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LunePrimus chapter 18 . 3/9/2022
So first thing first, thank you for thanking me! I appreciate you and your story very much too!
Anyway that is a wonderful chapter! Really I loved it! That made my day! So thank you!
I really appreciate the Harry you wrote, who was fighting a little! That is realistic and fun! So thanks! I love Remus who knows how ro answer that mood, especially because he is married with Sirius!
I really enjoy the end of the session! BTW I always love how you conclude your parts and your chapters. Thise sentences are always true but fun, and make us want to read more so congrats for that!
About the part between Remus and Sev I was hoping that Sev was not doing great or drinking (Drama!) when Remus entered...But anyway You did great with them, writing them as two wise adults! That change from other fanfics and it's so much better that way!
About Harry Sev they were so cute...I love a nervous Harry and a bit lost Severus!
About the Draco part! Very well done! I know that was not easy! Writing a reconciliation between those two, especially after 5 years tormenting each over that's hard! But you did it amazingly! That is realistic not too fast, and very adorable!
I appreciate that Sev and Drago understood each over by their eyes! That is so cute and true.
I really enjoy your Draco, and how you made him evolve! Actually I don't know what tobsay about him, you just portrayed him perfectly!
About the suicide part you can really develop that in the following chapters. I appreciate that Sev told Remus and Sirus about Harry and the fidget is just the idea! It is so helpful!
So yeah you did again an incredible job! Thank you for writing this story, which I think is written for me, because everyone us how I would imagine them in those situations, and I love those situations!
All is calm chapter 1 . 3/7/2022
Thank you for writing this story. I stumbled across it looking for something light & fluffy to read but I needed this instead. I don’t have the words to explain how grateful I am that you’ve shared bits of your struggle through this story. I’ve had/have mental health issues and reading this has been a sort of therapy. The suggestions for what to do instead are things I wish I’d known years ago. I hope you’re healing and never doubt the influence for good you are in this world.
LunePrimus chapter 17 . 3/7/2022
That was so cuuuuute!
Again an incredible chapter! Thank you again!
Everyone was so adorable Remus and Sirius with Harry. I really appreciate how you portrayed the Pannic attack Harry suffered. I loved that he calls them to save him that's so cute.
Concerning Draco and Ronald, you wrote them very well too. And I'm in love with Minnie's reaction. Especially about Draco, I really love how you write him, he is so complicated and ambivalent. I enjoyed that you wrote Draco's and Sev's relationship as uncle and nephew. He thought that Severus will protect him from his fight consequences, and he is right he will be protected, very much protected but not from those consequences. I want so many of those cute moments between these two, especially because they can be as sarcastic as cute. So enjoy playing with them.
To conclude with Neville that was even more adorable. Those two are so cute together. And Remus is the icing on the cake.
And those last lines were so perfect and adorable.
I really enjoy this chapter who consoled me and made me happy all day. So thanks again for that!
James Birdsong chapter 17 . 3/7/2022
Nice sixteen chapters.
LunePrimus chapter 16 . 3/4/2022
Thaaat was so fantastic and well done!
You did very well with the ministry even If Umbridge is gone., ministry is not.
I appreciate that Harry went to the punching Ball room, il was realistic and clever for him!
I really appreciate Remus the morning he was nice and kind and wanted to help but not too forceful!
I really loved the letter Remus write to Sev...BTW I think you wrote Severus very well. You kept him in character, he was not so nice and sarcastic, but also not mean with Harry that was perfect!
I also like how you wrote Ron, his vision about Severus and his discussion with Harry is close to Canon. And the fact that he didn't run after Harry but stay to fight is really him so well done!
BTW, I really like how you wrote Neville. The fact that he chose to run to Remus' office show how clever he is. He could have go running after Harry but he wouldn't have known how to deal with Harry the way he was. And that was also very brave too! And I really want a discussion and a session between Neville and Remus. Because as you wrote the discussion between Remus and Harry in this chapter. I look even more forward to reading Neville Remus discussion and a Severus Remus discussion too.
Concerning Draco, yeah he was bad...but he could have been worse. And now you can explore reasons why he was acting that way. Because I know Sirius and Remus and after Harry told them what Draco said, they will go talk to Draco...and that way Remus can know that something is not right and have an explication and help him!
I really like the way Remus was acting with Harry and Sirius...I really like how you write. Because you chose to develop their relationship and their feelings against to just write a session and solve all of their problems in one hour. That's the case in many fanfics and not in yours so thanks. Your story is so realistic so developped so perfect!
I also appreciate that they won't let him alone even in the shower, because event the first time I wouldn't have let him this time no way! So that was once more perfect!
I looked forward to see the anger and the loveliness that Harry will felt! I looked forward to read discussion between Remus and others characters namely Neville Severus and Draco!
Anyway thank you for this 8k word chapter that was incredible!
LunePrimus chapter 15 . 3/2/2022
Thanks for another excellent chapter!
I loved seeing Grandma Min again! That was a fun part and easy to win points for Harry! Good for him! However, I don't want to be Albus when Minerva comes for answers because she didn't know about occlumency! And as I like to think she is a clever and wise witch, she discovers about Horcrux and she finds that Albus knew but didn't tell her. That will be a bad day for Albus!
I also appreciated the parts with Harry's friends. In your lines, we saw that sometimes (if not always) Hermione and Ron want things from Harry for them, and for others. They look like Dumbledore with the greater good. But that's not what friends are for they should want things for Harry and not from him. So I think that they are not so good friends. Thank you for this part. I read too many stories where they were the perfect friends, that I can see anymore. So thank you for making them realistic. You did not bash them but did not make them perfect either so thank you!
To be honest, I never was a big fan of the Hinny couple. But I like Ginny in your story for now, so I don't know why not. And if they grow up together that is not the same that in Canon. So yeah they will be cute. But who was the best in that Chapter is Neville. Thank you for showing his compassion, his loyalty! I love him being a good helper to Harry!
I love the trust Sirius and Remus put in Harry that is so cute. And Harry didn't use the razor so kudos to him. But I think that he will one day...
About Remus, I want to know who is the patient in his office, why he was so urgent to Severus to come, I may have an idea why!
I was so in love with Severus letting Harry teaches his class! If he was raised by Remus and Sirius, he will not be so bad at potions, but giving him his class, implies a big trust, especially with potions and cauldrons that can explode!
Thaaaaaaaank you a lot for making Luna, the queen she is. She is, of course, the best for me! And making her find the Room of requirement, that's logical and giving her more importance! And saying that it's because she reads, draws a parallel with Hermione who reads too, but does not reflect on what she reads. So well done!
I also so loved the first reunion of the DA, especially with the part with the Slytherin, thank you for showing their good sides too, and not letting Ron's point of view wins. The little snake was so cute! And the way Neville took care of Harry when he was lost in his mind was so adorable. And yeah I want a conversation between Neville and Remus.
I really appreciate the end with Severus, he shows his heart, but explain why so that's more realistic. And it was fun! He can really be a big helper to Harry! I want to read more of those sessions, that can really help therapy too.
I thought it was a little chapter but 6000 words! And that was a good transition, but there were some actions and developments too, so well done!
I don't know if I'm ready for the storm coming, but looking forward to reading it!
LunePrimus chapter 14 . 2/28/2022
Hello! (Actually good night for me!)
That was so fantastic, I can't even find a word to describe how I felt while I was reading this.
The beginning was already great. I read a lot of fanfics about Occlumency and Severus' finding of the Dursley...But yours was unique because Sev was not surprised because I knew but also a bit shocked about the proportion of it! But the more important that is you succeed to keep him close to canon. He did actually the same, forcing Harry's mind with no preparation no asking again and again. But you also made him more human, especially at the end of the session So well done, for keeping him in character, and also consistent in your story, that was hard I think but you did it amazingly!
About Harry in the closet that was also well done, and so realistic so bravo!
But the part that I prefer in your chapter, I think in your entire story maybe, was the Remus/Severus part. When I read that Sev was drinking, I thought that maybe you'll talk about it. I hope and hope, and when I read about Remus seeing the bottle I may have screamed my joy in my amphitheatre before the lesson began! Actually, the lesson started very soon after I read that part so I was trying very hard to not read the discussion between Remus and Severus while I was "listening". It kept up the suspense, but I think I was not entirely focused! After that, I read the discussion between the two again and again. That made my day! Severus trying to flee in Style was so Slytherin, and so him. But yeah nothing escape Healer Remus. Even if it was just some lines, it was so good to read that today! I also appreciate the fact that you didn't make Severus talk and heal already. That would have not been so realistic and that makes me hope to read more. I want more of that! I think it is something I have ever wanted. So thank you for finally putting it in writing.
I also very loved that the three of them slept together and that Harry was shy for asking it, but Remus knew either way! That was so cute!
The morning with Sirius was also very adorable. The thing about the teacher lounge makes Hogwart more realistic I think. And thank you for making Flitwick appear. I love him and as a Ravenclaw, I'm happy to have a raven represented!
About the session between Harry and Remus, that was fantastic too! I enjoyed Harry not wanting to go. That was a very marauder thing the walk with Sirius!
I loved that Harry fought a little, with shrugs...That is so logical and interesting so thank you! I also appreciated that you talk about the second session who was not in your chapters, it helps to understand. Just, I thought that the session was on Tuesdays, and in this chapter is on Thursday, but I may be completely wrong!
So anyway, thank you for those 6 thousand words who were incredible! I really to thank you for posting it even with reviews that do not review anything...That shows a lot of bravery! So kudos to you! I hope you are doing good! And I'm looking forward to reading the following chapters. After each chapter, I'm even more enthusiastic about your story. I didn't know it was possible but you made it!
Graceluvbug37 chapter 1 . 2/27/2022
scyfly, you should NEVER say that to anyone. You should be ashamed!
scyfly chapter 1 . 2/24/2022
go kill yourself

first time i said this but its truly deserved
LunePrimus chapter 13 . 2/24/2022
This chapter was just so cuuuuuute!
Harry with his grandad in Zonko. And Albus is so mischievous! I loved it! And the part with the twins is so good!
I also very much enjoyed Remus teaching Harry occlumency. That was so cute and useful because that was not Severus' forte in Canon. And Harry and Severus playing Lego that was just so cute and beautiful! I think that you did a Severus less nice and open-minded than in your story's beginning. I don't know why but maybe it's just a feeling or Severus' bad mood is a sign of another thing that may be a psychological problem. Either way, looking forward to reading about the occlumency session between Harry and Severus!
I also loved the moment between Neville and Harry! And when Neville succeed to shut up Hermione, it was the best sentence I ever read in my all life! Thanks a lot for that! It can maybe remind her her place because who does she think she is to say that to Harry he doesn't belong to you.
Concerning Draco, I don't know what you want to make of him. If you want him to stay the not nice to Harry version he is in Canon or if you want to develop him a bit. When I read that Drago was jealous because Hary was close to Dumbledore, I think it could be great to develop his resentment because of his family. I also believe that Draco's character is due to his parents and the miss of support from Albus or Severus. I really think that if he was supported or at least listened to he would grow into a "good" person. And I also think that in your AU, Remus will be the best man to listen support and help Drago. And even if there is no love between the Malfoys and Remus and Severus. I don't think that it would prevent Remus to help Draco, that's not him! So yeah I would love it if you develop him more. After all, he is one of my favourite characters. If it was not your idea, never mind! It will be great either way!
The love between Sirius and Harry was so cute, I also loved the end between Remus and Harry!
And I forgot to say in the previous chapter, I looooooooove that Remus forbad the "fine" word. Even for Sirius that is so cute and fun, (and maybe for a reason). It is very useful to forbid that word, it will help his patients and family to really express their feelings. Because the word is too much said by everyone! So thanks and I totally agree with you about that word! And it's even better because it is the title of your story so thanks!
Blakespeare chapter 12 . 2/22/2022
I’ve been reading this since chapter two and I just wanted to thank the author for continuing to write such a good fanfic. I unfortunately don’t have the most amazing, fulfilling, happiest life right now but reading is something I enjoy, especially when I can emphasise and understand the characters (and when there’s a good plot of course!) so admittedly whenever I get a notification for a new chapter of this, I make sure to read it as soon as possible! I really like how the fanfic focuses on healing and the importance of supportive people in your life (and some wholesome wolfstar) instead of just the s/h. As someone who has dealt with s/h in the past, I think the way it’s being portrayed it so far is realistic and not romanticised. Anyway, apologies for the length of this but, in short, thanks!
LunePrimus chapter 12 . 2/22/2022
Hey, so a review to make your smile!
I love Tuesdays, but I prefer Tuesdays when I can read a new chapter from you! And this one was so incredible I was waiting for Neville's introduction, and I wasn't disappointed! You did great with him, I want so much more from both of them! They are so cute together! I especially like the moment between Remus and Neville, just perfect for me! Neville who tries to hide his emotions from Remus, no way! That was just beautiful, and I love the background you did for him. It is close to canon, and you developed it so well. I like that he has had therapy with Remus for a long time and keep going to see him...And I really appreciate that he is not doing perfectly well, that way more believable! He would be a great help to Harry to push him to follow therapy and follow Remus' advice! The next Wednesday session between Remus and Neville will be lovely to read, pleaaaaaaaase, I want that so much!
Concerning Sirius, I love the moment you made him proud to have ideas to help his godson which I think it's really close to canon! The little bit when Remus transforms to healer Lupin with his husband is too cute, and I want to read more of those parts! The way you made him loose his control is also very close to canon, totally understandable, and beautifully done with Remus!
About Dumbledore, yeah that's the part I don't love him about. Keeping secrets. I don't like here either, but I understand to keep them from Harry at that moment, even if I think it will break the trust between the family. Especially when Remus "lied" to his son. However, lying to Remus and Sirius about their son, no no, that's bad! So yeah I don't enjoy the character in there but you did very well to keep his ambivalent nature! So well done! And I love that Harry will spend the night with his granddad!
BTW I really enjoy the part about the Silencio charm, very believable for both of them! So an amazing chapter! I look forward to reading more of those Neville's moments with Harry and with Remus, the icing on the cake will be a cute moment between Neville and Severus! I also want to read those occlumency sessions, those therapy sessions with Harry but also with Neville now! What I really like about your story is that every single event is linked with psychological consequences! From Harry but also from others. I think that those psychological consequences were missing from the story because all of Harry's traumas are not explored just the big one and not very deeply. I think it would have really changed the character and his relationships with others. So thank you for that! I really appreciate it!
LunePrimus chapter 11 . 2/19/2022
What an incredible chapter!
I was so glad when I woke up with the notification and the email! I was surprised I didn't think soon was this soon! And moreover I saw that it was more that 6 thousand words so I was even more amazed! Of course it was going to be good! So I try to keep the chapter to extend the suspens! But I couldn't wait more so I read it today! And That was so well done!
When you talked about Harry's relapse...Again, I didn't think it was this soon! I loved it! Yeah I know...that's not nice to be happy from it buy I was! You did it so well!
I was surprised you wrote about the Mr Weasley's attack... I didn't know that you will take canon events! I'm happy you did especially this one...which I think was not developed enough especially in Harry's mind...Of course it will be hard to fight the guilt to be Nagini and attack Mr Weasley! So good idea and well done! I will love if you take other Canon elements of the fifth book with I think is the best...But if you do and take the end.. it will be so sad and worst than in Canon for Harry and all of them!
I found it weird that Remus let Harry took his shower...even if I understand why he did!. I was so sure that Harry will use hot water to hurt himself and when he did with the broken mug...I was so "I knew it!"
I love that Sev and Albus Came and help Harry that was so cute! And what Sev said was so helpful! I also appreciate that you made him drink firewhiskey many times... I have always found that if Severus would have a problem it would be alcoholism! So I'm glad you did it! And if Remus can have a conversation with him about it! It will make my day!
I'm so happy that Remus believes Harry didn't lie to him! It will make things a lot easier for both of them!
Looking forward to occlumency sessions...I don't know which ones will ne harder between Occumency sessions and the one ones with Remus...BTW...if I understood correctly you didn't write Harry second session with Remus...because it was Tuesday in the last chapter and here it begins the next Monday and continue the next Friday...that's not important but I wanted to know if I understood correctly..
I hope in your story Albus will be more least with the adults in Harry's life...especially if he is an horcrux, as I think you'll write about! Anyway I hope Remus and Sirius and even Severus and maybe Minnie will be hard on him if he hides too many things...I adore Remus when he answered Albus that was so firm but Remus!
Anyway that was so cute when Harry didn't try to fight what the adults were saying...because of teh trust he has in Sirius and Remus that was too beautiful so thank you for that!
Looking forward to reading the following keep going to open many possibilities of events for your story that looks great so I can't stop thinking about tour story!
Abused stories, selon harm stories, Remus and Sirius raising Harry stories, Remus centric stories, Occlumency stories, Remus therapist stories, Neville stories, alcoholism stories, family stories...are all my favorite types of stories and your's is all of them (or soon I hope) so of course that's one of my favourite if not the best one I'm reading now! So braaaavo and thanks again for making my life happier!
LunePrimus chapter 9 . 2/17/2022
Thanks! Today was a great day... and you made him greater with this Chapter! The mornings are always so fun to read...those family moments are so needed!
After for the session, first I totally understand Harry who hesitated to go! I think I wouldn't have gone to Remus office either...I was almost disappointed he went...even if I loved what you did after! Anyway I wanted to say that I understood the feelings and I hope that maybe he will refuse to go...I want to see those consequences!
For the session I laughed when Remus was said to be looking therapisty that was so fun!
You did great with Remus' two roles in Harry's life! Of course it would be complicated to have your father as a therapist but yeah it can have advantages too for both of them!
The day at the beach was a good idea and a marauder idea! I appreciate that Harry was finally accepted the help...Even if he is not there yet...Anyway the best parts were when Harry wanted to stop it and flee...I want more of those moments!
Concerning Harry's friend...Yeah I find it so complicated to talk about it to your friends...shutting them out always seems easier! The feeling or running away only increase! Especially with friends like Rob and Hermione. Honestly I think Ron would be lost...and won't know what to say...and will be hesitating each time he say or do something for Harry...So the feeling of pity, to be lost, alone or a burden will be here. And for Hermione, she is to she will want to help but only by being constantly over Harry's shoulder, telling him to eat, what to do... Not necessarily a bad thing but It would make me feels weak maybe or at least inferior...And I would run away for sure!
But Neville is the perfect one to come too I think...And maybe if Remus insist on him is because he knows that Neville know something about self harm too...His parents in St Mangoust and his strict grandmother who compares hom to his dad...that would be hard to live with!
I also think that the Twins can be a great help too...because even if they are fun they also seem wise...and having Molly has a mother who can be so overwhelming...and I have always thought that the twins and Ron but especially the twins are less in her eyes than Ginny and even the other older boys...BTW Charlie Bill and even Percy can be a great help too...
That was cute to see James helping Remus! And I think it was good to tell this story for both of them!
It was a great moment when Harry talk about his nightmare! And yeah it is logical that Harry doubts the love he receives from Sirius and Remus...That he is afraid of losing them if he cut again...that seems so Harry...Moreover for an exabused child doubting love from adults especially parents is normal! So thank you for addressing this...and maybe now that Harry knows that they will love him anyway...he will hesitate less to reach them when he will need help...But I think he will try to reach ither people Severus. Because even if he believes that they love him no matter what he does (,which I think can be solved in one conversation) he will still be afraid of disappointing them...So yeah I want him to relapse (I'm a bad personBut It can be fight in one round unfortunately!
Writing can be a major help but it's a hard thing to make accept to a young boy so writing about him and the dog is a fantastic idea!
Finally Having Sirius watching them on the map and being overprotective of both is so cuuuuuuuuuuuute!
Anyway to conclude this loooooooooong review (wich I hope is understandable) Thanks for this great first session...I knew you would write something amazing! Looking forward to reading more of these sessions...maybe they will go deeper I hope...And the next full moon will be a big event too! So thanks again!
LunePrimus chapter 8 . 2/15/2022
too many things on this chapter to write a good review by reading this only one time! So yeah I read it a lot 4 times I think! And It was so awesome each time!
I loved the beginning with a little Harry Remus and a lot of banter between the 3! So fun...this part makes me really happy when I read it this morning!
Then the moment with Minnie was great! And the Animagi thing was so well found! I love Harry as an animagus especially with Sorius and Remus animagi! And I find it great that He will do that with is a good way to make them closer and I want to see those two parents became prouder than they are!
With Albus, It was amazing too! it was great to see this memory! After all that is one of grandparents' role to tell memories and thing we can't have seen! And with a pensive it's so much better! So good idea and it was sooooo cuuuuuute! The two of then sleeping! And the end the end was just the best thing of my day...of my week of my month. of my year even!
You did so well with the nightmare...I read a lot of fanfic where Harry speak about it and finally open up...and it's great! But I looove seeing him and other fight the help given m and it is more believable I think!
the hot cocoa passage was awesome...he is a little marauder after all! I appreciated that Sirius was sceptical of course he would be!
The anger with Remus is perfect...yeah that's weird! but I don't know how to explain it in an other way! It is logical...I think he is more afraid to talk about it and to share it .. and it is easier to be angry than afraid!
I looved that Remus knew and was honest with him!
I adore that Harry chose to tell what he feels to is easier with a dog...even if this one is not really a dog!
I understanding so much the desire to run away! So thank you for putting it here!
Now I think I fond my life's goal, and that's reading that conversation between Harry and Remus...I want to see what happen in this session...if they will become "enemies" or allies in this fight! I try already to imagine what it will be and I know you will do it amazingly! So looking forward to it! And thank you again for giving us an incredible chapter!
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