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Angelslayer894 chapter 60 . 10/17/2022
I have just found this story and read it through. I have come close to self harm and suffer from depression and you have captured the feelings and the coping mechanisms perfectly. Thank you
Guest chapter 33 . 10/8/2022
I ove the way you made this book and came up with the ideas but I especially like the way you made Harry and Draco friends/cousins
LunePrimus chapter 60 . 9/28/2022
Hello from France!
Firstly, all my congratulations! Congrats on finishing your project with all your life changes I know how, that's hard! And you finished it but, moreover, you finished it well with a lot of hard work and research! I hope it gave you what you were looking for and even maybe more for your mental health and your life in general!
Secondly thank you for all of your chapters, I know I didn't do a lot, but I had the impression of investing myself in your book! So even if it wasn't deliberate you gave me a life goal, each week, sometimes more! Honestly, your book spoke so much to me, sometimes, I had the impression of writing in myself but in so much better English ! ;)
I hope your readers will give you the reactions you want and deserve now and in the many years to come, as your story will still be as valid in the next years, unfortunately!
I read that you were not very happy with your last chapter, but you can be happy with it! It contains emotions and is fun! So perfect! I'm glad you wrote about his first quidditch team! For me, they're the ones who were always on Harry's side, even when all the Gryffindors were not! They were so protective of him because he was like the baby, and that's so cute and all that Harry deserved, especially in Canon, where he didn't have any parent figures. You did very well with their overprotectiveness, they were so cute, especially when Harry didn't want to confess his feelings! Seeing the twins as big brothers is so perfect! They can be fun, but when someone or something is hurting Harry no one can be on their way! Reading about Oliver as the "father" of the team, so perfect too, so cute, him asking Remus to see his teams, so a responsible father thing to do! You know I'm in a Percy phase, so if I'm in love with Percy, I'm in love with Oliver, so thank you, I needed that!
Concerning Ron and Hermione, you did well with them. Even if, I didn't read about them, I won't be sad, not at all. Your story fixed them a bit for me. I don't like them for many other reasons, one of them is that I kind of feel that they restrict Harry in his friends, about his life opportunities, in his decisions...But in your story, Harry has other friends, especially Neville and Draco. I always thought it was weird and a shame that Neville didn't seem very close, but they could have been like brothers if all their parents had lived healthily. And even Draco, without Ron and his anti-Slytherin view, Harry won't be so against Draco! So thank you for that! And the fact, that he didn't want to become an Auror, THANK YOU! Ron wants to be an Auror to be superior and to impress because of his family, and that's great. But Harry doesn't want the celebrity, and he fought the dark forces from his day one in the magical world, so that was not logical, not at all! And if Ron and Hermione too didn't limit his view about his future, he would want some other jobs! So thank you for that, you can even make me like them a bit! You did well with their goodbyes. Hermione was not so bossy with her letters! Thank you for that too! During this year, you make them all evolve into the best person they could be! Especially Ron, who shows his compassion and he is not so reckless. When he knows that he doesn't have to impress and just be himself, he is so loveable! For me, it's Molly who doesn't give big importance to his sons, especially Ron, who doesn't feel so loved, so has to impress at school, and being the number 1 friend of the boy who lived is a great way to achieve that aim. Same for the twins, by the way, who make pranks all day to exist in their teachers' eyes, and even in their parents when they are in trouble! Even Percy, who we can think is Molly's favourite. I really think he is behaving this way, to be so "perfect" because if he is not that way, he is nothing...Sorry for my rant on the Weasleys, but I honestly think all of them were asking to be adults and responsible as big brothers too early! So yeah, maybe you can even talk about that in the sequel. I don't know, now that most of them are not in school anymore. However, it is now that Percy chooses the ministry over his family (which is so very understandable from my point of view)...but anyway, I think I understood that you will write the sequel during their holidays! That will be so great! Because they won't have work to hide from each other and even themselves!
Moreover, in Hogwarts during the Summer, there will only be the best characters, Harry Remus, Sirius Severus and Draco. Every one of them will have some problems, I hope, and they will have to deal with a mother or grandmother figure from Minerva and a father or grandfather figure from Albus!
I look forward to reading more about them! All of my favourite characters in one place without the ones I don't like so perfect. I hope for some Neville too. Maybe my poor boy will have some problems with his grandma and his OWL results, I don't know something... Anyway, you can forget about the Weasley for this part. Maybe they will be a sequel of the sequel, I don't know...the most important is that write what you want and what give you what you are looking for!
PS: I don't forget about my Sev and his alcohol and my Draco and his guilt too
PS2: Write what you want and need, because anyway, as I said, everything you'll write will please me..because we both think alike!
PS3: Congratulations again! And I wish you courage in your life and in your sequel writing, I know that sometimes when a project is over, we feel kind of empty, so I'm glad, that you have the sequel as a project now! Goood luck! And see you soon!
Urgwaew chapter 60 . 9/26/2022
OMG! I was so happy to see the alert for this - if you believe it, I was in the middle of a 1k OS and I left it unfinished just to come read this, I couldn't wait!
The points for studying slipped my mind a little, and they came back here in such a beautiful way - just perfect!
Yeah, surprises can be a double-edged sword, ans it's good that Harry has people who get that and pay attention to his reactions, so they can intervene if the suspense gets to be too overwhelming.
Ah, the infamous "I'm tired" - I seriously doubt there's anyone here who hasn't used that one! Although, it is the truth - only being tired doesn't necessarily stop at insufficient sleep and physical exertion...
Crying - the greatest paradox of human kind, if you ask me. It helps people feel better, yet so many of us try to surpress it, like it's something to be ashamed of. And then, to make the irony of crying even more unbelievable, when you feel the worst you can't cry at all! Go figure...
"Well can my body catch my mind up with the staying alive thing?" - yes, a funny joke, and yes, an absolutely legitimate reason for Remus to get worried. It *is* difficult - the jokes help, and others constantly checking if he's being serious grates on his nerves, but it's impossible to do it differently, the risk is just too high.
I totally get Harry's concerns about the end of the year. Change is always tough - tbh, I have had my moments when changing plans for what I'd eat for dinner made me close to weeping, as silly as that sounds - and when it's such an important and hard one, it's all the more difficult. Add to that the fact that his support system is taking a hard blow, and it's no wonder he's feeling really worried about it.
Also, I really loved how you mentioned grieving for various things - it's so true, yet not very well known! It sometimes feels silly to think like that, but the feelings we have when losing something are the same no matter what the reason for losing it is in the first place. And it's important to know that - it helps you understand better what you're going through, validate it to yourself (not that feelings can ever be invalid, but our minds often try to tell us otherwise), and take it seriously enough. It's no use playing it off as less serious than it is - that way, you only get frustrated when you're not "over it" "quickly enough"...
I love the detail about Oliver being that invested in the team's mental health and wellbeing - that's so great! And the fact that he calls Remus every month to check on them just melts my heart!
The surprise for Harry was great - it was unexpected, fun and very beneficial to him, especially when his most recent worries are taken into account. I really love that he had the opportunity to just enjoy a day with his friends.
Remus having had to calm Oliver down for 15 minutes after Oliver first saw the Black Manor Quidditch pitch was so good!
Ah, the "I'm fine" - still there, even after 300k words! Of course, it can't just go away... Good thing Oliver, with the help of Fred and George, banned it as well!
The "I don't want to ruin the day" is another often-used excuse - both for getting out of talking to others and for getting out of thinking about stuff yourself. Interestingly enough, I just read something about toxic positivity recently, and this looks similar to that - trying to avoid thinking about negative feelings in order to stick to the positive ones. Now, it's not bad to try to refrain from wallowing in your negative feelings, but trying to push down the negative in order to "stay positive" usually backfires, sooner or later, so it's good the team persisted in getting him to talk.
I felt Harry's "it's not the same" so deeply! Absolutely! And yeah, I guess Katie is right, it shouldn't be, but that's really hard to accept sometimes! Change is really difficult.
Oh, Harry's gonna be the Captain next year! That's nice. Although, I wonder how much pressure that's going to put on him - after all, he won't be able to rest as much this summer, what with having OWLs to catch up on, and sixth year is gonna be a taxing one no matter what. Well, I just hope that the fact that Quidditch helps him cope is gonna outweigh the pressure caused by the captaincy!
I see Hermione's still a bit wound up about the exams and her grades - as she must be; it would be strange if she just got over it all so quickly, after all. Still, I'm happy to see she's dealing with it a bit better than before! Step by step...
I liked the way she told Harry "I expect responses! When you can, of course." It's really important - I mean, it's good for him to know she wants to hear from him, but it's also important he understands she will understand if he doesn't respond right away. After all, not responding due to depression/anxiety etc. can cause more depression/anxiety etc. just because there is something you *should* do but can't, and start feeling guilty about it. So, I'm glad she reassured him it's okay to take the time he needs to respond - she'll be there.
The ending was so good, and so true! And that's a bit of my overall opinion on this story - you managed to write a story with magic, where said magic doesn't make problems any easier to solve than they would be in the Muggle world. Now, I read so many fanfics, but I can't really remember any one of them which did that as skillfully as you did, so, congratulations on that!
Generally speaking, I enjoyed this story so much! I still remember the day I read the summary for the first time and thought to myself "Yes! *That's* the story I need!" And then - well, it wasn't even what I thought it would be - it was so much better! Instead of a story which would make me wallow in the constant "search for catharsis" (the reason I give myself for reading so many angsty/hurt-oriented stories, although it doesn't seem to be that effective lmao), I got a wonderful, therapeutic journey, and realized this was the first story ever to talk about negative feelings so much and yet make me actually feel better! Tbh, I didn't even know that was possible before, so, THANK YOU! Thank you so much - I can't even begin to explain how much difference you and your story made these past few months. It's incredible.
Anyway, this was a beautiful journey - I'm so happy I was a part of it. Thank you for writing and sharing this, for always being there, for all your words of love and comfort, support and validation - you are amazing! I look forward to the next part of this (but of course, as always, don't rush it - there's no pressure!). I wish you all the best things in the world, and more - you deserve it all! Love you!
P. S. I kinda forgot to mention it earlier, but I really need to - congratulations on finishing this story! It's such a huge accomplishment, and I'm SO PROUD OF YOU for doing it! Many hugs to you, dear friend, and see you!
saterry526 chapter 60 . 9/26/2022
I enjoyed this chapter - and it resonates with me being the parent of a recent college graduate who has applied to over 200 jobs! I look forward to your next story. And remember - small goals, small victories at first help anxiety!
LunePrimus chapter 58 . 9/25/2022
Hello! I hope you're doing okay! Firstly I wanted to say that writing a review for this chapter has been on my to-do list for weeks. And I choose to stop myself from reading the next chapter before writing this review, which has been very hard! Now that I have little time to simply be, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your chapter!
I was not excited about it, as Hermione is not my favourite character not at all, so when I understood that it was a chapter about her, I was not very convinced. But honestly, a reason I don't like her very much, is that she is a bit like me, everyone used to say so anyway. But in the movies and even in the books, she didn't seem to suffer the same problems, she was a bit too perfect...And as I was not feeling so great I was a bit jealous of her, because yeah she is a know-it-all, very bossy...I am too, but that was not as accepted in the real world, and the fear of exams, the fear of disappointment, the fear of failure. I was feeling all of that, and she was not, actually that was not well described (it can be imagined..but not enough), and that's why I have always preferred Luna. As she knows her default and fears, and everyone knows them too, whereas Hermione seems to be too sure of herself without reason...
So your version of Hermione in your chapter was not the one I read but the one I would have loved to read about especially during school. That would have helped me gladly with schoolwork and relationships.
I also fell in love even more with Neville, who knows very helpful things, he is definitely the best! Glad that Minerva will help Hermione, it will change her to have a mother figure in the magic world I think. She had authority figures to respect and learn from. But not a parent figure who can really help her to grow into the best and healthier version of herself...
I still absolutely love my Remus, who is so perfect with Hermione, Harry, Sirius, Minerva and himself! Glad that he tries to prevent Harry to escape him! Overprotective maybe but I love it!
The flashback was so cute! And the fear of disappointing people and losing their love is a very interesting subject! Glad that you made a parallel between the fears of Hermione and Harry that are very linked together! So thanks! As was the feeling of selfishness that Harry felt! So totally normal and often not described in the writings! So thanks again for that very interesting chapter. The fear of failure is echoing deeply in me every day, so thanks for talking about that in here, I would love to have a Remus with me! Looking forward to reading the next chapter about the exams! I would be even more stressed in one of my parents were my teacher, because he would know exactly what I wrote, and what mistakes I made, which would have been very horrible for me. Hope it will be better for Harry!
PS: glad that you put the numbers! very helpful! and a good way to tell that we can have help from many ways!
Urgwaew chapter 59 . 9/19/2022
I forgot to say, congratulations on 300k words, that's AMAZING! It's been such a joy reading this, and I'm so happy for you! All my love, darling!
Urgwaew chapter 59 . 9/18/2022
Hello, love! Obviously, I'm still in a bit of a chaos, so I'm reviewing waaaay later than I wanted to, but hey, I'm here:) Better late than never, right?
I loved seeing the way Minnie took care of Hermione, even from afar . And I liked the way Remus warned Hermione about Minnie coming to the table to make her eat in case she didn't do it herself - experience speaking, I presume:)
Remus being there with the students waiting for their exams - I don't know if that's a thing in the US, I never saw that happening anywhere, but it's SUCH A GREAT IDEA! I mean, they should really include that - we have so many teachers patrolling and ensuring there's no cheating and all that, but no attention's given to the students' mental state at that time.
Dadfoot coming was so nice - I was so happy to see him. And hearing he had left George and Fred in charge - hilarious! Good thing the two of them were willing to behave because it was all for Harry.
"I wasn't about to let you go into your first OWL without a hug." That made me smile so big, and I felt such warmth just reading that - it's really sweet!
The talk about grades is awesome. "And even if I get a T and Mum rolls over in her grave you'll still love me? We'll throw a T is for tremendous party" - fabulous! Absolutely priceless!
"Eat your soup, love; we've got you." That was SO POWERFUL, even though it doesn't look like a very significant line. I mean, it's just them talking, more or less, but it's a very clear reflection of their support and care, and it's wonderful!
YAY MARLENE! Such an awesome surprise! I like how she encouraged Harry to push himself a bit harder, but only in a way that she was sure wouldn't harm him. And the "I'm the fun aunt. I'm not stopping you" - that was great!
Her diversion while talking to Rem and Siri was great - the only problem is that I'm really curious about that prank now! And I'm wondering what Remus would have used to make her spit it out as well - are we gonna find out either of these? Or will they remain eternal mysteries?
Now, so I can be a proper annoying nitpick, I'm gonna say it's not Expeliarmous, but Expelliarmus. Feel free to ignore this paragraph in its entirety.
I loved the "Is it true you can produce a corporeal patronus? Yes! - Oh, I don't know if he can. I was just agreeing with that question. Like, yes! Great question!" I mean, it was hilarious!
Happy to see Draco again. And even happier to hear Sev's been taking care that Draco doesn't get overwhelmed. And also happy they're staying together for the summer. And I'm wondering about that oart of the summer they won't be spending at the castle - maybe they'll go on vacation with Harry, Sirius and Remus? And I'm glad to hear Draco's working through his childhood traumas - so proud of him!
The joke about Remus's office - "It's a lot less cozy when you are talking about your childhood trauma" - was such a good joke but inevitably a cause for caution/concern. Well, most jokes referring to mental health are such - they are very useful at tumes, but always carry the danger of suggesting there's cause for worry because of them. Oh well…
I loved the "All three of my dads? - All three of them - Abso-bloody-lutely" - it was so sweet, and so in character!
Keep that light burning indeed - the most important thing you can do.
Thank you for the great chapter - I'm so excited for the finale! I hope you're doing better, and I send you lots and lots of hugs and good energy, you wonderful soul! Take care, and let others in so they can help you take care, and just keep going - you're doing great, darling! I'm so proud of you! Love you!
James Birdsong chapter 59 . 9/15/2022
Good three chapters!
Lady of the Snakes chapter 59 . 9/12/2022
As I said last time I commented, this really helps me more than I thought I would. I didn't think about dissociation being a good fit to my mental state before, but it makes sense especially when I'm overloaded. Thank you for being so awesome with this story.
Urgwaew chapter 58 . 9/12/2022
Hello, dear friend! Sorry for the long time, no see - it was a crazy time and, unfortunately, it doesn't look to be getting any less hectic in the foreseeable future:( Anyway, I was so happy to see this chapter, and I'm quite sure I read it 4-5 times in the meantime, it was just that good! Although, to be fair, I do that with most of your chapters, but I'm not addicted to your story! Not at all! :)
I agree with you that Harry wasn't really in the state of mind to transform last chapter - I just thought of ut when I read the title, but it will definitely be better when he's feeling a bit less stressed and overwhelmed...
And I totally forgot Remus was an Animagus to begin with - how I could forget that is a mystery to me, really... Anyway, that makes a lot more sense LOL.
I loved this chapter, really. The way Hermione planned on doing a week's worth of work in a day is so relatable, and so in character! I really liked the way you portrayed her reaction to all the stres, it was very realistical! Also, Harry recognizing the signs of an anxiety panic was great, as was his helping her through going into Remus-mode.
I loved the beginning of the DA meeting - it was nice to see them all together, and it felt really great to see Harry realize how much their work meant to all of them. I especially liked Luna's remark - it was so in character, and so in impactful! Brilliant!
Hermione's panic attack was incredibly well written, and it really moved me. I liked how Katie and Angelina tried to help her - it was nice seeing them for a moment. And then Harry in Remus-mode once again - I really loved that! Maybe he'll follow in Remus's footsteps later on? He does seem to have a certain inclination towards it.
The way they brought her out of it, with a book, was really interesting. At first I thought it would be counter-productive, since she was already panicking about studying, but then I realized that's exactly why a book could calm her down. I would've never thought of that!
The moment Hermione calmed down a bit and then realized how many people were there, witnessing her breakdown - I felt a bit overwhelmed just reading about it! Poor Hermione, she really had it rough today... (and previous days as well, of course, but this was really awful)
I liked the way Remus asked Minnie to take care of "a student", not duvulging her identity - so professional and considerate! Also, I absolutely adored the way she told him to come and get her for either the student or himself - I really love seeing her taking care of him!
Remus's session with Hermione was a nice one. I loved the question about the tombstone - it can really put things into perspective. Although, when one is in a situation very different from Hermione's it can be a bit unproductive as well - everything you should do but are too unmotivated to seems inconsequential when you think about your epitaph... However, here it was a very good strategy of helping her calm down a bit.
I'm sorry Hermione felt her parents wouldn't understand her trouble had she tried to go home in order to destress and recover - it can't br easy for her not to have their understanding for such important issues. Thankfully, there are other people who are there to support her. I'm also sorry she thought she would be a bother/burden to Minnie - although, I can't really fault her for thinking that, as much as Minnie cares about her. After all, it's not common practice to stay with a professor for such causes, and Hermione must feel like she's disrupting the usual routine, even though they're all more than willing to help her. It's sometimes difficult to realize all that.
Remus saying Minnie was going to act like a mother hen and give Molly a run for her money was HILARIOUS! And their banter in general - absolutely gorgeous!
I really loved the flashback. Harry being worried about offending rhe Weasleys would be sweet, if it wasn't for the fact that it was a byproduct of the Dursleys making him think he had to please everyone at all times. Harry confusing his shoulder and his armpit and comparing the scratch to monkey behavior was fun! Sirius getting his hand stuck in the cookie jar was very amusing - and, of course, very believable!
I like the idea of the shoulder scratch - it's a huge comfort to know you have a discreet out in case you need it! And it's nice that he could use it now, when he really needed it.
The fit he faked in order to not let Ron know he wanted to be home was a normal thing to do - especially since Remus knew that Harry wanted to go home without others knowing he wanted to do it. Still, I get why Harry would feel guilty about it. I kinda wonder about the time he spent with Sirius waiting for Remus - if you feel like it, I'd love to see an OS about that some time!
The guilt about wanting to feel safe when Hermione is in a bigger problem right now and isn't feeling very safe is understandable as well. Not reasonable, or needed, but understandable and valid. It feels greedy to get comfort for your suffering when someone else is suffering "more" (as if suffering could be measured like that) and might not be getting the comfort they need.
The moment Remus told Harry he was proud of him was a very powerful one for me. It means a lot to know someone you care about is proud of you.
As always, thank you SO MUCH for writing and sharing this, and for being there to offer a kind word, a message of support, a lovely encouragement and, all in all, all the love you shower us with! YOU ARE AMAZING! Absolutely out of this world! You are a beam of sunshine in my world, darling, and you're everything one could wish for as a friend, and a gazillion times more! I'm sorry some people are not treating you well - I know that must be hard on you - but remember, it's their loss! They are missing out on the wonderful person that you are, and you're a lot of awesomeness to miss out on! I'm here for you, always, and I know so many others who are as well! You're so loved, and no matter what you may think sometimes, you're never alone! I send you all the love in the world! See you soon!
Spike's Number One Pet chapter 58 . 9/9/2022
I'm so happy I found this story. I can't wait to read more
Lady of the Snakes chapter 58 . 9/8/2022
I wanted to thank you for posting this. I am not one for self harm but the reminders to care for ourselves when dealing with anxiety or panic attacks and tips on how to do so really help, and really mean a lot. I had two childhood diagnoses reconfirmed with a side of anxiety about a year ago, and fanfic is something I delve into to decompress. Thank you for a wonderful story!
Urgwaew chapter 57 . 9/5/2022
Hello, love!
I know I said I'd review in a day or two, but that kinda... Didn't work out. I hope you're feeling better and that things are getting better at your job!
The title of this chapter made me think something else entirely would happen, if I am honest - I totally saw Harry having a class with Minerva and transforming, only to have Siri or Rem come there unexpectedly and catch him in the act. However, I loved this one as well - it was just so filled with emotion, and so touching, and... I'm left without words, but it's awesome!
Just when I thought I couldn't hate the Dursleys any more, I prove myself wrong, thanks to your story! I'm so sorry Harry went through that - nobody deserves such horrors in their life. Albus's comment about him not deserving it be he 2, 32 or 102 is so true, and I'm really glad he said that to Harry. As much as Harry still feels from time to time he did deserve it, I believe every reassurance can help, so it's good Albus tried to help...
Harry wanting to go by himself isn't really unexpected, but it's really good Albus didn't let him do that. Even with Albus Harry hid himself in a classroom alone, and who knows what would have happened had Moony Da not come - had Harry been alone from the beginning, he could have been in great danger, and no one would know.
Harry's urge to hide and be alone is really understandable - he feels thrown by the fact that Albus knows, and wants to hide from him because of that vulnerable feeling. He feels very lost and his thought are chaotic - he can't really think about how unwise it is for him ti be alone in such a state, he only acts the way he thinks will make him feel better.
As Remus said, all those emotions are difficult by themselves, let alone together. It's no wonder Harry's feeling so shaken and lost.
The moment Harry said "I was just so young, Moony Da. I was barely two" - I felt the exact same things you wrote Remus felt. It hit me right in the heart, knocking the breath out of me - it's just so... So... Horrible, I guess, but it's something more than that, only I don't know the word for it.
The infamous "I should feel..." thoughts. So deceiving, and yet so hard to shake off. If only there was a little more understanding in the word, and not so many social norms which make people think there was a certain way they *should* feel, the world would be a much better place, and people would be much healthier.
The "You're doing a good job. - It doesn't feel like it" is SO TRUE! There is always a voice telling you it's not enough, even when you're doing extremely well... Thankfully, Harry has people around him to tell him he's doing well whenever his mind tries to tell him otherwise.
The "YES! Exactly!" moment - that sweet, sweet moment when you FINALLY feel understood! Absolutely amazing!
The scene with "Chocolate is bad for dogs" was HILARIOUS! And Harry's "It's your chocolate, no one should have to miss out on it" - that was SO SWEET! Beautiful!
Remus popping into Moony and spending the night with Harry confused me a bit - I thought he only spent time with Harry transormed that one time when Harry ran out of the castle on the full moon, and even then it was out of necessity and with Sirius present all the time. I mean, I'd at least expect Harry to be surprised and say something... Also, the transformation usually isn't 'popping', but a but if a longer process - unless you already said Wolfsbane makes it that much quicker and easier, and I forgot about it... No matter, it's nice that they stayed together, I was just a bit surprised...
The moment with "I'm a lot - You're a lot of fire" was SO PERFECT! I absolutely adored that, and I'm sure it did Harry a lot of good to hear that! Beautiful!
Anyway, thank you so much for such a wonderful chapter - I really enjoyed reading it! And yeah, writing a story per year makes sense, but I'm happy you won't be making much of a tume skip. Anyway, thank you for this, and don't rush the next chapter - whenever you have the time/energy/inspiration for it, I'll be happy, but there's no need to stress about it! Take care of yourself, and let other people help you do that - you're so much more important than this story! You're an amazing, lovely person, and I'm proud to be your friend and happy to call you mine. I send you so much love and hugs, darling, and wish you all the best things in the world - you deserve them all and more! Thank you for being there and for being YOU! All my love to you!
carebearsbot chapter 1 . 9/4/2022
i’ve read this fic so many times it just happens to be my favorite… keep up the work 333
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