Reviews for Hermione learns a thing
Difdi chapter 18 . 12/1
Is THAT where paranoia comes from?
DaveyL2013 chapter 18 . 11/21
PopeYodaI chapter 18 . 11/20
By the time the wizards try to visit Hermione, they'll have to literally Solid Snake into the most heavily fortified base in Europe to drop off her letter.
WBH21C chapter 18 . 11/14
So very well done!
Guest chapter 18 . 11/8
This is not really Harry Potter.
And this is delicious. Novel.
Jamerz06 chapter 18 . 11/7
Can’t wait to see the next chapter and hermione is going to shake the foundations that make up the wizarding world as she’s discovering more about how magic actually works
D3Diton chapter 18 . 11/7
please make this canon, just the sheer chaos of the scientist finding out things like that existing would be hilarious AF
Zyanadryn chapter 18 . 11/7
Ha! Hermionie for the win! Defeating one nightmare are a time. :D
Daemoniorum chapter 18 . 11/7
I enjoy this story immensely. And I was initially rather disappointed that this chapter was an Omake. But this one was really good.

Also really looking forward to seeing how Hermione reacts to getting her Hogwarts letter.
W0lfgang chapter 18 . 11/7
Great to see an update to this after almost a year, even if it is just an omake. Can't help but think you're getting yourself in very deep, even without Hermione having a closer encounter with the magical world yet.
The Prime Cronos chapter 18 . 11/7
Thank you for this nice little interlude!
It brought a great smile to mx face!
I can't remember If you ever stated it, but are you goingtto Run this Story parallel to the Harry Potter timeline, completly separate or are they going to meet at some point?
Conceptually Hermine is on another level of Magic in that sense which makes her a little OP, but confronting a stagnent society with new ideas is Always fun. :D
Would Love to read more soon. Have a great day and Wish you all the best in trying Times.
scyfly chapter 18 . 11/7
oh this chap was an omake, well that explains a lot xD

i was just thinking how what hermione is doing is highly unstable. she is making physical containers out of force fields sustained by hops. if someone comes along that can essentially cast a finite the whole thing would desolve.

imagne that on planetary scale, a whole society runs on hops and along comes the alien ship shooting its finite weapon and and every hop incl their physical structure would collapse.

unlikely but i'd still think its better to rely more on mechanical processes that cant be stopped by an energy disruption wave
scyfly chapter 18 . 11/7
a rather divergent chapter that felt a little off topic. the odds of a natural creature being the only one of its kind seems rather small
scyfly chapter 17 . 11/7
she shouldve made a hop that could display her energy sense into a holo display. now that would speed up testing.

im suprised no one has suggested vacuum, zero point or dark energy
laxmad chapter 18 . 11/7
so glad you've started working on this again! fun little omake is it canon to the fic?
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