Reviews for I'm Fine
LunePrimus chapter 45 . 7/1/2022
Hiiiiiii! First things first, enjoy your vacation and don't worry about us taking your time for you! I hope it will be great relaxation and everything you want them to be!
Secondly thanks for that fantastic chapter once again! I'm so happy about it! I wanted to see Harry relapsing...because it's more credible...and because that is giving more hurt/comfort! But I was worried about it, often in fanfics, Harry is relapsing for no other reason than giving more angst to readers...But You, you did it so well, as always it's not even surprising! So thank you a lot for giving us always more and always in good quality!
I really love love love Neville, so good with Harry to not let him get away but the most important thing, he is really capable of knowing when to let go! That is really a mature way of thinking! He knows that he is not always the best to help, but he is always here and knows how to reach for help for himself and others! So Neville is the best!
You did also well with Hermione to not let her force Harry to do anything! I'm always against her reigning over Harry and his emotions as if she was the only one to know something about emotions...Maybe with Ron, but I think when he is written more deeply he can also be a good source of emotional comfort!
My poor harry in that chapter, who tries anything he can think of to resist the urge, that was so realistic! Thank you again! You really describe well the crisis! I love that he found Sirius's office as a secure place! I would like to be angry with Sirius for not being there when Harry was needing him! But I know that he can't possibly be there all time, and that's better that way for him, his relationships and for Harry too! And anyway he was so great with Harry after that I can forgive him anything! I'm glad that it was a chapter focused on Harry and his parents and especially Sirius. I love love love other characters but they are so cute together! And that change from the chapters where Remus is the one helping Harry after, I think it is the first chapter with Sirius as the only responsible adult with Harry in a time of a crisis!
I like how Sirius is responding to the event! You wrote him so well not too ready to fight, angry, or too emotional. Your version of him is (I think) better than the canon one. More healthy, and ready to deal with his emotions. In the chapter, I could also read between the lines how Siri did with Remy before! But anyway it was great to read Siri comforting Harry for once because he is a good parent and not a therapist, not every one of us is gifted with a therapist dad as amazing as Remus! BTW I completely understand Hary that didn't want to see Remus after. You did so well with that, him wanting the help, needing it, but afraid of asking, so realistic!
Then I love Remus and him as always, Remy s so amazing! I love how you talk again about suicide, in another way than you did before. Another one that is also fundamental! My poor Harry! I wanted to know what Harry said in the last chapter, and I'm happy that it was something like this.
I also love all the love we saw between Siri and Harry, Remy and harry, and especially between REm and Sirius. Seeing Remus proud of his husband just made my day! Also, love that you succeed to include some laughable lines in this sad chapter! You are so talented!
I really appreciated how Remus understands Harry but knows that he is not him! So professional of him!
Hope in the next chapters, harry will finally begin to understand and believe that he is not a bother to anyone!
Concerning the Billy Joel song, so a good idea, and the reference o his past is so interesting and important to know when you didn't, and thanks for the reminder for those who knew! Love that song, by the way, I listened to it, not many days ago, a coincidence maybe! And anyway listening to music is really a good way to resist the urges or just to be mentally calmer, I still do it a lot, so that's right, at least for me!
Good idea that they go out in the evening, always a good idea to change the place or the people you're with, but not in this case!
I'm really looking forward to reading the next chapters, I hope to see Dray and/or Sev, (in my wildest dreams be helped by Rem or at least someone else!) and more of the three members of that beautiful family, maybe Nev too maybe! Anyway, love what you've done as always!
The Disasterology System chapter 45 . 7/1/2022
Hello! I've been following this story since like chapter nine, and I love it! I only just got an account on here, so I think it is time for me to show my appreciation! I love the fluffiness in each chapter, I just love everything about your writing style!

Something I noticed in this chapter, was when Harry said Y'know. I am a massive Green Day fan, and the only thing I could relate that to was Billie Joe Armstrong's tendency to say Y'know all the time!

Enough of my rant, I adore how you add the tips at the bottom of each chapter. I have cut myself a lot in the past, and some of them really help. One thing that I find helpful, is to talk to my friends or write in a journal about it.

I am currently fighting the urge, and reading your fanfics sometimes help me distract myself. I also like the Harry and Draco dynamic you added, and even though I'm not the biggest fan of those two being friends, you changed my mind with the way you wrote it! I love the way you portrayed the Wolfstar dynamic, with the right amount of fluff and silliness.

I am personally asexual, biromantic and genderfluid, and seeing gay/bi characters makes my day! Thank you so much for posting this fanfic, it has helped me in so many ways.

With lots of love, Riley/Billie
PS: I would like it if you addressed me as Billie, it's my nickname! I also put this into paragraphs so it is easier for you to read. :)
Urgwaew chapter 45 . 6/30/2022
Hi there, love! Hope you're feeling well!
This chapter knocked me off my feet! It was so, so powerful, I was simply blown away!
As it happened many times before, Neville made me so proud, and I absolutely love him here! Being so perceptive and caring, while not getting overbearing/annoying, is truly a master's feat!
Harry trying to get to Sirius in time, but not managing to, tore at my heart! Seeing him spiral so fast, and the circumstances working against him, preventing him from getting help, was so hard! I could sense the desperation, the frantic need to get relief, and the heartbreaking, crushing pressure of a struggle going on for so long... It really tore at me!
When Sirius found out about Harry's absence being more than a trip to the bathroom, and when he saw that it was something serious, I can only imagine how scared he must have felt. To realise that Harry was alone somewhere, in a rough state of mond no doubt, for so long, it was terrifying!
Sirius helping Harry put a smile on my face, albeit a bittersweet one. I was happy to see him help in a crisis like this, since it's usually Remus who does that. Sirius knew exactly what to do, and while I'm glad he could help Harry in the best possible way, I'm sorry about the way he came to know what he should do. I wonder if you might do a one-shot about that moment with Remus and Sirius back in the days, or make it into a flashback here - I would realy like to see that as well.
Harry's need for control was palpable, and quite logical, when I think about it. After all, so many things have changed, the foundations of his life have been rocked in many ways (the discovery of the Horcrux, the fight with his parents) that it's no wonder he feels like he's been spiralling without any control. Sirius handled the situation so well, not making him do anything, but helping at the same time - it was really the best thing anyone could do! Also, the weighted blanket was such a good idea, helping him ground himself and feel safer - really good thinking on Sirius's part! Same goes for the triangle counting on the mirror - great distraction, and a way to share another story about James at the same time!
The story about James serenading Lily with Billy Joel was great, but the part about Sirius doing the same to Remus was WONDERFUL! I enjoyed it so much, and it made me laugh!
What made me laugh even more, though, was Harry saying "I'm a good boy who does everything right. I'm never in trouble"! How he ever manged to keep a straight face through that is a wonder to me! Priceless!
The moment I saw what Harry told Remus in Minnie's office... My eyes were tearing up, and I felt like someone had punched me in the gut, sat on my chest, and squeezed my heart! I started shaking from the sheer despair of those words. I mean, I knew it was something along those lines (although I wasn't sure it would be about the present, rather about the moment when Remus and Sirius had found out), but to see it there... It was so painful to me, and, having seen that, I don't want to think of how Remus felt when he heard that... And Harry, oh, Harry... My heart is breaking for him, and I'm so angry at the world for making him deal with all this! It's so unfair! He's such a sweet boy, and he's had so much trouble...
Billy Joel's You're Only Human (Second Wind) coming on the radio, and Harry asking Remus if he had done something to the reconrd, was so powerful - really, the song sounds like the exact things Harry's been going through! Also, I just added it to my playlist, just next to Nickelback's Lullaby...
This was a really, really great chapter (and I'm going to have to invest in a thesaurus, so I don't write the exact same sentences in every review)! Thank you for being there, and for sharing this with us - it really means a lot! I appreciate you so much, darling, and am so thankful for all you're doing! I wish you great fun and joy on your vacation, and hope you have a nice day!
P. S. I don't suppose we could get that chapter you said you had already written, before you go on vacation? Just to tide us over until you get back? I'm kidding a bit, maybe it's better you leave it like this than, say, on a cliffhanger, God forbid:) Anyway, have fun, take care, and remember you are SO LOVED!
LunePrimus chapter 44 . 6/27/2022
Heeeeeellllloooooooooooo! I know it has been a long long time since I wrote you something...It has been a complicated time with exams, work, and an important political time here sooo sorry! Anyway, I'm back! I didn't want to read your chapters as soon as I could to truly enjoy them and write you something good, but time was not with me, so I choose to wait and wait! But now I'm free and I read all your story entirely again. It is so amazing! And the last chapter was a wonderful surprise! Whoa 5 months, I couldn't believe it but I checked and yeah, so much has happened since then, and I can say that you and your story were with me each time! So thank you, really! And by the way, I wanted to congrats you for writing so often, and so well! I can only imagine all the work you do! So really congrats on that and thank you! The latest chapters were so interesting, I appreciated that you talk really deeply about the consequences of Remus and Sirius's decision! Because yeah it is not just one little thing for Harry, it may seem close to a betrayal. But it is an important and hard lesson to discover that parents are not always right or that adults are often forced to choose between two not-so-good possibilities and have to suffer the consequences of the best one! I really love your Minerva so focused and concerned as she is in Canon but she has something more in your story that made me like her more! I loved that you wrote a not-so-mentally good Remus. You had already written about Sirius, but I loved reading about my poor Remus and enjoyed how he is so close with Minerva! I also love your Drago so much, he is so perfect! Happy that he has support from his godfather and when he called Sirius "uncle" I was so happy, even a bit tearful! Hope he will be okay, and that we will see more of him and Remus please! Glad that Sev is accepting help from Remus for Draco! That's so him! Accepting help for others but not for him, because he thinks he doesn't deserve it, and because of his pride...Each time he talks with Rem I hope it will be the time he will finally accept help, but no! And honestly, I think I would prefer, that he accepts help when he can't refuse it, be more credible, and be more fun! Hope to see him fight and fight the help! The discussion he had with Harry was so cute and interesting, he is the one who can really understand having done something bad! But I think Remus can too, after all his wolf was also forced on him when he was a child, so he knows what to do with a bad soul in him. Poor them! I really loved how they were so close under the Silencio, too cute! I also loved your Poppy, you write to her more deeply, I always found it sad that she was not so important, she is! For Harry, for Draco, For Sev, and for Rem! And for so many else! So thank you! A also read your other OS, that was so good and interesting about the recovery way! So that's it I'm back! I will be here for all your new chapters and project! Sorry again for disappearing! Hope you are well! With all my love!
Urgwaew chapter 44 . 6/27/2022
Hello, darling!
What a spectacular chapter this is - thank you so much! I really, really loved it!
The talk between Harry and his parents was so charged with emotion, and so heart-wrenching, there are no words to truly we express that! The way Sirius choked up while trying to explain their reasoning hit me so strong! Also, the way that both of them didn't try to talk about their motives on and on, but rather said their piece and put their hearts out 'at Harry's mercy' really moved me - they were so vulnerable at that moment, and I could really feel the way they were resigned to the fact that no further explaining could have made the situation better. The fact that Harry understood their reasons, yet stayed angry, was so realistic - the head can be persuaded, but the heart does not change so easily (I revisited Frozen these days, and some quotes stuck with me - lol). Betrayal/breaking of trust etc. hurts a lot, so he needs time to process that and really forgive them.
The comment about being broken making a struggle between pushing everyone away and trying to cling to any support is so true! Feeling broken makes you feel the need for support/comfort so much more profound, yet, at the same time, it makes you more vulnerable, which turns you more afraid to open up in order to receive the care and love you need. It's a vicious circle...
The way Harry asked Sirius and Remus if they still love him the same, despite the Horcrux, was so heartbreaking, yet I was happy at the same time. It's sad that he doubted their love, but I'm glad he felt safe enough to ask them, not letting his anger stand in the way of receiving the reassurance he needed.
The interaction between Remus and Minerva was ADORABLE! I absolutely loved the way they talked to each other, and I so love the reminder that Minerva took care of Remus in a similar situation all that time ago! I also love the mention of Remus's past in general - it's easy to forget he had the same issues all that time ago, and believe all his knowledge comes from being a well trained therapist. Obviously, the whole situation is extremely hard on him as well, so I'm happy Minerva's there to help him cope.
I also loved the way Minerva helped Harry. She managed to be understanding and comforting without 'taking his side over Remus and Sirius', which would have been unproductive. She managed to show him he's not alone, and provided a safe haven in a moment when he was feeling very much lost and distraught.
The 'I'm not very hungry' - 'That's nice, dear' was HILARIOUS! Absolutely awesome! Same goes for the story about pranking Albus in her seventh year, and for the stuffed elephant in his office right now!
Minnie taking Harry's wand while he took a nap was very good - while he hasn't shown any intent to do something permament, he is in a very difficult spot, and the fact that he relapsed a few days ago (or was it yesterday?) makes it necessary to take such measures. I'm glad he understands that as well.
Harry feeling a bit panicky about Sirius and Remus leaving for the night was perfectly understandable - after so much turmoil, he is bound to be worried about something like that, no matter how angry he is. Still, it's good they're leaving for the night - both they and Harry need the space and time to deal with all this before they continue to cope with it all together.
The talk with Minnie about the reason why Harry's so upset with Remus and Sirius made it even more understandable, even though it already was so. Breaking a rule, especially such an important one as this one, is extremely hard to deal with. When a rule was broken, it made him lose the structure he relied on, making him feel lost, adrift, insecure and unsafe. This was exacerbated by the fact that rules, especially those established while he was little, probably were evenore important to him, helping him know what to expect whole adjustong to living with Remus and Sirius instead of the Dursleys. All this made the problem with them even more serious, and more hurtful for Harry.
Minnie showed us once again she's one hell of a therapist - not that we shouldn't have expected that, given her history with Remus. I loved the way she told Harry that losing control of his magic only meant having lots of raw magical abilities and emotions. This should be applied to some other things as well - for example, crying easily is only a sign of having lots of emotions and a big heart, just as any other big outburst of emotions is. As long as it isn't hurting anyone, there's absolutely nothing wrong about it. I also loved the fact that Minnie lost control of her magic yesterday - so great to know that she felt that strongly about Albus hurting Harry with his actions, as well as the fact that it made Harry feel less alone and insecure about losing his control.
Minnie really has some strong Slytherin traits - I wonder what she and Sev could do together? Making Harry write about things he loves about stags, especially about their personalities, is so devious, and so good! The Animagus form is a reflection on the personality of the person, so, by writing about things he loves about stags, he'll be writing about things he loves about himself. Amazing!
The return of Sirius and Remus went well. The moment when Remus took the therapist role for a moment, so Harry could tell him what would have happened had he found out the truth back when they did, broke my heart - it pains me to see how deep down Harry was back then. I'm happy he's better now, but he still has a long way ahead of him...
Sirius getting upset about the silencing charm showed how insecure he feels at times, but, thankfully, therapist Minnie was there to help him understand why that was necessary, so he wouldn't feel bad.
The ending quote of the chapter put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. It is one of the most hopeful things you could say, and it's going to my (not that big) collection of great quotes. I hope it will prove to be true for Harry as well!
Once again, thank you for the wonderful, wonderful chapter! Your story is great, and so moving - I'm not sure if I can remember the last story that made me feel so much while I read, and that is something, when you take into account the amount of stories I read on a regular basis! I appreciate you and what you're doing here so much - you are such a gem! I care about you, and I hope things are going well for you! I wish you all the best!
Urgwaew chapter 43 . 6/26/2022
And here I come again! Wow, you sure wrote a lot while I was absent from the reviewing world (not complaining - I so looked forward to your chapters then, and sure still do now as well). Well, I think I'm finally going to be able to follow your story in a normal, caught-up manner - I see you posted a new chapter, but I refuse to read it until I review this one:)
I'm happy to see Harry's awake! I see he's still angry - well, I don't blame him - and that Sirius an Remus are very concerned, putting him on a loose suicide watch. Well, while we know he didn't really want to do anything like that consciously, it is best that he be kept under a closer watch for some time, at least until he's had some time to deal with the shocking influx of news he's had. His panic attack/drowning in feelings was to be expected, and it was made even tougher by the fact that he's still not on great terms with his parents, so he felt extremely unsafe at the moment, making it way harder for him to calm down. I love how he only accepted Draco keeping him company after that - it shows just how different all his friendships are, as well as how much trust he feels for Draco.
Sirius worrying about whether Harry will ever forgive him and Remus really shook me - it is terrible, and really scary, to contemplate the possibility of someone you hold so dear never forgiving you for something. I'm glad Remus was there to help comfort and reassure him, and the story about little Harry was soooo cute!
Severus threatening Remus and Sirius with detention was absolutely HILARIOUS! I really love the way the three of them act towards each other now - the friendly banter is so enjoyable, as is the lack of serious insults and hatred. I also loved the protectiveness Severus showed in regards to Draco, as well as his satisfaction at Remus and Sirius showing the same care about Draco. Also, Sirius calling Draco 'Nephew' made my heart melt!
Sirius saying with horror 'Oh, Merlin, I'm beginning to sound like Remus' was incredibly funny - I laughed out loud at that!
I loved the dualogue between Draco and Harry in the Hospital wing - Draco was perfect, not overbearing, but still supportive. I especially loved the part where Harry said 'I'm fine', and Draco reaponded with 'I know, that's why we're getting you another potion'. So true! The notorious 'I'm fine' sentence...
I also loved the way he responded to the whole story about Horcruxes. Obviously, he was really freaked out, horrified and afraid about it all, but he managed to show Harry that he cared without getting overly dramatic and/or emotional about it, which would have been counterproductive at the moment. I loved the quill analogy - so silly, and yet so fitting for the situation.
I loved Poppy's love speech, and I believe Harry really needed to hear it, while at the same time, Poppy needed to say it. She really is one of the people who care about him a lot, and it shows. I believe he'll come to rely in her support as well, like he does with so many others, so yeah, I find this to be a really good development, shocking as it was for him to have his secret revealed in this way.
Severus coming into play as someone Harry could talk to about this all was so great - and a special treat for me, having both him and Draco play such important roles in this chapter, so thank you! I love how he 'tricked' Harry with his speech - pure Slytherin behaviour, put in the service of a really good cause! I also loved the whole 'nothing your mother created is evil, and truthfully, same goes for your father, but I'll die before I admit that again' speech - it was so heartfelt, so filled with good intentions, and so funnily emotional! Absolutely perfect!
Harry asking to speak with Severus again sometime, and then backtracking, fearing he'd be a burden, reminder me of Draco's behaviour in the previous chapter - the two of them are so alike in some things! I'm glad Harry has another adult confidant - that's good at all times, but especially when he feels he can't really talk to Remus or Sirius, for any reason.
All in all, I really, really enjoyed this chapter, as I enjoy everything you write! Thank you for sharing this with us, and thank you for being such a wonderful gem of a person! Your love and support mean the world to me, and your story and notes often make my day! You are a ray of sunshine in this world, and I'm so happy and grateful to know you! I wish you all the best, and now go to read your latest chapter!
Urgwaew chapter 42 . 6/26/2022
Whoa! This was such a strong, blow-me-away chapter! WHOA!
Harry finding about the prophecy was really tough, and then, when he found out about himself being a Horcrux as well... My heart literally broke for him! I could feel the amount of horror he felt, the panic, the desperate wish to make it go away, the dread coming from the fact that it couldn't be solved just like that, the feeling of being trapped, out of control, completely and utterly overwhelmed - it's like a worst nightmare made a thousand times worse and turned into reality! And then, when he realised that Remus and Sirius already knew about it, the betrayal - it was for Harry's own good, but it hurt him so much to find out they had kept something so important from him! He must have felt so unsafe, in a room filled with people he felt betrayed him, he couldn't turn to any of them to help calm him down/comfort him, so he ran away. And the accidental magic - it was so powerful, just like his emotions, locking in some of the strongest wizards alive! (I just realised, all three of them are not alive in canon - how awful!) I'm at least happy to hear Albus put in some extra measures to monitor Harry's safety, after the disaster called the Dursleys' 'care'...
Sirius breaking the vase was really powerful - it just went to show how upset he was about the whole situation (not that we didn't know, but still...), and it gave him an outlet, so he wouldn't explode from it all.
Harry's running through the school in a state of great overwhelm was so realistically portrayed, as well as his feelings once he got to Honeydukes. I'm so sorry he relapsed - I hope he doesn't get disheartened because of it! After all, we're all human and make mistakes, and the situation he was in at the moment was truly extraordinary in its stressfulness. Thankfully, he managed to stop the flow in time, and Remus found him in time - it was quite a scare for a moment there, whether he cut too deep. I juat hope he'll be alright!
Also, the attempt at Accio-ing the Horcrux was a very dagerous one. I have ti admit, though, when Harry got a result from the spell, I thought it might really work. Of course, it couldn't be that simple... Still, I wonder if there is something there - after all, if Accio affected it, perhaps there is another spell that might really solve the problem.
Remus was so great! I live how he didn't leave Harry side, even while Poppy was working on him - she wouldn't have been able to fight him even if she had wanted to! He even tried to keep Harry's SH secret from her, protecting his privacy, but, unfortunately, that didn't work. I know it'll be difficult for Harry, having had someone find put without him deciding to tell them - still, Poppy will be great support for him, so, once he gets over the initial shock, it will be good for him.
I loved Draco here! (well, I love him always, but you know what I mean) He was so worried for Harry, and yet he managed to keep calm in order to help - he's really getting to be a great Healer! Also, I really loved how he tried to help Remus protect Harry's secret - it didn't work, but I loved the effort he made.
Draco seeing auras was a nice surprise - and I also loved the memory of Dobby entertaining little Draco! So cute! And a bit sad, I guess, that he didn't have parents playing with him, but only a House elf, but still, it's a happy memory. I wonder, maybe his power might help in the figuring out of the solution to Harry's Horcrux?
Severus having to show his Dark Mark was a very tough situation for him to be in - that mark represents all the things of his youth he's ashamed of, and having to show it, even though both Albus and Severus have seen it before. And the "his dang eyes twinkle when he manages to talk circles around people, don't let anyone convince you otherwise" made me laugh out loud, it was SOOO GOOD!
Draco can see magical signatures, and that's a rare gift? YAY, you gave Draco a super power! Woo-hoo!
I loved the way Draco felt so shaken that he asked Severus to stay with him for the night, and then backs off feeling unsure of himself - poor Draco! He still doesn't realise how much he matters to Severus, and to other people as well... Well, he is in good hands, as we can all see - hopefully, he'll get there with time!
Thank you so much for this fabulous chapter - I really, really ADORED IT! You are such a great, talented writer, and you made me fall in love with all your characters! You are AWESOME! I wish you all the best, and send you lots and lots of love and hugs! Take care, remember you are so much loved and appreciated, and have a great day!
Urgwaew chapter 41 . 6/25/2022
Hello, hello!
I loved this chapter! So many feelings, much action, strong advancement of the plot... It's WONDERFUL!
The interaction between Harry and the rest if the Gryffindors was very good - I especially lived the way he first said "the fight was not my proudest moment" and then "who am I kidding, it was brilliant" - such typical teenage behaviour!
Neville was, as always, so sweet and considerate - I loved it! He's such a wonderful friend!
Harry's nightmare was so awful, it's no wonder he got so upset! I'm so sorry he has to got through all that! Still, I'm very happy and proud to see him go to Albus afterwards - good job for him!
I really enjoyed seeing Albus helping Harry, as well as Minerva helping ground him. However, it was all too yosetting for Harry for him to be calmed down by them. The moment he yelled at them "I WANT TO KNOW!" , you could absolutely feel the sheer desperation and helplessness he felt, the lack of control making him feel so awful... I could literally feel the need to scream, empathising with him at that moment. So, I really wasn't surprised by him running away like he did - I don't think ut was the right thing to do, but I can't really fault him for it.
I can only imagine how scared Sirius felt when he saw Harry screaming, out on the grounds, in the middle of the night. And with Remus transformed, so he couldn't help him. I really loved the way Sirius comforted Harry, and got him inside. True Marauder - knows more secret passages than the Marauder's map! Also, I'm so happy the new Wolfsbane is that much better - I shudder to think how the night could have played out had Remus been without it...
Sirius confronting Albus was so good, and a bit scary to boot! It's obvious Sirius was very distraught about the whole situation, else he wouldn't have been so harsh with Albus, but it's completely understandable - after all, Remus and he trusted the other adults to keep Harry safe, and it didn't turn out that way. I'm happy they were on good terms the following morning, though - I wouldn't want them to fight.
The choice Remus and Sirius are facing, whether they should tell Harry the truth or not, is so tough! On the one hand, they are big on honesty and not keeping secret, yet on the other hand they have to wonder how Harry's going to react, and whether they'll be able to keep him safe. I'm glad they're telling him, since I don't see Harry dropping it, and it's better he find out from them that snoop around on his own, but I'm worried how it's all going to pan out. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see!
Anyway, as always, I really enjoyed the chapter, and I'm so happy you're still going strong with this fic, after so long (it's five months tomorrow - congratulations!). Thank you for all your love and support, and I hope you're feeling well! I wish you all the best and send you lots and lots of love and hugs! Bye!
Urgwaew chapter 40 . 6/24/2022
Hello there!
I read this chapter AGES ago, but only now managed to write a review... Still, I'm so grateful it came out when it did - it really helped me recharge my batteries at a moment when my energy was running very low, and I had much stuff to do...
Harry was really having a streak of good things going on lately - even though it is true, all good rhings must come to an end, I'm still sorry to see Harry running into problems once more. Still, what can you do - life waits for no one, and things happen whether we want them to or not.
The Slytherins ridiculing and harassing him were absolutely horrible, disgusting creatures! I mean, I hate to say anyone is truly horrible, but the way they acted, totally unprovoked, was truly vile! Even though I know he shouldn't have reacted the way he did, I'm not so sure I wouldn't have done the same thing...
Minerva breaking up the fight was tough on Harry - he was so sorry to disappoint her - but also on her, since she had to ignore the Grandma Min side of her in order to act as a fair teacher, while she had to deal with boys who insulted her family as well!
When she took all of them to Dumbledore's office, and called Severus, and Severus acted the way he had to, hurting Harry's feeling in the process - it was so tough! Obviously, he couldn't have done it any different, and Harry knew the truth, but it was still difficult to see someone he cares about not shiw any support... Still, once Severus came out of the pensieve, it became apparent how much he was on Harry's side all along - I wouldn't be in the shoes of any of those Slytherin boys!
Once Severus left with the Slytherins, I really loved the way Albua and Minerva took up the riles of Harry's Grandparents and comforted him - I'm sure he needed the reassurance and comfort!
Minerva giving Harry points for showing some self-control was very nice - I really loved the idea! And, well, Sirius's whining and the later-on sheepish admittance of his lack of control in his youth was an added bonus!
The talk with Remus and Sirius about the whole incident was so filled with emotions, it really pulled at my heartstrings! The moment he asked who was going to defend his mother, aibcould literally feel my stomach clenching from the incredible grief and desperation he felt at that moment! I can only imagine how he felt, feeling like it was all up to him to defend his mother... It's so awful that he has to deal with so much bad stuff in his life! I'm just glad Sirius and Remus managed to console him a hit after it all...
I'm happy to hear that Remus's emergency all went well! I am a bit curious about who it was there, but I know we might never find out, and that's alright - after all, there are many people at Hogwarts who see Remus regularly, and many others who may not come to him often, yet face a lot of problems as well. It could be that Remus was with someone we don't even know!
Harry's session with Remus in the end was... Bittersweet. I love seeing them together, and it was nice to watch them interact, but the fact that his experiences with the Dursleys have such a strong hold on him, after all this time, made me really sad. He's cime a long way, of course, and I'm so proud of him, but I also hope he'll get much, much better yet - he deserves it!
Finally, I can't believe it - you left us with a cliffhanger?! That is just cruel. *pouting face*
Once again, thank you so much for this story, and for the wonderful words of love and aupport you always provide - they mean so much to me, and you're making a real difference in this world! You are such a wonderful, amazing person, and you are so, si loved! I wish you all the best and send you lots of love and hugs! I hope you're dong well, and wish you a lovely day! Bye!
James Birdsong chapter 43 . 6/23/2022
Good five chapters in my opinion.
saterry526 chapter 43 . 6/23/2022
Wonderful dialogue between Draco and Harry, and also Snape and Harry. You can see the relationships growing. I am looking forward to the next chapter!
saterry526 chapter 42 . 6/19/2022
Very interesting chapter! Unveiling more of Dobby's powers, Draco's healing, and more about Harry's scar. Looking forward to the next chapter!
BrookGuitar chapter 40 . 6/14/2022
Rude to end it on a cliffy like that (I'm mostly joking). Really excited for the next chapter
saterry526 chapter 40 . 6/13/2022
Great job! I am eager to find out what happens in Chapter 41. And I appreciate the summaries! Hope you are doing well!
Urgwaew chapter 39 . 6/12/2022
Hello! I'm here again!
I absolutely adored this chapter! It was fabulous! Thank you so much!
I loved the way Remus acted when he got to Harry. It was nice of him to let Harry sit there and stay calm, and then start gently trying to find out what happened - he really is a professional, both a professional healer and a professional dad!
Harry letting him read the journal entry was so brave! Such trust, it's unbelievable! I mean, it's obvious that Harry trusts them both a lot, but letting anyone read your innermost thoughts, written while going through a crisis moment, is a huge deal! Wow!
The talk with Sirius after they came back from the waterfall was beautiful - I love how he let Harry know how worried and displeased he was, but never acted angry or annoyed, instead showing so much care and concern. It was perfect on his part.
I hate the Dursleys! I rarely ever hate, but they truly deserve pure loathing on the part of the whole world! Vile, disgusting creatures! It breaks my heart to see how much they still affect Harry, after all this time! It's horrible! The only consolation I have is the fact that he is with Sirius and Remus now, and if anyone can help him go through all that, it's the two of them.
Having all that energy, as Harry did once he finished his essay, really wouldn't fit with only meditating that day, so it was nice to see them go on a bike ride. It's also nice to see Harry and Sirius spend time together alone - I think it's very important for Sirius as well, since he must feel a bit out of his depth, what with Remus always being the one to help Harry go through his thoughts and feelings the most, with him being the mind healer. I'm sure he felt very happy to be able to help in his own way, even though he helps Harry a lot every day, just in a less momentarily visible way, through all the love and support he gives him. Whoa, those are some long sentences - I got a bit carried away...
Remus's reaction to Harry's asking for Grandma Min to come was funny! Well, if I were in Remus's position, not knowing what Harry and her were doing, I'd be quite surprised and confused as well.
Harry's elated running towards Minnie was such a heartwarming thing! How I love seeing him so childlike and happy! And obviously, Minnie enjoyed it just as much!
His impatience while Minerva was drinking tea was so funny! Wow, I really enjoyed all that! And, overall, him being so dramatic in this chapter is such a pleasant refreshment - great!
Congratulations to Harry for managing his first partial transformation - yayy! I'm so proud of him, and can't wait to see more!
The story about Albus building a slide at Hogwarts sounds like a great one - maybe a one-shot one day? Or is Harry going to ask Albus about it in the story, so we find out that way? That would be wonderful!
The movie night brought back some nice memories for me. When I was a little kid, I only loved watching cartoons and animated movies - to me, a real movie was the most dreary, boring thing one could possibly watch! I even prefered commercials to movies! And, the first movie I ever liked was exactly The Wizard of Oz! Funnily enough, I don't recall being scared by the flying monkeys. On the other hand, I remember I hated the beginning of the movie - black and white held no appeal to me. Anyway, it's a nice memory - I might even watch it again soon, just for old times' sake.
Anyway, I really, really loved this! Thank you for sharing this, and for being there, as always! You are so loved and appreciated, and I'm truly thankful for your existence! I send you lots of love and hugs, and wish you a great day! Bye!
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