Reviews for Waterdeep Dragon Heist
Daxxers chapter 24 . 8/20
That was a fun chapter. Would have been fun to see the Tabaxi bust a move.
Halfling monks? Why not?

Scarecrows next?
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 9 . 8/20
Is that lore about hags canonical? I never knew much lore about them, I think it's pretty interesting.

LOL Volo trying to plug his book. Is this really the time for that?
Makareth chapter 23 . 8/18
I love the description of the gardens. The character banter is entertaining as always, and both these new quests seem quite interesting!
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 8 . 8/14
Well this is a little more interesting than in my play-through! In my game there was no Granny Nightheart (not sure if you made her up or if it's something my DM just didn't bother with), just an old ghost who was cranky and missed his wife and kid, my party pretty much just lived with him as a roommate.
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 7 . 8/14
This chapter made me smile. It is a different experience reading this story while already knowing the adventure.

Sky is not very good at telling stories of her adventures. lol. I love that Fargas panics and checks his pockets after Jhelnae's quip.

I agree with Sky, clothes shopping is torture.

Dawnbringer's interest in the chapbooks is a funny coincidence. In one of my campaigns there was a sentient weapon that wants to read seedy romance novels, but there is no character comfortably helping her in this endeavor. I think in Kuhl's case, the problem could be solved by letting Jhelnae or Aleina hold onto Dawnbringer while they read. If Dawnbringer is too nervous about being separated from Kuhl, he could be in the room doing his own thing. I think he'd be uncomfortable but not unbearably so.

Interested in seeing what you do with the ghost character!
Daxxers chapter 23 . 8/2
Nice description of the manor house grounds. Very Mielikki.

Wayward Youth vs. Animated Scarecrows? Kuhl and Sky will have more fun than Fargas' group.

Kuhl is learning to keep his mouth shut or at least to divert attention away from an near grievous faux pas!
GerryWright chapter 23 . 8/1
Wererats and scarecrows! Good grief! These heroes can't catch a break!

Sky's smart aleck comments are pretty funny.

The Phaulkonmere sounds like a charming place. An appropriate place for the chosen of a deity.
GerryWright chapter 22 . 7/20
Hmm. Going off in an unexpected direction. I wonder what is coming their way next. Beholders? Zhentarim? Perhaps it's wererats! ;)
Makareth chapter 22 . 7/19
Your character banter never ceases to be entertaining! XD I love how even Lif got involved in the hair discussion, and when he threw the rag at Fargas.

I am curious if this supposed treasure hoard even exist.
Daxxers chapter 22 . 7/18
The guys are right. Never change the hair.

Good banter. I like that Lif is sticking around and was not banished.

At this rate the group will soon have earned favours or will owe favours to a lot of factions! Very interested to watch them meet a Chosen!
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 2 . 7/9
Maybe I just have a dirty mind but I did not assume that the girl in the inauthentic belly dancer costume with the fake accent who actually had a “street” accent in front of the establishment selling overpriced drinks, was trying to lure them in to watch “innocent dancing.”

Anyway I liked the way you described and had the characters interact with the environment! It’s funny how much stuff I’ve forgotten since I played this campaign as a player, but I think there was a lot of stuff that got brought up that I never learned more about since my party didn’t look into it.
Lumen del Mari chapter 21 . 7/9
The aasimar decided things had just gotten decidedly strange.

I'm inclined to agree with you, Aleina! :D

As if playing for a group of strangers in under garments of very thin silk was all fine and normal, but only if you didn’t accidentally reveal a bare shoulder while doing it.


“That is a nimblewright,” Zord said. “Terribly useful and obedient. This one is named Ratchet and he is my favorite of the pair I own.”

Ah! Interesting. I had assumed it was either a warforged or some sort of shield guardian.

The nimblewright was about to refill the goblet with a bottle of green wine it had retrieved from the table, but now froze in place, as still as a statue.
“Oh, are you Jacks?” Zord asked.
The automaton head moved up and down in an affirmation of whirring gears.
“My mistake,” Zardoz said, shrugging. “This is Jacks, most definitely the favorite of my pair of nimblewrights.”

First of all, this was hilarious! Love it. Second, green wine?

“A lot,” he agreed. “So, the stare you are giving me would merely feel like a remembrance of home. Really a reminder of why I left.”

A fair point!

The aasimar didn’t like the way he looked at them now, giving a contemplative glance at the illusioned Jhelnae again with his patched eye, then to Aleina, to Sky, and to Kuhl. His lips pursed and she felt she could almost read his thoughts in his expression - “a drow, an aasimar, a tabaxi, and a half-elf.”
He had just made the connection between Ilvara and a group of escaped prisoners that included a member of each of those races. She was sure of it.

Hmmm...I like that this was included. Adds to the tension, and also a reminder that technically, Ilvara is still out there.

I'm wondering now if the two females are actually human, or if they're disguised as well.

This had all happened a few years prior.

Was it a few years prior? For some reason, I thought it took place just before Bruenor set out to reclaim Gauntlgrym. I may be mixing up some things...

“Mind wipe yourself?” Sky asked. “I never thought of that. You build a mystery, leave clues, then get to follow those clues to their conclusion. Sounds fun!”

Sky would find something like that fun, lol.

“It’s called the City of Splendors,” Aleina said. “Pretty difficult to surpass that.”

And Neverwinter certainly is not.

He was fishing for information, but hooked tabaxi randomness.

Love this line. :D

He’d carefully crafted the scene to have his fun and throw official messengers of the Open Lord off their game only to find out she had hired, not even hired as Sky had just admitted they currently worked for free, the cheapest band of adventurers she could find. He thought she was mocking him.

Oooh, such a good point.

"You can take a spider out of its web, but it still has fangs and venom.”

Excellent analogy.

I struggled...but I am going to hope it all worked okay.

I think it all worked fine! You gave us a clear picture of Jarlaxle and his manipulative personality where he always has the upper hand in any given scenario (I like to picture him as a more level-headed, less insane Jack Sparrow, lol). Granted, I'm not super familiar with him either but from what I've read of him recently in Archmage, your depiction seems pretty spot on.

I also enjoyed the fact that you added in Jarlaxle thinking that this time, he did not actually have the upperhand, that the Open Lord supposedly out manuervered him, and how that affected their line of conversation.

Looking forward to reading more when you next post! :D Shouldn't take me so long to review next time, lol.
Lumen del Mari chapter 20 . 7/9
You'll have to forgive me for how long it took me to review these past two chapters. Every time I sat down to try to read, it seemed like I was interrupted by someone or something! But we are now back from vacation, and I've caught up with everything I was behind on while we were gone, I can get back to reading and writing! :D

So, onward!

Something she and Aleina picked out because it reminded them of Derendil.

As always, I love these little poignant details.

“My neck hurts. My back hurts. My shoulder is stiff. I tweaked my knee. I think I broke a toe or a finger.”
“You forgot, I lost a tooth,” the other brother said.


But it was the figurehead at the front that drew Jhelnae’s attention as they came closer - a gilded wooden elf maid with flowing hair and reaching forth with both hands. She was unpainted except for the swirling blue design on the front of the ship that twined up her carved body like a stylized dress. Something about the smile on her lips, a knowing smirk really, made the half-drow’s own lips tingle and the cold power of the Demonweb pulse through her veins.

Oooh, I love the tieback to Jhelnae's patron.

Kuhl did as directed and, one by one, the companions boarded the Eyecatcher, the sailors helping to pull

them up on the deck when they came within reach.

There's a weird line break here...

“It’s not something on your face,” Aleina said. “It is your face.”

Not going to lie, I was very confused at this point. I thought they were still talking about the figurehead for some reason.

Illusion magic? What were they talking about? But as the half-drow caught sight of her hands, she knew. Her skin was the pale tone of some human races when tanned by the sun rather than her usual ebony black.

I hadn't expected this! And I appreciate that you made it part of the narrative. I knew the crew was disguised but wasn't sure how the magic worked. Now we know!

Celestial was a common language they shared and used when they wanted to keep a conversation private between the two of them.

Clever! Our party did something similar with a combination of Druidic and Drow Sign.

the purple curtains festooned with silken tassels...

I enjoy the use of the word 'festooned' here!

A dusk skinned, blue eyed woman, brown hair still mussed and wearing only a short silk sleeping chemise played a lyre in the corner while a similarly attired athletically built woman with dark hair and cinnamon colored skin watched with adoring attention. The well-built, trim figure of a man standing next to these two turned and toasted the arrival of the companions and the captain with an uplifted wine goblet. He wore nothing but an eyepatch and crisscrossing crimson leather shoulder straps that apparently served no other purpose than to hold up his scarlet loincloth and the flashy rapier at his waist.

Oh my! I wasn't sure how you planned to introduce Jarlaxle, but I think you definitely hit the 'lady-killer' part on the head. In Archmage, there is a reference to him hooking up with two dragons in their human forms LOL. This scene kind of reminded me of that.

The choice to greet his guests in just this sort of attire, or lack thereof, amid a feast of plenty was the same style of teasing, wanton, excess.

Definitely fitting!
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 1 . 7/8
I finally caught up on some of the other fics I've been trying to finish, so it's the perfect time for me to finally read this one!

I've been missing these characters, and this chapter felt a bit like a reunion with old friends (and well, I guess it was about a reunion of old friends. ) A couple thoughts from various parts of the story:
- I forgot that Aleina and Kuhl had been heading to Waterdeep in the first place. Yes, very lucky for Dawnbringer that they had a detour.
-Am I supposed to know who Amarune and Arclath are? I don't remember them. If they are canon characters, I don't know them.
- Poor Sky is not meant for the city life.
- Ha... why do I suspect that this big investment is not quite the get rich quick scheme Fargas seems to think it is? Maybe the potion works but that doesn't necessarily mean it's worth the effort (or cost in hired labor) of getting the ingredients.
- Poor Jhelnae and Aleina. Still disappointing their families even after all they went through.
- LOL, Fargas's idea of what Amarune could write in her almanac about the potion reminded me of so many influencer blogs. "I traveled here and saw this and that cool thing and used this one particular brand of water bottle."
- Ront and Yagra Stonefisk make a surprisingly endearing couple, from what we've seen of them. It was kind of mean of the girls to (mistakenly) try to put Kuhl in an awkward position of rejecting her, glad the tables turned on them there.

I've played Waterdeep Dragon Heist as a player and I definitely will not complain (or quite possibly, even notice) if you diverge from the planned story as much as you want. My DM took a lot of liberties with the plot to make things fit better with everyone's character arcs, you can for sure do the same. Looking forward to reading more!
Daxxers chapter 21 . 7/6
I have only read a bit of/about Jarlaxle in FR Canon, but I think you've captured his personality!

I am guessing that a "Find the Path" or Locate Object" spell is not going to locate the horde.
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