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The Booknerds chapter 57 . 8/31/2022
I love how you end each chapter with the list of alternatives. the phone numbers are a wonderful addition.
saterry526 chapter 57 . 8/31/2022
Intense! Good job with Albus and Harry. Remus is such a good therapist.
James Birdsong chapter 56 . 8/30/2022
Good fanfic of course.
LunePrimus chapter 50 . 8/28/2022
I'm so sorry I know I told you I would read your story 2 weeks ago...But honestly, I really wanted to read it from the start again! And I did! But that was too many chapters to read with everything I had to do! I don't know why July and august are always the worst months at work but they are! So I read everything I had already read, and I stopped just before this chapter to wait for my holiday ! I wanted to really enjoy and have the time when I saw that this chapter would be about my dear Draco! So since today, I'm free from work and school for 2 weeks! And the first thing I did when I came home was sit on the sofa with my laptop to read that chapter! Yes reading your story was the first thing I wanted to do! When I read your story I finally relax, and that puts me in a relaxing mood! So thanks again for that!
As I said I read again your story from the start in those two last weeks, and that was still so amazing! And even more, because I could really see all the development in the characters! How Harry is fighting, how Remus and Sirius help him fight, how Albus and Minerva are family, How Sev and Draco had created their places in Harry's heart and others too! What was really emphasised was that you did it at your rhythm you were not urged to make things right for them, but on the contrary, you didn't create unlikely problems for them to have! That was just perfect! I knew it! But when I read it again that was even more proof so I had to tell you that!
Now concerning that amazing chapter, I totally understood that Harry feels fine so say that he is...But my Remy was so good at explaining his reasons, and with his apologies and his confidential thing he is so an amazing therapist! And I absolutely loved the therapist Harry thing!
Now about my poor Draco, he was in a hard place between doing what it's right, and what will give him what he had always wanted, his father's admiration. So a difficult choice, especially for a teenage boy. Glad that my Sev knew about it and tried to make him talk! He is good at parenting, for now! Hope he will continue to be for Draco's sake...But I also hope that he fails something because Angst and Remus's help are so a great thing!
I was so angry to read that my poor Harry was kidnapped, and I didn't miss Umbridge and Peter! I didn't even think that Draco betrayed Harry, but I can say that there was a bit of suspense about it...But No, I didn't want to believe it and I was right! Glad that occlumency is helping those two boys. So a Slytherin thing to do!
Concerning the imperio thing, I love your idea that his fight against his urges helped him to fight the curse. I wouldn't think of that and that was a very logical idea! Congrats!
I love your remark about the villains who told their plans to Harry and others Heros BTW, always seems illogical, there are too proud and sure of themselves, but anyway love and laugh at your remark!
I was so glad to see Remus going to Sev for help! So a smart thing to do, and that shows that they are not mortal enemies anymore! And I agree he could have told Remus and Seeruerus but it is not his personality to reach for help, he thought he could deal with the situation alone...Thank you for keeping him close to canon, one more time! And his argument is so good! Nothing else to say! That's Sev!
In the letter, I knew that Harry wrote a hidden message in it, but I haven't thought about this! THAT'S SO AMAZING! It's totally the best thing to do! For Harry because he talked about it with Rem in the morning...But even for your story in itself, it is so a wonderful thing to do! That really links all your chapters together and with the title even better! That was just perfect!
The pendant was so helpful, but glad Harry is still thinking about others, especially about Draco there are so cute! I'm happy that he escaped himself. In canon, he didn't have a choice, but in your story, he has competent adults on his back, but he still finds his own way out, which shows how street-smart he is!
So interesting that the pendant work in Hogwarts, but that's logical if it works in a cell where we can't apparate, Hogwarts it's the same. My poor Harry being sorry, that was very close to his personality too! Glad that even in those moments you kept them close to the personality you gave them! I was even more glad to see a reappearance of doc Remus.
I enjoyed reading Draco protected by Sev about this hard event, I think it is only after those kinds of things that they are ready to give/receive comfort from the other without flipping out for now! And my Draco was so mature talking with Sev and Siri, I love him so much! I also love that he plays down his suffering, he is doing that from the start with Harry, and that so a doctor thing to do too. Hope that will change and that he will understand that he has the right to suffer like anyone else! That he matters too as he is. Maybe with Sev and Remus's help, please! I also think he is kind of punishing himself and hurting himself by watching Harry that way. Maybe because he thought it was his fault...That's not, and I want him to stop thinking that thanks to a good big hug! I love to imagine that situation!
Glad that poppy stays poppy and insist on taking care of everyone, especially her student. I smile when sev succeeds to make Draco sit, that's so a father's way!
My Draco still wants to push himself to the max, that's really a way of self-harm. Pushing to our limit. I will appreciate it if you talk about that one day, maybe it's in one of the chapters that I have to read!
So cute that Sev stays with his godson! As rem and Sirius were, but that's not the same! Sev it's more surprising that makes it even cuter! But the thing that make me honestly cry, was Dobby! You were not obligated to do that to me! I can't stop crying so cute! That was a very good end to finish your 50th chapter! When I think that I so enjoyed the first, and I wasn't disappointed even once! So congrats on those 50 chapters each more amazing than the others! Now that I'm free, I will read your other chapters with pleasure after a good and long night's sleep! Thanks again for all the emotions you bring each time! I'm so sorry I wasn't with you for the last chapters, but it was in my heart! I preferred to read them when I have the time to enjoy them, now I have and I'll do that! I'm back in the game! Anyway goodnight (for me) and see you next chapter!
The Booknerds chapter 56 . 8/21/2022
I've been hooked to this story and binge read it for three days. of you're not done, I look forward to reading more
Urgwaew chapter 56 . 8/19/2022
Hello, darling! Sorry for reviewing a bit later than usual - it was a rough couple of days...
Congratulations on getting the job you wanted - I'm so happy for you! And such a lovely job as well - that's so amazing! I'm sure you'll do great - those children are so lucky to have such an amazing teacher!
I totally get what you said about entertainment. I mean, I like it when there are sad things, but those that can get better, like Harry does here - for ke, fanfiction especially is a way to make canon better, and that certainly means letting people live:)
I like the potions you made - it's good to see Harry finally be able to rest, at least for one night. Too bad he can't have such an easy solution all the time, but even if the potions weren't that addictive and difficult to brew, he wouldn't be able to take them every day. After all, dreams exist so our brains can process the emotions caused by the things that happen when we're awake - so, in the long run, using a Dreamless sleep potion would harm him even if it weren't addictive...
The talk about the Horcruxes was good. I loved Siri and Rem's reaction to the fact that Albus once thought Harry would be the one to destroy them - they were so spot-on! And I'm happy to see it's gonna be a joint effort, and they're all gonna take care of themselves while doing it.
The plan for Harry to have extra lessons with all of them seemed a bit overwhelming at first, but once they moved part of his OWLs to a later date it became alright - I just hope it helps him get better at protecting himself so he can feel better!
Remus and Sirius needing to taje care of themselves is SO TRUE! It's very important that they remember that!
The part where Remus talked to Harry about the day schedule and said they would "have a chat" and Harry going "Again!? Merlin, an evil wizard breaks into my mind and sends me a vision of my father dying and you think I need therapy?!" was HILARIOUS! I soooo loved it!
Acting out about Poppy was very in character as well.
Zoning out during breakfast and later asking for a weighted blanket was so good - I'm so proud of how far he's come! That's awesome!
I loved the part where Harry said it felt nice to be in trouble/be reprimanded bacause it was *normal*! That's such a true thing, and so difficult to explain at times, so good job for capturing that feeling so precisely!
I absolutely understand Harry's issues about having additional lessons with Albus - it's difficult, especially since they haven't even really talked through the breaking of trust from before. The part where Remus said "I'm not going to tell you how you should handle the situation" was so realistic, and difficult for both of them - it's hard to have to come up with the decision on your own when it would be so much easier if someone told you what to do, and, even more importantly, it's difficult to have an opinion but not share it because you're letting the other person decide.
Remus taking Harry to the Hospital wing and saying Poppy would have stuck them both in beds if they were to skip the check-in was funny.
Seeing Draco the healer was so awesome, and I so loved the way he's pushing himself a bit too hard, but having Poppy there to tell him he's doing well and should be proud of himself. Maybe, along with the OS you mentioned about Harry making the Marauders look like saints, you could write an OS about Draco and Poppy as well? I think that would be really sweet, if you're inspired to do it.
The "Goody" joke was such a complex moment. On the one hand, it really was a joke, and I can see why Harry might be exasperated at everyone making such a big deal of it. On the other hand, they all have to be careful, and check on him - after all, even if he didn't mean anything by it consciously, his subconscious could be behind it at least partly, or even if not it could be triggered by it.
I was happy to see Harry and Albus talk. It's not enough for their relationship to go back to what it was, of course - that takes time and effort - but it's the first step, and that's what matters. And the flashback/memory - OH MY GOD!
I absolutely adore little Harry being "jealous" of anyone else talking to his Gwanda - that's SOOOO SWEET! And the pure love just flowing through the whole situation - absolutely incredible! If your story was the Sorting Hat I'd have been in Hufflepuff quicker than Dravi went to Slytherin - I literally had tears of happiness in my eyes while reading this, I kid you not! It was ADORABLE!
The ending of the chapter was beautiful as well, especially the part with "Any new Hogwarts gossip? - You know gossip goes with tea". It's such a nice, happy ending of a chapter - exactly what I needed right now!
Also, you're wrapping this up in max 4 chapters? Wow, I can't believe this has come so far - I feel like I began reading this last week and, at the same time, like I've been in he "I'm fine"-verse for years! Don't really understand how both of those can be felt at the same time, but it's true:)
Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for this beautiful, beautiful chapter - it's a real treat, and it made my day so much better! I can't wait to see the next one - but, if course, no pressure on you for getting it out quickly, this story, and more importantly your wellbeing, are worth any wait! You are so amazing, Imaginer.012, it's incredible! I wish you all the best and I send you lots and lots of love and hugs and good energy! All my love to you, darling, and see you!
Urgwaew chapter 55 . 8/11/2022
Hello, darling!
This chapter was a litteral bomb of emotions! Whew! Of course, in a good way, but still... A bomb.
Thank God fir Hermione - I shudder to think what would've happened had she not made Harry check his parents' quarters.
I see Albus is back in the story - and that went *really well*... He's gonna have to work a lot to regain Harry's trust; same goes for regaining the trust of everyone else who cares about Harry as well.
The moment Harry says he almost killed his friends my heart broke! It was just... Horrifying. Absolutely great story-wise, but horrifying.
Adolescent Counseling Strategies is a riveting read - tbh, it can be. I wonder how many people would say the same, but being an almost obsessive reader I can get drawn in by almost every book that deals wih something I'm even remotely interested in, so... Lol.
Mr and Mrs Oldman resemble thr Dursley family quite a bit. Also, they look like a continuation of your naming once-appearing-'characters' after HP actors - I think I recall Remus having a session with Tom Felton once.
Oh, if only Remus's book told them what to do step by step - but it's never that simple.
I loved how they all 'felt' canon - their story is way better, though!
Another heart-shattering scene was with Harry breaking down with "He's in my mind! We have to do something! I'm not safe!". The desperation, the helplessness, the fear - it was so STRONG!
Siri and Rem pretending Harry's not here while going ti Dumbledore's office was great! Thanks for breaking up the bad stuff with a window of laughter!
Good that they didn't leave Harry alone while watching the memory - he really needs someone there, even if he was willing to let them both watch it together. And the "Don't disappear on me" was brilliant - I really loved that line!
The neutral place for coping is a great thing - I'm sure it helps Harry a lot!
I wonder what it is that Albus has in mind concerning Horcruxes and protecting Harry's mind from Tom. Maybe he found a way to eliminate the Horcrux from Harry, or at least block it? Maybe Draco's superpowers will come into play, with him seeing magical auras, or maybeeven some House Elf magic, or Cursebreaking, or ancient Arithmancy calculations combined with obscure spells... I git a bit carried away *sheepish grin* Anyway, I'm curious to see what he has in mind!
Harry's "It's too big" was so powerful - the large space is overwhelming, he has sensory overload, and he can't focus on anything because there's so much panic - he can't see every part of the room at the same time, he doesn't know what's around him at all times etc. I mean, heconsiders Remus's office a safe place, but he just needs something more today - a safe cocoon of which he can feel every part even with his eyes closed. And yay for Remus for realising that so quickly!
"If you make me see a different therapist I'll make the Marauders look like saints" was hilarious! I'm a bit curious about what he'd do, but of course we'll never see that.
The "You saved me" hit me like a Bludger - it was so strong! And Remus's reaction - wow, that was just... so... much. Incredibly moving, truly.
Yes, it takes a village - thankfully, Harry understans that as well, way better than before.
And you're right - the cliffie you DID leave has nothing on the one you wanted to leave. I stopped at that * mark and began thinking and I literally felt my blood freeze at thinking what could happen next. I'm so thankful I didn't really have to wait for a whole day or two to find out more. And I'm even more thankful that I was wrong about what would happen - it was SO AWFUL! I literally got scared of my own idea - that's a bit strange, now that I think about it. I managed to think Harry would go to their quarters and not find them there (called away for some reason, I don't know why), after which he'd go to the Ministry. Of course, his parents would come there quickly, having found out he'd gone I don't know how, and there would be a big fight, and Remus would die. And then Harry would be left feeling so guilty and in a crisis like none before, but he wouldn't even have his therapist there, and Sirius would be struggling to help him and cope with the loss himself and... Thank you so much for not being that cruel, I'm shaking a bit just writing these few sentences of such an outcome.
Also, the idea that our comments are better than your antidepressant is SO AMAZING! And that's just more motivation for me to review! You are such an amazing treasure, I don't know if you can even imagine the impact you have on me and my life! Thank you so much for being you, and for everything you do! All my love to you! See you!
Guest chapter 24 . 8/11/2022
I think this story will make a lot of people feel better about themselves
saterry526 chapter 55 . 8/11/2022
Vivid imagery and intense dialogue! Great job! I felt like I was in the office with Remus and Harry.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
rebecca08 chapter 54 . 8/9/2022
Love it and continuing to look forward to updates! I am already in the process of re reading
Urgwaew chapter 54 . 8/9/2022
Forgot to say - YAY FOR MARLENE IN 6TH YEAR! Can't wait for it!
Maybe she's going to be a teacher as well? Or work at Hogwarts in some othr capacity? Taht would be awesome - of course, that would mean Dorcas moving to Hogwarts as well, and the family grows...
Whatever you do, I know I'll adore it! All my love!
Urgwaew chapter 54 . 8/9/2022
Hello, darling!
Wow... This chapter was so powerful! It touched something within me, even more thanmany of the othr, 'heavier' chapters - it's just SO GOOD!
The feeling of loss of control is really well described here, and it is easy to see how it affects Harry. After all, he doesn't know how to make things better for himself when he can't control anything, right? As much as he wants to feel better, it looks like he has no way to make it happen, so he keeps getting worse...
The sentiment of being so tired, and things just getting harder, is so powerful! I think that's one of the worst things with struggling - it's not only the struggle itself, as much as it is the tiredness, the lack of energy to fight - that's what makes things really awful.
My heart broke once again at Harry's not seeing the point to OWLs, or anything concerning his future. If only he could see himself the way others see him...
I loved the idea of extrinsic motivation - it's not a cure-all, but it's a good strategy!
Occlumency with Snape was so well done! He was good to Harry, yet not OOC - I have no idea how, but you manage that every time - congratulations! At the same time, the Dursleys - ugh! How I hate them.
And I see Severus is drinking again - he really needs help, and I can't wait to see you handle that...
I absolutely understand Harry's "I want space" feeling. Sometimes things feel too overwhelming and you just want time alone to process and just *be*. Still, it can often backfire, which is why Remus and Sirius woork so hard on keeping him with not-alone... I love them "so bloody much"!
I loved the image of Minnie getting Remus out of bed - so sweet! I really like how she cared for him then, and still does now!
The difference between nightmares and thoughts is incredibly accurate, even though it's bot very obvious. Love it SO MUCH!
Harry lying in bed all day was sooo believable! He's not feeling up to anything, and is just going through the day without any real goal or something. It's a slippery slope, though, from wanting to be alone so you can be "not suffocated", to wanting to be alone so you can spend the days doing nothing and wasting away... A person's brain is a good friend sometimes, but the worst enemy at other times...
Harry's slipping to "I'm fine" is a bad sign - as much as he thinks he just slipped, it's a sign that he's not well... Luckily, Neville is there to see it and at least insure he goes down for dinner...
At the end Harry's obviously "falling under the radar" - not having a therapy session, an Occlumency lesson... He thinks it's all good, because he doesn't feel like anything and "wants space", but I think he's going down, and fast, unfortunately. As suggested by the cliffhanger, in the end.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to more! The foundations you set here are awesome, and I'm eager to see what you do with them! I hope you're doing well, and I send you lots of love! Thank you for being you and for all that you do, and take care! You are wonderful! See you!
Boyandgirlmom2123 chapter 54 . 8/8/2022
cliff hanger again come on i need more and hair tie around the wrist and snapping it is also a good alternative for self harming getting your nails done also helps thank you for writing this story
StormFire11 chapter 53 . 8/5/2022
Ok, let me be honest. I finished all 53 chapters in 3 DAYS I loved this book and your development of the characters! When I first started reading the HP books I was telling my mom “No, no I don’t want to.” And I ended up LOVING IT. That was 4 years ago now and I have read/watched every book/movie AT LEAST 4 times. I’ve done the 4 book more. Thank you sooo much for posting this book for many to read and enjoy. I hope you get though you own mental development (I have no idea how to word this so sorry!) Please write more and develop the story more! Last things, do you have any books for the first 4 and will there be more with life after Hogwarts? If there will be eventually that would make me so so sooooo happy! Thanks again for this lovely reading experience!
Urgwaew chapter 53 . 8/5/2022
Hello, love!
First of all, thank you for the beautiful chapter - I was so happy to see it! Oh, and there's no need to thank me for aticking around when your qriting isn't the best - I've yet to see that happen. Your writing is always the best! (Just like you!)
Too bad Marlene's gone for now - I really hope we'll see her again soon!
Harry's lashing out at Remus when Remus asked him about the whole kidnapping incident was very expectable, but it is a great thing to recognise it - all too often such outbursts are misunderstood, so, I guess I'm just happy Remus understands so well!
"It's a lot" - only three words, yet so much meaning... It's really powerful.
The "Promise you'll stay with me" was so vulnerable and sweet, and I'm once again so happy Harry has people he can trust so much and ask them like that.
I'm glad to hear Draco's already talked with Sevetus and Remus about it all a bit - it was really traumatic for him as well, and he needs help to cope with it all.
I liked the "This is on your terms and you both are in control". It's a very important thing for them both, after having their control taken away from them in such an awful way, so it's good to see them reassured.
I so loved seeing Draci get reassured that it was the right thing to do, playing the part of a perfect Malfoy. I know that logically he knows it was the best thing he could have done, but it's hard to quell the fear of it actually being wrong, so it's good to see him hear from others he did well.
I'm very thankful for the existence of Old Black Family Magic.
The scene with Draco finding out that Harry's been making his potions was my FAVOURITE part of the chapter - absolutely FABULOUS! The way he went wild after it was so realistically portrayed. I loved seeing him have a session with Remus, and the talk about strategies was soooo nice! Strategies are often dismissed as something you should only use if you have like very big ptoblems, while actually ghey can be a great help in ordinary everyday situations which aren't so 'serious'.
I also loved the "If Severus is upset or having a difficult time, don't hesitate to get me". On the one hand, it's an invitation for Draco to talk with Remus if he can't talk with Severus when something is bothering him; on the other hand, it's a subtle offer to help if Severus is in bad shape, which is, I think, hinting at his drinking problem. At least I see it that way...
The loss of Quidditch is a really unwanted stress for Harry right now. Still, I liked how the Gryffindors all helped him stay at least partly there until dinner was over. Also, the moment they all looked at Sirius and Remus, and Sirius waved to them and they waved back, was just HILARIOUS!
Remus is a right genius - seeing so quickly what the real issue about Quidditch and losing ghings was - absolutely great! It's no wonder Harry's so scared of that - after all, he had thought he was more or less safe at Hogwarts, and he got taken away form there just like that. It's only expected that he feel that way. And the "Promise you won't leave me" was so heartbreaking - obviously, no one can br sure to keep such a promise, but Harry needed to hear that.
All in all, I don't know why you didn't like the way this came out - it was great! Thank you so much for writing this, and for all your kind words - you really make my day! I wish you all the best, and hope you're doing well. You are so loved and appreciated! See you!
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