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Urgwaew chapter 38 . 6/11/2022
Hello! I'm wo sorry I didn't review this earlier - I've been under a mountain of work lately, and I couldn't get the time to write a review. However, I read everything you posted, and it gave me so much energy to keep going with all the stress I was under, so thank you so much for the help! I really appreciate it - you are such a treasure!
Today I finally wrapped up a great majority of the projects I've been working on, so now I have the time to rest, recharge, and read and review! Ah, the joy!
I really loved this chapter! It was so tender and sweet and uplifting in a way, I felt as if I were there with them, in a secluded house made for recuperation and recovery. Wonderful!
The flashback to journaling when he was 11 was so touching. I loved the way Harry reacted when he thought that the Mind healer talked to Remus about the session, as well as the way he refused to talk to some stranger, saying that he had talked with Albus and could talk to Remus should he need to do so. The reaction to writing in a diary was so accurate and believable, especially for an 11-year-old boy! Also, the progression from "This is stupid" to real journaling was so good - and so true to what often really happens.
I loved the reminiscent "This is stupid" at the beginning of the present-time journal. The whole scene was great, and I only have one thing which confuses me - if the house shouldn't be edposed to magic unless necessary, why did Remus send a Patronus instead of coming upstairs and telling him that the journal was his to use? Maybe he and Sirius were in the middle of a discussion which he didn't want to cut short, so he just sent a message?
Harry's reaction to the idea of him being brought there for 'rehab' was so believable! Honestly, I'm surprised, and proud, of him for accepting it all so quickly later on. Had I got it in my head that someone was treating me in a way Harry thought they were then, I would have taken way longer to cool down and think rationally again, that's for sure!
The story about acromantulas was a hilarious moment! The way Sirius and Remus had no idea how to react, since they had already promised not to get mad - priceless! And the way Harry explained why he wasn't afraid of spiders despite the whole debacle was sooo emotionally mature and deep, I'm in awe! Especially considering the fact that he met the acromantulas when he was twelve! Wow!
The hike was an experience of growth, and somehow, I felt myself grow a bit just reading that. I can't explain it, but it was like my thoughts stilled as I read about them hiking, even though i was in my bed at the moment. Pure magic which your writing brings to me! Thank you!
The way that the loudness of his thoughts got more and more overbearing for Harry as the silence stretched on was so believable, just as much as the way the waterfall gave him an escape from it all. I'm not really a great fan of spending time in nature all that often, but just the description of that waterfall made me breathless and silently still. Incredible!
The ban on pranking had me worried for a moment, but, I should have known the Marauders couldn't completely give up having fun that way! Harry's dislike of being treated as if he were made of glass makes so much sense, and I absolutely understand why he would feel like that. However, I can't be too hard on Remus and Sirius - they are only worried, and it's absolutely normal for them to let that affect the way they treat him.
Harry getting upset because of the nightmare, unfortunately, wasn't that surprising. Having had a respite from his thoughts while at the waterfall, it wasn't strange for him to experience it all again during the night. I'm happy he applied strategies and found a way to feel better without relapsing or doing something (overly) dangerous. Still, I'm sorry he couldn't yet reach out to Remus and/or Sirius. Still, progress is progress, so, yippee!
I'm sorry Sirius and Remus still have to worry about the edge of the waterfall having a protection charm, and I'm also sorry that it had to be there even before Harry had need for it. I just hope with all my heart it never gets activated...
The scene with Sirius talking to James and Lily was very touching, as well as the appearance of the deer and doe in the forest at the moment. The ones that love us never truly leave us, right?
Anyway, I'll wrap this up now, and hopefully, I'll review the next chapter and your one-shot tomorrow - I'm way too tired to write all that now. Thank you for your story, for your kindness and support, and your existence as it is - you are a flower of the world, and you are sooo loved! I send you lots of hugs and happy energy! Bye!
LunePrimus chapter 38 . 6/6/2022
Hello again! Firstly I wanted to say that I really loved your preceding chapter! I especially liked Draco's reaction. Draco feeling guilty is always something worth reading. And I also loved Sev's response to seeing his godson that way. I love how he managed to calm Draco! That was so cute and I honestly think Sev is the only one to have this kind of power over him! And I am so expecting to see Sev run to Marauders' quarter to discuss with them about seeing Draco that way! I also want Draco to go to them, especially Remus, to ask for help! I want this moment so much! Apart from that moment, it was a very good chapter, I was so proud of Harry, he was very very brave! I also very much appreciated how you wrote Remus and Sirius's feelings about this, it was not easy for them, even for Remus who knows more about it, so I very much liked how you wrote them it was very realistic! I like that Remus proposed Draco, it shows how smart Remus is and the trust he has in the Slytherin kid! I also laughed when Harry said that therapy was never-ending! So true, and so a teenager thing to say! That was so perfect! I loved how the two boys were together! So cute and stubborn! They are so alike I want them brothers since they are born! I also appreciated you talking about Sirius in need of therapy and not wanting someone else than his husband! I honestly think it was hard for both of them, but it is so cute too! I would love to know more about those times, maybe in another OS! It is good for Harry to know about it, he is less alone! And I love love love reading how Remus is proud of his son so cute and wonderful, even maybe tearful! After this chapter, I wanted so much to know about a marauder weekend! So I'm sorry that I didn't write a review after that chapter, but I was so lost between all my lessons...So sorry!
Concerning this chapter, it was great! A long one! The morning after my exams that I failed, so thank you for making me happy! Good idea to make a little summary before! And don't worry about the time you took to write these last 2 amazing chapters! I wait for them with a large smile, each day was a day closer so don't worry!
It was a great and surprising idea with this house! Poor harry with Portkey, but he is so brave! I love the hiking and the diary! It is 2 good ideas that I also read in other stories, but you write them so well! Love the flashback of little Harry not wanting therapy but trusting his Moony so much! That was so cute! I really see Harry and many children beginning their diary that way! And good that Harry grew up and see the benefices! I appreciate that Harry was not so on board with the idea of being sent to rehab! I don't see Harry being fine with it at first!
Love that Harry choose to tell his spider story! Poor Sirius and Remus to find it that way! I'm so in love with Harry when he said that not all spiders are mean! That's so true, and it's a truth against all kinds of racism! so thank you for it! I love that there is a therapy room in the house! Good idea! Love as always their discussion! I really love that they all write in diaries! Too cute and so helpful!
Concerning the end! I adore it! I really think you wrote a really Harry way to deal with things! Being alone! He is still not good with asking for help! And that's good! I also love that he left a note! That way he knows that they are here for him, but didn't want to ask for it! That is really good progress! I also appreciate that Remus was calm about it, and took his time to calm Sirius and let Harry work a bit on himself too! Looking forward to reading their discussion! And maybe a bit more about Sev and Draco too! Thank you again for those 2 amazing chapters!
saterry526 chapter 38 . 6/3/2022
Your chapter summaries are great! I enjoyed this chapter and liked seeing Harry use some coping skills.
James Birdsong chapter 38 . 6/2/2022
This is a good chapter as well.
Urgwaew chapter 37 . 6/2/2022
Hello again! I'm sorry I made you worry with the time it took me to review - I thought of that as well while waiting, but my schedule is working against me these days. As always, thank you for your concern and care! I hope you're doing well as well (that sounds a bit funny)!
I'm happy to hear that the Animagus storyline will be developed soon - I'm sure it's going to be wonderful!
Thank you for your support in the past, for me, about two months - you have no idea how much of an impact (good one, obviously) you had on me and my life, for which I am thankful. God bless you, for you are truly a gift to this world!
I loved the way Harry pointed out that him telling Remus about his thoughts changes nothing about his state of mind. It's such a hard thing for a human mind to understand - the situation changes in our minds, yet stays the same in the outer world, it's a kind of a paradox. So, yes, it's no wonder Remus has to be reminded of it, especially when it comes to something as serious as this.
I was happy to see Sirius recommend Draco know. After all, Draco does have a bit of bad history with Harry, so I wouldn't have been surprised if Sirius didn't feel that much trust for him, but this was a real treat! And it's so good - Draco really is a great choice for it!
Harry telling Draco was very realistic, and I liked it a lot. First of all, I love how quickly Harry accepted the idea of telling someone and did it - it's a really big thing for him. Secondly, I loved the way he came to the conclusion of telling Draco, recognising the fact that he would be the best kind of support for that. Third, I loved the way Draco reacted - showing some worry, but not over the top, and not pressuring Harry for any information yet being there. Last of all, I love how Draco acted sensibly and responsibly, checking first if Harry had told Remus about it all. Really, the best possible reaction he could have had in such a situation!
The talk between Draco and Severus was so touching! I'm so sad they have to deal with such difficult emotions - it's hard to deal with a past as troubling as those which the two of them have. I'm happy to see their bond as well - really, I believe Severus is a perfect guardian for Draco. I also loved the way Draco refused to tell Severus what Harry told him, respecting the confidentiality and trust Harry showed him.
Remus therapising Sirius after Azkaban is a realistic derail, but I really love the way you didn't leave it at that, but let Sirius get a therapist of his own - I believe Remus wouldn't have been the best best choice for a full-time therapist for Sirius, because of their emotional bond, so this scenario where Remus acted as an interim solution really seemed the best to me.
Harry's nightmare's mystery is finally solved - and it's so awful! No wonder he was so shaken... I'm glad he can finally share it with Remus and Sirius, so they can help him feel better!
Also, it's nice to hear they'll be going on a get-away. I'm sure it's going to be very interesting and enjoyable!
Anyway, believe it or not, I started writing this review over 30 hours ago, and then left it written halfway, only to finish it now. I wish you al the beat, hope you're feeling good, send you lots of love and hugs, and hope you get over writer's block, so we can get more wonderful chapters (of course, no pressure - whenever you post, I'll be here to read). Thank you!
James Birdsong chapter 37 . 5/26/2022
Good chapter in my humble opinion.
Kaylee Maendel chapter 36 . 5/26/2022
Hi, I sent you a message to you a private message, have you seen it yet?
saterry526 chapter 37 . 5/26/2022
Great job on this chapter! I liked the interaction between Harry and Draco. Good for Moony and Padfoot for not overreacting.

Could you add a sentence in your author's notes maybe a one sentence summary of the previous chapter?
Urgwaew chapter 36 . 5/25/2022
Hey there - it's me again. I thought I'd write this one right after the review for the previous chapter, but some things got in the way...
Anyway, this chapter was so, so powerful! It reallly left me blown away, and shaking from the sheer emotion many people felt - that sounds kind of exaggerated, but is actually 100% true!
I love the fact that you started out the sessions with Neville! He is such a compassionate soul, and he sometimes seems to be doing so well, but we need to keep inind that he is also struggling, if on a slightly milder level than Harry. His confidence really needs to be worked on, and I hope he believes what Remus is telling him, how he is deserving of so much, as soon as possible.
I absolutely adored Draco's session! The way he was tense at first, and then gradually loosened up as the session went on. I loved his hesitant reaction to Remus's bite joke - so realistic, and in character! I also liked the contrast between the 'mask' he put up in the beginning, and the true Draco whom we saw when Remus assured him of the confidentiality of the session. The part about love being worth the hurt was sooo powerful, and really showed how vulnerable Draco is and how lottle love he experienced in his life. I loved the way Remus showed him the true value of emotions, and I also enjoyed the Muggle phrases humour which followed this explanation. The question of Draco's guilt about Harry's SH is such a good one, and I'm so glad you explored that. It's really hard to see where Draco's responsibility for his actions ends (he is responsible for the bad things he did toboth Harry and many others) and where Harry's actions begin (Harry is the one who hurt himself; Draco insulted e.g. Hermione as well and yet she doesn't SH), so it's understandable for him to be confused and to feel some guilt, but I hope he accepts that it isn't his fault, just like Remus says.
Harry's session was a true emotional bomb! I was all over the place just reading it, and I can only imagine how Harry felt at the moment. I loved the way Remus intuitively got Harry in session earlier - I'm so happy he prevented Harry from hiding this even longer. I agree with you that we shouldn't consider institutionalised treatment a bad thing, but it j absolutely understandable that Harry fears it so much. I think that, aside from the fear of what it looks like in a mental facility, and what the society may think, the biggest fear about this kind of treatment is that it makes a person think they are so bad off they can't live in the 'normal world' like 'normal people' do. The idea that there is no other option but being put in a special institution is terrifying, precisely because of it often meaning that a person has hit a true rock bottom. However, when you're at rock bottom, the only way is up, so there's that to remember...
The confession of passive suicidality was so hard for Harry. It's terrifying to think those thoughts, but even more terrifying to share them with someone, so I think Harry deserves a huge round of applause for his bravery. And Remus admitting the same - oh, did he ever catch a break? As much as I feel bad for Harry, my heart breaks for Remus at least just asmuch, if not way more, since he's been battling these demons for so long, and helping so many others, and yet even now he isn't truly free. At least he's way better than he was, and he has a good support system in place.
I loved thway Remus said they would leave for America at the very moemntif that could help Harry - Harry needed to hear that, as reassurance and thencome to the conclusion he came to, that it would make no difference. The way Harry said he 'wished there was more' - so heartbreaking, and yet understandable! Remus showed him some things which are that 'more', but it will take time for Harry to really believe it.
Anyway, thank you so much for this wonderful chapter, andsorry for not reviewing for so long - this whole month is crazy busy, and it's taking its toll. I'm looking forward to Sirius hearing about Harry's issues, as well as, maybe, Severus findong out during Occlumency? That would be really emotional. And, on another note, I hope to see some continuation of the Animagus storyline soon - I really like it!
That being said, I'd stop here, and thank you once more for to is chalter, your lowve and support, and your kind words. I wish you all the best in this world, send you lots of love, congratulate you on (a day less or exactly, depending on the tome zone) four months of writing this story, and hope you have a lovely day! Bye!
Urgwaew chapter 35 . 5/22/2022
Hello again! I'm so sorry for being absent for so long! I had a really chaotic time in RL, and it will continue to be so for another 2-3 weeks at least, but I have some time free tiday, so I decided ti finally review this. I read bith this chapter and the next one the day you posted them, but couldn't review - I'm really sorry about that, please don't think I didn't love and appreciate them as much as I always do - I did, I just had beither the time nor the energy to write. Anyway, thank you for this - it's a true delight, and I really enjoyed it!
The nightmare Harry had was really bad. I hope he tells Remus and Sirius what it was about soon, so they can help him overcome it.
Trying ti prove himself by not sleeping even though he needs to was so familiar. I know I mentioned sleep avoidance as a form of self harm in my last review, and this, while it isn't truly SH in the way I meant it, still hits close to that. It's completely understandable, even though it's not recommended, for him to try and play off his tiredness and feeling unwell by pretending he doesn't need more rest. McGonagall's concern about that was such a great touch - I absolutely adored it!
Draco's concern about Harry in class was so endearing, and Severus... I loved his oart here so much! And you had more of him kater on, so I was really, really happy - I know you promised more of at least one of them for this chapter, but you really went over and above! Great!
I see Remus tried to get Harry to open up about the nightmare in therapy, yet didn't succeed - what horror did Harry's mind bestow upon him now, I wonder? It must be dreadful, and my heart breaks when I think about him dealing with it on his own. I hope he'll open up soon!
Loud noise startling him before Occlumency was so powerfully written - and Severus's reaction to the whole situation was absolutely wonderful! I love the way you make him understanding and, well, human. Beautiful!
The memory from the Occlumency practice broke my heart. Seeing Harry so scared and sad, even now, so many years later, was so awful - I mean, not awful the way you wrote it, it was a great part of the chapter, but it was so difficult to bear! I absolutely hate the Dursleys, and I can feel myself shaking from emotion when I read Harry's stuttering sobs about it. Poor Harry! I'm so happy he has a true family now!
Remus sending Albus and Minnie to check on Sev was so good. Goes to sho how good Remus is at being a therapist, and a caring oerson in general - despite his preoccupation with Harry, he managed to take care of Severus as well. And we all know how much Severus needs it (well, not all of us - Severus definitely doesn't understand it yet)
The ending both made me very sad and very happy. I was so sorry to see Harry struggling once again with his SH urges, but at the same time so proud to see how far he had come. It's really great to see how better he became at dealing with it, and even more importantly, at asking for help and articulating his problems and needs. Good job, Harry!
Anyway, I'll stop here, and hopefully I'll manage to review the latest chapter as well before you post another one. Thank you for writing this, and thank you for all your support and loving kindness. You are such a lovely person, and I'm so happy to have found you and this story. Thank you for existing, and remember - you are so loved and appreciated! All the best to you, and have a wonderful day!
LunePrimus chapter 36 . 5/16/2022
And BTW I forgot to say that I was so proud of my Remy when he said he was not going to bite Draco...Saying it show that he has really accepted his condition. My Remy has made so much progress. He is the best!
LunePrimus chapter 36 . 5/16/2022
Hello! That was jsut whaou whaou whaaou! It was incredible just so perfect! The perfect amount of angst, cuteness, fun, of love. That was just the ideal equilibrium everyone needs! Thank you very much for that!
The real problem in your story is to find my favourite chapter, each time I think the last one is the best, I'm a bit frustrated because I guess you can't do any better, but you do! So yes this chapter is my favourite, for now!
So firstly, thank you for addressing other very important problems, we don't talk about enough. Moreover, you write about them so deeply and correctly, that's very interesting. I don't know how you succeed to write such a beautiful story and mix it with some philosophical statements. Very well done! The world would be a so much better place if everyone read your story!
About inpatient care, you did very well even if you have never been in. I was not either, but I know the other side, I did some internships in psychiatric wards, and if you didn't find out. It is what I want to do when I finally achieve all of those years! So that was even more interesting to have your point of you, concerning the American system. I would love to say that in France things are better, but not really, it really depends on the hospitals!
And concerning suicidality, thank you for addressing once again all the spectrum. Yes, suicidality is not just committing the act. I'm so sorry you have felt that way, I have too. And when we look up the number of people who have those ideas it's a lot (I know that in medical studies in my college it's more than half of the students), that would be deserving a lot more of discussions about it! So thank you for doing it!
And the end of your author note is so cute and well received! That always gives a little push to read that so thanks a lot! And know that you make my day a lot better with your story! Always!
Concerning the chapter, I was so happy to finally have those meetings. I was so impatient, I was afraid I would be disappointed, and I was fully not!
I really appreciated that you wrote about Remus's feelings about seeing them grow! I guess it is very interesting to see them grow especially for a guy like Remus! I laugh when you write about him who didn't mind hunting them down. I really see him doing that, and he did a bit with Harry actually. It would have been fun to see him hunting down Neville or Draco, but the first one trusts him, and the second one is intelligent enough to know that the best hiding is not to hide! But I keep hope for maybe Remus hunting down Sev, or one of the boys at another time!
I was so glad to finally have a bit of a session with Neville and good for him to skip potions! I laugh at Remus being a nice fellow to Neville in his hate of potions. It is not his forte either anyway !
Poor him to struggle at school. Honestly, It didn't really happen to me, hopefully, because I would not have dealt with that really good. So I'm glad that you addressed that subject too. Oh, Neville calling Remus Monny was so adorable, even if it was for that reason! I'm so sorry Neville has bad self-esteem but with his grandma comparing him to his dead father all the time, it is logical. Moreover, he has his father's wand, I don't know if you had him change it or not, but yeah of course his results will be worse with a wand who don't belong to him! I really love how you write Remus as loving and stern at the same time! That exercise was very important for Neville I think, I had a bit of the same problem as Nev and I had a lot of difficulties to say those sentences. So thank you for showing how it can be so hard but helpful at the same time! The praise he gave was so cute and helpful for the boy, he has at least a person in his corner! I hope the letter from his grandma was nice, and that she isn't too much on his back for his school results.
With that session, you just make me want even more some other session between Remus and Neville. After this session, we saw that he is still in need of help!
Now with Draco, that was also amazing! I appreciated Draco being stressed about it because it is the first time where he can be his real self in Remus's office. Contrary to the others, in his 3rd-year appointment, he was not himself. So I appreciated seeing him hesitate about which person showing, how acting. He wants to be a likeable person (that he is)!
I really appreciate how you write to Remus reassuring him. It's the first time you wrote about him being with a "new" patient, so he has to begin the process of trust, which is not the same with Harry and Neville. That was very interesting to read! I like him being vague to let Draco lead the conversation, even if he notes in his head Draco's choices. I enjoy Draco's decision to revert to his Malfoy mask when the conversation was harder, that's really him. And I enjoy even better Remus telling him to let his mask drop and be himself!
I love reading about Draco being his plushies' doctor, of course, I did that a lot. And now I can't stop imagining him with his plushies! I appreciate how Remus tries to prob discretely about his childhood, so a marauder and therapist thing to do, but not push him! I really like his description of a healer so true! And I enjoyed seeing a bit of his confidence back, the real one! Glad that he let words fall from his mouth involuntarily, it allows us and Remus to see a bit more of him! I love Remus reassuring him and telling him that of course, doctors share a bit of themselves, especially with certain patients! Love that Remus was trusting enough to ask him an important question for him! And Remus as always gives the lesson very rightly! I laughed with the magical wand moment, so fun! I appreciated seeing him en with Draco as Harry's father and therapist. He is always both! I laughed too when both of them agreed at Sev's little emotional capacity! And yeah, Draco will be a good means to know more about Sev's feelings for Remus, that will be so fun! I appreciate that Remus didn't push Dray to talk about his parents, but left the door open, that was very therapisty! As was the way Remus came back to the only feeling Draco had revealed! I hope what Remus says will help him to grow! I really love reading about a crying Draco, even if it was just some tears. There is too much pride in there to really have the crying he needs, and that I would love to see! Hope it will be for the next time! And I thought it si a really good idea for Remus to have the last minutes about some other things, especially if the students have to come back to class with their classmates, it will be almost mean to let them go like this. And it is also a means for Remus to assure himself Draco feels what he said, and not hiding and trying to forget once outside, and also a way of making him "nice" in Draco's mind so he won't be afraid to come back! He is a good therapist! I love that Draco was confident and trusting Remus enough to ask him for help about him being a healer! I will love those meetings a lot I know, as will Remus, and maybe Draco! I laughed when Remus was proud of him and hungry, I don't know what was the most important at the moment! ;)
And with Harry that was also fantastic! Remus had the instinct that it would be better to see Harry now was so cute, I chose to think it was his father's instinct! BTW love the teacher saying that they will be a test or not, that is so a teacher thing to do to torture the students! Actually, I'm still alive after hearing it a lot, but yeah that was not cool! ;)
I really appreciate that Harry tries to hide what he is feeling by preparing his answers, I know I would have done the same. And that was so a Harry thing to do. Glad that it didn't work, but I wanted to see it happen! Harry wanting to defeat Voldy is so sad, I don't want him to think that it is his only aim. But actually, in the books, everyone was not helping him thinking otherwise. Albus and his prophecy, Minerva who was not here for him, Ron and Hermione who wanted to help him fight, Sirius who thought of him as James, and Remus who was not enough present. I think the only one who gave him another goal in his life was Severus, he gave him the goal to make Sev's life harder! ;)
So I'm really happy you confront that, and that was yes the perfect occasion to speak about suicidality. Because, when the only thing you wanted to do is done, nothing matters anymore! I was so happy to see him rebelling, his plan to prepare didn't work, so he try to flee. I was even happier when Remus putting himself in front of the door didn't resolve anything like it did the last time. That shows that Harry is, even more, motivated to not have this conversation. I love it when Remus locked the door, it is often done in fanfics, and I love that a lot even if sometimes it's not really realistic. So you writing this realistically was just the best thing ever! I love that he let Harry calm down himself without pushing him! The fear of being institutionalised is horrible, especially because of the stigma, unfortunately. Hopefully, for him, he has the Remus option... Anyway, I'm glad that Harry doesn't require it! I was proud of harry for finally telling what he thought. They want to not be alive or not even have been born is often mixed with suicide, and that's not really the same thing. People who think that way sometimes don't always kill themselves, good because if not there won't be a lot of people on this earth! Last year I did a long 3 hours presentation about suicide in health philosophy so your chapter reminds me a lot of my research! I appreciate that you keep Remus in his father's place by making him incapable of telling Harry dead. I appreciate that crazy is also a forbidden word! And that was great to let Harry know that he is not alone. And if Remus sees other patients in his situation, it may help Harry to meet them, when he will be ready to accept it! My poor Remy thinking that way! But I totally understood him,d that's even sadder! I'm glad that you talk again about his therapist, and that it is not Minnie! Glad that Harry is a reason to keep him alive and that he told him, it can only help both of them! I appreciate that Remus talks about fighting 10 sec by 10 sec!
Love that Remus explained to Harry that he is more important to them than anything! I don't want them to leave Hogwarts but I guess it was a really good example! As was the photograph of Remus' good times! Hope it will help Harry!
So yeah that was so amazing! The only bad thing is that I took too much time to write this review and that I'm even more late in my exam preparation program! Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter! Maybe a bit of Severus, a session with Neville, an appointment with Draco...Anyway, I know that it will be good!
James Birdsong chapter 36 . 5/16/2022
Good two chapters of course.
LunePrimus chapter 35 . 5/12/2022
Don't worry about the time you took to write this chapter. To write as fantastic as you do, you can take all the time you need! Yeah, I was indeed beginning to feel a miss about your story, and Monday I told me, it has been a week...But In fact, I was convinced that you'll write a new chapter, so each day that passed was a day closer to the following adventures of those characters...All of that to say, don't worry I'll wait till the end!
About that wonderful chapter, I appreciate that Harry was intelligent enough to not use a silencing spell because we all know that he would have been discovered and that it wouldn't have ended well for him! It made your Harry more intelligent (as he is) and more realistic to not try. I think if he does put a silencing spell, it is because he is really desperate. I would love to read that of course! But yeah it makes your story more robust. And that way, poor Harry had nightmares it was so interesting once again how you wrote about them!
Sirius is so comforting and helpful in the short term and Remus is trying to help in the long term! I really appreciate you don't make Remus or Sirius force Harry tell his nightmare. Often in fanfic, nightmares are forced out f him, so okay is quicker, but it is not as good and deep as you do! Your story is s much more consistent! And I really love how you really show the trust between the 3 of them! It is this trust that allows Harry to tell a bit about his nightmare, it was a great thing to read!
"Cubby" is soooooo cute! That was perfect!
I also love that Harry was so tired in the morning, one more reason for cuteness! I really appreciated that he still wanted to go to class! It is a way to show his fathers, his teachers, his friends and himself that he is "fine", but I think it's also to be normal, and I really understand that feeling! And I did the same a lot of time, go to class and do what it's thought you have to do, even if you are not well, to be normal. So thank you for that! Hopefully, he is well surrounded, so he will understand one day that he is loved for who he is, not who he has to be!
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LunePrimus chapter 34 . 5/3/2022
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I like that Harry did well, I hope it can help him to work on his self-esteem. It would be even worse if he was not good. So glad that Sirius praised him! I also very very loved the banter between those two, so glad to have that thing who maintains the hard situation as normal as it can be!
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BTW these days I read a lot of stories, and I found them not realistic or exaggerated...So when I come back to read one of your chapters I'm even more impressed by how you succeeded to write all your characters, because now you have a lot of them, all of your situations, and all of the hard subjects you talk about so deeply, so rightly, so perfectly!
I really love your therapist Remus you did him perfectly even with Sirius. I really really loved how you write about Remus being able to calm down Siri and be his therapist, but also how you write about Sirius is able to help Remus in the past and now. You described a really good couple!
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