused. “I know you two favored running around the Underdark in your underwear, before I met you unfortunately, but care to explain the rationale behind your current attire.”

Loved that little callback!

“Ever put a sweat soaked tunic back on?” the aasimar questioned.
“Done a bit of farm work in my time,” Fargas said, nose wrinkling, probably at the memory. “Say no more.”


Seemingly on its own, the door from the kitchen banged open - Lif coming out to investigate. Sometimes, like when he was surprised, the spirit forgot it could go right through walls.


Charred bodies were strewn on the cobblestones outside, some squirming and whimpering in pain with more laying disconcertingly still.

Well, that was super sad.

"Those poor halfling[s] were burned alive! Burned alive!”

Minor typo.

“I will keep watch of the rooftops as well,” Dawnbringer said in his mind. “Rescue who you can.”

My first thought can the sword 'see'. I would imagine that she's able to hear and understand her surroundings based on Kuhl's awareness. But if he is rescuing people, how could she watch the rooftops? But then I reconciled's magic, who cares. LOL.

Eleven corpses in all, including two rough looking cloaked male humans clad in leather armor with sheathed longswords.

So sad.

“I was watering plants in the greenhouse on the second floor of my shop,” they said. “When the blast blew out some of the windows."

If you go through and do any editing, I would suggest combining those two sentences so that it flows more naturally.

“Don’t. You. Dare!”
The sun sword might have said more, but the mental link was lost after Kuhl tossed her.

LOL omg.

It was one of the articles in the Waterdeep Wazoo about the Runaway Aasimar Bride. This one covered the party Renaer Neverember threw in honor of his rescue and a sketch of the aasimar and the half-drow in their gowns was included.

Well, that's not strange at all...

“When I am transferred between wielders,” the sun blade telepathically said. “I would prefer a method that doesn’t risk me clattering across the cobblestones.”

I'm with Dawnbringer on that one!

“You’re right,” Aleina said. “Doesn’t fit. But here is something that does[ ]. The nimblewright threw something that exploded. A bead from a necklace of fireballs? Like the one I had in the Underdark?”

I don't know why-but my first thought when the Lady mentioned seeing a puppet shaped like a man on the rooftops and that he threw a fireball at them-was 'It's like Sparky Sparky Boom Man!' LOL. We've been rewatching the ATLA series and that was one of the episodes we saw last night. But a Necklace of Fireball beads makes more sense ;D

“Didn’t she ask Jhelnae before you?” Dawnbringer asked in his mind. “Aleina as well, who then suggested it was something you might enjoy. So she didn’t really choose you, more got you by default.”
The half-elf found himself wishing, yet again, he’d found a magic sword of radiance with [a] less sentience. Like maybe none.

Poor Kuhl, everyone always picks on him!
Also, don't think you need the 'a' before less.

She comes in with her shirt off and wearing her bra (not sports bra, bra) and I am like,” Were you just doing yard-work out front in your bra?”
“I got hot!”

LOL I'll admit that gave me a good laugh. But I give her props! I'm certainly not brave enough to do yard work in my bra.

Thanks for sharing! Interested to see who those detectives turn out to be and what the deep gnome wanted with Aleina and Jhelnae! I agree I did enjoy reading the side quests, but it is nice to have the group back together and progressing towards the main plot.

Lastly, I'll admit-there are a couple of things that happened in your chapter that I giggled at (and also, unfortunately, grimaced at) for their pure irony in relation to events occurring in the chapter *I'm* currently working on! Hopefully, I will get that wrapped up and posted soon!
Lumen del Mari chapter 54 . 9/25
Again, reading and commenting from my phone so excuse the brevity. I wasn’t expecting a new viewpoint this chapter, but I think it turned out quite well! Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and see familiar characters through a strangers eyes.

This was an exciting chapter. I’m curious to know more about their “shadow selves”. I did notice a few typos. I’ll try to type out a bit more when I get back to my computer tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a happy 4th!
Lumen del Mari chapter 53 . 9/25
Writing this review from my phone so I apologize that my comments will be rather brief. I enjoyed the character development you gave Raelyn and Fel’rekt in this chapter. I have to admit that I actually looked up Fel’rekt's character in the module (which is a first for me because I'm trying to avoid spoilers). I think you named the chapter well-the behavior does go against everything we've been told about drow culture. That being said, your expansion of why a female drow would give up her former life is interesting. I suppose you could say that part of her died the day her husband did. - I also feel like that might be the most morbid comment I've ever written...

A few highlights I enjoyed...

Mirt was the sole exception. He did listen, but his primary focus was in slathering a seed cake with butter before jamming an enormous bite into his mouth. How could he still be hungry when he’d been stuffing himself since well before Jhelnae had come down from her bath?

I enjoyed the fact that you made this a whole separate paragraph. :D It got a chuckle out of me.

“That Hundar sauce had just the right amount of zest,” Mirt said, breaking into the conversation and finally pushing back his plate. “My compliments to your cook.”
He immediately followed this pronouncement with a long pull at his tankard.
“As I’ve explained to you before, Mirt,” their dragonborn host, Felrax, said dryly. “It's magically conjured food. Your expectations feed into how it tastes.”
“Well then,” the fat man said with a broad smile. “That would make me the cook. So compliments to myself.”
He raised his tankard high in toast and drank again.

Mirt's humor this chapter is great :D :D :D

“Who drove us from Kyorlamshin?” Fel’rekt asked. “Who contests our return? Who has the arcane knowledge and power to summon demon lords? And who benefits from your supply lines and links to reinforcements being interrupted?”
“Halaster Blackcloak,” Raelyn breathed.

Very interesting tiebacks you've been doing here...curious for where this will lead.

“No, Sky,” Aleina said. “Fargas, Ront, and Surash will be worried about us. We have to get back to them and let them know we are fine. They don’t even know we rescued both of you.”

Right! Don't abandon your OG crew!

“Escaping from deep dark places while being hunted is what we do best,” Jhelnae said with a smirk and a wink. “Just ask Ilvara of House Mizzrym.”

Great final line!
Lumen del Mari chapter 59 . 9/25
So, the companions decided to go home and use the arcane eye spell to scout

Good idea! I had been curious if this was an arcane eye or scry spell...

Just peeking through the bars of the gate for a moment had earned them suspicious looks from passersby

LOL I can only imagine!

The aasimar didn’t know if the arcane eye was fire resistant, but then again no smoke rose from the chimneys anyway.

That's a fair point! I'm sure someone, somewhere, has researched that lol. My thought would be maybe to regular fire, but not magical fire...idk.

She willed a direction and it went, weaving through branches, up and over the ornate wrought iron railing of the balcony, and through the cracked open glass door.

I immediately imagined pac-man lol

“By all that dances, are you about to witness a bedroom tryst?” Jhelnae asked. “I knew I should have chosen this spell for my ring when Laeral described it.”


The aasimar doubted the half-drow would feel the same if she saw the two in the room as they hardly resembled the idealized characters of a romantic chapbook. [...] was a big brute in leather armor with obvious signs of orc heritage.

Oh, come on Aleina! Haven't you ever heard of 'Tusk Love'?! (That is a reference to a smutty romance novel from campaign two of Critical Role).

“Fighting!” she said, eyes opening to the familiar upstairs common area shared by the companions at the Trollskull. “In the great room! Thugs in black leather with maces versus the house guards!”

Uh-oh. Zhents?

The half-drow also lightened her skin to the pale blue of a moon-elf and a glance at the mirror over the cellarette showed Aleina’s aasimar features had been normalized, skin tan and eyes and hair chestnut brown. Sky and Kuhl were unchanged other than the appearance of their clothes.

So, a half-drow and an aasimar might be suspicious but a *tabaxi* isn't? LOL

A helpful, invisible, ghostly hand swung the door to the outside open before the half-elf reached it.

Awh, he's such a friendly ghost :D

And with just a glance at the green-and-golden-rod doublets they appeared to be wearing, identifying them as members of the Watch, Waterdhavians did just that - pedestrians stepping aside and coaches and carts slowing and steering slightly to clear a path through the afternoon traffic of Saerdoun Street.

Lol it's like traffic and an ambulence :P

A huge spectral ram sprang forth, crashing into the gate and, with the screech of twisting metal, the lock broke and the gate swung open.

NICE! I'm glad Laerel let them keep the rings!

“Kaevja!” a young, panicked voice yelled from off to their right. “Urstul! The Watch is here!”

Hmmm...did the help conspire with the Zhents?

The fireball spell had blackened the exposed stone of the steps and the carpet running up the middle smoldered, but flames grew and climbed up the drapes drawn over the high window above the top of the stairs. If they reached the mahogany adorning the ceiling, the fire would spread.

I like this realistic detail though. Most times you think (or at least I think) of Fireball being cast in a cavern...spent too long in an Underdark setting lol.

His voice cracked slightly and blinked back sudden tears as he lowered his weapon. Aleina understood his emotional reaction. The bodies of his fellow guardsmen littered the great room and more casualties were likely upstairs. To survive such a desperate battle, a battle fought in an eerie, isolating magical silence - it couldn’t be anything other than traumatic.

This was a sad paragraph to read...

When no one immediately answered he looked to the companions, giving a double take between the illusory green-and-goldenrod uniforms of Kuhl and Sky and their faces, then studying Aleina and Jhelnae more closely and nodding to himself.

Phew. At least it was him and not some other captain...

“But let’s get one thing straight,” he continued. “I don’t care if Lady Silverhand’s divine mother herself deputized you. You wear the green and goldenrod, you represent the Watch, the way one conducts oneself is a reflection on all of us. That right lads?”

Ahhh, he has a fair point.

“Send the Stone away,” she said. “And coincidently the door to the balcony was open, which is how I got the arcane eye through the bedroom.”

Aha! Like that you clued that in from the beginning!

I might be wrong on this, but dogs have pretty good hearing, so I think they would know if there was a sword fight was going on pretty close to them.

You're right. This was a great call!

This chapter was really exciting! And now we're back to chasing the Nimblewright!
kingpariah chapter 60 . 9/24
New chapter lets go!

Buying a ticket to an play already playing? Thats bad manners. Still, theyre lucky to have gotten in. When peter parker tried it, he got locked out.

Cant comment on the module chase structure as ive only read it, not played it. But going from low mook to higher rank and so on, does seem weird. Although im guessing the florist is also a dveil worshipper, which is why they give them the stone.

Also, it looks like either calasters or manshoon will be the bbeg since Xanathar got scared off by "laeral" in skullport, and jaerlaxle left a few chapters ago.

Now jelhnae has the stone. But can she keep it? I mean, she cant even invisi-walk right! Everyone knows you hug the wall to avoid bumping into people! XD
kingpariah chapter 59 . 9/16
We are going into the next part of the module it seems.

And ive finally caught up! Whooooo!

... now what do i do?! XD im caught up with the my more immediate to read fics. DX

Having a silence spell is a good way to justify why no neighbors hear the fight in the villa.

Its interesting how you work around the spell names, not always outright narrating their spell names except for the ones you simply cant work around it, like "fireball".

Looking forward to next chapter. Im finally caught up!
kingpariah chapter 55 . 9/14
Papers and paychrcks. Where an accountant can play as an accountant. Because why not?

Alisae is a confident, assertive woman. And i need a fanart of hers and jhelnae post workout look. For reference. XD

And the plot kicjs in in an explosively way!
kingpariah chapter 54 . 9/14
They actually went with the sisterhood team name! O_O

Poor khul. I can see it now:

P1 "we're the sisterhood. "

P2 "but hes a guy"

P3 "true. But hes also a sister. Aint that right khul?"

P4 " ... sure."
kingpariah chapter 51 . 9/14
Looks like the rescue is coming along!

Poor khul. Hes a dead man. We knew him well.

You know, with all this constant reference to Arcane Lock, im going to start using it with my casters, and if im not playing one, then telling my party to use it. XD
kingpariah chapter 50 . 9/13
Yes, a CR 7 iseamt for a 4 PC level 7 group, but that does not take into account magic items.

If the duo is level 7 but happen to have 2 weapons and armor plus staff of fire and other goodies? It becomes a bit more even doesnt it? XD

When i use a monster thats too high CR, i usually have its hp at minimum, and use the standard damage instead of rolling damage.

And if i want a weak monster to be tougher, i use its max hp and maybe add an extra damage die and another attack.
kingpariah chapter 48 . 9/13
Mindflayer fight did not go as expected. (Laughs)

I love the girls in the authors note arguing againsr the "designated girl fight" and the "friend vs friend" trope xD
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