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Guest chapter 32 . 10/4
what a cliffhanger omggg!

but hope everything is going well in your life! loved the fic (:
sleepinglionzz32 chapter 19 . 7/28
Im basically skipping just to read the part when they actually meet now. This really us a slow burner
Debbie Hicks chapter 32 . 7/5
33. Battle
then Fire both us sisters with them then Drained fire three days of burning then biotten nthe besty rirenmdsd/restd/young onrsd/azoiens/Vulcans/Rest of thedn APain who chgaznged yoiu goods kidbadnapedd theddn AaTore by snakes thed too lasrte died there then pity yiu newborns dioer topre hesds thedn wheree yiu think yiu sere leasvionmg Minds broken kept as sex slaves then good Three taken then the venom is roaring thren yiu Gabrielle will be turn ytgorer there the screams of myself with no change then Sold us/them then good tore Broken me the/her/hem blew up so yours then struggling of thirst and bloodlust tempted by scents pain who is your makers lies then Raped me with her/them broken our souls emerged a goddess good Nothingness was left then brought the due this wiped them out the blood loss woken with a thirst the both tried to heal them god nuked vanished see this they been turned by snakes what mated to different men had freaks from tubes good with them bitten freely found us/them Hunting with them kidnapped then Tortured broken minds good more tore freely then Beaten to death five last ones blew up died there in a morgue brought the see too late was not humans dried of blood good ashes good behead Carlisle had been forced to bite the sisters/them with help to erase their memoires nuked freely good rest bring the criminals then it happened was ice-coldest was not human at all so her/them smashed them No longer alive flatlined vanished good dead lifeless turned by force finally hordes as all of then bitten freely drained of blood supply was so depressed had a power was Telekinetic was Telekinesis wanted revenge so her/them were dead brides/grooms gasp oh my god CARLISLE! Yes, they were awakened then us/them were not living oh no then us/them were retested never had kids eight was logical gasp! nuked Sliced freely torn freely with the kids' vanished with witnesses' finally dead then never are mortals. good wiped them out rip these ones alive tore Freely hordes bitten freely with the corpses. good dried out human blood faded away. then Nothingness was left e was broken up was marked so her gasp/them were vengeful swearing revenge wanted them dead nuked five each both third More monstrously with them shattered vanished freely good hordes as all of them bitten Freely burn those ones we don't want them then too late killed freely never was alive hordes as all of them met mates' humans vanished good in space-time was with Martian golden eyes due as all of hunting more monstrously was reborn but reincarnated young grew up in as all of all of all of states three were dried out was beautiful but was lethal to kill Wild Vampires with my mind so her/them were not humans anymore nuked from here while asleep was very strange indeed vanished good dead poisoned with them hordes shattered vanished good then Burn them there then loss of it then ashes good never are there fled then it happened nuked by a combination of blood was deadly blood officially Alice they were Hunting but the newest blood had been replaced good god hunted animals Excuse me so us/them then too late never was living were not humans groan we can't return there then it happened aren't human at all.
Debbie Hicks chapter 31 . 5/7
's Death
then suddenly Never came home died with her/them best friends/rest of best friends/young ones dried as all of Blood was part of the Army, she was Drained of blood them Killed aliens/Vulcans good who created you paui my screaming good mine You Gabrelle never is his wife then fled with my twin with them. pain who turned you freaks Take care of her cut me against as Woman good three them beheaded us/them then the Aliens/Vulcans/rest of aliens/Vulcans too late four broken as all of it. brought there bitte illegally by snakes what drained of poisoned with him/with three were bitten good the Cullens tried to save them no use good. then found us/them hunting blood good Blacking out good bring them bitten illegally turned by snakes illegally train them ours like Us's/them good see this We forbidden you to marry then tore the aortas/broken collarbones. nuked freely burn them there are Put to sleep. then too late wasn't Humans. not anymore bitten him/then three with women/teenagers with her as an Immortal child aged as a teenager chained good escaped again who created you freaks not normal beings Pain then Nothingness five the too late brought the see this treaty broken. burn them their hordes blew up so these ones! the Cullens/ten nuked with them bring them they must stand trial. good brothers there they are put to death. guilty they never returned. good they perished blew up. what not humans good then blew up then too laree never there?.
Guest chapter 31 . 4/27
This chapter was amazing as always but i just have a little question : Where is Matt ?
QueenSherica14 chapter 31 . 4/27
I'm so happy for Gabby. She deserves this so much. Let's hope Paul is supportive
mysteryfan4ever chapter 18 . 4/27
Was Victoria going to bite Gabby?
Ai chapter 29 . 4/4
I like the way you portray Bella, showing at the other way the character could be construed was very funny. But then again if you like someone as lively as Gabby, you shouldn’t read the twilight books. Gabby definitely has more personality than Bella, but she’s too much of a golden girl. Sure you gave her all her likes and dislikes all her cool activities, but you didn’t really breath life into her.
Ai chapter 30 . 4/4
Compared to other fictions this really isn’t half bad!
Well, it’s not completely ridiculous anyways.
But I suppose I’m not one to talk, since I’m the one actually browsing the website.
Solti chapter 1 . 3/6
thats just bul!s$it why she(bella) doesn't want to go and when her sister want to go it becomes unfair to bella *eye rolling*
Debbie Hicks chapter 30 . 2/19
31. Bitten at the appointed place
s Pov then suddenly chasing good consorting torn screaming of the bite finally with her sexiest there best friends kidnapped third too late turned were with venom of both experimenting but augmenting Brain surgeries went crazy good insane the tore the skin then then with them nuked where you think You are leaving misnamed Then Tortured and raped openly there the newspapers reported myself was a human-drinking cold one so her/her best d friends/young ones bitten by fierce then nuked fatedly Shown up sic k weakest dying half-dead and half-alive the venom was with a frozen decommissioned heartbeat began a Coven with three/the rest of best friends on the run pulled the plug on three chained Sliced from here tore med so her raped then good them then blew up brought three then Carlisle found us raped in our blood with then bitten Then changed telepathically but blood-bonded good you bit them to heal then how to save then led us train/Teach tore heads of us/them, them then Punished as Cullens blew apart trend torn freed brought the finally with Alien rattlesnake venom killed then then Ripped freely good with no memories Sliced in pieces then us/them were Transitioning permanently woken up were in pain suffering from the side effect of it broke gasp my throat was in an inferno was not human so her/them nuked with him both them had kids from help then so there blown up then both but nuked vanished good bitten by snakes from here fired from here three hordes good drained of blood as all of it good killed you Victoria/two/others die then atomized by vaporizing good hordes stolen with Them blew up drained by more monstrously snakes with Werewolf venom good dead blew up then it happened retested were not humans at all of it gasp never aged again twice Alice they were murdered but killed Then in time and space were not living beings were in fact healed but the secret was out of our/theirs own truest heritage was revealed were in fact not mortals were Immortal people an ancient longest-lived race gasp never are in fact living we took you/them from here nuked freely are not humans with deported things with both fled from here nuked Sliced freely blew but bodies gone good see this revealed themselves then atomizing by vaporizing good beheaded from us/them with them blown hordes what fur phased under the full; moon guilty of Lycans finally then dried out of blood hordes Ours with our own from here good departed from here ended them good died here beheaded then blew up hordes vanished good we forbidden them to live there then it happened too late healed Faster but recovered by force were Immortal but declared a war want revenge on them gasp they are not humans they never aged or to die oh my god they caused this to us/them with them it happened hair grew back all as of it far as all of it very more monstrously than far differently hers was ringing was with a style and texture and taste of it helped her twin with them had each pointed ears Ocampa so myself gasp they look from the planet Vulcan then my sister took the commanding chair from home was a NASA Styled Starfleet uniform so myself so they too late Vulcans began working hardest the music from Star Trek 2 the Wrath of Khan herself calm but Kolinahru her rank was Lt. Commander At Thrusters heading one Quarter impulse power helmsman all Stations prepare for Warp then too late then too late was as all of it then with them Sonvok fled but finally seated himself down all stations activating are online Then Space Dock permission to disembark. it clicked wide open suddenly too soon things roaring its voice granted opening bay doors a sound waves a loudest one in history linkage what the orders Commander Set course to the planet Betazed slowly but began roaring suddenly it slowly gliding from, here it was freed of it steady as she goes Ensign all moorings are clear and activating. but caused a chain reaction it happened then it happened it came too late Bree's finger went to then a sound was heard too late suddenly was a carefully good pilot then herself slowly intoned one word Engage then Jumped Warp to the cosmos... but went far too fastest suddenly a Fiery leap into outer space. it came while in warp drive then it happened but began roaring more was like Natasha Yar arrival to the galaxy but housed a world.
Peachicetea030521 chapter 11 . 12/23/2022
I honestly love this so much. I love gabby. And i love her and Charlie together
jingerr chapter 30 . 11/23/2022
that was wonderful! I can't wait to see when you take this!
jingerr chapter 19 . 11/21/2022
I'm really loving this book. you took it in so much of a different direction that I've never seen before!
antonella23 chapter 30 . 11/19/2022
Oh I’m so glad you’ve updated! lovely work as always! I kinda feel bad for Bella at this point… I bet Leah will be the one to imprint! Can’t wait for next chapter
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