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LunePrimus chapter 8 . 2/12/2022
Heyyy so thank you for posting it so soon after the previous one! Because yeah it was a bit short and I wanted more...I still want more! This one was so great! We really see Harry getting frustrated and I was "finally!" Telling Minerva would be so hard, especially if she think of him as his grandson...which is logical as he is Remus and Sirius son...and I think she loves them as sons...
The moment with Harry's friends in story about is self harm is always complicated for me...I definitely don't like Hermione...even if you write her well and not so bossy.. but she is too much for me either way! But I look forward to reading more of Neville!
Moreover I love the moment between the two lovers it was great to see Remus having some "difficulties" It was good to see Sirius going after Harry...because even if it was not my Remus...He stays for the entire school so He is important and it was I so adore your work is because everyone is important and it's not centered about one! And I'm so in love with the moment when Rem spy on the students and think that he will meet some of them even if they don't want to! It is so Remus and so good! I would have love teachers like that!
And to conclude I love that you put the alternatives at the end! It so good to have them writing it can be useful! And it's good it shows the long way Harry have to go! So again thank for your good Job!
LunePrimus chapter 7 . 2/11/2022
I knew it! I knew it was Severus! And thank you for the great work you did! Sev was just perfect the good help for Harry! It listened and spoke too bit he stays in character! It is so a hard thong to do to write Sevy nice but true to his character so good Job and thank you! That was great to see him a bit with Rems and Siri too! And what he asked Harry to do is just the right thing! So perfect! And thank you I was having a bad day...and when I was coming home in subway the email popped up and yeah that made my day a little bit better so thanks! Of course I want to see what you have in mind for the futur chapters so keep the good work!
LunePrimus chapter 6 . 2/9/2022
And I forgot...yeah I wrote a long review and forgot to say that I loved the moment between Sirius and Harry.. Yeah obviously I would prefer Harry Remus times but I'm not impartial! I thought It was nice to see them together as well.. this is more equal! And As it was about Quidditch it's logical that it was between those two!
And I forgot to say that I love your end too...maybe a little Cliffhanger but good! Who will it be Sunday...maybe Severus...I hope it's nit Dolores! Anyway thank you again and looking forward to reading the next chapter!
LunePrimus chapter 6 . 2/9/2022
Hey ! So firstly thank you for saying I'm amazing at reviewing! it's so great to hear I'm amazing at something especially in the morning before a hard day! So thank you again! BTW I think you saw that English is not my first language and I'm sorry if I'm not understandable sometimes...(I hope it's only sometimes...)
I agree with you about Dumbledore...He is a complex character...At this times...I'm seeing him more as a manipulative guy...But I love reading stories where he is a good protector for Harry or others (Severus, Remus...) I think he failed all of them in Canon! But he is so cute in a nice well as Minnie actually! I think she is not perfect too (especially with Slytherins)...However I can't say no to a version of them being the good grandparents and maybe parents for Remus Sirius...
So thank you for this great chapter! it was good to see family moments...and good to see Harry refusing to SH to protect Remus and Sirius beautiful...
I found it funny when Severus come in the office when he knew nothing...and I think it really close to the character...
So thank you again! And I didn't say it before but I love that you post chapter of about 4000 words...I wouldn't say no to longer chapters...But it allows you to post regularly( and I know how it is hard!) and shorter chapters won't be the same and won't bring the same emotions! So braaavo!
LunePrimus chapter 5 . 2/7/2022
Another Great Chapter!
I understand why you don't like Sev! In fact In Canon I find him Horrible! But I read to many AU where he is still his snarky self but "good" with Harry or Draco or Neville! Anyway I love the one in your story too! I love he put charms on the knives and work with Remy on that! I think he can be a great help in Harry's fight! Especially because he is not so nice and close to Harry sometimes we need someone who is not so close and who doesn't love you the way parents do. So He can be a great adult figure with his two parents and Granddad!
About his friends, I may be weird but I don't like Ron and especially Hermione...So I don't know what you will do with them if they appear...but Yes I love your story a lot because they are not in this for now!
Actually when I read this chapter is the first time I could really see Remus pain old and still present! And so I may be an horrible person but I would like to see him have dark thoughts maybe or something! But in this Chapter I also lived when Remus become Healer Lupin for other adults He can be so fin especially with Sirius or Severus! So both of those options are really interesting and that's why your story is so can lead the reader in many directions and I'm happy to be one of them!
LunePrimus chapter 4 . 2/4/2022
Another Good chapter! Especially with Sevy! It's good for Harry to have not one not two not three but for adults who look for him! I hope si much It was the same in Canon but anyway thak you for writing this!
I loved your Dumbledore's version! And the Severus one even if I love the 3 (Siri Rem and Sevclose I understand what you didn't make them best friend! I would like that too BTWI want to read the discussion between them and it my be get them closer I think! Especially if Remus tells his story with SH, it may explain why he let Siri and James do what they did to Severus. Because it could not loose them! Or something!
It may be the occasion to Sev and Siri to talk about their past too...
Or I don't know if in your AU they know everything about each over or not but anyway it will be so good to see them working together to help Harry!
And thank you again for writing Remus so perfectly and give him a major role in this situation!
Thanks and good luck for the following chapters!
Aluadinha chapter 1 . 1/30/2022
meu bb
LunePrimus chapter 2 . 1/28/2022
So first thing firstthat is just perfect! This chapter was just the best I have ever read! I read a lot of stories with Remus helping Harry but this this was just sooooo better! A Remus who fight SH is always a good thing for me (I swear I'm not a monster!) but in your story even if he knows what it is, he stays the adult who know better ! So thanks thanks thanks! I love that you made him a counsellor! It's perfect for him! If you didn't realise Remus is my favorite character so thank you for writing a chapter between them only! In stories with both Remus and Sirius is not often that we can read only Harry Remus moment unfortunately so thanks again!
Now about your reply, firstly I want to say thank you for answering! I know it feels great to have reviews but I thinks it's even better when you write a reviews on a story you love and that the author answers! So thank you for posting it "for me" I could have read it before sleeping (it was 00. 50 am for me in Paris) but I was so tired and wanted to enjoy your work with my head working! So I read that while going to Uni and I may have finished it during the lesson but shhhhh... After begining the chapter, I couldn't wait to finish it, I couldn't focus a lot about anatomy! So if I fail my exams I would know who to blame!So thanks again for writing this! A long chapter by the way and that's better! Sorry for babbling! Hope you have a good day!
Lost chapter 2 . 1/27/2022
Yay! Please turn into multi chapter! :)
LunePrimus chapter 1 . 1/27/2022
I want to know what will happen! I don't know If I will be able to sleeping now! Thanks for writing this! I think it's the story I have always looked for!
LuminescentLime chapter 1 . 1/27/2022
Enjoyed it, great start!
James Birdsong chapter 1 . 1/26/2022
Nice story
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